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Help / Lalt problem
« on: January 04, 2014, 05:25:56 AM »
I can't keybind Lalt if it's already keybinded.. moreover I also can't keybind Lalt+numpad3. I have no idea what's going on. This hasn't occurred before, just noticed it when I realized I couldn't supershift the brick up. It's only Lalt with numpad3, everything else works. :/

Of course I can work around this. But anyone got a theory? It seems pretty stupid that alt gets activated/deactivated in game even though I'm keybindin stuff also.. Maybe that is the cause.

Off Topic / 1 week without internet
« on: November 05, 2013, 12:15:32 PM »
I'm just back from one week without internet. Man this internet is so stufffriknasdf. So, funny thing is.. I lost it just in time for my one week off school. Perfect.

In this internet-free week I have (game-wise):

-played through Bastion
-seized every possible gang territory in GTA SA
-found 60 tags without any cheatin in GTA SA
-obtained lvl 10 entrepreneur  status in GTA SA (derp)
-received 5 psychics in Psychonauts
-built on my TDM in BL
-played several Battle for Wesnoth games
-played Guitar Hero 3 on keyboard (aw ye)

Braindead week.

Games / Bastion.. every time.
« on: November 05, 2013, 12:02:04 PM »
I played through Bastion a second time. The ending once again giving me chills. Man it's so emotional. I didn't think I'd love this game so much.

Off Topic / Snow here
« on: October 18, 2013, 02:21:23 PM »
We had first snow of the year yesterday. There's still leaves in da trees.


Clan Discussion / Cohort - oink
« on: March 08, 2013, 04:21:59 PM »
We produce



"We are a merry company of co-operating colleagues who find our comfortable existance
 as a tool in the concerning of our coldhearted conquest of the corked blockland community."

- cheesy Sleven

We are producers,
we are deliverers,
we are Cohorts.

During the past years I have more and more noticed the joy of building together. I thus decided to take it to another level and unite a number of persons I deeply enjoy working with, and Cohort was created. We hope to, in a near future, be distinguished as the top provider of memorable creations, servers, events and various other Blockland products that the community easily can enjoy. With this clan we (the Cohort Team) simply hope to make a difference. Just as much as this is a clan page, we would like to encourage tutoring, inspiring and other well-beneficial activities in this thread. You may ask any questions concerning architectural supremacy and bring forward problems, ideas etc.

Design-wise we would like to call ourselves neutral. We easily go from fantasy medieval to modern suburb.


We have great standards, do not even try apping if you're not completely sure of your competence.

You are now able to applicate to this clan by posting an app (build) in the gallery. It may be of any type and style you can come up with. Either you can make soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning very compact and detailed or soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning large. Qualities in the build and the person are both judged.

If your app receives at least 70% of active yeses your membership will be considered and postponed until a decent trial of in-game activities can be executed. This meeting will contain group-building, surveying of building-tactics/style/manner and production on request.

Do not app for this clan if you're a lazy bum. This clan was created for production and idleness is not tolerable.


King Leo
Lordy Lord


Beauty hitting the bricklimit, made with only default bricks.
Credits: Sylvanor, Sleven

TDM Bunker Assault
Map especially made for TDM. Tons of alternative routes. Stay tuned for the release.
Credits: Sleven

King Leo's monster of a castle. Default only.
Credits: King Leo, Sleven (abit)

Eole Island
Big island project with vast atmospheric areas, coal mines, old houses, bunkers.
Credits: Sylvanor, Sleven, Skill4life, Cougar, Ephialtes, Blocktim


Not much to offer at the moment.

Building Tutorial - Suburban Home  - Sleven

Terraining - How To Guide  - Conan

This page is a work in progress

Look out for updates!

General Discussion / Plane accident, Share your epic moments
« on: January 04, 2013, 09:59:44 AM »
Hi. Very silly topic here but I just want to show you what happened to me today.

I was flying a plane randomly in sp when I wanted to change the music. Thus I got on youtube and played a song, leaving my blockhead still in the air. Coming back from youtube I find myself in the most awesome location. I seriously don't understand how the plane could... sort of park right at the edge of the building. Simply awesome imo. :)

Now, I want you to show me your epic/spontaneous moments.

General Discussion / Moved threads, post value, statistics
« on: December 07, 2012, 05:54:50 AM »
If you post in a thread and the thread is moved to an other forum section, what is the post valued as?

I mean, if you post in GD and the thread where you posted is moved to Drama, do the post which you at first posted as a GD post get transfered to a Drama post.. statistics-wise.

Follow me here?

Not valuable to know, only curious..

Read this if you do not understand:

Currently I have 301 posts in Drama and 2852 in Off Topic

If I go and make a topic in Drama then my posts increase to 302, according to my statistics page.
But, if I post a topic in Drama that doesn't belong there, say it should be in Off Topic (or I post in a topic that is moving to a different board for the same reasons) do my statistics change when the topic is moved to Off Topic?

Will it continue to say I have "302 posts in Drama, 2852 in Off Topic", or will it remove the Drama increase and say "301 posts in Drama, 2853 in Off Topic"?

General Discussion / Default Saves - "Go burn in a pit please"
« on: October 30, 2012, 05:58:53 AM »
I hate. I SERIOUSLY hate when the stuffty default saves get in my way. Through updates they obtain the most recent date and thus get on top of the list. I despise that I have to actually scroll through stuff that aren't even mine to find what I search. The whole thing is bullstuff. Why am I forced to keep these eyesores in my folder? What is seriously so wrong with your game Badspot that you have to force saves upon us. Just fix this stuff will ya.

I don't understand any of it and why it is like this, so if someone would like to enlighten me about it I would be delighted.

I want them gone. Is it possible?

Gallery / Medieval Outpost [Save]
« on: September 08, 2012, 11:02:44 AM »

This build contains three of my old medieval saves which I cleverly merged together. The build uses dashing brick terrain and my first try at brick trees. Hopefully you're pleasantly surprised that I also give out the save to this masterpiece so you all can enjoy, explore and get inspired. c:

Also found here

Cheers and PICS

All default btw.

Suggestions & Requests / Save placement/order/dividing
« on: August 22, 2012, 11:58:14 AM »
Because of the new version our save menu now usually look soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning like this.

The new version lacks maps and thus it also lacks the map folders, where you could choose from what map you wanted to load a save. As you can see in the red ring that option is no more. :(

Hereby I am interested in dividing saves into different maps once again, not only through that "AAA/" you can see in the pic, but by using the same option as before the update. Because the new look is extremely messy.

A dream coming true would be if Badspot could do this himself as it is a pretty big step. I especially would like to seperate my builds, default builds and duplications. Or at least erase those bloody default builds (impossible) which I find no joy in.

Is this possible somehow?

Suggestions & Requests / Option - Save only your own bricks
« on: August 21, 2012, 04:03:50 AM »
I would like an option in the save menu which makes you save only your own bricks because I'm not interested in all the other stuff the server contains than my own. c:


Help / How do you change colorset?
« on: August 17, 2012, 03:17:45 AM »
I got Trueno's in the mod manager but I can't enable it if I start a custom game. I only get the default.

Why can't I change colorset?

Suggestions & Requests / Fill wrench
« on: August 04, 2012, 06:57:29 AM »
If you wrench a brick to give it an emitter, every brick that touches that brick gets the same emitter..."Fill" fad ..

Gallery / What roof for the building?
« on: August 04, 2012, 06:25:06 AM »
Hulo, I'm wondering what roof you find the most suitable for this building.
It's a Bumper car "arena" or whatever you call it.


Building Tutorial
Suburban home

My first serious topic.


PLEASE NOTE: I am not trying to act superior with this tutorial.
I am simply telling you how you COULD build a house in Blockland. Not how you HAVE to build.

This idea has been stuck in my mind for months. I've been practically talking to myself while I've been building just
to practise how a tutorial would work. It's been a bit of a struggle to find the right words for my brickstuffting
(I'm not going to blame my Swedish location for that, but rather my laziness on the English classes), but I might
say that I'm pleased with the result and on a further note also hope the reader will be.


I'm normally a huge critic when it comes down to judging other builds and would like to point out that it is not
because I enjoy rubbing the faults in the creator's face. I am simply being negative because I'm not pleased with what
I see and so on would like to help out. I rather want people to improve than just giving them useless compliments.
Thereby this idea was planted in my mind, because of my failure to bring forth gentle criticism in ordinary gallery
topics. This tutorial is my way to help out and give advice. It may be totally useless for some and the opposit for
others, but I still think that everyone could bring atleast soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning useful from this topic.


This tutorial will show you how to make a simple Suburban home (if that is the right term for this kind of house)
from the foundation to the roof. It points out several ways to make your building easier and gives you
valuable/worthless advice to improve your standards. The topic contains a save of the house for further deepening and
for those who just want to abuse it for an other cause. Note that the house contains no events at all if you're going
to download it, thus this is a building tutorial and events can be added by the downloader if he/she so wishes.

Once again, please note that this tutorial is just showing my own opinion and my ways of building. It is not superior in any way.


1. If you're going to build a simple house I would suggest making the road first so you have soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning to start out from. A suburban home does not look right without a road. It does not have to be advanced in any way.

2. Decide how big space you need for the house. Have in mind that the garden, driveway and other outdoor essentials should fit. Make sure that the last baseplate you put is one step below the sidewalk so the (for example) driveway you'll put is on the same level as the sidewalk. This is very important. A driveway that is one step above the sidewalk is not acceptable in my opinion.

3. Make a plan of the shape of the bottom floor. The very first thing you'll have to think about when you start making the shape of the house is how the roof will be arranged. I've done the mistake many times that I've made a great building, but when it comes down to finishing it I have no idea how the roof should be because the shape of the house is such a mess. This time I've planned the shape of the roof already (as you can see), so all I have to do is make walls up to the roof.

4. To have a little variety I've decided to have the ground floor in different heights. The garage will have the same level as the sidewalk, the front door will have 2 bricks up and the back door 1 brick up. This is the foundation of the house. The grey is like concrete or soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning.

5. Measure how big the garage should be. Try spawning a vehicle and see if it fits. The front door is put deeper into the build which also gives the build more variety.

6. Make the garage door and a frame for it. Tophius' windows suits well for this purpose. I usually make my garage doors with bricks only, the stripe look gives it the ability to be rolled up in a container. The ramps on the frame gives the house another edge.

7. Do the way up to the front door first. I usually try to make the steps 2 plates high because it fits the height of the blockhead better. A more realistic and nicer looking height for steps. Make terrain and a ledge for the driveway to keep the grass out. This way it looks like the driveway been cut into the terrain. End the ledges with a small ramp for a smoother look. I also have to keep in mind that the terrain should end with a good height for the back door.

8. Fill in the inside with flooring and make rooms. I've decided to have an open plan (or whatever it is called) with kitchen, dining area and living room combined, because the size of the house doesn't allow so many rooms. Print plates are nice for the bathroom, but using prints outside it is completely unnecessary. Plan where you will put the stair so you won't block future windows with it. I've made a spot ready for the stair where there is an edge.

9. Time for some walls. You may have noticed that I'm not going to do an interior wall. That's because the white bricks I'm using fits well on the inside too and the size once again does not make interior walls appropriate. I'm only using bricks because I want a more plank style. This, I have taken from Mrc. The windows in the garage are put one brick into the concrete to blend the white and grey together. The front windows got ramps under them for more variety and the door into the garage got a window above it so the room doesn't feel completely blocked out from the others. I've added the ceiling for the front door.

10. I want to finish the garage part of the house as early as possible so I can have a better look at things and thus add the inner ceiling. I don't use any plates for the ceiling to avoid breaking the plank combo which is made by bricks. As you can see on the next image the ceiling points out one step. This was a decision I took after I've noticed that if I wanted the ceiling brick to end where the inner wall and outer wall was I was forced to use smaller bricks. That option I despised and thus I decided to have the ceiling point out one step and see how that would work out. The small room is separated from the others with an arch, because I found making a door for such small space would had looked silly.

11. This door also got a window above it to keep the house more open. The two new windows are 1 brick higher than the garage ones for a small variety.

12. The roof is built first. The bottom of it have the width of 3x and after that I uses 4x plates. I decided to have a 3x width at the end of the roof so it was both fatter there and more, sort of rounder. If anyone wonder what I'm talking about just give a shout and I'll try to explain it further. The roof is finished with a ramp crest which gives it a more solid look. After that, you'll just have to fill in what's between the roof and the ceiling.

13. Before I start making windows in these areas I have to check where I'm going to place the furnish such as bathtub, fridge, stove and toilet. These are marked out with white plates so I can avoid placing windows in unsuitable places. This use to happen to me more than you can ever guess when I was into The Sims. I made the whole exterior first and placed windows and then when it came down to furnish I placed the fridge, fire alarm or anything else inconvenient in front of the windows by accident.

14. Finished up the walls to the height where the ceiling will be put on and added windows for my own liking. Trying to keep a neutral look with the fireplace. However, the fireplace is an interior and thus it's a matter of taste.

15. Ceiling on. You can't see it from here but, the ceiling on the garage part is one brick lower than this ceiling. This also gives an effect of variety in the house. The steps of the staircase are 2x high for less steepness and is made with a pretty modern look. This way the room gets more air and you can place stuff under it without hiding them.

16. Plan the inner walls.

17. Finish the walls. The wall to the balcony is filled up with windows so it feels like the balcony is just an extension of your bedroom. The windows at the front are placed like eyes for symmetry and the two windows at each side of the chimney are placed with an even distance from it.

18. Finish up the roof just as the last time and finish the chimney. I use the panel bricks from "A random brickpack" to accomplish a shallow hole and the slanted bricks at the sides for a quite smoother edge.

19. And we're done.


I'm not going through an interior tutorial and would then rather just give you some tips, my own way of doing furnish and of course these images.

I've begun to use ceiling prints whenever I got a flat ceiling. If you use big prints it doesn't take up that much of a bricks and it looks much more better than the ordinary look. When you're making a quite modern house it is crucial that you use matching colors. Colors are usually used when it comes down to textiles as sofas, beds and chairs. That's why most of my textiles got the theme blue and if you don't want to overuse the blue you use the brown-grey color which is very neutral. However I've made some exceptions in this build about the colors. When I make interiors I always try to make things as unsymmetrical as possible. For example, all the chairs at the dining table stands differently. At last, try to use as much green as possible inside.

I had interior images here before but decided to remove them because they caused me lag.
Here is a link to the album if anyone is interested.


Here are some Images I took in the dark with bulb lights instead of player lights. Much nicer light.


I'm not 100% sure if all of these add-ons are in the save but it's not a loss if you download them anyway.

Trueno's Colorset (old one)

4x4f Ceiling Print brick
Ceiling Print Plates
Extra Ramps
Fence Bricks
Jirue's Bricks
One Random Brick Pack
Pole Bricks
Print Plates
Round Corner Bricks
Slanted Bricks
Wedge Bricks
Windows Brick Pack

Cityz Lights

TinyCar (optional)


MrCookie: For being the main inspiration of the whole style the house is built with. Topic

Phydeoux: For his fridge style which I first got from him somewhere in 2009-10 and so on stuck with.

Redliub: For his balcony in Mrc's renovation contest, which was what I
first thought of after I had made the balcony on this house. Topic

Tophius: For his bed style with a completely covering blanket and a great amount of pillows piled up.


Sadly I forgot to make a second save without the interior, for those who would like to practise their own furnishing,
so you'll have to stick with my furnish or take the time to demolish it.



If this tutorial was appreciated I would like some suggestions of what a second one should contain and what I could
improve etc.


I would like to thank you for your time and I hope you've somewhat enjoyed my tutorial. This is not a gallery topic and thus you're not supposed to care about the building itself. I'll rather have you focused on the topic itself. If you have any questions or if soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning is not in order you could either pm me or write in this topic. Cheers..

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