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General Discussion / Are drones possible to be made in Blockland?
« on: September 02, 2013, 03:34:54 PM »
I was looking at some drones in GMod and this one looks pretty good, would it be possible for this to be made in Blockland?

General Discussion / How does downloading add-ons work?
« on: August 22, 2013, 06:12:22 PM »
Alright so I just have a few questions about addons/mods that are downloaded when you select "Join a Server" and it downloads all of the files before you spawn in. If I have lets say Weapon_Machinegun that I downloaded manually and the server uses it also, will it download again because of how online mods work (they go in the cache.db file?). My other question is, how does Blockland know when there is a new version of that addon?

Thanks guys!

General Discussion / Possible Linux port if Blockland was greenlit?
« on: August 17, 2013, 01:03:01 PM »
PLEASE NOTE: I already know there will be a couple of retards posting "but linux sucks" and "nobody uses it"... so guess what, I could care less about what you say and I never asked for your opinion.

Now that I have straighten that out I would hope for a reply from Badspot or Rotondo. Lets say Blockland was greenlit and many people started purchasing the video game and Badspot gained a lot of income from it, enough to hire more developers. Would you (Badspot) think of hiring one developer for the linux platform (Debian/Ubuntu)? If not, please state why?

(Does anyone think I should email Badspot about this rather than a forum post?)

General Discussion / Purchasing a key for a friend, question
« on: July 30, 2013, 10:35:14 PM »
I am going to purchase a key for one of my friends (his parents don't like paying online), I told him to give me his email so that its like he actually owns the account and can retrieve his key if he forgets it. However, will any of my billing/credit card info be sent with an email that goes to his account? Could he ever find out about the credit card/billing by asking for support? Is it safer to just use my email instead?

Modification Help / How to have a .DTS as a brick in-game?
« on: July 30, 2013, 02:56:23 PM »
I really don't know what to put in the title but basically I have been working on track peices and I have been doing .blb recently but I have tried exporting it as a .DTS. I have the .DTS however what do I put in the server.cs so that it will show up in Blockland and act like a brick I can place?

General Discussion / How Do Blockland Servers Work?
« on: July 14, 2013, 04:40:43 PM »
I don't know how networking works too much when it comes to video games. I understand there are packets and those packets tell clients what is happening and stuff like that but what's the whole client and server side thing about?
People say the Blockland servers are entirely server sided (except for maybe bricks since you can save them) but then this thread here states how a user created a hack that runs C++ code in the game and the hack has an Aimbot, Wall Hack, Health Bar and some type of freezing thin etc. How does this work? Is it because this data gets sent to clients or is it because C++ code is running and not TorqueScript? What things in Blockland are server sided and what are client sided?

(Please don't reply harsh or like a know it all, I obviously know that I don't know so there's no new to be rude about it)

I modeled a brick in Autodesk Maya, exported it as a .OBJ and then used the .OBJ to BLB converter Badspot made. After that I packaged up the brick and put it into the game and this is what it looks like in-game:

Modification Help / Max polygon count for Blockland?
« on: June 27, 2013, 07:44:37 PM »
I have a couple of questions for the .DTS format in Blockland. What is the max polygon limit and max quad count limit? (No triangles as they have bad geometry).


Is it possible to have track pieces (nothing crazy like spirals, or loops, just left and right curves etc.) modeled and exported as .DTS or something? I know we can build it in bricks but having them modeled may look nicer. I really am not requesting this as I am going to try and make some myself but just the fact if its possible. I would sort of make sets that can be connected with each other. Is it possible?

(Just to start off the topic, I know nothing how OpenGL/game engines work, I am simply sort of asking a question on what these couple of things mean and the outcome of them.)

If you guys don't know yet Blockland can only render 8 (really 7 because of the sun) lights. I was googling around the OpenGL/DirectX 8 light source limit and I found this post and it seems that the person who posted the most thumbed up answer has a method of being able to "render" more than 8 lights? Is this what blockland does already if not could this be a workaround that would you

Help / How to move Blockland folder in documents to another HD?
« on: June 10, 2013, 03:02:07 PM »
I have an SSD, I set blockland to install on the HDD but the Blockland folder on my documents went on my SSD. Is there a way I can move those onto a folder on my HDD with Blockland still working? Thanks.

Specifically Ubuntu and both wine versions 1.4 and 1.5 it seems that the game doesnt run as well as it used to. I am not sure if its Ubuntu 13.04 or an update with Blockland. The game runs pretty well/normal with shaders off or minimum but if you put shaders on low you get random tiny lag spikes and then any higher you still get the lagspikes but rather in areas with a lot of shadows you dont "lag" as usual but rather your mouse sensitivity goes down a lot (very slow). I am using AMD 13.4 driver that I compiled (it works fine with every other game). Blockland used to run flawlessly a couple months ago with max shaders and everything, last time I tried was when the Speedkart gamemode was released...nothing graphical was updated so I am guessing its either Ubuntu 13.04 or my video drivers?

Is anyone else experiencing this problem? What distro, wine and video card driver version?

Suggestions & Requests / Loading Saves should be logged/registered
« on: June 08, 2013, 03:58:18 PM »
Logs are already kept (I think) when someone loads a save to the server or something. Basically, there should be a GUI that shows the name, brickcount, and whoever loaded the save whenever a save gets loaded (similar to how the "Clear bricks" GUI works).

There are many benefits to this such as, being able to remove a specific save file without having to clear all bricks and then re-load that one save, being able to track who loaded what save as well as discovering how many bricks the save has without having to go into the console.

A major benefit is that add-ons can be written to have automatic removal/loadup of certain saves (loadup can be done already no?), what I mean by this is you could have a save called Lobby where all players are kept in a room, and then have a save such as Map1 loaded up and then removed after a gametype or round finishes and then have another save load up such as Map2 while still keeping everyone in a Lobby (not running around on the ground) and remember this could be done all automatically. This would be a HUGE benefit for servers running Minigames because it would allow them to have a lot of maps without reaching the brickcount and/or having a lot of bricks and not depend on an admin/moderator to load up maps for the game to actually be playable.

I remember my friend and his brother wanted to play on I think a racing server, my friend could join but his brother couldn’t however if we went on my server or another person's server both of them could join in. I asked the host about it and he said that its an add-on that prevents two or more people joining a server with the same key, he didnt say if it was private or public.

My question is why is this add-on allowed if it technically is "breaking the game"? The rules on the website state that more than one user can a use a key as long as they are in the same house, so thats nice and dandy when you go to purchase the game but then find out that because of a user made addon you can no longer use that feature which is part of the game.

The other people using the same key can be differentiated by clan tags, so I really dont see the problem.

Filipe posted a video about a new menu concept for Blockland (he stated in the end this could be V22 or something). I don't think a lot of us have thought in a re-design of the Blockland Menu's simply because it still looks pretty good and works, however if you think about it, the UIs are a bit outdated (not including the new "Start a Game" UI). I understand some may want to keep the UIs for nostalgia feelings or because many still like them but I think its sort of time we changed...maybe I still don't even know.

I like the idea of everything in the video except for the "Join a game" UI, its far too tiny and doesn't give enough information, it should be stretched out more and the pictures and titles should be smaller to have more servers on a page. (I understand its just a concept)

What do you guys think? (Video here

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