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Suggestions & Requests / PS3 Controller Compatability?
« on: July 13, 2012, 12:05:20 PM »
Pretty self explanitory.


Alright, so this is what I am thinking up for a default set up.

X - Jump
Square - Open Inventory
Triangle - Take out Paint
Circle - Crouch
L stick - Look
R stick - Walk
D pad - Select
R1 - Activate
L1 - Jet
R2 - Swap Seats (forwards)
L2 - Swap Seats (backwards)
L3 - Bring up Build menu
R3 - Take out build tool
Select - Player Menu
Start - Escape Menu
PS Button - Swap Player Views (1st to 3rd, 3rd to 1st)


Suggestions & Requests / Twisted Metal style game mode?
« on: February 06, 2012, 05:36:02 PM »
I was wondering if it was possible to make a game mode that is like Twisted Metal.

The weapons would be held like that bomb that can only be used in vehicles.  The players will spawn in the vehicles and will be unable to get out.  The playertype should be instant kill so they go with the final explosion of their vehicle.  Weapons should do low to medium damage or vehicles should be modified to have high health.  Turbo could just be addvelocity. 

I mostly suggested this because I feel that I would have more fun with this than a race with Blockland's vehicles.

Off Topic / Hard Drive failure
« on: August 30, 2011, 12:18:40 PM »
Right now, I am trying to compress all the videos I made so far...
And progress is very, very, very slow.
Its going to take 2 Days and 17 hours to compress them?
Holy Jesus.

Edit: Now it says 1 Day and 5 Hours.
The forget?

Off Topic / Fourm Game: Versus
« on: August 07, 2011, 11:16:19 PM »
This game is simple, all you have to do is pit 2 or more real/not real people/things in a fight to the death.

Ex: Chuck Norris vs. Captain Falcon

The next person will answer who will win with an explanation and then start the next versus.

Ex: Chuck Norris round house kicks Captain Falcon and he explodes

Matches already made can not be used again unless someone is added.

Ex: Chuck Norris vs. Captain Falcon vs. Bruce Lee

I'll start:

Ghost vs. Sheperd

Title says it all, but here are some rules...
1. You would have to except the weapons flaws (Unless they make the game crash)
2. If you want it to shoot different projectiles and/or function in a different way just say it, unless it conflicts with Rule 1.
3. No Ponies, I don't want anymore double entry.

You can now put vehicles in.
Same rules apply, and here is an example of the vehicle version...
Vehicle: Monster Bengs 190
Into: Any Driving game I have.
Specials: Just Cause 2: Has 4 Minigun turrets on top that shoot tank rounds, and in the trunk is a gigantic Invincible Explodo-Ball Launcher, Basically, it shoots a ball that explodes everytime it hits something, and can't be destroyed.  But it can be deleted. 
Gran Turismo 5: Has 1050 HorsePower and wieghs 2500 Kg, can be upgraded to 1350 HorsePower with 1750 Kg.
GTA4: Very rare, very strong, has 2 Tank turrets sideways and mounted to the sides of the car, and has a Lazor Jet Cannon, which has enough recoil to send the car at speeds of that of exotic cars.  The laser can also do serious damage to tank over time, and could even Kamikaze ram helicopters by pointing them down.

I'll give an example of the weapons version:
Weapon: Uberbow
Into: Just Cause 2
Specials: Extremely Explosive Headshots

Gallery / 1000 moar ways to die PART 1 OF 10 NOW OUT!
« on: May 23, 2011, 04:35:47 PM »
--1000 Moar Ways To Die--

"Either you die in this movie, or I record you getting perma'd."
- Muddy Waters

Yes, someone has finally made a remake of the infamous and long
lasting show, 1000 More ways to Die, but in Blockland.  However,
The only differences with that show and this movie, is that it
takes 30 minutes to go over 5 kills in theirs.  In ours, we blow
that and make it 200 kills every half an hour.  Just compare. 
With their movie it would take 6000 minutes, or 100 hours just to
go through 1000 kills.  Now, if you ask me, that just is Overkill.
But with my movie, you get more kills for your buck (Not that your
paying any way. (Or are you?)).  It would just take 150 minutes,
or 2 and a half hours.  About as long as Avatar.  Compare.  2 & 1/2
hours or, 4 days and 4 hours.  Which is more suitiable for Youtube?
And this is where I say "'Nuff said.".


I got all their names, I just need to find them via RTB, so I can
copy their BL_IDs.  Once the movie is done (which I will not stop
until it is, trust me) I will put the cast here.

--How to join my movie:

All you need to do is enter my server when it is open.  Simple.


   1.No killing, regardless of who killed you, unless I tell you to.
   2.No trollin'
   3.If I kill you without warning, it is because...
      a.You did something stupid.
      b.I was recording that.
      c.I just plain hate you.
   4.While in the server, try to come up with ideas.  If you
want to check my weapons and other such, I can kick you out of the mini
game.  Do not abuse certain weapons however. 
   5.I will have immortality, if you shoot me endlessly I will
serve some "Ban soup"*.
   6.Do not shoot the Missile.  Seriously. Don't.  My server crashed 3 to 4 times just because of people shooting that damn thing.
   7.You must have chat enabled (I put this one in because of multiple
people not complying to me and the admins.)
   8.Don't piss me off.


The massive amount of bannage I have cracked down on those who
disobey admins and/or the rules.  This list will take up some massive
amount of room, so expect to see alot of Permas. 200 to be exact :p


5/23 - I made this topic.
5/24 - Recorded kills 365-370.  Silver 45 has been given Super Admin.
5/26 - Zone 12 Completed
5/30 - Zone 13 Started
6/1 - Teams edited, Bridge made
6/3 - Kills #390 - #433 Done.  I am now in the clan BW.
6/6 - Copying down everyones name who has been in my movie so far.
6/7 - Downloaded Command GUI, now able to make slow motion kills with the chat box (not that I used it during filming anyway...)
6/8 - Kills #434 - #440 Done.  Decided to go to other peoples servers.
6/9 - GCats server and weapons will now be in this movie.  I might ask ArmyUnit later.
6/14 - Kills #469 - #474 and #485 - #493 Done.
6/15 - Made a bank, needs some more detail before I start recording.
6/20 - Recorded 1 Kill, mostly because of no one being in my server.
6/21 - I decided to see if GCats server was troll free for the moment, and to see if he was there.
6/22 - Kills #510 - #524 Recorded.  There is going to 3 versions of 1000mwtd.  All versions while have different amounts of kills.
V1 - 100 Kills per video - 10 Parts
V2 - 200 Kills per video - 5 Parts
V3 - 250 Kills per video - 4 Parts
7/10 - Hey guess what?  Part 1 of 10 is now on Youtube.  Constructive critism would be awesome.
8/20 - New Video Editor combo adapted, this make actually let me put in the numbers of each kill in the video.  Not only that, I am almost 3/4s done with the movie.  I am also incorperating more kills based on real events and memes.

Note: The reason why it is called "1000 moar" is because I have made another one called 100 ways to die.  So, this is like a sequel.  The only difference between the 1st (excluding the amount of kills) and the 2nd is the Sound and Quality.


Zones are just different places where kills take place.  I wanna see if I can use every map to its advantage.  So far, there are 13 Zones

Almost 300 Perma Bans.
Holly loving stuff those people are retarded.

--Server Status:

General Discussion / Hello, I am new to the fourms
« on: May 10, 2011, 03:25:43 PM »
As the title suggests, I am new to the fourms. I have, however, been playing BL for some time now.  So yeah...

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