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Off Topic / One Letter Changer Game
« on: May 20, 2014, 03:59:37 PM »
Ok. Simple game. I'll start with a word, and you get to change one letter in that word. Then the person below you changes one letter in the word you changed. You can also add or remove a letter.

Let's start.


Drama / Blockland Community ||Text Wall||
« on: May 20, 2014, 02:51:01 PM »
Hey. I wanted to say something about the Blockland Community and how it has evolved from good and bad over time, and how it will effect ourselves and others.

You may choose not to listen to my rant, or you may choose to take my point of view and relate it to yours, and try and rethink your actions before doing them.

When I joined Blockland in around 2007 (or 2009 not 100% sure), Blockland was just starting up. Yes, Blockland started in November 2004, but it's progression was on a slow elevating slope. The community was very friendly from what it is now. No one really had the skill in the game as what they do now. It was very different back then. You could build a master piece then and have it look crap now.

People were very friendly. Disrespectfulness was not as around as it is today. There were no Nigerian Cunts. There were no egotistical flaunts strutting from server to server. Each and everyone skill was relatively the same, and we were kind, and respectful to each other.

But then Blockland grew. And with that growth it began to change. And the change happened very drastically. People grew older. They chose the path that made them mean and rude. But they still aren't mature to keep that inside. The internet changed too. Nudity, racism, and all the bad things began to crept to the lot of the internet's users. Kids.

But we still forget who's eyes and ears are still pre-mature to what really goes on in life. I'm sidetracking here, so I'll go back to Blockland.

With the new steam launch, many new kids joined Blockland. And the older kids, weren't as nice as what they were. This also has been happening way before the steam launch. We keep forgetting to think before we open our mouths. These are kids. They are not as old as you. They do not know as much as you. You must treat them as such.

Then we open our mouthes. We hurt each others feelings. We ruin, minds. We carve a terrible path to people that is hard to go back.

I myself have realized this.

Blockland has changed my life drastically. That I am thankful and shameful. Blockland allowed me to spell better, and write faster. These have gotten me far in real life stuff such as school and grades. My mom may not believe this on the outside, but she knows too.

Blockland has made me angry. People have spout out stuff I never want to repeat. It has etched a horrible gut wrenching path to a place I can't turn back. They made me bad. Some people on Blockland say bad things, and they have made me bad. And that changes people.

When you get as attached to a magnificent game like this, it's hard to turn away. But it spread. It spread like a bad infection. A rash that could not be removed. It was a disease. And it's killing Blockland.

I am a terrible shameful person. I have done things I regret. I have pushed away friends that were most dear to me through the anger inside me. And I know some can relate.

Blockland's community is slowly degrading. Now this is my point of view. Many may say otherwise. But there is proof. You can go back to the very start of the forums and see. You can see Ephialtes' first posts on the forums. Was he as strict as he was back then? No.

If we continue this path to destruction we very meet it.

So why can't we be kind?

Why do we have to push others away? Why do we have to say rude things that will change lives? Why can't we go back to the very community we once were?

You can still demand respect. Do you need to cuss in the process? No. You can still ban the very people you hate, but you don't need to include hate messages with it either.

If we lay down our characteristics we have now and just act happier, we will be happier.

Maybe we can change this community to a better place?

I know it's impossible to change the internet, or the entire world. But Blockland is small. And we can try and change that. There are some people who are nice. You like to stick around with them right? Why not be that person?

I may never change back to the person I once was, and I will still lash out in anger. Everyone has personal issues, but when you go to Blockland should be able to control them. I need to control them too.

This is my point of view. You may have a different opinion, but this is mine.

Debate, forums.

I made this in a short time, so expect errors.
If this gets moved to drama, I understand.

I've been itching to get this out ;-;

User was banned for this post

Suggestions & Requests / Point Kill Steal
« on: May 19, 2014, 12:14:20 PM »
Hey, I'm creating a new server and I was kind of needing an add-on that, when the person is killed, the killer steals their points. Or if the player dies by bots or natural causes, they loose their points and the points go nowhere.

If maybe there is already an add-on like this, or if someone could whip it up, I would be grateful!

Hey guys! Thanks to all your feedback on previous episodes, I decided to restart my game reviews again. This time we did Hammereditor's 4 Team Trench Wars.

I did stumble quite a bit and sometimes forgot some things, since the last game review I did was 6 months ago, it's going to take me a while to get back into the groove. I lost many files, including my intros so I whipped up a quick one for the mean time.

Hopefully I don't stumble as much in the future. I will also be trying to put out game reviews weekly if I can. Once again, thank you for all the feedback, it helps!

Click the image to be redirected to Youtube.


What is this? This is Mini Empires series that I have been hosting for many years now. This server has grown more advanced, and better then what it was many years ago. This time is bigger, and better. There have been many updates, tweaks, and fixes since the third and the second. Bringing you a new, simplified, but still heavily enforced role-playing, fourth Mini Empires. Brought to you by Jakob and Sabbin.

What era is this? Medieval. Through the votes of our friends, fantasy Medieval is the way we are going to go. Meteors are removed. Meteors were decided that they were too overpowered and easy to gain. Players who barely tried got the good lot while the ones who put effort, didn't. Now if you want mages you are going to have to fight for them. Mini Empires 4 brings a whole new Non Person Characters (NPC) system. You will be able to converse more with NPCs, fight with them, and you may have to defeat them to get what you want, for instance, mages.

Another new feature is relics and artifacts. Upon starting you have the chance to get one randomized artifact/relic. Artifacts and relics boost your empire to become bigger and better. This will also function as a trade system as you may trade your artifacts for better ones, or ones you may need. There are tons of artifacts with tons of different functions.

The map is bigger. By a lot. The map we are using for Mini Empires 4 is a unique one created by Jakob, Sabbin, Fabulous, help from Sweatpants, and omoral support from Sjin. The map is so big we didn't even finish both ends of the map (polar to polar), so the top is hot, the bottom is cold.

There are some pros and cons to each biome.
Deserts; you cannot farm. However your empire men are more resistant to the heat than other empires. There is a buff in offense.

Tundra; you cannot farm. Your people are also more resistant to the cold than other empires. There is a buff in defense.

Grasslands/Plains; Wood is scarce. Soil is good for farming. Expansion is a go.

Forests; Wood is abundant. Livestock too. It's hard to clear areas however there is plenty wood and wild life (deer, etc.). Trees can be a hiding place.

Jungle; Food is abundant via fruit. Wood is also abundant. Trees can act as a hiding place. However there are many sicknesses and diseases that can nullify your population.

Unlike other maps in previous servers, there are no trees for the sake of brick count. Make your own trees. And you better because if we see you expanding like a stuff storm not cutting down trees you're going to get it.

Roleplaying is a must. This server is for advanced users who are willing to role play. We have high expectations. If you are not willing to role play and choose to god mod or do anything against the rules, there will be no hesitation to ban you.


You must follow these rules. There is no exception.

1. Start as a small village and don't expand unreasonably fast. Do not start without an admin.

2. Your buildings should consist of wood until you construct a mine.

3. You must have military camps or barracks before you have an army. Pre-military militia is allowed but should not be plentiful.

4. You MUST have a visible population. Population should be relative to the amount of buildings you have. You MUST have farms (or if you are desert or tundra some source of visible food). They must look like they would support your population.

5. Absolutely NO godmodding, metagaming, or powergaming.

6. If you have questions ask an admin.

7. Build on land provided. Do not create your own.

8 (Sub-Rule). Ask an administrator if you are interested in helping the server.

9. You may not join another empire. Only one person can own an empire. You may not have two empires either.

10. Do not send random loving trust invites.

11. If you constantly spew out irrelevant/random/insulting things, you will be kicked.

12. Make your empire look nice and decent. If it looks like stuff it will be removed. (This also goes to you if you are on the whitelist)

13. Label your people.

14. This is a serious role play server. Role play appropriately.

15. No vehicles or siege weapons can go above the third layer of the mountain. People alone can scale a mountain.

16. You may build small structures up to the third layer of the mountain. After then, only camps or guard towers.

17. Obey what admins say.








So far, the server is not passworded. So everyone can come on. Please don't make me change that.

Code: [Select]

[b]Experience in MERP[/b]:

Code: [Select]

[b]Why should I accept you[/b]:

*If you are accepted for Admin, you don't get admin right away. You will be given mod as a admin trial to see if you can actually do your job.



Imporant Note:    The MERP is still in the works, expect some things to not be done, borky, buggy, flaws, problems, not make sense, placeholders. Be patient and recognize this. Some things we just don't know what to do on at the moment so don't bug us about it.

Suggestions & Requests / Change Clan Tag Infinitely on Server
« on: April 28, 2014, 10:44:49 AM »
Hey guys.

I've been looking for this for quite some time.

Is there any add-on out there that can change a person's clan tag on the server forever? So if they leave and come back; the set clan tag will still be the same? But only on the server.

If anyone could find an add-on or make one I would greatly appreciate it.

Tuevon don't even think about saying titles

General Discussion / Is it possible?
« on: April 27, 2014, 06:13:18 PM »

is he really back??

Gallery / Viso Snapped my Neck
« on: April 20, 2014, 01:03:17 AM »

more blockhead abuse coming soon to topics near you

Off Topic / The Basement ||| ||| Mega thread ||| New Topic
« on: April 16, 2014, 01:12:51 PM »

The Basement

What music?

Anything, just try to keep it below 10 minutes and keep it as profanity free as possible.


Rules of the room:
1. Don't be a richard or a douche.
2. Don't be tribal.
3. Don't be a jerk and don't whine
4. No screamers
5. 10:00 max length on music.
6. Do what staff says.

What do I do?

Get Dancing!

Don't worry, down here in the basement we are a friendly community. Just get a nice playlist and get dancing! It's ok if your afk and gaming; its all about the jam.


Q: Isn't there already one?
A: Yes, but is Blockland specific. You can invite anyone you want whenever you want!

Q: How do I change avatar?
A: Click the blue button on the right bottom corner. More points you have unlocks characters.

Q: How do I DJ?
A: Get a playlist by pressing the purple button on the left bottom corner; then join the wait list!

Q: How do I dance!
A: Woot a song! It gives you points too!

Q: How do I become a fan of someone? (Friends)
A: Fans are annoying and blow in your face all the time. Be a lamp. (Just click on the avatar and click fan)


Looking for bouncers and residential DJs! Do you have what it takes?

Bouncer Application:

Plug Name:
Experience with Administration:
Why you think you should have this rank:

PM me this only.

DJ Application:

Plug Name:
Experience with DJ
Greatest Hits: (Picture)

The Basement

Suggestions & Requests / Good Medieval RPG weapons
« on: April 15, 2014, 02:38:05 PM »
I'm not sure what to really get. I'd thought I'd ask you guys.

Preferably I'm looking for weapons that can have "more levels or kinds"? Some weapon pack that you can buy more, for RPGs.

General Discussion / Medieval RPG - Help Needed
« on: April 14, 2014, 08:55:20 PM »
I'm making a Medieval RPG, and if you know the following you can help.

--Bot Events (Needed Desperately OMG)

--Building (Simple builds, but you have to be dedicated and make big things.)

-VCE (Needed for quests)

-Scripting (Weapons are nice)

Come to the server for more details.

Server is currently online under Jakob's [wip help needed]

Help / Colorset problem
« on: April 14, 2014, 04:56:00 PM »
Hey, I uploaded a color set (godus), but its not showing up in changing colorset thingy in switch game mode; so i cant really change,P4s6RJ7

Could you guys help?

Off Topic / The Noobmeter Thread
« on: April 09, 2014, 09:46:05 PM »

How Nooby Are You??

The Noobiest Award

none yet; are you the noobiest?

The Pro Award

none yet; are you the proest?

Want an award? Get the best noobiest or proest scores, the more the better. Poll will be held on the sixteenth.

Enter in phrases, submit them here!

Suggestions & Requests / Applying Emitters to Blockheads
« on: April 09, 2014, 06:40:52 PM »
i'm still waiting for an addon that can apply emitters to blockheads without being overly convoluted
too bad that's supposedly extremely hard if not impossible

just wondering if this is possible, could maybe use emitters for JakeBlade's hats. Dunno. What do you guys think?

Off Topic / just came home from a wedding
« on: April 07, 2014, 12:42:37 AM »
ya I went there at 1:30 and i'm back at 10:42 now. was fun!

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