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Add-Ons / Named and Colored Admin Orbs
« on: December 25, 2018, 11:08:45 PM »
This add-on creates three different admin orbs.
  • A white one for the host
  • A green one for super admins
  • A blue one for regular admins

And also shows the player's name above the admin orb as they fly around in the same color as the orb.

As a side effect the period of time where one cannot use items after using admin orb has been removed. I assume this will be seen as an unintended positive consequence.

Blockland Glass: (Pending Approval)

File Dropper:

Off Topic / Evolution Simulator 2018
« on: April 16, 2018, 06:36:51 PM »
It's been like a year since my last evolution simulator here:

I'm starting over. A few major changes include the use of modern shaders for better graphics (eventually) a real GUI library for better GUIs, and the removal of a bunch of extraneous features. It's pretty basic at the moment, but I hope to experiment more with both gene-script and neural network based evolution.

It's got nice spiffy GUIs from a library called CEGUI:

And it uses modern OpenGL 3.3 shaders and I'm adding animations and particle effects to everything:
(Let me know if this loads for you)

You can now edit creatures brains:

Clan Discussion / A N O D Y N E
« on: January 08, 2018, 11:48:21 PM »

Around the middle of 2016 I found out about Discord and decided I would start a small server for my farming server. The gamemode itself gained some popularity but the server laid dormant until the very end of that year when I hosted New Years. The group that made the server was private, but I believed a public forum was conductive to the party atmosphere so I rebranded my old discord server into the 2017 New Year's discord. The date came and went but I now had a server with over a hundred members in it. Facing criticism for being a bit too edgy and offensive, I rebranded the server as Anodyne in early 2017. Not content with simply having an unorganized discord with hundreds of members, I figured it was time to get official and actually have a member's roster and ongoing projects.

What is crystallizing now is a group of server hosts and creators looking for a consistent place to chat, build servers together, and purge the community of anyone who slightly disagrees with one of our extremist opinions. If that sounds appealing to you, be sure to ask about joining below.

As stated before, we've just started to crystallize into a more official group. Due to this, it's a bit difficult to post a completely accurate members roster at this point. With that said, we've had an informal tradition of taking users from the mass and separating them into degenerates and good citizens. We have a few dozen or so people who have earned that later distinction though we will be asking them one by one if they'd like to be put on our official members list. I, DrenDran, am the founder with Momentum and Celau serving as administrators.

We will begin posting more cosmetic add-ons which are in line with the theme of this topic here as well as showing off our current servers. Any scripts or gamemodes released will be posted in add-ons and linked back here.

Fasces item used in this thread:

Off Topic / So it's about to get really cold where I live.
« on: January 04, 2018, 02:30:33 PM »
The temperature is about to drop to about -10 degrees Fahrenheit or -25 degrees Celsius along with 25mph winds and a windchill approaching -35 degrees. I have to head out for work today and tomorrow where I'll be getting back around 10-11pm as well as go shopping at some point. This is not going to be very pleasant. We even got a special emergency alert about it.

Add-Ons / Do we even need all these brick add-ons?
« on: December 16, 2017, 12:30:40 AM »
If you've ever asked yourself that, this is the script for you.
Just type /bricktypetally to get a list of every brick add-on and the number of bricks it has currently built on the server.
Or type /getunusedbricks to get a list of all brick add-ons that are completely unneeded in your current build.
Both commands lag a bit, so they're admin only.


Hey there, I've had some success in reverse enginerring servers before. I've hosted fairly popular server's with my own versions of Mr. Wallet's Rise of Blockland, Truce's Salvage, and cityrp.
I've heard a lot of people want Martial Law to be hosted again and I actually have some fond memories of that server. My survival server was originally going to be a martial law remake, but turned into its own thing. So my question is, if I remade martial law would ya'll play it? Also, what features would you like to see added or removed?

Also, I'd probably need a custom build.

Off Topic / Need help exporting animated models.
« on: October 23, 2017, 01:50:28 PM »
So I have blender, and I'm importing various models. Some are .dts using the dts importer add-on for blender, others are things I've made or gotten elsewhere. They all seem to display fine in blender. The problem is I can't seem to find anyway to export them that doesn't have some sort of issue. My original model format was wavefront object, which isn't animated. So after looking around, I switched to Collada (.dae) files. The default exporter for blockland exports the model fine, but if it's animated then it will export all the nodes at the same location, making the model look like a jumbled mess. So I got the "better Collada exporter" add-on, which actually can export animations. Except it doesn't export materials or textures, and it tries to export all animations as one big animation. So all animations effect all nodes on every frame. It also rounds out every animation to 250 frames, even if the actual animation was only 10 frames long. So with this exporter there's no ability to play multiple animations simultaneously. I've considered using software other than blender, but it all costs a lot of money, and might not even work for my needs.

So, what software/model format should I use if I want models with multiple separate animations and materials?

General Discussion / New Year's 2018 Probe Topic (Poll + Server added)
« on: October 07, 2017, 02:49:11 PM »
Hey there. So I was thinking about doing New Years this year. Since this is my final year of college and after this I'll be (god willing) having some sort of career, this might be the last time I can host a party. With that said, I've gotten at least a couple people who certainly wish to help, and I figured it'd be a good idea to probe around here and see what interest there is going forward. To keep things simple, all I really need are builders. I will be hosting/scripting the server and me and a few others will be making models when needed.

For this year I was sort of hoping to move away from the techno/dance floor style and go for something a bit more fancy. The current idea is to host the party on a cruise ship / yacht. The preload server would be on the docks, and when the party opens everyone boards the ship and the dock crumbles away. Since every year we force people to download a ton of music we don't play, or only play once, I figured it'd be nice to cut down on the number of loops, and possibly even schedule some of the music ahead of time. I also wanted to (in line with the building theme) move away from having entirely techno/meme songs and maybe even plan to play Jerusalem or Auld Lang Syne at midnight instead. Lastly, I can easily make minigames since they only take a few hours to script at once, though I'll obviously need ideas and possibly builders for them. I hope to actually have the minigames follow a schedule and be fully automated so that people can plan to join when their favorite minigame is up. We'd probably also have a cinema for people who have that modification installed.

Anyway, I'm not really asking for anything right now. Just probing for interest before I/we commit to anything. There is a discord server for me and some friends that we've been talking on, but if I give people a discord link here, it'll probably be to my inactive discord instead for now.

New Year's boat build

Off Topic / I have tinnitus now. (Updated title!)
« on: October 02, 2017, 10:57:14 PM »
Mostly I just hear the sounds of the ocean. It's gonna be hell trying to sleep tonight. Also, it hurts, of course.
I've also had a sore throat since Thursday and it hurts to swallow. I'm seeing a doctor tomorrow though.

Games / Land of Dran
« on: September 27, 2017, 10:28:54 AM »

Other content:
Very early multiplayer test
Early emitter/player test.

Current features:
  • Fully standalone server and client for hosting your own servers
  • Server-side Lua integration and the ability to create add-ons
  • Server updates client-side files automatically
  • The ability to create emitter types and place emitters of various types
  • The ability to choose a BMP heightmap of any size as the terrain
  • Full support for creating 'physics objects' from wavefront objects as well as the ability to supply a separate collision mesh
  • Mirrors and render-to-texture
  • Binary file I/O is possible from add-ons
  • Can make it so players/objects have different colors/opacities when viewed by different players
  • Uses the Bullet Physics engine
  • Has modable shaders

The script for the default emitter as an example of an add-on:

Example physics object implementation and chat-eval script:

Older video:
(October 19th)

Webm of player animations:
(October 22nd)

Off Topic / It's almost October and it's 90F in upstate New York.
« on: September 24, 2017, 04:34:32 PM »
My dorms don't have air conditioning, only have one window, and all I have is one fan. Also I'm pretty sure my computer is helping heat up the room even more.
I hate being hot. I'll have my window open in January because I love being cold. As things are now it's hard to even get sleep. This stuff sucks.

Games / Blockland Inspired Project Inspired Project (Webm mirrors!)
« on: September 02, 2017, 01:27:59 PM »
Like three years ago I posted this topic to the forums. It was pretty neat and at least a few people expressed interest in it. But for some reason or another I stopped development. I kind of assumed that a game meant to be like Blockland in it's building would get banned from these forums, but due to the other Blockland Inspired project thread staying up for 40+ pages, I now know that is not true. So I figured I might as well post something I've had for a while.

These are grainy ass webms I made for your convenience. Later on I might make an actual video that's higher res and brighter so you can actually see what's going on.
The first is a demo of all the rendering features, things like skyboxes, fog, and emitters:

Here is an example of textured models with a separate collision mesh:
You can see me toggling the 'show collision wireframe' option on and off throughout the video.

Here is an example of a compound collision mesh loaded from a model:

At the moment I have to more or less remake all the rendering features for a more modern/optimized version of opengl, but once that's done I will be further along than I was in 2014. This time I am using the bullet physics engine to handle the physics for me. Tinyobj is implemented to load wavefront .obj models which can not only contain models to render, but objects with "COL" in the name are made part of the collision mesh. Environment settings (fog distance, ambient lighting color, etc.) as well as the terrain are stored on a server and are sent to the client. I've already started experimenting with LUA and hope to add in a LUA based modding system.

I can't really offer much over GSF's project especially since he's using a professional engine like Unity and I'm doing pretty much everything from scratch. That said, I do hope to have client and server demos out in the next month or so, and either way you'll be able to do some things people have wanted to do in BL for a long time. (e.g. set collision masks for players/objects, render to texture for mirrors and security cameras, change the color of objects for different clients, binary file i/o, etc.)

General Discussion / DrenDran's Survival. (Q3 2017)
« on: August 22, 2017, 02:25:31 PM »
   Featuring a custom 4km2 map.

   Custom bricks:
Cost: 50 wood 100 ore

Anyone can click on
this brick and get their
thirst quenched.
Cost: 50 metal 50 wood

Insert tools you don't
need into here and
get 5 metal for each.
Cost: 10 wood 30 ore

The furnance is an
important early game
brick. It is used to
smelt or and cook food.
Cost: 15 wood

The workbench is used
To craft non-metal items
and to put together
parts for complex items.
Cost: 15 wood

Place this down and
it will slowly warm
you up and dry you off.
Cost: 50 metal

Used to create metal
items and parts.
Team spawn
Cost: 50 wood 10 ore
30 metal

When placed it starts
with 10 charges. When
a teammate dies, they
spawn here using one.
Cost: 50 wood

Storage for 5 items
500 resources, or a
combonation of the two.
Charcoal pile
Cost: 50 wood

Place it and let it burn
after 15 minutes it will
stop smoking and have
40 charcoal inside.
Cost: 75 metal

Essential part of any
sprinkler system. Can
power 25 sprinklers.

   Other custom bricks:
  • Alarm - It will make a loud noise when an enemy approaches
  • Light - It's a light
  • Dirt - Three different types, for planting different crops on
  • Valves pipes and sprinklers - Used for farming


   Custom Items:
Improv pistol
Cost: 50 metal 25 wood

The most basic firearm
very unreliable, can
shoot shotgun ammo
Double barrel shotgun
Cost: 2 Gun barrels
1 shotgun fireing mechanism
1 gun stock
Total: 120 metal 40 wood

A far more reliable
weapon in the shotgun
Sniper Rifle
Cost: 1 gun barrel
1 rifle fireing mechanism
1 gun stock
Total: 120 metal 60 wood

A highly accurate rifle
fires rifle rounds
Flare gun
Cost: 65 metal

Shoots fireworks.
Does not do much damage.
Cost: 15 metal 10 wood

Chops down trees more
effectivly than the rock
Cost: 15 metal 10 wood

Mines ore more better
than the rock
2 Liter Soda
Spawns in buildings

Can quench 10 thirst
Can of soda
Spawns in buildings

Can quench 5 thirst
Cost: 1 bread 1 tomato
1 potato

Combine foods for better
nutritional gain
Watering can
Cost: 15 metal

Water crops with this
Cost: 10 metal 10 wood

Till soil for better
Cost: 20 cotton

Increases your personal
temperature 20 degrees
Cloth Armor
Helmet: 20 cotton
Body: 30 cotton 10 wood

Protects against damage
Plate armor
Helmet: 10 cotton 20 metal
Body: 10 cotton 30 metal

Better than the cloth
Cost: 15 cotton

Heals a decent amount
of health when used

   Mine, farm, build, craft and raid to get what you need to prevent yourself from freezing, starving, drowning, or dying of dehydration!

Once I can generate a map and make sure the server doesn't crash like last time, I'll start hosting.

Games / Age of Empires 4 announced.
« on: August 21, 2017, 08:38:05 PM »
Video here:

Unfortunately there's no in-game footage, but I've heard a lot of people guessing about what time it will be set in.
I think my opinion that it shouldn't be a futuristic game is hardly unpopular though.

Off Topic / Evolution Simulator. (Third times the charm!)
« on: July 25, 2017, 12:51:37 AM »
(New August 17th)

It looks like this:

Here is a link to the simulator:

Change log:
  • 01:51 25.07.2017 --- Originally posted
  • 16:11 25.07.2017 --- Can now spawn poison and blank pellets with spawners. Spawner color reflects it's pellet's colors. Can now change pellet spawning speed. Spawner data saves and can be loaded. (This breaks old save files)
  • 30.07.2017 --- A massive update and release

It should contain:

  • freetype6.dll
  • glew32.dll
  • libfreetype-6.dll
  • SDL2.dll
  • SDL2_ttf.dll
  • zlib1.dll
  • holy.exe
  • prefs.txt (This is the default prefs file, if you delete it, the program will generate another one for you)
  • exportFile.txt (contains a creature wjich can seek out food)

There are a few options that can only be edited in the prefs file:

Some features I plan to add:

  • Food differentiated into "carbohydrates" required for movement and living and "protein" required for healing/growing
  • Ability to edit creatures bodies and neural networks in the program without having to export and re-import a text file
  • Creatures will give food when killed by another creature
  • Creatures will be able to control each of their body's joints. (This was implemented before but caused crashes)

The last thread was here:
But I've added the release of the program itself for you guys to try.

Here's the GUI for the next version, click for full size pictures:
(added 12.08.2017)

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