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Suggestions & Requests / Bot Events Expanded
« on: August 29, 2019, 10:50:18 PM »
I tried searching for this and was very surprised to find it didn't already exist.

RN bots have way too few input events to be useful. There really needs to be more. At the very least I think onBotAttacked or onBotDamaged or something to that extent would help a lot. Also if there were a way to somehow fire relays or something to bots they would be infinitely more useful. There needs to be a way for regular brick events to trigger the bots. Right now the bots can only be triggered by the bot touching something / entering a zone or being clicked on by a player.

For example, I want to make a little Dinosaur boss fight where you place meat on the ground to distract a t-rex. As of now I have no idea how to activate the t-rex bot via the action of activating the ground to place the meat.

Anyone up to the task of coding some new bot events / have any ideas how I could accomplish that?

Help / How does Bot's SetWanderDistance Work?
« on: June 17, 2019, 06:14:00 PM »
Does anybody know how SetWanderDistance actually works for bots? I ran an experiment to try and figure out how it works. I put a bot hole in the middle of a grid of 4x4 plates, and each plate had the event onBotTouch > self > SetColor. I used this to see how far they were wandering away from their spawn. The results left me even more confused than when I started.

It seems completely arbitary what number you put in the wander value. It is also odd to me that the minimum number is 8, and that even when you set it to 8 the bot wanders at least 30 stud spaces away from their spawn. I've also found totally different results with different bots. Blockhead bots (as well as Stegosaurus, which is why I started the experiment, because I'm building a dinosaur Island) seem to wander about 32 studs away from their spawn when you set the value to 8. So if that was consistent you might believe that each point value is 4 studs. However, the horse bot when set to 8 doesn't hesitate to wander 52 studs away from spawn. Also when I doubled the value and used 16, the stegosaurus and blockhead both seemed to wander about 40 spaces.

There seems to be absolutely no consistency in the wander distance value on my end, so I just wanted to know if anyone actually knows how it works and how I can better understand how to event my bots. Basically all I want is to prevent my dinosaurs from wandering off my island and into the water. If anyone has an idea on how to do that same thing without using setWanderDistance I'd also be open to the suggestion.


Here's a couple new suits for you guys. Both of the black ones you recolor the tie instead of the body.

I've added it to my Classic Casual pack for simplicity!  Here's some links:

DOWNLOAD Classic Casual Pack

Check out my other Decals and Mods

Game Modes / DM_Mesa: Classic Styled Deathmatch!
« on: October 20, 2014, 03:17:34 PM »

A classic styled Blockland Deathmatch!
No ammo, no reloading, no messin' around!  Find weapons scattered across the Youse Testing Facility set in the middle of nowhere! 
Gamemode uses modified Tier+Tactical weapons and standard Slayer Deathmatch.



Jirue (212): Build and stuff
Armageddon (5784): Helping me package gamemode with modified Tier Tactical
Brickman (4137): Ideas and small build details and always helping me test things
myst (13649): being way 2 op

Faces, Decals, Prints / Album Covers
« on: October 02, 2014, 11:47:21 PM »
Made these a while ago, reuploaded <3

The Doors album made by Electrk (BL_ID: 12949)


Faces, Decals, Prints / Portal Prints
« on: October 02, 2014, 11:34:53 PM »
I made these a looooooooong time ago, (just redid the Bloketure logos cause the old ones sucked)  Here's a repost to links that actually work, and with redone logos.

Check out my other stuff!

General Discussion / Topic Too Old
« on: September 22, 2014, 10:30:20 PM »
Anyone else think the Topic too Old limit is really low?  I think it's like 1 month.  Especially for content creators. If I create a thread in Add-Ons for my stuff and I make something new like a month or so after i create the thread, and it has kinda died down from lack of hype (probably because I haven't created anything) then shouldn't I be able to bump the old thread so I can post my new mod?  I'd assume people would much rather see the old thread return to page 1 than see a whole new thread for the same BS they've already seen before.

I feel like OP's should be able to bump any of their threads.  Is bumping really that big of a deal anyways?  How much does it really disrupt your life if an old thread appears on page 1 among the other 20 threads anyways?  If it really wasn't that important (and people don't make a point to bitch at the person who bumped for 3 days) then the thread is going to return to where it was anyways.  At the very least I feel like the too-old limit should be 6 months - a year for OPs. Since if someone doesn't plan on making new content or updating something for that long, they probably aren't going to anyways.  (or enough people will have forgotten about their old thread that a new one might not hurt so much)

Suggestions & Requests / Coffin Bot/Zombie Spawn
« on: September 12, 2014, 10:02:46 PM »
Was just tinkering around with default zombie bots and thought it'd be mega-cool if you could make the coffin brick spawn a zombie when you opened it. 

It'd be a coffin that looks exactly like the default one, except a zombie would be hiding inside of it (idle, of course, so you can't see it moving around in the coffin)  So then, when you open it, the zombie wakes up and starts chasing you.  I just think that would be so neato.
Would also be cool to have a zombie laying down in the laying-down coffin and when you opened it he sat up and got out.

Here's some visual representations of what I am talking about:


spoopy zombie

spoopy mummies too. sometimes.

Faces, Decals, Prints / Restroom Signs
« on: August 26, 2014, 04:52:36 PM »

Faces, Decals, Prints / Vending Machine Prints
« on: August 26, 2014, 04:45:41 PM »
These are prints for Siba's vending machine in his Decorative Blocks pack.

Includes what you see!  Parody of Half Life 2's vending machine, 2 generic drink machines, and a parody Coca-Cola vending machine.


Want to make your own vending machine? Here's a template!  Included in the following zip is a Template outline .png file, another template with different template layers in a photoshop .psd file, a Readme.txt with directions, and an additional image with visual directions.

Post your own vending machines here and this can be a little megathread for vending machines :)

Gallery / Industrial Deathmatch
« on: August 25, 2014, 11:54:47 PM »
Hoewdy, I've been working on this deathmatch here for like a year (on and off, just like a couple days at a time, whenever I felt like doing a little blockland) and I'm pretty dang proud with the (almost) finished result, so I'm gonna post it nao.

The build is essentially 100% finished.  I am currently adding secrets and other things that make a DM fun.  I don't know if / when I'll be actually hosting it, but I definitely plan to post it as a Gamemode for other people to host and enjoy (since my server kinda blows for DM's most of the time and I can't do dedicated)  I also plan on making a couple different game modes in it.  Aside from standard deathmatch, I think it would be a super fun map for a team DM of some kind.  I have also already played on it with some friends and bots, and think it'd be a fun map to experiment with waves of bots or something of the like.  People have also suggested it as a good map for Creeper (It does already have big vats of green stuff for creeper to spawn from so it'd make sense).  

Sooo without further ado, here it is!

Go download this gamemode/build here!

This build uses the following mods (excluding defaults), when I release it I'll probs package them all into a zip for easy downloadin'

  • 1 Random Pack
  • Brick Cubes
  • Decorative Blocks
  • Extra Grills
  • Extra Prints
  • Extra Ramps
  • Fence
  • Horiz Poles
  • Interactive
  • Inverted Corners
  • Jirue
  • Lego Crates
  • Pole Adapters
  • Razor Wire
  • Small Ramps Pack
  • Vertical Plate Pack
  • Window
  • Wire Fence
  • addItem
  • onBrickLoaded
  • removeItem
  • Water Brick Events
JVS Content (Just for decoration)
  • JVS_Content
  • JVS_SwitchesPack1
  • Content_Phydeoux
  • Pill
  • Ambient
  • Toxic (custom)
  • Restroom Signs
  • Vending Machine
  • Forklift
  • Awesome Colorset - New

Not every room is shown, just highlights / my favorite rooms.  Many more hallways and side rooms and stuff.

ALSO:  If anyone sees this and would be willing to model me a custom weapons pack.. that'd be super cool and you should hit me up ;)  I don't want anything fancy, quite the opposite in fact.  There isn't a single weapons pack that I am in love with.. I really want a simple pack of like 8 simple VERY default-style weapons with a simple ammo system.  I have some sketches of what I want :P

ANYWAYS Feel free to comment with criticisms, gamemode ideas, suggestions for the build, questions, or anything else <3

Add-Ons / Jirue's Awesome Colorsets
« on: July 09, 2014, 09:26:44 PM »
So I originally named them Awesome so they'd always be on the front page of RTB... (hehe) But that's dead now so here they are.

Awesome Colorset
A default edit never felt so good!

An awesome colorset that contains *every single Default color plus a bunch more!  Liven up your builds with this colorset while still retaining their default mood.

Builds using default colorset will load (almost) completely normal!  Only color that has to be fixed is standard blue (will load as purple)

  • Standards: A well rounded row with no useless neon colors like other standard rows!
  • Bolds: Bold colors for your bricks that need to make a statement ;)
  • Softs: Soft pastel colors
  • Transparents: Original transparent row
  • Spills: A "Specials" row with some useful colors!  Transparents especially good for liquids
  • Greyscales: All the original grey colors with the gaps filled in with even steps
  • Browns: Large scale of browns based on the hue of original brown colors.

*Standard blue and yellow have been slightly changed from original, as original yellow is dingy and original blue is purple-y



Awesome Colorset: New
Not the colorset Blockland needs, but the one it deserves.

A new revision to the awesome colorset!  Unlike the original Awesome Colorset, this colorset has a totally new array of colors, only holding onto the favorite defaults!

  • Standards: The same well rounded standard row
  • Rich: The bold colors from Awesome/Default colorset plus a few new friends ;)
  • Muted: Dulled colors that are great for buildings, vehicles, and other stuff
  • Soft: New set of soft pastel colors
  • Naturals: New set of brown and neutral tones.
  • Greyscale: Modest greyscale that leaves room for more colors in the set
  • Transparent: A set of transparent colors with practical uses in mind, not just a copy of the standard row like other sets!



Awesome Colorset: Faded
The awesome colorset with an apocalyptic style!

The original awesome colorset faded for apocalyptic type builds.  Features dingy, grungy, and dirty versions of the original colors.

  • Standards: The same standard row you knew and loved, now faded to perfection!
  • Bolds: Faded bolds! Not so bold anymore ey?
  • Softs: Pastel colors are already kinda faded but we faded them some more anyways!
  • Transparents: Dark and murky versions of the original transparents (Left light blue alone for good water)
  • Sepias:  A spectrum of wonderful, useful toned down sepia-grey colors + some extra browns!
  • Greyscales: Greyscale with a small hint of sepia to make them look dirty
  • Browns: A spectrum of faded browns



Awesome Colorset: Dark
Dark and smooth like Morgan Freeman's voice

The perfect colorset to push your build's style over the edge, with an extreme set of dark, bold, and rich colors that will give your build a dark and eerie feeling.  This colorset was very experimental and is not intended to be used for your every-day builds.

  • Standards: The same standard row for those little touches of light where you still need them
  • Dark Bolds: Super dark and super bold colors
  • Transparents: Murky transparent colors to suit your dark builds
  • Cools: A 5-color spectrum of cool tones with an extra 4 cool colors
  • Warms:  A 5-color spectrum of warm tones with an extra 4 warm colors!
  • Greyscales: Standard greyscale with two transparent greys
  • Browns: A variety of different brown towns for various different things



I'm open to suggestions for improvements on current colorsets :)  I have a few things I want to change in Faded especially, but I don't know if anyone's attached to the current palette or not.  I'm also very open to new colorset suggestions or requests, as I thoroughly enjoy creating colorsets :)

Last update is pretty important, click this link to read about it

(that shows almost everything I think, I made that a while ago for an ad at Blockoworld or something)

Included is 103 different decals and faces, all replicating (or spin-offs) of classic Lego minifigures.

* = was updated in the latest update.
* = was updated in the previous update.

  • Aquanauts
  • Casual*
  • Classic Knights Variety*
  • Classic Space Variety*
  • Islanders & Monsters
  • Ninjas
  • Pirates
  • Town Suit*
  • Forester Tunics

  • Casual*
  • Female Faces*
  • French Mustaches*
  • Islanders
  • Ninjas
  • Pirates
  • Red Hair Guy*
  • War Face*

Change Log:
9/16/14 @ 12:30 AM CST
-Bandage on War Face redrawn
-Decal_TownSuit, Face_Female2, Face_FrenchMustache, Face_RedHair, and Face_War all relocated to Classic Casual Pack

9/12/14 @ 8:50 PM CST:
- Added 2 new versions of Chain mail to Knights pack (50% tint and Grey like original lego Decal)
- Re-centered chain mail in Knights Pack
- Replaced Full Transparent version of Spyrius and Unitron with Black in Space Pack
- Replaced Full Transparent version of Futuron with 50% tint in Space Pack


General Discussion / New Add-Ons Section?
« on: February 17, 2014, 03:12:23 PM »
Now that RTB is gone, I think we can all agree the Add-ons section needs an update.  The reason everyone used RTB is because our current add-on system is kind of a huge mess. 

Do you guys think Badspot should add Subforums to the Add-ons section for Weapons, Vehicles, Decals (I know we already have that section, but perhaps move it for better access), and all that jazz?  Clearly it'd be way too big of a task for badspot to sort the current add on section, but I'm not saying do that.  Just add the subforums and leave the add-ons section as is for misc / old mods, and users can upload things to the new sections as they please.

I've also heard many people suggest using the Steam Workshop.  I am pretty sure I read somewhere that Badspot wasn't originally interested in that, but maybe now that RTB is gone it would be a good option?  I'm not so sure how the workshop works and if that'd be practical or not so yea

What do you guys think?

Help / "Bad Key" error for Steam Key Transfer
« on: December 16, 2013, 06:06:40 PM »
I tried to transfer my steam key using the conversion on the site.  I logged into my steam account successfully, and I entered my steam key.  I directly copied and pasted the key from my original email I received from Badspot when I bought the game.  But it keeps telling me it is a "Bad key."  I tried removing the dashes, and replacing the dashes with spaces. Neither of these worked.

Anyone else having this problem?  It may have something to do with the fact that I have a very old key (ID 212) but idk?

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