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Music / TheViewer's Fragmented Loops
« on: September 07, 2019, 02:26:30 PM »
Taken from various sources. At the moment most songs are action/boss battle ish themes. Some songs have been split up into multiple loops, representing different parts of the song or variations like solos. Those loops are named "SONG TITLE A", "SONG TITLE B", etc.

Current song list:
Persona 3 FES - Darkness (
Persona 4 - The Almighty (
Seek and Destroy - The Q-Stein Empire (Unnamed, Track 8
Seek and Destroy - Fear of Flails (Unnamed, Track 10
Speed Grapher - Battle III (
Speed Grapher - Escape (
Tiberian Sun - Slave to the System (


Suggestions & Requests / Heedicalking's Impact Rifle
« on: August 25, 2019, 06:47:05 PM »
The link is dead.
A youtube video featuring it in action can be found here:
Can someone reupload it?

Add-Ons / Tier+Tactical Kai & Extras (UPDATE 1/9/2020)
« on: August 24, 2019, 11:09:30 PM »

Love it or hate it, Tier Tactical was immensely popular. This is an update for a dead pack, seven years too late. Features a multitude of bugfixes and an overhaul of the ammo system. This was sitting in development hell for far too long, so I decided to patch it up and release it before BLF forever disappears into the abyss.

Main features:
  • Fixed ammo toggle: Wanna know why T+T1 Ammo never worked? Bushido never coded it.
  • New ammo setting: Ever wanted to pretend BL was an obscure (and dead) arena shooter? Well now you can with the new "Arena" setting! Shoot that SMG for all it's worth!
  • Easter egg appreciation: Pretty much all the worthwhile easter eggs have been brought up to speed. Bow before the scoped magnum's terrible power!
  • Patched ammo system: No negative ammo or your money back! Also should mostly play nice with SetInventory and all those other weird item events.
  • New prefs: And there are a lot of prefs. Do you miss your 70 round RPG? Turn those stupid bugfixes off. Ever wanted to give yourself or your bot buddies infinite grenades? Wield an invincible riot shield? Just change your RTB (or Glass) prefs.
  • Other enhancements: Completely empty weapons no longer glitch, so no more incessant pistol clicking. Molotovs no longer spam your server like they used to. Some weird modeling errors have been fixed. Unused datablocks have been disabled. Prefs initialize correctly even if you don't use RTB or Glass. And other stuff that I forgot to note.
I've done my best to change the feel, behavior, and stats of the weapons as little as possible. The only notable exception is the SMG slowdown effect, which had a glaring bug in it. As for the code, it's still probably a frankenstein mess, but less so. Back up your copy of T+T before downloading this, as it will overwrite the files.


Special thanks to:
Bushido and Spaceguy, for the original pack
Blockland Content Creators, for answering my coding/modeling questions
Any poor saps out there who held out for a T+T update

Change log:
V3 (01/09/20):
Ammo and grenade drops on player death are now combined
Slowdown effect for SMG and similar weapons reworked (previous bugfix didn't work well)
Added prefs for SMG slowdown effect and slowing down when firing LMG
Minor bugfixes for raycasting weapons and ammo pick up
Scoped magnum moved to tier 2
Tier 2A only requires tier 1 now instead of tier 2

V2 (08/27/19):
Fixed ammo pile not giving 9mm ammo
Minor bug fix in scoped magnum animations

... but wait, there's more!
Various extras, customized to work with Kai. Balance sold separately.
As seen on Heedicalking's Siege TDM. Requires tier 1.
The future of warfare, featuring hand-held vulcans and really big rocket launchers. Requires tier 1, explosive 1.
Five WW2 weapons, not enough for a reenactment but oh well. Firerates of the SMGs were changed to differentiate them more. Requires Frog's Weaponry.
Bushido's sawn-off rifle. The Kai version uses 7.08 heavy rifle rounds and can now ricochet, though direct fire has been nerfed. Since it was not originally a T+T weapon, the zip has been renamed to not overwrite the original. Requires tier 1.
An event to add T+T ammo has been sorely missing, so I made one. Compatible with the new ammo types in Frog's Weaponry as well. Also capable of handling custom ammo types that use the Kai system. Requires tier 1.

Modification Help / Preferred placeholder kill CI?
« on: August 10, 2019, 12:24:36 AM »
Adding weapons to a pack but too lazy to make new CIs. Would you rather see the generic arrow kill CI (see attached), or a CI from one of the pack's other weapons that is somewhat similar (example: new pistol weapon gets CI of another pistol)?

Modification Help / Support_RaycastingWeapons Headaches
« on: July 25, 2019, 06:41:14 PM »
Currently editing a weapon pack that uses this support script. I want to add a few minor bugfixes/changes to it, but I've discovered they would get overwritten by several different versions of it that have been edited in a similar fashion and are floating around in other add-ons. I could set the version number higher like they did, but that doesn't fix the underlying problem that it could be overwritten by the next guy. I'm half-tempted to rename everything in the script and make a version specific to the weapon pack, but that kind of defeats the purpose of using support scripts in the first place. Any thoughts on what I should do?

Help / Environment Zones Crashing Server
« on: December 18, 2018, 09:43:38 PM »
Having Server_EnvironmentZones enabled causes me to crash as soon as I finish loading my server and am about to spawn. I believe I followed the installation instructions correctly, as I downloaded BlocklandLoader.dll (v0.1.3) and modified my Blockland exe by patching the import table using StudPE. Then I downloaded SelectiveGhosting.dll and put it in Blockland/modules. According to the console SelectiveGhosting is being loaded successfully.

I've tried disabling all nondefault add-ons besides Environment Zones and New Duplicator. Disabling Environment Zones stops the crashing. Attached is a console log attached where a trace was run before loading leading up to the crash.

Help / Completely Invisible Item
« on: June 24, 2018, 10:54:34 PM »

Started up a server with a few add-ons plus Tier Tactical. The Tier Tactical Bullpup gun as seen in the picture looked fine on the brick, but when I equipped it it looked completely invisible, with the sky showing through. Also when I walked over the item and picked it up from the brick, the item on the brick also became invisible after respawning. The item looks fine when it is dropped. Did flushtexturecache(); and resetlighting(); in the console, but it didn't help. It only seems to affect the Bullpup, as the other items were fine.

I have a weapon with multiple ammo modes controlled by pref, one with infinite ammo ($Pref::Server::TTAmmo = 2) and one with DOOM style ammo ($Pref::Server::TTAmmo = 3), where you can keep shooting until your reserve is empty.

My problem occurs when starting in TTAmmo 3 with no reserve ammo left. The weapon cycles between "Empty", "LoadCheckA", and "LoadCheckB" in an infinite loop for as long as there is no ammo, which is working as intended. But if I change the pref to TTAmmo 2 while the weapon is in that loop, "LoadCheckB" is meant to go to "Ready" since ammo is no longer necessary. It does this, but it also plays the pistol roostering animation (stateSequence = "Fire") and pistolClickSound when it's not supposed to, as it goes straight to "Ready" and not to any states with those animations.

I've done debugging loops to just print out the image's state every 9 ms or so, and it goes from Empty -> LoadCheckA -> LoadCheckB -> Ready
I think it has something to do with the "Empty" transitions, because changing stateTransitionOnAmmo in "Empty" to a state with a different sound/animation such as "Activate" will play that state's sound/animation instead. But that makes no sense, since the image should never be in the "Empty" state with image ammo equal to 1 in the first place.

All states of the weapon:
Code: [Select]
// Initial start up state
stateName[0]                       = "Activate";
stateTimeoutValue[0]            = 0.15;
stateSequence[0]                 = "Activate";
stateTransitionOnTimeout[0]     = "LoadCheckA";
stateSound[0] = weaponSwitchSound;

stateName[1]                    = "Ready";
stateTransitionOnNoAmmo[1] = "AmmoCheck";
stateTransitionOnTriggerDown[1] = "FireCheckA";
stateAllowImageChange[1]        = true;
stateScript[1]                  = "onReady";
stateSequence[1]   = "ready";

stateName[2]                    = "FireCheckA";
stateScript[2]                    = "onFireCheck";
stateTimeoutValue[2]            = 0.01;
stateTransitionOnTimeout[2]     = "FireCheckB";

stateName[3]                    = "FireCheckB";
stateTransitionOnAmmo[3]        = "Fire";
stateTransitionOnNoAmmo[3]      = "Empty";

stateName[4]                    = "Fire";
stateTransitionOnTimeout[4]     = "Smoke";
stateTimeoutValue[4]            = 0.05;
stateFire[4]                    = true;
stateAllowImageChange[4]        = false;
stateEjectShell[4]              = true;
stateScript[4]                  = "onFire";
stateSequence[4] = "Fire";
stateWaitForTimeout[4] = true;
stateEmitter[4] = gunFlashEmitter;
stateEmitterTime[4] = 0.05;
stateEmitterNode[4] = "muzzleNode";
stateSound[4] = PistolfireSound;

stateName[5] = "Smoke";
stateEmitter[5] = gunSmokeEmitter;
stateEmitterTime[5] = 0.2;
stateEmitterNode[5] = "muzzleNode";
stateTransitionOnTriggerUp[5] = "Wait";

stateName[6] = "Wait";
stateTimeoutValue[6] = 0.001;
stateScript[6]                  = "onBounce";
stateTransitionOnTimeout[6] = "LoadCheckA";
stateSound[6] = pistolClickSound;

//Torque switches states instantly if there is an ammo/noammo state, regardless of stateWaitForTimeout
stateName[7] = "LoadCheckA";
stateScript[7] = "onLoadCheck";
stateTimeoutValue[7] = 0.01;
stateTransitionOnTimeout[7] = "LoadCheckB";

stateName[8] = "LoadCheckB";
stateTransitionOnAmmo[8] = "Ready";
stateTransitionOnNoAmmo[8] = "Empty";

stateName[9] = "ReloadWait";
stateTimeoutValue[9] = 0.3;
stateScript[9] = "onReloadWait";
stateTransitionOnTimeout[9] = "ReloadStart";
stateWaitForTimeout[9] = true;

stateName[10] = "ReloadStart";
stateTimeoutValue[10] = 0.3;
stateScript[10] = "onReloadStart";
stateTransitionOnTimeout[10] = "Reloaded";
stateWaitForTimeout[10] = true;

stateName[11] = "Reloaded";
stateTimeoutValue[11] = 0.4;
stateScript[11] = "onReloaded";
stateTransitionOnTimeout[11] = "Ready";
stateSequence[11] = "Fire";
stateSound[11] = pistolClickSound;

stateName[12] = "Empty";
stateScript[12] = "onEmpty";
stateTransitionOnAmmo[12] = "ReloadWait";
stateTimeoutValue[12] = 0.01;
stateTransitionOnTimeout[12] = "LoadCheckA";

stateName[13] = "AmmoCheck";
stateScript[13] = "onAmmoCheck";
stateTransitionOnAmmo[13] = "Ready";
stateTimeoutValue[13] = 0.01;
stateTransitionOnTimeout[13] = "ReloadStart";

Here are the relevant state functions:
Code: [Select]
function PistolImage::onEmpty(%this, %obj, %slot)
       // do nothing for now

function PistolImage::onLoadCheck(%this,%obj,%slot)
if(($Pref::Server::TTAmmo != 2 && $Pref::Server::TTAmmo != 3 && %obj.toolAmmo[%obj.currTool] <= 0 && %this.item.maxAmmo > 0
|| $Pref::Server::TTAmmo == 3 && %obj.client.quantity[%this.item.TTammoType] <= 0) && %obj.getState() !$= "Dead")

Add-Ons / King of Ghosts: Endless Zombies Edition
« on: June 06, 2018, 02:38:18 PM »
Based on this request:

Ghost enemies that now work as custom zombies under EZM, as seen on Bushido's server. Comes with a few changes:
  • File name changed from Script_GhostBots to Script_GhostZombies to distinguish from the version for the dungeon gamemode. Obviously don't enable both at the same time
  • Slayer pref: Disable Ghost Crouching. Ghosts look kinda goofy when they crouch, so you can disable it if you prefer. Has no effect if using Custom Ghost AI.
  • Slayer pref: Custom Ghost AI. Overrides the EZM AI, seems to make zombies more aggressive. Using this AI ghosts will not be affected by most EZM prefs such as "Always Find Player", they will not crouch, and will growl a lot more.
  • Ghost minigun animation now resets properly
  • Ghosts that can't jump good will no longer randomly jump. Except aircraft bombs.

Cool promo pic:

Colorized version:


Modification Help / Redefining datablocks from another add-on
« on: June 02, 2018, 12:44:41 PM »
Say I have an add-on that uses datablocks from another pack, but I want my add-on to be standalone and not force the pack as a required add-on. If I define datablocks that are identical to and named the same as those from the other pack, and duplicate the necessary files into my zip, will this work? Or will it cause loading issues with players/something else that I don't know about? Would I be better off adding a conditional to only redefine using the files in the zip if the other pack doesn't exist?

Modification Help / Detecting if a player's inventory has changed?
« on: May 29, 2018, 02:44:38 AM »
Is there any kind of callback function for when a player's inventory has been changed (e.g. through the setInventory event)? If not, what would be an ideal way to determine this?

Modification Help / Default miniGameCanDamage Function
« on: May 26, 2018, 06:01:03 PM »
Does anyone have the source code for this function, or know how it can be obtained? I'm trying to figure out why a particular weapon does not obey the minigame's "self damage" setting.

EDIT: Whoops, had canMiniGameDamage in the title instead of the correct function name miniGameCanDamage.

General Discussion / What does CI as in "kill CI" stand for?
« on: May 24, 2018, 01:33:12 AM »
In the Blockland directory there's the path base/data/client/ui/CI/ with the default kill icons or whatever you want to call them. I've seen the term CI before and even used it, but I don't actually know the abbreviation.

Suggestions & Requests / WH40K Weapons with Ammo
« on: May 17, 2018, 11:06:03 PM »
Looking for Tingalz's WH40K weapons, but an old version that still uses T+T ammo. Doesn't matter if RTB version or not, though I think ammo corresponds to an RTB version of 1 or 2. On the off chance that anyone has a copy laying around that didn't get replaced by auto updater, could they upload it?

Suggestions & Requests / Old version of Warhammer 40k Weapon Pack
« on: December 31, 2017, 07:45:19 PM »
Does anyone happen to have an old copy of W40K weapons lying around, specifically a version that still uses T+T ammo? Link in the old topic was removed:

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