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General Discussion / HALP: Victorian House Build?
« on: November 19, 2012, 05:01:01 AM »
Does anyone have a Victorian style house build I could have the save to, for filming? I need something snappy. Even just a quality American style house that I could edit would be really great.

Preferably something already made, I appreciate anyone offering to build something but often people never follow through.

Would credit.

Drama / So like, how does NightFox work?
« on: October 31, 2012, 07:55:12 AM »
Went to a server by NightFox.

This person has no BLID relation to the actual Night Fox on the forum.

I didn't realize this at first. I thought it was Night Fox joking around a bit with me, but I'm starting to think there is a kid going around as NightFox.

He seemed to get angry when I mentioned Night Fox on the forums. I told him it was a bit odd and warned against it then I got this:

Lol. Never met this ID before so like... wat.

So like, how does NightFox work?

Is it an alt of the real Night Fox as some kind of joke account? Is it REALLY just some random guy? Whats going on?

I'm confused. :c  Someone clear this up, I can't tell if I got trolled or stumbled upon a creepy Night Fox wannabe.

Off Topic / Major Earthquake: Tsunami Expected to Hit Hawaii
« on: October 28, 2012, 01:26:28 AM »
A 7.7, only 10km deep (enough to rip your house to pieces if you are on or next to the fault) went off in Canada in a remote area "40km south of Sandspit, British Columbia".

A tsunami of 2 meters may hit Hawaii, they are warning.

A tsunami up to two metres high is expected to hit Hawaii after a 7.7 earthquake struck off the coast of western Canada, according to a report.

Gerard Fryer, senior geophysicist at the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, told CNN that Hawaii could expect waves between one to two metres high. "We are recommending coastal evacuation," he said.

Help / Save Losing Trust
« on: October 27, 2012, 10:08:12 PM »
In a save of mine, random sections will go from the builders trust to mine after load.

Why is this? Its really annoying, seems to be in the same spots too.

General Discussion / What happened to Xalos's Murder Mystery?
« on: October 25, 2012, 09:57:55 PM »
A few months back when I played it, it was fantastic.

A well made castle build... the footsteps mod... people sneaking around with different weapons. There would be corpses left behind, and clues that could be discovered. It was funny and addictive, a brilliant server.

What the hell happened to it?

I joined it the other day and it is absolutely stuff. Its been butchered. The builds are painfully bad. The mod is nothing like it used to be, its basically just running around with a knife killing each other. You can't even see properly with shaders on.

What the loving hell. Its gone froma 10/10 to a 1/10. I don't even see people on it anymore, its perpetually empty.

General Discussion / IcyGamma's City Tycoon [Isarland] [Standby]
« on: October 25, 2012, 08:06:44 AM »

Making CityRPG look like over-developed stuffe.

The server is closed due to an administration reform and will be back shortly. Thank you for your patience.

1.1 About
1.2 Isarland City Maps
1.3 How it Works (how to play)
1.4 FAQ
1.5 The Point
1.6 Building Code
1.7 CMDs
1.8 Isarland Rich List

About 1.1
City Tycoon is a concept designed by IcyGamma, and engineered by Aludane. It is based on IcyGamma's perspective on what a city server should be like, brought to life in code by Aludane.

Please report bugs and issues.

Thanks to Nullable and Clockturn, your mods were helpful for research. Also thanks to those who created or worked on stuffty CityRPG mods, you've given us the platform to shine.

This server is hosted 24/7 with Kaphost.

Isarland City 1.2

World Map (click to enlarge)

Property Address Directory by Districts (click to enlarge)

How It Works 1.3
IcyGamma's City Tycoon RP works by encouraging the user to build and event to create wealth, which can then be shared with other players through their events and roleplay. There are no jobs, police, gun shops, or other junky crap. All player interactions must be roleplayed, influenced by the central theme of money and greed.

Build Your Tycoon
Players will receive 10% of their brick count in currency per tick. Build new structures to earn more money. There are no special lot bricks, just straight forward construction.

Market and Sell
Two events have been provided: onactive > client > sell and ontransfersuccess. Get extra income by enticing fellow players to buy your services. Start a casino? Open a club with paid-entry? How about building meals for people and charging them at your restaurant with an evented bill? So many ideas, so many possibilites. Novelty fun encouraged!

Smart Banking
Deposit and withdraw into your account. You can earn 1% interest on your money per tick. Do you invest in building new property, or will you try to become so rich you can live off of interest?

Mapped City
Isarland City has been built for this mod. The city has 24 streets / roads, five divisions, and 164 mapped and marked properties.

The Law
Admins will use reports from other players to "investigate" crimes. You may then be forced to participate in "court roleplay" where you may be fined and / or jailed. Since crime in this server is through RP, money fraud, or rule breaking, it will be handled by administration in a way that is fun and fair (this kind of roleplay requires admin monitoring). We accept bribes, and encourage paying off witnesses. <3

Building Inspection
Isarland has a building code that you must abide. Property developers who break these codes (including spamming bricks to increase their profits!) will be made to correct their builds. Those who don't comply will have their building demolished, and run the risk of fine and / or jail time. Isarland officials may perform surprise checks on buildings at any time, so watch it CROOKS.

The Point 1.4
This form of city server motivates building, clever thinking, and roleplay. Instead of people blowing their money on guns because there is nothing better to do, the city self-perpetuates as players build interesting things to spend money on (exploration is fun!)  If you want to be a criminal, you are nudged to do it through roleplay rather than having an add-on ridigly guide you through criminal acts.

The mod provides a foundation that is achieved by a dedicated host and fun-loving players.

It is about taking responsibility away from the mod and giving it to you.

FAQ 1.5

Q: What do I do?
A: Forget CityRPG and everything you knew about it. Make money by building, eventing services, and roleplaying with other players. What happens and how much fun you have is down to you and the players. We've just provided the framework.

Q: How do I make money?
A: You earn a % of your brick count in currency. By default it is 10%, but it may change up or down depending on the "roleplay economy". You also earn interest from the money in your bank account. You can make extra dosh by getting players to buy evented services (onactive > client > sell and onTransferSuccess).

Q: How do I buy lots?
A: There are no lots. Isarland has been mapped out with over 150+ baseplates. We will be releasing spaces regularly which you can then fill with your own baseplates. You may request a lot on the map if you find one you like. View the "property map" area to fine land by street name, region, and address. We do not charge for the sale of lots, but you may wish to sell them onto other players yourself if you grab a prime spot.

All requests can be posted here.

Q: Where are the police?
A: There aren't any. Crime must be roleplayed. It is not possible to kill players by weapons as this is not a DM server. If you want to murder a player, they'll have to consent to that story with you. Or maybe you can work together to fake a death, then get players to "donate" for the funeral-- good ol' Blockland fraud. CityRPG crime was never crime, it was just idiots playing "lets shoot everyone for no reason".

Q: Someone did something illegal, what do I do?
A: You can report it here or turn a blind eye. The evil government (aka admins) may investigate and stage a "court RP" where the person may be jailed. The jail is a sub-area of the minigame.

Q: What roleplay is required?
A: Just imagine you are in a city. Go to restaurants, stage a garden party, get into a fight on the street-- whatever. Do as little or as much as you want.

Q: I don't like roleplay or building.
A: Then you won't be a useful addition to the server. If you need a mod to tell you what to do, refer to CityRPG instead.

Q: I have other questions.
A: Post here, I'll help out.

Q: Can I have the mod?
A: No. Arguably, mods like CityRPG were ruined after being released. Rather than prosper, they hemorrhaged.

Building Code 1.6

Use these guidelines:

> Do not build low-rise buildings among highrise
> Rule of thumb: tall buildings in central city, smaller ones on outside
> Do not spam: inappropriate brick choice and smuggling hidden bricks. This is considered fraud in the roleplay.
> Build with a city theme
> Do not use malicious events
> Fill the lot appropriately

You may be fined / jailed or have your build destroyed. Read above for more.

CMDs 1.7

/dropmoney amount   -   Drops up to $100 a pop
/givemoney ID amount   -   Give to a player
/accept   -   Accept an active transaction (via the sell brick of another player)

Isarland Rich List 1.8

Top five richest players as of 26th October 2012.


Off Topic / I finally get it potato
« on: October 25, 2012, 06:17:53 AM »
so thats what that was

Modification Help / Fixing Cashmod II?
« on: October 22, 2012, 02:23:35 AM »

cashTransfer with the ol' CashMod II mod results in:

RECV: ADDCONSOLE   % Add-Ons/Script_CashmodII/server.cs (375): Unknown command VariableTrue.
RECV: ADDCONSOLE   % Object (5631) fxDTSBrick -> fxDTSBrick -> fxDTSBrick -> fxDTSBrick -> fxDTSBrick -> fxDTSBrick -> fxDTSBrick -> SceneObject -> NetObject -> SimObject

(errors copy pasted from Kalphiters Hosting log)

Could anyone help me out in getting this fixed?

EDIT: Just to add the mod uses VCE, so I take it a function in that mod changed.

Off Topic / US Dollar Plummeting
« on: October 12, 2012, 12:42:47 AM »
The US dollar continues to cheapen.

Means YEY for people like me who don't have to spend as much moolah buying products in US currency online.

Discuss poop economy and the affects for export / import. OR BUY BUY while it falls (unless you are in the US).

« on: October 09, 2012, 08:09:03 AM »

Recreation of the 80's music video "West End Girls" by the classic British duo the Petshop Boys. They are one of the best selling music artists in the world.

This song reached 1# in the U.S, UK, New Zealand, Norway, and Canada between 1984 and 1986, as well as being 2# and #3 in other countries.

Credits & Other

I was going to add mouth movement but got lazy. SOZ.

Eksi's Collab (city panning scene)
Clock tower by Phyeoudox or whatever his name is, snipped from Badspots Block Party (city panning scene)
Peggling City by IcyGamma, Wehrmacht, and friends (random shots)
Terrabytes Future Life RP (random CityRPG shots)
JAMUS server (random cityRPG shots)

Player Actors:

Scene by Scene Comparison

Gallery / Classic DM Server [24/7] - "Truly simple fun"
« on: October 07, 2012, 11:23:09 PM »

This is a casually built, 24/7 DM server with a classic barebones approach. There are different rooms, a few crawl spaces, places to hide / explore. Some treasure chests if you suck at killing. AND A SECRET MAGIC BUTTON PRESS IT.

Just a casual, no frills DM.

Some things people have said...
"Truly simple fun,"
"Reminds me of v8 style,"
"Wow, so many people at a 'classic dm' that surprises me,"

  • Minimal add-ons
  • Regularly updated with new places to explore
  • No imbalanced weapons or awkward mods
  • Hosted 24/7 dedicated
  • A two person admin team (no stupid admins abusing power and ruining the game as is common in DMs)

Join nao. IcyGamma's server hosted via Kaphost.

Logo courtesy of Navaro.

Suggestions & Requests / REQUEST: Global Sound Loop Mod
« on: October 07, 2012, 09:50:41 PM »
I'd like an add-on that allows me to play sound to all clients. I'd like it to:

> Be able to pick randomly out of 10 different sounds
> Play the sound to all players
> Pick a random wait time of 10 to 20 seconds to play another sound
> Be a server mod that runs constantly on a dedi


Suggestions & Requests / Force Music Download
« on: October 06, 2012, 12:17:32 AM »

Would it be possible to kick users who don't enable music download? I want to stage a server with 1 music file that is crucial to a build and the minigame.

I'd like to know:

- If an add-on like this exists
- If one can be made
- What your opinion is on a mod like this, if you think its unethical to force users



I'd like to rephrase this post.

What about an add-on that kicks you unless you have a certain music file? I know there are mods which do this if you haven't downloaded a GUI file.

That way, the user could go and download the file. Or if they already have it, they could still join with music download off to avoid waiting for any other music files you have.

A lot more reasonable.

Off Topic / Bagel Head
« on: September 27, 2012, 07:05:47 AM »

Japanese body art has been taken to a whole new extreme with the emergence of the "bagel head".

The bizarre new trend is created by injecting saline into the forehead until it swells up, then pressing the centre of the swollen area with a thumb giving it a bagel-like hole.

One customer said he felt a "relaxing sensation" as his forehead started to swell.

After his "bagel head" transformation was complete the man smiled and said: "Oh sweet buttery bagels ... I look delicious."

Off Topic / [Scenario] - Badspot Became a Lobster
« on: August 29, 2012, 09:44:34 AM »
Say you log onto the forums to find out that Badspot one day turned into a lobster. No more banning, just clawing. What would happen?

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