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Drama / Who is being the bad guy here? (PONY WARNING)
« on: April 27, 2013, 09:31:52 AM »
I wanted to make this thread for a while.

There had been something going on in the MLP thread involving me and Aphtonites. To start off, we usually post art created by various artists, but for a while now, Aphtonites has been posting images of "fluffies", such as this:

Oh god, I need CPR, right now.
(Fluffies do not exist in the cartoon, by the way. Just thought I'd say it)

Fluffies are basically ponies with large amounts of fur, (or fat, I can't tell which) and they also speak in something like a sarcastically/trying-too-hard "cute" way.

Some of us, or possibly most of us, hate seeing them. Including me. I remember posts that appeared when he first started doing it, that say how ugly/annoying they look, until everyone was eventually being silent about it, even though we still get these posts quite rarely. There are even times when he reacted to these comments:

the way they speak is aggravating

At one point though, after seeing these comments quite recently, I asked Aphtonites multiple times to, instead of posting these images themselves, post links to them. I tried to make myself clearer by saying I'm not telling him to stop posting these images, I'd just like him to post them in such a way that we wouldn't unexpectedly run into them. Apparently, the people within the thread were turning against me, telling me to just stop complaining, which I can understand, because even though I'm trying to make the thread better for all of us, I'm just doing it the wrong way.

At one point, Aphtonites was even talking about how much of a hateboner I have against these fluffies, so that means that even though he is aware of what I'm saying, it seems like he just wants to ignore it and continue throwing these images all over the place, which is what I don't understand, unless he's trolling.

I posted this here, because I think I need more opinions on this. Who exactly is being the bad guy here, me or Aphtonites?

Music / Egoraptor says "forget" a lot.
« on: April 26, 2013, 05:25:36 AM »

Games / Have there ever been any "big" games made using GameMaker?
« on: April 01, 2013, 08:31:20 AM »
I'm asking this, because I was thinking of starting a GameMaker project, and I need motivation.

Have there ever been any big games made using GameMaker? By "big" I mean, something like an RPG with a huge world to explore, or something like a Mario-like platformer with multiple levels within worlds to complete. Basically anything that looked great enough to have been on a 16-bit console, like the SNES, Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, or possibly on a much later console. I'm not talking about time-wasters like Angry Birds or any of that stuff.

Has any of this been done before? Or do you know any people who are still working on things like this?

Every time I start Blockland, RTB tells me that there is an update available to the add-ons, "Modular Terrain Basic Pack" and "Modular Terrain Inverted Pack". Even though I update them as told, it's always telling me that an update is available every time I restart Blockland, even though it's the exact same version it tells me to update to. I tried deleting the add-ons both in the RTB mod manager, and within Blockland/Add-ons, but it somehow keeps reappearing in-game and telling me to update. I don't know if this is because of the add-ons themselves, or there's a problem with RTB.

Here's my console log, in case it helps.

Games / Can't decide between Half-Life and Half-Life: Source. Help?
« on: February 10, 2013, 03:48:40 PM »
Ever since I eventually got Steam about 1/3 of a year ago, I was eager to try out all of Valve's games and finally catch up on what I've been missing out on. So far, I have played Team Fortress 2, Portal and Portal 2. However, I wasn't really into Half-Life at first, since I wasn't a huge fan of first-person shooters, (With Team Fortress 2 being an exception, due to how much variety it has) but I heard that it was supposed to be such an excellent game at its time.

Right when I was thinking of getting Half-Life on Steam, however, I was then told about a remastered version known as "Half-Life: Source". Sure, it must be great to have a remake of an already great game, with features better compared to today's standards, but... I'm the kind of person who missed out of all the fun people had when I was young, and on a quest to check them out as they exactly were now that I've matured enough. But on the other hand, the remake has much better graphics compared the the original, making it easier to see, but then again, I'm also the kind of guy who believes that graphics don't matter at all, but... Dammit, I need help! That's why I'm asking you all: which one out of Half-Life and Half-Life: Source would you recommend to a guy like me?

Off Topic / Malware in the pony thread?
« on: January 16, 2013, 08:51:36 AM »
I just went to the first page of the pony thread, and I instantly got this page come up.

What're you people doing in there??


I know it's looking a bit empty, but there's not really a point in filling it up if nobody knows about it, is there? Might do so if I get some friends. Even if it's only a few.

I actually made an account long ago, before I even got a computer capable of running it. Got Team Fortress 2 three months ago and I recently upgraded to premium. After that, I got Portal 1 and 2. Thinking of getting Half-Life and Garry's Mod.

I will not spam anyone's chat with rape threats, ponycigarettegery, etc.

This just came to my mind last night. What if we want to make a nice clean window, but the bricks' textures keep getting in the way? This has always bothered me whenever I try to build a window. I was hoping there could be a default script that would automatically remove a brick's textures whenever they're painted a transparent colour, and put them back when given a plain colour.

Also, I would just like to say that, I have been making quite a lot of threads in this section, but there's just so many things that would improve the game for if it gets on Steam and more popular later on, even if they don't really make a huge impact on the game.

I am just absolutely loving sick of seeing these add-ons that play music through each player's client, but the player needs to download a client-sided add-on that allows the music to be played on their client, which they never loving do.

Why do people even need to do this? I had my hopes up when I saw something called "Minigame Music" on my RTB news feed, but when I clicked on it, I was heavily disappointed to find in the add-on's recommendations, "Chrono's 2D Music System".

Why can't someone make one that people actually have hope of using? Is it even possible? If not, fine. I can cope. But if so, why can't someone just do so?

I have this code for a ranged laser gun called the "BZLP". (BotZone Laser Pistol) However, there are some errors in-game I have encountered while testing it. The following errors are as follows:

  • The projectile fires from the model's mountPoint instead of the muzzlePoint.
  • The projectile's effect is invisible when it is fired. Fixed
  • Although the weapon has its own sound that plays when the projectile hits something, it plays the default gun's hit sound instead. Fixed
  • The weaponSwitch sound is played every time the weapon is fired. Fixed
  • The weapon rapid-fires when the button is held down, which I don't want it to do. Fixed
Code: [Select]

datablock AudioProfile(BZLPFireSound)
   filename    = "./BZLPFire.wav";
   description = AudioClose3d;
   preload = true;
datablock AudioProfile(BZLPHitSound)
   filename    = "./BZLPHit.wav";
   description = AudioClose3d;
   preload = true;

datablock ParticleData(BZLPTrailParticle)
dragCoefficient = 3.0;
windCoefficient = 0.0;
gravityCoefficient = 0.0;
inheritedVelFactor = 0.0;
constantAcceleration = 0.0;
lifetimeMS = 50;
lifetimeVarianceMS = 0;
spinSpeed = 10.0;
spinRandomMin = -50.0;
spinRandomMax = 50.0;
useInvAlpha = true;
animateTexture = false;
//framesPerSec = 1;

textureName = "base/data/particles/dot";
//animTexName = " ";

// Interpolation variables
colors[0] = "1 0.0 0.0 0.0";
colors[1] = "1 0.0 0.0 0.5";
sizes[0] = 0.15;
sizes[1] = 0.25;
//times[0] = 0.5;
//times[1] = 0.5;

datablock ParticleEmitterData(BZLPTrailEmitter)
   ejectionPeriodMS = 3;
   periodVarianceMS = 0;

   ejectionVelocity = 0; //0.25;
   velocityVariance = 0; //0.10;

   ejectionOffset = 0;

   thetaMin         = 0.0;
   thetaMax         = 90.0;  

   particles = BZLPTrailParticle;

   useEmitterColors = true;
   uiName = "BZ Laser Pistol Trail";

//muzzle flash effects
datablock ParticleData(BZLPFlashParticle)
dragCoefficient      = 3;
gravityCoefficient   = -0.5;
inheritedVelFactor   = 0.2;
constantAcceleration = 0.0;
lifetimeMS           = 25;
lifetimeVarianceMS   = 15;
textureName          = "base/data/particles/star1";
spinSpeed = 10.0;
spinRandomMin = -500.0;
spinRandomMax = 500.0;
colors[0]     = "1 0.0 0.0 0.0";
colors[1]     = "1 0.0 0.0 0.5";
sizes[0]      = 0.5;
sizes[1]      = 1.0;

useInvAlpha = false;
datablock ParticleEmitterData(BZLPFlashEmitter)
   ejectionPeriodMS = 3;
   periodVarianceMS = 0;
   ejectionVelocity = 1.0;
   velocityVariance = 1.0;
   ejectionOffset   = 0.0;
   thetaMin         = 0;
   thetaMax         = 90;
   phiReferenceVel  = 0;
   phiVariance      = 360;
   overrideAdvance = false;
   particles = "BZLPFlashParticle";

   uiName = "BZ Laser Pistol Flash";

datablock ParticleData(BZLPExplosionParticle)
dragCoefficient      = 8;
gravityCoefficient   = 1;
inheritedVelFactor   = 0.2;
constantAcceleration = 0.0;
lifetimeMS           = 700;
lifetimeVarianceMS   = 400;
textureName          = "base/data/particles/cloud";
spinSpeed = 10.0;
spinRandomMin = -50.0;
spinRandomMax = 50.0;
colors[0]     = "0.9 0.9 0.9 0.3";
colors[1]     = "0.9 0.5 0.6 0.0";
sizes[0]      = 0.25;
sizes[1]      = 0.75;

useInvAlpha = true;
datablock ParticleEmitterData(BZLPExplosionEmitter)
   ejectionPeriodMS = 1;
   periodVarianceMS = 0;
   ejectionVelocity = 2;
   velocityVariance = 1.0;
   ejectionOffset   = 0.0;
   thetaMin         = 89;
   thetaMax         = 90;
   phiReferenceVel  = 0;
   phiVariance      = 360;
   overrideAdvance = false;
   particles = "BZLPExplosionParticle";

   useEmitterColors = true;
   uiName = "BZ Laser Pistol Hit Dust";

datablock ParticleData(BZLPExplosionRingParticle)
dragCoefficient      = 8;
gravityCoefficient   = -0.5;
inheritedVelFactor   = 0.2;
constantAcceleration = 0.0;
lifetimeMS           = 50;
lifetimeVarianceMS   = 35;
textureName          = "base/data/particles/star1";
spinSpeed = 500.0;
spinRandomMin = -500.0;
spinRandomMax = 500.0;
colors[0]     = "1 0.0 0.0 0.0";
colors[1]     = "1 0.0 0.0 0.5";
sizes[0]      = 1;
sizes[1]      = 0;

useInvAlpha = false;
datablock ParticleEmitterData(BZLPExplosionRingEmitter)
lifeTimeMS = 50;

   ejectionPeriodMS = 3;
   periodVarianceMS = 0;
   ejectionVelocity = 0;
   velocityVariance = 0.0;
   ejectionOffset   = 0.0;
   thetaMin         = 89;
   thetaMax         = 90;
   phiReferenceVel  = 0;
   phiVariance      = 360;
   overrideAdvance = false;
   particles = "BZLPExplosionRingParticle";

   useEmitterColors = true;
   uiName = "BZ Laser Pistol Hit Flash";

datablock ExplosionData(BZLPExplosion)
   //explosionShape = "";
soundProfile = BZLPHitSound;

   lifeTimeMS = 150;

   particleEmitter = BZLPExplosionEmitter;
   particleDensity = 5;
   particleRadius = 0.2;

   emitter[0] = BZLPExplosionRingEmitter;

   faceViewer     = true;
   explosionScale = "1 1 1";

   shakeCamera = false;
   camShakeFreq = "10.0 11.0 10.0";
   camShakeAmp = "1.0 1.0 1.0";
   camShakeDuration = 0.5;
   camShakeRadius = 10.0;

   // Dynamic light
   lightStartRadius = 0;
   lightEndRadius = 2;
   lightStartColor = "0.3 0.6 0.7";
   lightEndColor = "0 0 0";

AddDamageType("BZLP",   '<bitmap:add-ons/Weapon_BZWeaponPack/CI_BZLP> %1',    '%2 <bitmap:add-ons/Weapon_BZWeaponPack/CI_BZLP> %1',0.2,1);
datablock ProjectileData(BZLPProjectile)
   projectileShapeName = "base/data/shapes/empty.dts";
   directDamage        = 30;
   directDamageType    = $DamageType::BZLP;
   radiusDamageType    = $DamageType::BZLP;

   brickExplosionRadius = 0;
   brickExplosionImpact = true;          //destroy a brick if we hit it directly?
   brickExplosionForce  = 10;
   brickExplosionMaxVolume = 1;          //max volume of bricks that we can destroy
   brickExplosionMaxVolumeFloating = 2;  //max volume of bricks that we can destroy if they aren't connected to the ground

   impactImpulse     = 400;
   verticalImpulse  = 400;
   explosion           = BZLPExplosion;
   particleEmitter     = BZLPTrailEmitter;

   muzzleVelocity      = 90;
   velInheritFactor    = 1;

   armingDelay         = 00;
   lifetime            = 4000;
   fadeDelay           = 3500;
   bounceElasticity    = 0.5;
   bounceFriction      = 0.20;
   isBallistic         = false;
   gravityMod = 0.0;

   hasLight    = false;
   lightRadius = 3.0;
   lightColor  = "0 0 0.5";

   uiName = "BZ Laser Pistol Laser";

// item //
datablock ItemData(BZLPItem)
category = "Weapon";  // Mission editor category
className = "Weapon"; // For inventory system

// Basic Item Properties
shapeFile = "./BZLP.dts";
rotate = false;
mass = 1;
density = 0.2;
elasticity = 0.2;
friction = 0.6;
emap = true;

//gui stuff
uiName = "BZ Laser Pistol";
iconName = "./Icon_BZLP";
doColorShift = true;
colorShiftColor = "0.25 0.25 0.25 1.000";

// Dynamic properties defined by the scripts
image = BZLPImage;
canDrop = true;

//weapon image//
datablock ShapeBaseImageData(BZLPImage)
   // Basic Item properties
   shapeFile = "./BZLP.dts";
   emap = true;

   // Specify mount point & offset for 3rd person, and eye offset
   // for first person rendering.
   mountPoint = 0;
   offset = "0 0 0";
   eyeOffset = 0; //"0.7 1.2 -0.5";
   rotation = eulerToMatrix( "0 0 0" );

   // When firing from a point offset from the eye, muzzle correction
   // will adjust the muzzle vector to point to the eye LOS point.
   // Since this weapon doesn't actually fire from the muzzle point,
   // we need to turn this off.  
   correctMuzzleVector = true;

   // Add the WeaponImage namespace as a parent, WeaponImage namespace
   // provides some hooks into the inventory system.
   className = "WeaponImage";

   // Projectile && Ammo.
   item = BowItem;
   ammo = " ";
   projectile = BZLPProjectile;
   projectileType = Projectile;

   //melee particles shoot from eye node for consistancy
   melee = false;
   //raise your arm up or not
   armReady = true;

   doColorShift = true;
   colorShiftColor = BZLPItem.colorShiftColor;//"0.400 0.196 0 1.000";

   //casing = " ";

   // Images have a state system which controls how the animations
   // are run, which sounds are played, script callbacks, etc. This
   // state system is downloaded to the client so that clients can
   // predict state changes and animate accordingly.  The following
   // system supports basic ready->fire->reload transitions as
   // well as a no-ammo->dryfire idle state.

   // Initial start up state
stateName[0]                     = "Activate";
stateTimeoutValue[0]             = 0.15;
stateTransitionOnTimeout[0]       = "Ready";
stateSound[0] = weaponSwitchSound;

stateName[1]                     = "Ready";
stateTransitionOnTriggerDown[1]  = "Fire";
stateAllowImageChange[1]         = true;
stateSequence[1] = "Ready";

stateName[2]                    = "Fire";
stateTransitionOnTriggerUp[2]     = "Ready";
stateTimeoutValue[2]            = 0.14;
stateFire[2]                    = true;
stateAllowImageChange[2]        = false;
stateSequence[2]                = "Fire";
stateScript[2]                  = "onFire";
stateWaitForTimeout[2] = true;
stateEmitter[2] = BZLPFlashEmitter;
stateEmitterTime[2] = 0.05;
stateEmitterNode[2] = "muzzleNode";
stateSound[2] = BZLPFireSound;

stateName[4] = "Reload";
stateSequence[4]                = "Reload";
stateTransitionOnTriggerUp[4]     = "Ready";
stateSequence[4] = "Ready";


function BZLPImage::onFire(%this,%obj,%slot)
if(%obj.getDamagePercent() < 1.0)
%obj.playThread(2, shiftAway);

Although I know what some of this script means, I am not an advanced scripter. I basically took the default gun's script and edited, renamed and deleted everything necessary.

I do not want this script copied and corrected. I just want someone to point out the errors and tell me what to do to correct them myself.

Modification Help / (Never mind, wrong forum)
« on: December 12, 2012, 01:52:35 PM »
Locked. Ignore this.

Off Topic / Does anyone else use their TV as a computer monitor?
« on: October 30, 2012, 03:20:32 PM »
I just got a new computer to replace my craptop, but instead of having it on a desk which I thought would be more comfortable to use on and using the monitor that came with it, my parents thought it would be easier/cheaper to use the TV in my room as my monitor, which I'm using right now and it feels weird as forget. I can just barely read anything on it.

Am I the only one here who does this, or does anyone else? I just feel left out.

I'm just so sick of hosting a server, and nobody comes possibly because of the constant failing of my port-forwarding. There should be some kind of indication like this that hints the host that it's impossible for people to join their server when they start it because they haven't port-forwarded.

You could still start a single-player server, just not an internet server.

It would greatly help if this was default.

Games / Anyone know a GOOD universal adapter for the SNES?
« on: October 07, 2012, 02:15:05 PM »
I recently bought an SNES, and there are a lot of games I would like to get for it. However, my most wanted is the masterpiece known as EarthBound, which I was unlucky enough to be born in a country where it was not originally sold. What's worse, though...

I was already aware of the alternative designs of the console depending on the region it's sold in, but what I didn't know is that each design uses a physical form of regional lockout.

I bought the PAL version of the console, which looks like this...

Also, note the shape of a PAL cartridge from a North American cartridge. (Except the additional chips)

The shape of the North American cartridge would not fit into a PAL console, so I need a good universal adapter in order to play the game. However, I've seen videos demonstrating this, and that certain adapters would still not work for certain imported games. Does anyone know a good adapter I could find that would run EarthBound on a PAL console?

Basically, you just take anything you know about the above user, and turn it into an insult. It can range from just one thing to absolutely everything you know about them.

Rule: You can't just say one word like simply "cunt", "troll", etc. You can say at least one word, as long as at least one of them explain the user's personality.

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