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Modification Help / Horse Reskin Help (Resolved)
« on: September 21, 2016, 07:51:34 PM »
I'm trying to make an add-on thats basically the horse with a different model and adjusted mount points. Never made a vehicle before but figured it was as easy as importing the horse dts into blender, putting my model in its place, and exporting it back. The problem is that my model does not appear but parts like the eyes did (Forgot to delete those as they were from the horse).
Well I figured it out.
now explain what you did so that someone else with this problem could fix it too
Fair enough.

- I first had to scale and orient my model appropriately to that relative to the horse.
- Then I imported the default horse.dts to Blender and imported the model as well.
- The model's position and orientation off but that shouldn't matter yet.
- I went into the hierarchy and deleted the meshes for the head (technically they were the eyes), Lski and Rski.
- Then I clicked the mesh of the horse's body and clicked this symbol down below
- There was a drop down menu with the name of the mesh and the same triangular symbol to the left of it.
- I clicked it to reveal the names of all other meshes and clicked the one that matched my model.
- The horse's body mesh was replaced with my model.
- I deleted my original model as now the body has it.
- I positioned the mesh appropriately and constantly (on the bottom part of Blender's UI) used Object > Apply > Location, Rotation, and Scale for whenever I made a change and then cleared it all when done.
- I adjusted the mount points where needed.
- I exported it to a .dts when I was done (Use Port's dts importer/exporter)
- I pasted the .dts into my add-on

Games / Ubisoft's "The Crew" is free. (PC only)
« on: September 14, 2016, 01:12:48 PM »
Yes you need uplay if you want to play it.

Off Topic / New Animated Batman Movie with Adam West and Burt Ward
« on: August 17, 2016, 01:33:03 PM »
Holy stuff this looks good and it acts just like the show back in the day. Hopefully no bat love this time.


The semi-sequel to Block Wars - No Hope is here! This in no way represents the final film that will be Episode V (Though I do have partial-writing credit).

I know I said it would come out in May but then my film teacher made some good suggestions on fixing the video. Then I ran out of time and all I literally had to do was export. By then I had to stay an entire month in Istanbul (it was fun, nothing bad happened to me). But I finally got in touch with my teacher again and HERE!

Alright so here are the models and add-ons used. I'm not going to post this in Modification Help or Add-Ons because I wouldn't say these are finished or being developed any further. I also strongly suggest you read this quote to know what you are in for.
I do want to release the add-ons/models but keep in mind I have little add-on experience and these were made for the movies sake.

-The custom decals are terribly lit but the shaders hid that for me.
-Those binoculars did not hide the hands so I closed up the camera to hide that flaw. (although notice how his hands change color?)
-The white turret, satellite turret, and blaster cannon are all actually invisible blockheads equipped with an item. The white turret was 2  invisible blockheads stacked on eachother.
-The Stormtrooper helmet and AT-AT Pilot helmet have flaws in them I never cared to fix
-The ion cannon and AT-AT were CGI and never ingame.
-All the custom items are chrome for whatever reason when shaders are off.

All in all it's a mess (that was hidden pretty well imo) but maybe someone will care to fix it? I'll prep up some downloads later on.
This pack holds all the hats, "weapons", terribly lit decals, and the models in the form of .dae and as a bonus is the official Block Wars X-Wing helmet that was unintentionally never released.


Feel free to do anything with these add-ons as you please. Do whatever you want with the models (Someone please make a working AT-AT) just give some credit ;)

Feel free to post thoughts and criticisms below!

So Lucasfilms and EA told the devteam of Galaxy in Turmoil to stop using their Star Wars license.


EDIT: Galaxy in Turmoil was a fan-made project to make a Battlefront 3 that fans wanted.

The Battle of Hoth

I've kept this under wraps for the past 3 months to not set high expectations but I felt it was close to done to show during the "Block Wars - No Hope" Premiere.
Some of the shots you see here are outdated (Binocular view) or not in the final film.

It's definitely more than 90-ish% done but I'm considering holding it back to not get obliterated by No Hope's release.


Okay so I got into a closed beta for Mirror's Edge Catalyst and it apparently came with a friend code so I'm giving it away. I'd rather the winner of this actually wants it and can actually play it. Also I'm pretty sure this game is hyped by some so I pray this raffle doesn't end up empty :(

Also you need Origin to play.

To enter just say something like "me" to enter. I will PM the winner here on BLF to add me on Origin so I can message you the code.

OS: Windows® 7 64-Bit (use the latest Service Pack)
CPU: Intel i3-3250 / AMD FX-6350. (Note: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst requires at least 4 logical cores to run.)
HARD DRIVE: At least 25 GB of free space
VIDEO: NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 650 Ti 2GB or better / AMD Radeon™ R9 270x or better
INPUT: Keyboard and mouse, dual brown townog controller

OS: Windows® 10 64-Bit (use the latest Service Pack)
CPU: Intel Core i7-3770 at 3.4 GHz / AMD FX-8350 at 4.0 GHz
RAM: 16 GB
HARD DRIVE: At least 25 GB of free space
VIDEO: NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 970 4GB or better / AMD Radeon™ R9 280x 3GB or better
INPUT: Keyboard and mouse, dual brown townog controller


I remember playing in Spade's Arcade and loving the Battle Blimps arcade game. I was patient on asking but it's been I believe 3 years now and I don't think there's been an arcade since. I can't find anything of a save lying around and I have no idea how it was evented but it would be nice to have a save with a functioning version of Battle Blimps or Battle Blimps 3D if possible/permitted.


So Twitter basically has gave a group of people the power to shut anyone up and Anita is in charge.  If you don't know who that is, she is a "feminist" hell bent on making everything go her way and ignores and claims any criticism against her as "harassment". If you say something these people don't agree with (Anything from politics to criticism), they can take down the tweet.

Modification Help / Help with colorshifting a model
« on: February 02, 2016, 12:36:55 AM »

So I finally figured out how to make the color change on my Stomrtrooper model but the problem is I can't change the color unless I edit the script. I have been trying to figure out what the hell I have to do to get the blue parts of this model to change based on the color on the player's chest.

Here's the portion of the code that changes color:

I got requested to do this and thought it could come in handy for anyone who's new to modelling or just prefers Sketchup. I'll be using my Resistance trooper model for this tutorial because it's one of the only few models I made. I know a tutorial has been done but I'll try to be a bit more in-depth.


-Sketchup for your model
-Blender as your gateway to Milkshape
-Milkshape as the dts exporter to go to Blockland

The first thing that needs to be done is to make a model of your liking in Sketchup. In my case I am going to use the Resistance Trooper Helmet.

SIDE NOTE: ALWAYS make sure you model's outside faces are facing correctly! To be sure: highlight all of your model, go up to the top bar of your Sketchup window and click on the paint bucket. A new "Materials" window will open up, click on the white and blue-ish box located near the top-right of your "Materials", and click on your completely highlighted model. Now I want you to scroll around your model making sure all faces on the outside of your model are white and NOT BLUE. Keep note of any flaws  and fix them, repaint your model or undo your deletion after fixing or noting down where your bad faces are and reversing them.

Click on the "Window" tab in on the top of the window in Sketchup and go down to "Model Info".

Here we will enter a new mini-window called "Model Info", on the left you want to click on "Statistics". You will be introduced to a list of information regarding your model. Make sure the drop-down bar above this list is set to "Entire model" and check the "Show nested components" box. Finally you will want to purge unused, I'd recommend giving a couple of clicks to be thorough. Doing so will rid your model of crap not being used.

SIDE NOTE: If you do plan on animating parts of your model, it's advised you move those parts way from other parts of your model so animating in with Milkshape won't be a pain. I won't be doing this however since I don't need to.

Now that all that is done, we must export the model to be opened in Blender. To do so, you will want to go to the top portion of your Sketchup window and click on "File". There will be a list dropping down from it  and you will hover over "Export"; yet another drop down menu will open where you shall click "3D Model..."

Now in this new "Export Model" mini-window you will want to change whatever your "Export type:" bar says and change it to "COLLADA File (*.dae)".

We're not done yet, on the bottom-right corner is the "Options..." button, click on it. Here we will get a mini-mini-window called "DAE Export Options", make sure to check the following: "Export Two-Side Faces", "Export Edges", "Triangulate All Faces", "Preserve Component Hierarchies", and "Export Texture Maps.

SIDE NOTE: "Export Hidden Geometry" is optional and depends on your situation. Sometimes I don't check it because I only want, for example, a helmet instead of an entire suit of armor.
Click "Okay" in the "DAE Export Options" mini-mini-window. Name your model to whatever you want and save it wherever you want. Finally, click "Export" near the bottom right of the "Export Model" window.

Open Blender and you will get a small window covering your main 3D view window. Simply click anywhere outside of that small box to get into Blender. CLick on the small cube in the center of your screen and press the "delete" key on your keyboard, you'll be given a an "Ok?" box where your will click on "Delete".

Now it's time to import your model. Go to the top bar of your Blender window and click on "File". A list will pop down and you'll hover over "Import" and an additional drop down menu will show; click on "Collada (Default) (.dae)". A new window will take over your Blender window where you will locate your .dae file. Locate your file, click on your file for it to highlight, and go up to the near top-right corner of your Blender window and click "Import COLLADA".

Now with your model present it is important that you don't do anything to it in case something screws up. We want the model to go straight to Milkshape 3D so click on "File" on the top of your Blender window, go down and hover over "Export" and, in the new drop down menu, click on "Wavefront.obj".

Decide where you want your model to go, name it in the bar below your path bar (make sure to have ".obj" at the end of your model's name), and click on "Export OBJ" in the near top-right corner of your Blender window.

With Milkshape 3D open, click on the "File" tab in the top bar of your Milkshape window and hover over "Import". Go down to "Wavefront OBJ..." (Do NOT click "Wavefront OBJ (UV Only)...")

Locate your .obj file, click on it, and click "Open" near the bottom-right part of your "Open" mini-window.

You might notice something funky about your model (some of even all of the model is black) but we're not going to worry about that just yet. The first step is to go up to the top bar of Milkshape and click on "Face" and then go down and click "Smooth All".

Now you'll click the "Groups" tab located on the near top-right corner of your Milkshape window. Below this tab is a list of all the materials of your model.

This part can be VERY tedious but very important. Pay attention to the material number located between the <>'s. What you must do is: click on one material, go down to the portion below your list, a box called "Group",  and click the "Select" button, and repeat until all material OF THE SAME NUMBER have been selected. Once you got all the material OF THE SAME NUMBER, click "Regroup" located roughly in the same area as your select button. In doing so you just condensed all your materials to one group, it will be so much easier to keep track of textures. Keep repeating for all the other numbers until all have been regrouped. Also don't mind if your model get's black more just yet. Down below is all my materials grouped together:

SIDE NOTE: If you missed a material while regrouping, you are going to have to undo your regroup, unselect everything, and do it all over again for that material. Keep a careful eye on what you're doing!

Now the next step is to name all your groups to whatever you want. I personally name as I see what's highlighted on my model. Here's an example of me naming the visor part of the model:

Now click on the "Materials" tab located near the top-right portion of your Milkshape window.  Here we can rename the materials if we wish. It's optional unless you want your model to be custom colored. For custom colored materials, refer to here:

Now for the moment of truth (I hope for your sake)! Click on the "Model" tab located near the top-right of your Milkshape window. Under that is an area named "Tools", and right below that you'll click on the "Select" box. Once you do that, go down to "Select Options" and click on "Face" and also check in the "By Vertex" checkbox.

In any one of your 2D boxes, highlight all of your model so that it becomes completely red.

Now I want you to go back to the "Groups" tab and at the bottom of "Smoothing Groups" is a checkbox named "Auto Smooth", I want you to check on that.

Now click on "Vertex" located on the top bar of your Milkshape window and in the dropdown list click "Unweld".

Next is to go back to your "Groups" tab and uncheck "Auto Smooth".

Next step is to go to the "Tools" tab located on the top bar of your Milkshape window, go down and click "Tile texture mapper..".

You will then be given a "Tile texture mapper settings" mini-window; set the mapping type to "Cubic" by selecting the appopriate dot. Finally click "OK".

SIDE NOTE: You might get a warning. Ignore it and continue on.

- If your model is still black, there should be no problem as all that matters for that is the name you gave it and the png file's color for that texture ingame.

-If you want to know how to animate or make Milkshape weapons, there's other really great tutorials for that. I just simply wanted to show how to get to this point in the first place.

-You'll want to scale your model up and down if it's too big or small ingame. To do that simply go to the "Model" tab and under "Tools", select "scale". You might have noticed stuff was added to the end of the bottom part. You'll see 3 select-able dots and 3 editable boxes and a "Scale" button to said boxes. I recommend setting the boxes to "0.9 0.9 0.9" to shrink in small increments and "1.1 1.1 1.1" to increase it slightly. As to the dots, it's up to youhow you want the model to scale relative to a point.

- Your model may be rotated incorrectly in game. Simply fix that by accessing the "Rotate" tool under the "Model" tab. It essentially works the same as the scale tool I mentioned right before this. When you do rotate, you'll notice the model became all crazy (Well, sometimes it happens) but regardless you'll want to repeat Step 8 to remedy this.

-Your model may be positioned incorrectly in game. That can be fixed with the "Move" tool under the "Model" tab. Make sure to select all of your model with the 'Select" tool first and then use "Move" and drag the model in each of the 3 2D windows (or use the three boxes on the right to do so).

Go to "File", hover over "Export" and go down to "Torque DTS Plus..."

You'll notice now two boxes with lists on the top left and top right. On the top-left box ("Meshes") There's a column called "LOD"; what you need to do is make sure each and every single one of them is set to 0 and also make sure none of the names in the "Names" column are the same. If those names are the same, you will have to go back to Step 7 to rename them and come straight back here. Anyways, to change the LOD to 0, you must click on an LOD that does not have a 0 set to it, then go below the box and click "Edit". You will be taken to a "Edit Mesh" mini-mini-window; go the the "LOD:" box and set it to 0 and click "OK".

Materials can be renamed in the top right box of the "Torque DTSPlus Exporter vWhatever" mini-window if you want.

Finally, have the checkboxes in the bottom set up like this:

Click "Export DTS" in the lower right coner. Name it, set it's location, click "Save" and DONE! You can now use this model for add-ons, just keep in mind you will need a png file (preferably 16x16 image) with one single color for each and every material in your model. You'll have to go to other tutorials to learn about packaging, scripting, and whatnot.

You can freely go back to Milkshape3D to edit the position, scale, and rotation (Refer to Step 9) of your model and re-export it as a DTS and replace the flawed one.

TL;DR: What the forget is wrong with you, go back up and read it if you need to learn this.

Anyways, I think I did good for my first tutorial and I hope I didn't screw anything up. I spent hours on this so mistakes are bound to be made and I could be too  confusing at time. Feel free to correct me on anything.

Modification Help / How do I force a playertype to have a backpack?
« on: January 28, 2016, 08:38:13 PM »
Trying to make a playertype, I know how to set colors, decals, faces, hide nodes, but I can't for the love of me figure out how to set a node such as the backpack onto a playertype. Believe me, I tried to be thorough in searching the web and forums, maybe not thorough enough possibly.


The force awakens for this add-on pack... in like 5 more minutes.
Get to play as the iconic First Order Stormtrooper and now get to fight back as a Resistance trooper!
New weapons for each side of the battle! (Reskins of Packer's BLOCK WARS No Hope Blasters).
And much more to come later down the line!

Known Issue(s):
If you modify something on a stormtrooper/resistance trooper bot in the initial wrench menu, they will lose their helmet.
It can easily be fixed by pressing send in the events menu instead of the initial menu for whatever reason.

Your Resistance Trooper can have a Stormtrooper torso when you go from a Stormtrooper playertype to a Resistance playertype in the same life.

First Order Stormtrooper Playertype

Resistance Trooper Playertype

F-11D Blaster Rifle

EL-16 Blaster Rifle

JJJMan4 - Modelling
Filipe1020 - Scripting
Packer - Script from his Block Wars: No Hope weapons

If you want to help me on stuff or give feedback, feel free. But I would heavily appreciate the help part, I have no idea how to script and am learning as I go.

Suggestions & Requests / Turn my Stormtrooper model into an Add-on
« on: January 16, 2016, 06:24:26 PM »

It's finally done and I'm pretty sure I got all the issues resolved. Now because I have little no no experience making add-ons, I need someone to help. Not sure if I want this to be a playertype or an item but I'll leave it up to whoever does this. Whoever scripts this can post it onto the add-ons board if they want but please credit me for the model.

The shoulder pads, helmet, and belt/crotch are all separated from the default Blockhead model.
The hands, shoulders, head, torso, and feet are modified body parts of the default Blockhead model.

Anyone interested?

Off Topic / North Korea Successfully Conducted Hydrogen Bomb Test
« on: January 05, 2016, 09:51:46 PM »
So I guess North Korea made itself a bigger target now. How long until they try to fight and fail?

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