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This thread is for the discussion of recreational drugs and drug-related cultural or philosophical views. This is not the thread to act like a forgettard in: We don't care if you don't do drugs, don't bitch about it here. This is a factoid thread, not a biased one. Users should always be aware of risks involved, it is not your duty to come in here and preach that bullstuff, I will put the related risks of said drugs in the OP for all to see. Again: Don't spout handicapped propaganda garbage. I'd really appreciate it if everyone could approach the thread with some curiosity, if anything.

What Are Recreational Drugs?
Recreational drugs are drugs people use not specifically to counteract an ailment, most times to achieve a "high", a buzz, or to hallucinate. The most common recreational drugs are Caffeine, Alcohol, Nicotine, and Cannabis.

Why Do People Use Recreational Drugs?
Many people use them entirely unknowingly, but a lot of people's reasons differ. Some people turn to drugs as an escape route from reality, many people use drugs as a social tool or entertainment outlet, some people use them to enhance their lives, connect spiritually, and to open their minds. Not everyone is what's commonly known as a "druggie", people can have a healthy relationship with drugs, but unfortunately quite a lot of people do not. Don't generalize all drug users, because there's a wide variety of us, ranging from teenagers to adults that have families.

What Do You Mean by "A Healthy Relationship"?
The only thing separating us from the stereotype is "responsibility". Having a healthy relationship with your drug use is being responsible, not getting into trouble, not letting it effect your job or monetary responsibilities, or damage your social life.

General FAQ and Misconceptions

Drugs Are Bad!
No, they aren't. Drugs are inanimate, they do not carry any sort of ethical responsibility, they don't do anything without human intervention. Drugs help millions around the world every day, and almost every single person on the planet has used a drug at one time or another. Remember: Use, not abuse.

So Then Rec. Drug Users Are Bad!
No, we're not. This is a dumb argument. Using drugs is not morally corrupt, but letting them take over your life most definitely is.

I Don't Want To Do Drugs, Still.
That's fine, but don't argue your insecurities here. This is a thread of knowledge, not grounds for opinions on why it is ethically detrimental to smoke weed or whatever. If you have a question, ask it, but don't come in here picking fights and calling people "stoners". Do that in a PM or some bullstuff.

Drugs Will Kill You!
Everything will kill you, get over it. You've got 100 years on this earth at BEST, so enjoy it, even if it means getting injured, make sure you regret doing stupid things, that's a life well lived. But anyway, no philosophical arguments here..

<Ignorant Anti-Drug Retorts>
Get out, stop posting here. This is not the loving place to act like an assclown. Do your best to approach this culture with curiosity, not ignorance.

Why Did You Start With Recreational Drugs, Yuki?
In the past year, my mother was diagnosed with colon cancer, and in recent months, her health was deteriorating, quickly. I heard about Medical Marijuana and did a lot of research on it, begging my dad to at least look into it for my mother.  He never did, he stuck with his narrow-minded conservative views, and my mother's health only got worse. She was constantly hallucinating, couldn't talk coherently, and by the last night, she was almost completely receded from reality. She eventually fell asleep and her breathing slowed, and stopped. She passed away. Before this, I was a straight-edge kid. No drugs, no alcohol. But with my research I slowly began realizing that cannabis isn't harmful, even beneficial to human health. One night, I called up my friend and met her at a pizza place to smoke a joint. Disappointed at not getting high, she invited me over a few days later to really blaze. We smoked 3 bowls and a bong and I was gone. I felt euphoric, and the next morning, I still felt incredible. It was a good night, I had a lot of fun, so I started talking to all of my stoner friends, and we'd meet up to smoke a bit, and it was some of the most fun I've ever had, and still is. It really changed my views of the world, I got a job and started thinking more optimistically, I realized what I wanted to do with my life and generally felt more open to new experiences and social adventures.

Yuki's Drug To-Do List:
  • Cannabis (My personal favorite)
  • Nicotine (Sucks)
  • Caffeine (Second Favorite)
  • Alcohol (Also sucks, just dizziness and nausea)

[ ]Psilocybin/Psilocin (Psychedelic Shrooms)
[ ]Peyote/Mescaline (Spiritual Journey)
[ ]Cocaine (Only once, maybe)
[ ]MDMA (Sketchy. Would only do if had close girlfriend.
[ ]LSD or LSA (Maybe)

I'm Not 18 Yet, I Don't Need To Smoke/Generally Irritating Stuck-Up Retort
I don't condone smoking or doing ANY drugs before the age of 18. You don't need to, it can have effects on your development. Just like with Alcohol, Cannabis is soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning to be used by responsible adults. Stop acting like a jackass, you're not "better" than anyone that does drugs. I'd say you're even worse for thinking that you're better than another person, period.

Drugs Of The World

*Will expound upon:

Psychoactive Stimulants:
Psychoactive stimulants stimulate certain receptors in your brain.

AKA: Soda, Energy Drink, Pop, Cola
Summary: Caffeine is one of the most commonly used recreational drugs, used by billions of people all over the world. Caffeine is a primary ingredient in soda, coffee, and energy drinks.
Effects: Caffeine is a stimulant, it gives the user a lot of energy, getting rid of tiredness.
Usage: Caffeine is ingested.
Legality: Legal
Health: Caffeine does elicit withdrawal effects in users, it is physically addictive and can cause dehydration.
Availability: Readily available, unrestricted to all age ranges.

AKA: Weed, Pot, Mary Jane, Marijuana, Grass
Summary: Cannabis is an intense psychoactive stimulant that results in a euphoria. It is caused by cannabinoids in the leaf, like THC, being smoked and inhaled by a user. It has been used for centuries, with a major spike in popularity during the 1970's with the youth counterculture and anti-vietnam war protests. It is an extremely common drug inside and outside of the USA.
Effects: Euphoria, mood-lifting, mind-opening, dry mouth, the "munchies", things become exaggerated or hilarious. Other symptoms are attributed to different strains of Marijuana. Cannabis can also cause either lethargy/fatigue OR a rush of energy, depending on the strain.
Usage: Smoked, ingested, or vaporized.
Legality: Illegal in the USA, with state medical regulation.
Health: Cannabis is not physically addictive, and does not cause withdrawal effects. Lung damage is trivialized, THC is a bronchial dilator, and cannabis is non-carcinogenic.
Availability: Black market dealers, or readily purchasable with a card in some states.

Stimulants stimulate your nervous system.

AKA: Cigar, Cigarette, Cig, Tobacco
Summary: Nicotine is the chemical present in the most common drug in the world: Tobacco. Billions of people are addicted to nicotine, and the Tobacco industry is the most profitable commercial industry in the world.
Effects: A nicotine "buzz" for newer users. Drastically lessened for experienced users.
Usage: Smoked or Chewed/ingested.
Legality: Legal
Health: Nicotine is extremely addictive and causes withdrawal effects. Nicotine is also extremely toxic. Nicotine is most commonly found in cigarettes, which have been proven to cause lung disease, birth defects, and are extremely carcinogenic mostly due to all of the other chemicals also packed into the cigarette. Cigarettes are responsible for over 5 million deaths per year.
Availability: Readily available for purchase by users 18+

Depressants depress and slow your nervous system.

Summary: Alcohol is one of the, if not THE most commonly consumed recreational drug in the USA and in many other countries.
Effects: In small doses, relieves tension and decreases inhibition. In larger doses, it can cause total failure of motor control, dizziness, loss of coordination/balance, nausea, confusion, dehydration, unconsciousness and puking. Getting "drunk" is the common term for becoming intoxicated with alcohol.
Usage: Ingested.
Legality: Legal
Health: Alcohol is not chemically addictive, and is almost entirely harmless in moderate doses. Long-term and intense exposure to alcohol can cause brain corrosion and liver damage.
Availability: For purchase almost everywhere in the USA for 21+

Psychedelics & Hallucinogens
Cause intense visual and auditory hallucinations and euphoria. Commonly associated with mind-opening and spiritual awakening.

Psilocybin Mushrooms
Summary: Naturally-occurring psychedelic shrooms, containing the chemicals psilocybin or psilocin.
Effects: Intense euphoria, creativity, things become extremely exaggerated and hilarious, loss of time, emotional sensitivity, life-changing experiences, visual/auditory hallucinations, closed/open eye visuals, easily susceptible to fear.
Usage: Ingested.
Legality: Differs - Spores, legal; Mushrooms, can be legal depending on circumstance; Dried mushroom caps absolutely illegal except under certain circumstance. (The government realizes that these mushrooms occur naturally, and certain fungal enthusiasts may pick psychedelic caps by mistake.
Health: Not chemically addictive. Long-term health report inconclusive, risk of death virtually absent. If used in moderation, and extremely uncommonly (less than 3 times a year), adverse health effects are unlikely.
Availability: Uncommon. Can be found naturally, but can also be purchased via black market dealers.


-Peyote (Mescaline)


More to come:
-Cultural Influence

Good Reference:

Here's a drug profile for you kids who mess with durgs in the meantime, I'll update this post.

Common Name:
Chemical Name:
Class Of Drugs:
Why'd You Do It?
Would You Do It Again?

Games / Ace Of Spades: Minecraft with voxels and war.
« on: April 11, 2011, 12:40:50 PM »


What the forget is Ace of Spades and why should I care?
Ace of Spades is a Voxel powered Team-based CTF shooter with fully destructable/constructable procedurally generated terrain.That should sound loving awesome enough to get you to play already. However, the voxel-ness of it does make the graphics a bit trippy (especially when looking at anything up close) so you might wanna take that into account if you get motion sick easily.

Sounds cool, boss, where do I get it?
Well, the website was up yesterday when I found this gem but the servers seem to be overloaded right now.
The master server list (and the download for the game client) is currently on Again, there is supposed to be a real website there (and there was one yesterday) but I guess this game really exploded in popularity and brought the servers down)

Alright, I've downloaded all this stuff, what do I do?
The first thing you're going to want to do is open the config.ini file and change your name and your resolution. I don't think the game supports widescreen at this point so depending on your drivers your screen will either get streched out into a soupy looking thing or just have black bars on the sides.
If you're operating on Windows Vista / 7 it won't let you save the config.ini file to the folder that it's in if you installed the game into program files. You're either going to have to save it to the desktop and paste it back to the Ace of Spades folder or open notepad as an administrator.

What next?
From the website posted above, join a server. You can't join a server by running client.exe, you have to join it from the website. After that, you're in the game!

How do I make my dude run around and stuff?
Movement: W,S,A,D | Jump: Space | Crouch: Ctrl | Fire: Left Mouse | Ironsights: Right Mouse
Allchat: T | Teamchat: Y | Send Message: Enter | Change Weapon: 1-5, Mouse Wheel
Change Block Color: Arrow Keys | Sample world Color (Changes your block's colour to the colour of the block you're looking at): Right Mouse | Map: M | Scores: Tab
Join Blue Team: B | Join Green Team: G | Volume: +/- Keypad | Quit: Esc
Note that the only difference between blocks is colour, the colour doesn't represent the durability of the block or anything.

What weapons do I get?

Shovel: It's a shovel. It breaks three blocks at once, but you don't get to keep any of them
Pickaxe: It's a pickaxe. It only breaks one block at once, but that gets added to your block count.
Blocks: They're blocks. You can place them to build bunkers, towers, bridges, anything you want, really. You won't have that much time to build as there'll probably be angry people shooting at you while you're doing it.
Rifle: It's a rifle. Speculated to be either an M1 Garand or a Gewehr, but who really gives a stuff. You shoot dudes with it.
Grenade: It's usefullness is pretty limited, but if you can get one into an enemy's bunker you'll get a stuffload of points. It sorta deforms the terrain too, but not really.

The Map

Pretty simple stuff.

Misc Notes:
-To get out of water, jump and crouch. You can also get over two block high walls this way.
-Going to your command point will refill your health, ammo, and give you fifty blocks.
-Shots do 25 damage and headshots are instant kills ( I THINK, NOT CONFIRMED)
-You can't move your own intel, nor does it ever return to your command point until the enemy captures it. Defend it well!
-The game is currently in Beta 0.21 ! Be merciful!
-There's a tumblr page with useful info, mods, funny stuff, etc over here :
-The Master Server list can be a bit iffy, if you're getting a cannot connect to server error, it's probably because a) The server owner didn't forward port 32887 or b) The server's actually full and the master server hasn't properly updated yet

Basically, it's minecraft except it's made of voxels and it's about war.

Someone start a Blockland server.

Off Topic / Hill Valley... In The Twilight Zone
« on: April 10, 2011, 12:54:55 AM »
While watching the first episode of "The Twilight Zone" (1959, titled "Where Is Everybody?"), and while the protagonist looks around while standing in the phone booth, I noticed soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning... Oddly familiar about the city he's in:

This was the only Twilight Zone episode filmed at Universal Studios, the rest of the entire series was filmed at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. The centerpiece of the episode is the Courthouse Square set, most well-known for being used as the town square of "Hill Valley" in the Back To The Future series of films over 25 years later. The alleyway in which Mike Ferris enters the manikin shop is the alleyway in which Marty and Doc discuss the 'Greys Sports Almanac' in Back To The Future II.[citation needed]
He's the last man on earth. In Hill Valley.

Crazy stuff.


Oh wow. That relationship is rock-solid and built to last like a Dodge.

Games / Darkfall - my stuffty experience
« on: February 19, 2011, 01:41:44 AM »
Darkfall is a rare MMO, in that it actually has some form of gameplay. Which is awesome, because I like playing games not mashing keys.

So me and my friend decided to play the free trial today, and spent mostly all day playing it. Our experience was as follows
1st hour: Got used to the game, excited to play, did some quests.

2-3rd hours: Realized newbie protection is applied to the account when it's created, not to the player.
The first MAJOR issue with the game, considering it took more than 8 hours to get both of our games installed. By the time we had actually started, we only had 30 minutes of newbie protection (which was exhausted at this point).

4-5th hours: Had some fun doing quests.

6th hour: We were richarding around and my friend hit another player. The security for the area lightning bolted him, KO'ing him. Before I could revive him, the starfish finished him off and they looted his stuff, then proceeded to be richards ("hey i like ur hat lol" [whilst wearing it]). I tried taking the stuff back but I was soon killed and my stuff looted. We almost ragequit right then, but a guy came up and gave us free stuff, saying that usually players weren't such starfishs. About 5 minutes later we were killed by the equivalent of flying mosquito things, and we ragequit.
SECOND major issue: Idiot/inconsiderate players.

7th hour: We returned as elves this time, and were killed immediately by goblins.
Balancing issues.

8th hour: Humans again, new city. Were killed by Goblin shamans.
Again, balancing issues. Took us around 5 tries to finally kill the damn thing, and I died anyway, and another one spawned up the hill.

9th hour: While mining, another player came up and killed my friend, looted him. I barely escaped.
THIRD problem: Players can run around and massacre low-level or inexperienced players without any sort of repercussion or penalty, and we can't fight back. We lose all of our items so the game is essentially over, seeing as almost all of our armor and tools and weapons were given by quest, and to get them back we need gold, but to get gold we need to do quests, and any quests we actually CAN do we cannot accomplish because we don't have armor or weapons. The game is essentially over at this point, it's almost unplayable. This relates to the first issue. There isn't any newbie "world", for beginner players, or a newbie zone or anything. We were constantly prey to everyone.

10th hour: While fighting goblins my friend lost connection, but his player character was still in-world. I tried defending him, but was killed trying to pick his stuff up because my player decided to not react to any of the inputs I was giving him (WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW WWWWWWWWWW) I alt-F4'd and we uninstalled the game.

Darkfall is a game with great gameplay, but is absolutely plagued by huge loving issues. I mean, gigantic holes in game design that are glaringly obvious, but considering this game isn't that new, I don't think will ever get fixed. You could argue "it's a competitive game!", but that doesn't make up for the fact that new players are totally underpowered and get entirely forgeted over by any and all other players, including players of your own race/alliance.

I'm extremely disappointed, because I loved the gameplay, but the game is just made unplayable to beginners or passive players by these glaring holes in game design.

Games / World Of Keflings
« on: January 06, 2011, 05:23:59 PM »
This game is so boss. I loved Kingdom for Keflings, but it had some things that really were detrimental to the overall quality of the game, but World completely fixes everything that was wrong with the first.

The Kefling games are neat little construction sims in which you take the role of a giant and help tiny people called "Keflings" establish a city. There's lots of resource collecting and whatnot. It's rather simple and aimed at a younger audience, but regardless, I have a lot of fun with these games.

If you like resource management and construction, then this game is for you.

Off Topic / Yuki just bought a Mosin Nagant
« on: December 28, 2010, 04:46:24 PM »



Off Topic / Have Google Chrome? Get this app to donate to charity.
« on: December 16, 2010, 10:47:46 AM »

Simple, open tabs to donate to charity. It's passive and won't affect your browsing, it's just a thing.

General Discussion / Yuki's Premium Roleplay Server V2
« on: December 10, 2010, 06:46:48 PM »
Welcome, to Yuki Town. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay here, it's a quaint little town, plenty to do. Sometimes things get out of hand, but that's okay, we have a wonderful Police Force. I'm Yuki, City Administrator of Yuki Town and authority figure of everything that goes on here, and I want to make sure your stay here is pleasant!

You will arrive in Yuki Town via bus (you are not a bus), and will head up the stairs to the main lobby where you will read the server tutorial. It gives you information on absolutely everything having to do with the server, organized for your convenience. After that, who knows what you'll do!


Town Square, complete with Bounty Board and News Stand (and map!)

A walk in one of our fine parks.

Another fine park!

Police Station, under construction

City Hall and the Courthouse

Yuki Town Correctional Facility

The Countryside!

Barnabas building a Library!

The sandbox, where you may build freely.

Hiding from rioters!


We use custom scripts, to best fit my servers RP needs. There is no tree-chopping or wood farming bullstuff, there is no "/jobs". The roleplay is built by the players, and is very versatile.

Bounty Board
There's a board in the town square with plenty of construction contracts for those who are bored or looking for work. Meet the requirements and pass a review, if the building is to my liking I will approve it and send you your paycheck.

The Arena
A separate building for those who would like to pass time by shooting at each other, The Arena provides an arena to deathmatch in, and plenty of weapons to choose from.

2nd Thread, hoping to attract some players to the server.

Games / TF2 Crates
« on: December 10, 2010, 08:24:48 AM »
Crates are the worst addition to TF2, and I'm not overexaggerating. They randomly drop, quite commonly, but they're loving WORTHLESS, because you need to buy a key to open them. This is the most bullstuff thing valve has ever pulled, and it's loving handicapped. Keys don't even randomly drop, what the forget.
"Hey, instead of an item you can have this crate that you can't open unless you give us money lol thx"

Jesus loving christ. I know you can trade them but WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WANTS THEM?I've got like 4 right now and it's almost impossible to try and find someone to trade with. forget all, I wish there was a way to opt out of finding these loving things.

Games / Anyone have a way to cheat Poker Night at the Inventory?
« on: December 07, 2010, 01:59:23 PM »
I'm about ready to kill children, I need a way to unlock the items so I can uninstall this and never play poker again in my life.

Suggestions & Requests / "Blockland Servers" subforum.
« on: December 03, 2010, 03:14:29 PM »
I suggest adding a subforum specifically for threads pertaining to server advertisement or discussion.

Games / Ghost Town - TF2 Duel Map
« on: December 03, 2010, 10:17:59 AM »

Off Topic / Mr Blue Sky - Have a great day automatically
« on: November 30, 2010, 08:22:19 AM »

Inject some ELO into your stuff-tastic lives.

Drama / Dear Badspot - Regarding forum design
« on: November 29, 2010, 10:24:58 PM »
I have noticed that through all the time the add-ons forum has existed, people STILL miss the "Post FINISHED Add-Ons Here", and proceed to make non-add-on-related threads in this sub-forum.


I don't think that the word "FINISHED" in all capitals, alone, is enough. Here is my projected non-invasive modification that should be far more effective in helping people make better decisions:

or perhaps

However, you may feel free to embellish the word "FINISHED" with flashing lights, a hazard sign, a gigantic arrow, or even just soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning shiny like a piece of tin foil or a penny.

A Concerned Citizen

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