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Gallery / Another Airplane
« on: May 05, 2017, 10:23:46 PM »
Edit: I hope everyone is doing well.  If we used to build together or something, please say hey.

Haven't been around for like a year and a half aside from forum lurking.  Re-download BL and took a spin at building.  I pretty much forgot how to build so I figured I would refresh myself with a plane.  Oddly enough, this is probably the best fuselage I've made yet.

It's just a WWII styled plane, kind of like an old Beechcraft or C-45.  Wing proportions need work still, but this thing is really roomy on the inside which is lit.

Peep what the wing curvature will look like in the background of the second image.

Off Topic / "Look Who's Back," Germany's Blockbuster mesothelioma Comedy
« on: November 04, 2015, 05:21:59 PM »
So apparently, there's a new movie out starring our favorite fascist. That's right, Look Who's Back (Er Ist Wieder Da) is a movie about mesothelioma waking up in modern day Germany. Don't believe me?

"Knocking Pixar’s Inside Out from the top-spot, the number one German box-office draw is currently Look Who’s Back, a comedy about mesothelioma waking up in modern Germany, and his disgust with modern media, technology, politics, and cultural norms."

If you want, check out the trailer here!

General Discussion / WWII Naval TDM (Wake Island Dogfight)
« on: August 12, 2015, 09:22:30 PM »
Hey everyone, just letting you know that the old Wake Island TDM is up!

Gameplay Trailer:

Off Topic / The Doolittle Raid: 73 Year Anniversary
« on: April 18, 2015, 09:54:40 PM »
Better late than never...
Today, April 18th, marks the 73rd anniversary of the Doolittle Raid. Often considered the revenge for the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the United States Navy (USS Hornet task force) and United States Army Air Corps collaborated, taking 16 land based B-25 medium bombers and placing them on an aircraft carrier to attack Japan. Led by General Jimmy Doolittle, the aircraft took off on the short carrier deck (the shortest takeoff run was 467 feet), as opposed to the minimum take off range of +500 feet that unmodified bombers required to take off. Due to limited range and a number of other factors, only 69 of the 80 crewmen that partook in the raid survived... many crashed in China where they were hidden by civilians under occupation, and one aircraft reached the Soviet Union. Although the raid did not actually inflict major damage to the Imperial Japanese Empire, a major psychological blow was dealt upon the Japanese people - and of course, the raid was a much needed boost of moral for the battered Americans, struggling to establish a foothold in the during the early years of the war.

Today, only three airmen that participated in the raid are still alive. As you all know, the Greatest Generation is rapidly disappearing. With that being said, take a moment to pause and think of the sacrifices all that these men and women made. And of course, always make sure you thank them for their service.

If you would like, you can watch a little interview and some footage from the raid here:

Being an aviation buff I have really realized how insane these guys were... the lead planes were basically told to push their planes to the limit and go close to a stall with their high attitude. The first planes actually dipped down on take off and looked like they crashed - essentially, they dropped off the front of the carrier, then began to fly.

Hey guys, haven't been building in a while. Whipped this up real quick, its based off a kind of C-45 look. Basically a civilian Beechcraft plane that was used for the military. I will be making a military version with either floats on it, or with guns, a green interior, etc. Plane will have middle/ low wings, with 2 engines. Tail will be a twin tail. Wheel configuration will be tail dragger.

If I have time Ill make complex engines and landing gear, etc, like I have in the past. Anyway, pictures:

(Theres a weird gap in it for now because the wings will go in that area. I will close the gap, or edit it to make it more sleek with print plates. I don't know yet. The outer most row of the plates can, and probably will be very different by the time the plane is done).

Ill smooth out the edges and keep you all posted. But yeah, you can give constructive criticism, but there isn't much to criticize. Just please... please don't complain about my lack of using ramps on this plane. Its one of my pet peeves. Building the planes with plates is my style, and I de-spam/ smooth the exterior out as I go.

Off Topic / What did you get on your AP tests?
« on: July 09, 2014, 08:17:56 AM »

I got a 4 on my WHAP test.

Collections: One Man's Junk, Another Man's Treasure!
Post your collection! Post Pictures!

Hey everyone, as a spin-off from this thread, I decided to make a thread about collections! What do you collect? It could be video games, computers, coins, stamps, bikes, old stuff, new stuff... any thing that interests you! Post a description of the item... Maybe how you got it and why you like that particular item/ why you collect it!

Basically, I collect anything that is old and interesting to me. If its rare or unique or different I find it fun to haggle for, clean up, fix up, and of course, research! I started going to yard sales a couple of years ago and find pretty old, neat stuff for basically nothing. I especially like anything having to do with wars, so I will mostly post my WWII era stuff. I'll start off... you already saw my first post card. Here is another:

(The cloth thing on the right side was found in the bottom of the envelope... I think it goes on a hat. It is for a shipping company, from before WWII obviously (1938)

Vehicle First Aid Kit: Also WWII. (Allied)

This thing is my favorite. It has all the contents in it and has that "museum smell." It also cad "MacAthur" carved into the side which is neat.

Can you tell I'm OCD about OP's?

Greetings forumers! I have a lot of WWII era stuff, including a bunch of old letters and stamps from national socialist Germany. I have this post card, and wanted to know if anyone could translate it. It says "Heil mesothelioma" at the end, which I thought was interesting.

I am sorry if this offends anyone, I did not post it with the intention of doing that, I posted this with the intention of learning about a piece of history.



(If you need better pics let me know)

Help / Dedi hosting question
« on: December 23, 2013, 08:04:01 PM »
Im new to dedicated hosting, so Im not sure about this. If I leave the server and want to come back when its full, does it let me join? Note: Im not using any dedi hosting service. Im just doing the plain old dedicated hosting.


That classic server we all love!

In the fall/winter of 2010, only a few months after I joined Blockland, I had a great idea for a server- a naval dogfight, taking place on Wake Island. The server was born. Hosted on and off until v21, the server averaged 25-30 players, and filled up in an instant. After v21, a lot of us missed the TDM, and recently sought out to recreate this classic game. Over the past few days, members of BNFB have been hard at work creating this. Now the server hast he same pop as the old one, and is getting a lot of players and a great welcome by the community. The server will be dedicated in the next few days.

The TDM is composed of 2 teams- the Japanese Army and the US Navy. The Americans are trying to invade Wake Island, and the Japanese are trying to stop them. Both teams have 5 Spitfires, 1 Biplane, and 1 Stunt plane. Japan has a few ground vehicles and the Americans have LCVP's. Other weapons frequently used are the AA gun, Heavy Machine Gun, and Heavy Turret. Both teams have the same 4 classes, armed with TT2.  Throughout the island, there are several Capture Points. The most strategic one is the Outpost. When captured, players can spawn at the outpost and their team will receive 20 points.  In order for a team to win, they must secure 4 points for a certain amount of time, or have the most points by the end of the 40 minute round. Lastly, the great thing about this is that ground forces are a major part to your team's success. If you don't like flying, you can go and invade the outpost or other places!

(Pictures taken mid TDM)

Southeastern Fork of the Island

Southwestern Fork of the Island

Japanese Base

Aircraft Carrier


This is a BNFB Production. (Accepting applications)

How to be a good player on this server:
1. Work as a team; Obey your leaders.
The work as a team part is pretty simple. Attack in groups, stick together, and communicate with your teammates. If someone says they need help at outpost, it would be wise to go to outpost. About the obeying team leaders part, it's very straightforward. Do what they say. I'm sure Sailor can correct me on this if I'm wrong, but admins and SA's are team leaders if they choose. (Higher rank in the server, higher command.) However, some players might establish themselves as leaders also by working as a team and telling people what to do. You should obey both, but keep in mind the 'rank' of your leader incase they contradict each other.

2. Go for the capture points
Okay, guys, it's a capture point TDM. How about rather than immediately parachuting over their base to spawn kill, we go play the game right and capture the points? (Obeying the above rule, preferably). This isn't directed at all of you, but some of you might not get to enjoy the server for very long due to this.

3. Obey the server rules.
I'm amazed I didn't say this earlier, but honestly it's not that hard. There are like 6 rules in that "click this or die" button.

4. Have common sense
Yesterday, someone came to the server with 0 common sense. A link was posted to a semi-research website, because he didn't know that it was considered researchographic or that it was against the rules. He got to come back to the server because he honestly didn't know it was against the rules, he was really sorry, upset over the ban, etc. Then he proceeded to spam the respawn vehicles button at the jap base. Ok, really? (He was banned)

5. Don't get offended too easily, okay?
Sometimes people will say things to you, yell at you, etc., but you shouldn't take it seriously. People might say you suck, you're not doing anything, you fly like an eagle flies a blimp. I might even say that, but it'll probably be in some sort of 'pep talk' to help win. (i.e. "If you can't fly better than bird stuff then get your ass down here at outpost!" "You guys are sucking! Lets try working together and not running around like a ton of retards high on meth, okay?") While most if the time I keep it kinder and more helpful, I might let something slip. That same statement goes for most people on the server, so don't take it too badly you sensitive pricks.
The server is currently DOWN.

General Discussion / Look at all these new servers!
« on: December 18, 2013, 05:33:50 PM »
I know that there are a few topics about the large amount of new players, but check this out! (Ignore the one BLID that was not in the 60000's)

I see good things in the future if people keep that interest in hosting. I feel as though we should go to these servers and teach, you know?
Also remember not to BLID discriminate, guys :)

Gallery / WWII Era Tank (Resembles M-24 a bit)
« on: November 17, 2013, 11:05:53 AM »
Hello Blocklanders! I was on my friend Ford's server while he was building some tanks, so I decided to build one as well. I used the design of the M-24 Chaffee for some tips. The things that are not done yet are the driver/ gunner's door, the engine, drivers controls, all gun events, possible redo of cannon, and tail lights.

Here are the pictures!

Soldiers climb on the tank for a ride



Opening to turret. There are two hatches, one for the gunner's ledge, the other is the turret hatch.

View of the driver and gunners' positions from the view of the front of the tank, with the emergency hatch blown out.

Ammunition racks. Again, the hatch is blown out in the front.

This is my first tank.

Hey all, incase you did not know, this week is pretty much the anniversary of Hurricane Sandy. (It hit different areas of the East Coast at different times, hence the whole week being the anniversary).

So yeah, share stories of Sandy, or your own experiences with natural disastery stuff/ bad storms, etc.

Sandy came to New York On the 29th. Lost power for about a week. Got it back on the saturday after the storm for about 2 hours, only to have the power companies turn it off again. I met guys from British Columbia, basically in my backyard one day after the storm. I had no school for the whole week of the storm. During Halloween, I was crouched in my Grandma's 3 foot high crawl space, clearing it out, after she had like 5 feet of water in her house. Also, after the event, my other Grandparents' and I went on their Carolina Skiff and explored the Bay area. It was bad. We threw our anchor to a beach, and there were 3 bay houses ripped off their foundation and plopped on the shore. Other roofs and stuff were visible everywhere. Loadsedamage everywhere, even to this day.
Pretty wild time, and the effects are still being felt everywhere here.

Gallery / Stinson 10A Voyager Plane. Interior Update! p1
« on: September 29, 2013, 08:47:14 AM »
Stinson 10A Voyager: Civil Air Patrol.
When a captured U-Boat captain was asked why the Germans stopped sending "Wolfpacks" to the East Coast of the United States of America, his response was "Those damned yellow planes!"

This is a Stinson 10A Voyager, one of several planes flown by Civil Air Patrol's "Minutemen" to protect the home skies. They were used to tow target banners for gunners, patrolling the East Coast, Search and Rescue, etc. One time, one of these even dived a US Anti-Aircraft group practicing by special request, to see how the boys would react, and someone forgot it was practice and shot a good burst of a Browning .50 cal into one (No one was hurt, but it was the last time CAP pilots did that!).

This was a test of a new style for me. More dainty, using smaller ramps and vertical print plates. Also, I did not make up the wing technique used on this plane, it is another player's (I had permission to use it), but I forgot their name. I will find out. The build took me about 3 hours to make (Exterior). However, I have to redo the horizontal stabilizers, and lower them a bit, as well as moving the tail wheel back one stud. Other than that, I may add some little details to the tail, like adding a tail number. The whole interior (Engine, roosterpit, and back seat) have to be done still, as well as all events, and removing this thing from the zone brick it is currently in.

Another note, this is my first successful  high-wing plane. Anyway, enjoy the rest of the shots of this!

You can rate (x/10) if you so please to do so. If you want any more shots of this thing let me know.

Off Topic / Roosevelt Field Mall Shooting.
« on: September 25, 2013, 01:42:38 PM »
Hey, sorry to go all Blogland on you guys.

Today at school, the principle came over the PA system. Apparently a guy shot a few people at a mall a few minutes away from my town. We went on lockdown the whole day. It was weird though, the guy was still at large but they knew all about him. He killed one guy and shot another. The whole lock down thing was pretty pointless though. We weren't allowed to go off campus but like every single window in the school was open. Whatever.
Here is a link to a quick story about the incident.

Its weird though. I wouldn't say scary, like almost everyone in my school was saying. These things happen. Sometimes people have crazy motives for killing people for no reason. It was weird to have it so close to home. I guess its just the "That never happens here" attitude a lot of us have when we are young.

Discuss weird lockdown stories or something, if you want.

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