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General Discussion / Looking for This Mod: Public Build Zones
« on: March 02, 2016, 02:54:23 PM »
I remember there was this mod that allows for big zonebricks to be placed allowing players to build only within that zone. I can't find it and don't recall the name. Anyone have any idea, and also any idea if it's compatible with that new prop tool Conan made?

I'm sure everyone's had the problem of making a save years ago and not being able to pinpoint what custom bricks it actually uses, making you say that it requires stuff that it really doesn't. What I suggest is a decent way to detect non standard bricks, according to their names in a .bls file, and then spit out what brickpacks they actually are from a database... This could probably work as a website, and could also probably work as some kind of program or even an add-on, though a website would be preferable.

Perhaps this could function as an extension to a save file upload site, too, so that people know which addons a save file requires, but that's another suggestion.

Gallery / Speedkart_Cavern_Cross Version 4 [A New Ending!!] [Download now!]
« on: November 10, 2015, 05:50:46 PM »
thanks to masterlegodude [ID 590] for the logo!!!
Cavern cross is a new racetrack for the default Speedkart Gamemode. Set around a strange set of islands, it's tight corners and cragged rocks will be sure to thrill you! The promise of treasure(and silly non-accessible islands) await you and your 19 fellow Speedkart enthusiasts! I totally didn't copypaste this from the old topic! Shut up! It's fine!

Cavern Cross is a track with some history... I made it back in February of 2013. Since then, I've seen it on a ton of different speedkart servers! It's really quite something to take a long break and come back and see stuff you made still used. Gotta love it. In any case, I recently became aware of a big problem. Actually it's more like a giant problem.
Basically you can skip maybe 20 seconds off a lap time. And if one person on the server knows about the skip... then everyone else has to do it. And that's kinda bad for a track that's maybe only a minute or so long.

So hey, I fixed that. But here's the deal. That spiral staircase going down ending surrounded by invisible walls? Lame. So I took that out. In it's place is an entirely new ending section, adding to the length of the track and hopefully making the track more fun? I dunno. Aside from that, not much has changed.



Help / Crashing When Loading a Save?
« on: October 25, 2015, 10:52:07 AM »
Hey, when I load this specific save, my game crashes. I've had a friend try to load the save and it seems to start fine for him, but for me, I crash every time. The save and it's required addons can be found here. I've attached my console.log.


This is the old Tank from gamemode_Zombie (Also known as Left 4 Block) by Rotondo turned into a bot hole and also a playertype. 1500 HP, takes no knockback, and a lack of a standard player animations. As you'd expect it does quite a bit of damage in comparison with the default zombie and even has a slightly larger range. The damage can of course be modified with the default bot events, as well as the health. He makes no death or pain sounds, and emits no pain emitters, as he doesn't have time to react to pain.
Also so you can event your own with Onbotdamaged and onbotdeath.
Speaking of...

A nice little bonus. These are sounds from Gamemode_Zombie, and feature the Tank's bellowing and grunting, the witches's crying and anger at being disturbed, and the sounds that were not directly ported from L4D, which were made with a acoustic guitar and a keyboard, presumably played by Rotondo? Hm. Anyway, these had some real problems with their noise levels. I have attempted to turn down the noise on these sounds, so they sound slightly better.
Code: (Sound list) [Select]

Game Modes / B.O.S.S- Box Of Sneaking Specialists, A stealth TDM
« on: October 13, 2015, 08:26:06 AM »
Warning! Slayer 4 (The current beta as of writing) screws up stuff to do with this gamemode! Please use the slayer version provided in the .zip above and update it if need be with Support_Updater!

Hi everyone! I've been working on this gamemode on and off for a little bit. It's a classic style Blockland gamemode, and by that I mean it's a bunch of Add-ons that are publicly available shoved together in a way that should hopefully make sense, and make something fun. Hopefully. If you have any trouble with the packaging of the gamemode, please let me know in this topic so I can fix it.

The Guards are tasked with defending their control point, found within their spawn, from the Infiltrator, who appears from within the mountain cave. The Infiltrator's goal is to eliminate all the Guards, or capture the point found within their base. If time runs out, the Guards win, so the Infiltrator must make use of his cunning and various tools to help him out along the way.

What tools? Glad you asked.


General Ability
The Infiltrator is extremely mobile. They use the Sport Playertype, allowing them to run way faster with jet, and jump higher (while jetting) They're also pretty good with their hands, making use of the action melee to allow instant takedowns from behind or above, as well as land finishing blows while the guards are trying to reload their shotgun, or something.
The Stealth Box

The Stealth Box is one of the few addons that were custom made for this thing. The deal is is that when you're wearing it and standing still, you are invisible and recover health. There are ways to move slowly while wearing this box, but be careful, because falling or going up a height could reveal you... And that box is pretty big.

The Hush Puppy

The hush puppy is a custom made tranquilizer pistol. It is silent, highly accurate weapon, capable of knocking out an elephant.On headshot, it is an instant takedown, leaving a sleeping guard behind. Make sure you hit the head, because the delay between shots is very long. Clever guards will be aware that you're active if they find their buddies asleep, so be careful.

Frag Grenade

The frag grenade is exactly what you expect. Pull the pin and cook the grenade with the on screen timer to set up distractions or multikills!

So there's the infiltrator. Seems pretty good.

How are the Guards even gonna be able to counter that? Well.


General Ability
Guards are locked into first person, outnumber the infiltrator 3 to 1, and have access to a powerful and accurate rifle and a shotgun. They must make use of their superior numbers and communicate in teamchat to ensure the infiltrator doesn't win.


The M16A3 is a powerful assault rifle. It's highly accurate if fired in short bursts, and does a lot more damage on headshot. It's range rivals that of the tranq pistol.


Who doesn't love a nice shotgun? Not really much else to say about this one.


C4 can be set to a timer (which can be silent, if you'd like!) or remote detonation, accessible by hitting jet. Guards can lock off areas with these, but must be alive in order to set them off. The infiltrator can disable these by shooting them with his Hush Puppy.


This gamemode uses the Snowcliff Territory build, donated by Conan, BLID 4928! Big thanks to everyone involved in the creation of that build, and Conan for donating it! To view build credits, check the original topic.

I can't speak about how much I like this build enough. It's the perfect map for this gamemode. Here's some screenshots!


Hey, if you're a server owner; here's some stuff to keep in mind.
  • The map is too small for any more than 12 players. The infiltrators also have a tougher time the more guards there are, as you'd expect, but any more than 9 is a nightmare. Please keep to a low playercount!!!
  • You can modify the damage the HK weapons do in the RTB server preferences. I find it works best at hardcore with a modifier of 50. This isn't too bulletspongey and you can still run away to recover your health.
  • By default the dead chat is set to on but only global. You can turn this off if you want, or you can just ban people who metagame.
  • Make sure you type /disableSelf Delete at the start of the hosting session in order to prevent people just straight up killing themselves and ruining everything.
  • This really needs a stable admin team to moderate it for it to be fun. Please host this either on a listen server or be active on your dedi. If I see this get run in the server list with 0 players, you are messing up
  • The teams are supposed to be the way they are. Guards are supposed to outnumber the infiltrator 3 to 1. The gameplay is built around this concept, and the team weighting allows this.
  • Slayer's team shuffling on minigames that enforce a balance with team weighting is broken. It seems to improve as more players join, but it appears to favor people who just joined, and will not move people from guard to infiltrator for rounds at a time. Blame Greek2Me. This might be fixed in the Slayer 4 beta, but I'm waiting until that gets released properly to port this over. For now you'll have to deal with it.
  • Speaking of team weighting, if there are less than 4 people on the server the gamemode might not correctly sort players... So you'll have to move people around manually until it decides to start working. Sorry!!


For contributions directly to gamemode, Addon credits can be found within the individual addons used in the required files.

General Discussion / Where can I find an archive of RTB3?
« on: August 12, 2015, 09:19:44 AM »
Hey you guys! I've just had to reinstall Blockland on a new computer, and I'm looking to reinstall some essentials, like the duplicator, Fillcan, a bunch of clientside stuff I used to run and some cool colorsets, etc.

Is there any backups of the rtb downloads system available anywhere? I've tried some old links people used to have to some backups, and they don't seem to be working...

In addition is there like a version of rtb that just includes the features that work now, for example the mod manager and the server preferences?

General Discussion / /!\ RTB is up!? /!\
« on: March 29, 2014, 07:21:08 PM »

What the hell


Suggestions & Requests / Server addon- taking damage slows you down
« on: March 12, 2014, 10:51:34 PM »
Has to be a server thing so it can be ued in conjunction with any playertype. Movement speed would regenerate after not being damaged within a few seconds. After being damaged your jump should disable.  The more damage you take makes you slower, but will always regen to a base speed after a few seconds. How long you have to wait is determined by how much damage you took. Made with playertypes that regenerate health in mind.

This would help make close shootouts with shotguns or smgs not become bullet spam fests where you just hold down the spacebar and mash shift.

Download link on the official thread 404'd. Anyone got a link?

Suggestions & Requests / Squads For Team Deathmatches
« on: February 01, 2014, 05:52:13 PM »
I think this has been requested before. Basically,

When you spawn, you are notified that the server is running squads, and of the / commands to use. When you type in /squads You get a list of all squads currently available, and how many people are in them. Max playercount on a squad should be around 6, but maybe it should increase depending on playerlimit and how many people are in the server. You can from there create a new squad with /newsquad *name* or join a squad with /joinsquad *name*. Please note you can also go without a squad, but not form private ones.

Squads work like this. If you are dead, you will respawn near any members of your squad, but only if they are alive. If all members of your squad are dead, you will respawn from a team respawn point along with them. This enforces group tactics, and multiple squads can quickly storm large maps from all angles in a team. If you are the last surviving member of a squad, You will get notified of their respawn time (This should also be instant respawn) And should get out of any firefights so they can spawn alongside you.

Possible Issues??:
Squadmates could spawn in walls. Put in some wall detection.
Put in height detection too, so that players in a squad in a helicopter or a plane won't get spawned in midair, but rather the floor.
Possibly make it so that players in a squad respawn inside a vehicle with their squadmates. Dunno if this is a thing you can do, but...

Feel free to post any  possible issues and also say if you support this idea. I really really want this, as I think It'd add a ton of strategy to big team dms. Imagine something like jorgur's dogfight with this! It'd be awesome.

Gallery / CTF_PinkPoisonPond, A Quake-Type CTF Map (Save included!)
« on: January 31, 2014, 04:32:33 PM »
Pink Poison Pond

I wanted to build a map using the new weapons Bushido made. They're alright.

Credits can be found in the zip. All required addons are present in the download. Save is present in the download.

Post constructive criticism. Rate based on gameplay, not on looks, please.

Screenshots taken by Deadfall07. Prints made by Masterlegodude a while back.

If you want to host this feel free, that's what the save is for. Feel free to convert this map for any new gametypes, use it in gamemodes, edit it, etc. I don't really mind what you do with it as long as people are using it and having fun with it.

It's a well known fact that since the loss of terrain no one has tried to create an amazing modter map that has been released public for use by everyone.

Badspot's block party and all of it's spinoffs have produced amazing terrain. What if we combine that with the terrain bricks and harsh moderation that exists on Badspot's so everyone can create a huge, awesome, multipurpose terrain map?

Well, you get this.

Originally an ideas thread, this is now a server being hosted. Please join in and contribute!

Check the thread for pictures! Stay in the thread for updates!

Server is hosted 24/7 on RTB! Post pictures of your cool builds and compliment others.


Counter98 made some cool windows for modter a little while back. Sadly he was banned, and I dont think he plays this game anymore. So I took his old windows, rejiggered them to fit the new (default) ModTer Print system, and added some new variants.

The building on the left uses 8x bricks and has unique prints on every brick. It showscases all but one of the prints in this pack, minus the final variant, which is just a blacked out version of the yellow window.

The building on the right uses a single 32x32, with one print on it.



Suggestions & Requests / Tank Zombie From Gamemode_Zombie as a bot hole
« on: August 08, 2013, 10:41:52 AM »
Can someone do this? It'd be awesome. It should apply backwards velocity when it attacks you and play the spear explosion effect. It should have a high ammount of health and be customizable like any other bot, except for appearance. Maybe it could have a special attack where it can tumble you. It's attacks should also shake your screen.

Should come with a neat playertype version too so players can be tank zombies.

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