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Off Topic / If you could do anything..
« on: April 28, 2020, 01:23:17 PM »
So I'm sitting here at work looking at this list of people who are all getting let go, then I started thinking about what I'd rather be doing if money was no object. I settled on this final answer: I would find a smoking hot babe and drive her in a rolls royce cullinan into the middle of the Arizona desert with an Oz of some dank Cali weed and make a bonfire and smoke, cook some awesome bonfire food and drink and sleep out there for a night or two.

What are you guys doing right now, and what would you rather be doing if you could do anything?

General Discussion / Contact info for Zapk
« on: April 07, 2020, 01:24:30 PM »
Hello all, if anyone has discord or steam information for Zapk and are willing to pm me or post the info that would be appreciated, thanks.

General Discussion / Randomizer Deathmatch Server
« on: August 22, 2019, 09:41:13 PM »


After playing and enjoying randomizer for years, Buddy and I decided to create our own! This server includes over 200 weapons, items, and melees with 5 modes to play on. Using a custom built map and different minigame rules for the modes, the server does not get boring. This gamemode also includes voting for the next mode, so players have the power to choose what they like the most. We will possibly be adding server music in the future. Downloading Textures and Sounds is required.


  • Classic Deathmatch
The randomizer you remember. One life with random primaries and secondaries for everyone. Time limit of 3 minutes.

  • Infinite Lives
Ditch the lives! Random loadouts with a time limit of 3 minutes. At the end of the time the person with the most kills wins.

  • Group Gun
A fair fight! Everyone gets 1 life and the same random primary weapon. Last man standing is the winner.

  • Randomizer Gungame
22 levels and 22 random guns. Get kills to level up, the first one to pass level 22 wins. No time limit, no lives.

  • Hotswap Hunter
Everyone spawns with someone else's 'elimination' gun. If you kill someone or get killed yourself, your gun swaps with them. Eliminate people with the right guns and be the last one alive.



Download a text document of the weapon list here if you are interested in what guns are in the server
(Of course i will take gun suggestions if you don't see the one you like or whatever)


  • The Brighter Dark - Build Lead
  • Buddy - Code
  • Sylvanor - Build Assist
  • Block King124 - Build Assist
  • All weapon creators who released stuff over the years


Game Modes / Gamemode_ConnectFour
« on: June 19, 2019, 12:30:47 PM »

A remake of the iconic board game, 'Connect 4'

Description & Features

This is a multiplayer server gamemode. Two players play each other and the rest of the server watches and waits their turn. Use '/help' ingame to view all the commands. It is not recommended to host this gamemode above 12 players.
The gamemode features many handy things including..
  • Automatic Queue
  • Stats and playtime tracker
  • /helpMechanics for game information
  • Nicely built arena
  • Global leaderboard
  • Freebuild area
  • Loading screen
  • Admin brick system integration
  • Automatically configured server settings



Mirror 6/19/19

Required Addons

General Discussion / Challenge Universe
« on: May 09, 2019, 11:36:32 PM »

6 Challenges, one server.



Full Gallery

  • No skips
  • No skips
  • No skips

  • Server will be online 24/7 for the next two weeks.

Special Thanks
  • -Qiw-
  • TF141 Ghost
  • Buddy
  • Allun Pentax
  • Mr. LoL
  • Knox
  • Sky Captain


Game Modes / Temple Treasure Gamemode
« on: November 22, 2018, 07:44:59 PM »


This gamemode is a pre-made and configured TDM server for anyone to host. Go forth into the temple! Play with your team and get rich quick to win.The first team to acquire 8000 gold in their bank is the victor. Collect and even steal from the enemy bank to make ends meet. Killing a player forces them to drop their loot. Use points from kills to buy a class upgrade. Classes last one life. Gems respawn over time. Check out the original thread here -


  • Free and Purchasable classes
  • Gold and gems of different values to collect
  • Steal from the enemy
  • Scenic and atmospheric map to play on
  • Custom weapons made for Treasure TDM
  • Custom Loading Screen


General Discussion / Conan & TBD's Minigolf Extravaganza [Downloads]
« on: September 25, 2018, 09:51:29 PM »

Server Overview

Welcome to the Minigolf Extravaganza forum topic! This server has been in development for the last 4 months. It was inspired from Zapk’s original minigolf, and even
includes some legacy courses you may remember from the old server. The mod was created originally by Zapk, and heavily edited by Conan and Jasa for this server.
It now includes a full client menu, the ability to choose and create your own group, play any of the eleven courses with your group at any time, and unlock / buy custom
skins for your ball. The lobby includes a practice green, hat and  skin shop, tennis court, and a special secret! Stop by on opening day to come check it out!

Client Overview

This server includes a special client which is required to connect and play on the server. Using the minigolf menu is the easiest way to create a group and start a course.
  • Group Tab - How do I manage groups?

    • Creating a Group
      • Open the minigolf menu with a keybind or /menu, then click 'Groups'
      • Click on your username under the 'Playerlist' column.
      • The 'Create Group' button will appear. Click it and create a group.
    • Add Group Members
      • Make sure you've created a group before adding members.
      • Select the player you wish to add from the 'Playerlist' column.
      • The 'Invite to Group' button will appear. Click it to send an invitation to the selected user.
      • Respond to invitations your recieve with /accept or /decline
    • Removing Members
      • Click the member's name in the 'Your Group' column.
      • The 'Remove' button will appear. Click it to remove the member from your group.
      • Removing someone mid round will forfeit their score
  • Course Tab - How do I start a course?

    • Selecting a Course
      • Open the minigolf menu with a keybind or /menu, then click 'Courses'
      • Scroll through the courses. Choose one and click on it.
      • The left pane actives. The course preview is displayed with the play button.
      • Choose 'Play' to play the course.
    • Advisements
      • Make sure everyone in your group is ready to play before starting a course. AFK players could slow down your round.
      • You need a group to play any course.
      • You are allowed up to 6 people in a single group.
      • Playing solo is also an option.
  • Leaderboard Tab - What is the leaderboard?

    • Understanding the Leaderboard
      • Open the minigolf menu with a keybind or /menu, then click 'Leaderboard'
      • Server records are on the left, and personal records are on the right.
      • The leaderboard will be reset before the server opens, but not at any point afterwards
      • In the event of a tie, the shortest time is determined as the better score

Points and Buyables

Points are earned by playing courses. The payout is as follows.
  • Par - 1 Point
  • Birdie - 2 Points
  • Eagle - 3 Points
  • Albatross - 4 Points
  • Hole in One - 5 Points
  • Completing a Course - 5 Points
Along with the ball skins below, you can also buy hats for 50 points, and accessories for 25 points. Note that regular hats and accessories are made for the blockhead, and can't be worn on golfballs.


Course Listing

Here is course information on each course on the server. Including a preview, a short description, and unlockable.

Lobby Gallery

The lobby acts as the spawn and common area for the server. Behold 2 months of building.

Server Rules

  • Do not spam in any form.
  • Report any abusive players, administrators, glitches, events, etc.
  • Use common sense and show everyone respect.
  • If you have questions about the rules or the server contact a verified administrator from below.

Server Administration

The Brighter Dark (2227)
Conan (4928)
Buddy (28116)
TF141 Ghost (31788)
Cowboy6 (33249)
Jasa (49865)
Herecy (216)
Sylvanor (378)
Faraday (1481)
Floppy (1681)
Crown (2143)
Khaz (2973)
Mr.Noßody (6480)
SphericalCube (7504)
Whirlwind (8429)
Smallguy (9373)
bµbbler (9772)
Pah1023 (12247)
WALDO (13063)
Jakob (14941)
Ostinyo (15269)
Mega Bear (15972)
-Qiw- (17849)
DragonoidSlayer (29131)
Allun Pentax (30881)
Visolator (48980)


  • The Brighter Dark - Co-Host / Build Lead
  • Conan - Co-Host / Code
  • Jasa - Code / GUI
  • Mega Bear - Build Dev
  • TF141Ghost - Build Dev
  • jemmykanga23 - Build Dev
  • AllunPentax - Build Dev / Screenshots / Music
  • Nixton - Build Dev
  • Khaz - Build Dev
  • Shantu - Build Dev
  • Mr. Noßody - Custom Hat / Build Dev
  • -Qiw- - Build Dev
  • L - Paintings
  • Zapk - Original Server

This server is scheduled to open on Saturday, September 29th. (9/29/18)
  • Sunday, September 30th
  • Saturday, October 6th
  • Sunday, October 14th
  • Saturday, October 20th

Sponsored By:

General Discussion / Capture The Base : TDM
« on: March 26, 2018, 09:29:43 AM »

Opening Blurb

It’s finally here! Capture the Base is a new TDM gamemode that has been in development for the last few months. Two teams battle for control of a central base. Once one side gains control, they must defend the base from the opposing team in order to win. The minigame will feature classes for defenders, which remain constant during gameplay. Attackers choose a weapon path, which upgrades their weapons as time passes. Defenders can turn on the power to lockdown the capture point for an added layer of security. While attackers have C4 to breach new ways into the base. More information on the lockdown, C4, and other mechanics are laid out below.


As a defender, you have the ability to lockdown the capture point. Doing this will seal two of the three doors into the capture point room for 45 seconds. The lockdown requires special power to function. Everytime ownership of the base changes, the power is reset. In order to use the lockdown, the power must be on and someone has to hit the lockdown button. The lockdown can also be shut off any time if the power is turned off. However, use caution. If the attacking team overruns the base and the power is on, they can turn on the lockdown and make it hard to defend!

Using C4 and Breaching

There are marked ‘breach points’ around outside and inside the base. These points are meant to provide easier pathways to the capture point, power, and to surprise the enemy. To use them you need the C4 item. Place the C4 on the breach point and wait for the timer. The C4 will blow a hole in the wall, creating a new path. These breaches will stay blown until the base ownership changes, or defenders win.

Classes and Paths

A ‘class’ is the term used to describe the loadout system for defenders. Classes are pre-defined loadouts that players can choose. Defender classes are picked once and stay the same until they either win the game, or lose control of the base. A ‘path’ is essentially a class but tuned differently for attackers. Attackers choose their path the same way defenders choose a class. Attackers cannot change their path until they either lose the game or capture the base from the defenders. Attacker paths are special because they include weapon levels. Players start with the lowest level and automatically get upgraded to higher levels and better weapons as time passes. (We’re talking an upgrade about every 2-4 mins most of the time. It depends on the total players in the minigame). Specific classes and paths are laid out below.

Defender Selections
  • Ranger
    • -HK: Ranger
    • -HK: Walter PPK
    • - Twenty HP Quake Shield

  • Predator
    • -HK: MP5K
    • -HK: M9 Silenced
    • -Combat Knife
  • Trooper
    • -HK: M16
    • -Fragment Grenade
    • -Pill

Attacker Selections
  • Veteran
    • - HK: Scar-H
    • - HK: M1911
    • - Pill
  • Rush
    • - HK: FAD
    • - T+T Conc' Grenade (2)
    • - Combat Knife

  • Breacher
    • - HK: Mac-10
    • - C4 Explosive
    • - Syringe

PlayFlow Diagram

Build Gallery

Server Administration

E The Brighter Dark (2227)
E Conan (4928)
E Buddy (28116)
Cowboy6 (33249)
Herecy (216)
Sylvanor (378)
Faraday (1481)
Floppy (1681)
E Crown (2143)
Khaz (2973)
SphericalCube (7504)
Smallguy (9373)
bµbbler (9772)
Whirlwind (8429)
E Pah1023 (12247)
WALDO (13063)
Jakob (14941)
Ostinyo (15269)
Mega Bear (15972)
-Qiw- (17849)
secret man (19388)
DragonoidSlayer (29131)
Allun Pentax (30881)
TF141 Ghost (31788)
Knox (34242)
E Visolator (48980)

Server Rules

Do not spam in any form.
Report any abusive players, admins, glitches, events, etc.
Use common sense and show everyone respect.
If you have questions about the rules or the server contact a verified administrator from above.


  • The Brighter Dark - Main build, Gamemode
  • Buddy - Core gamemode code
  • Pah1023 - C4, Item display, bricks
  • -Qiw- - Build Dev / Planning
  • TF141 Ghost - Build Dev / Props
  • Floppy - Build Dev / Props
  • Smallguy - Build Dev
  • jemmykanga23 - Build Dev
  • Steee - Build Dev
  • Blockking124 - Build Dev
  • spuds - Build Dev
  • Allun Pentax - Screenshots
  • Jakob - Screenshots
  • Dragonoid Slayer - Screenshots
  • Lego Lad - Hiding the treasure chests
  • }[Crazy]{ - Event Help
  • Drake - being cool

There's even more to see on the server, Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions to add in!

General Discussion / Gun Suggestion Thread
« on: February 20, 2018, 12:40:13 PM »
I'm looking for community input regarding weapons for an upcoming TDM. The map will have lots of mid to short range interior fighting. Along with limited, but sill potentially viable long range combat. I want to do like 3-5 classes per team. I'd also like to see unique classes for both teams to add some character. This means that the weapon pack needs redundant guns with differing models. (Multiple assault rifles, smgs, snipers, pistols etc) (probably around 18-20 total guns).

Here are some packs i found that i am consitering

Blockland 40,000
More than enough guns to make unique classes
Quality, consistently styled models
Not used in many other servers

Alot of the guns in this pack are tailored specifically for a certain server, i dont have use for flame throwers, or high damage explosive guns
Some of the other guns in the pack are over powered / too easy to kill with

I haven't extensively tested this pack so please let me know about it if you have info

H&K Extended

The original combined with the extended pack gives a good choice of many different guns
I love khain and i love his gorgeous models
The pack has adjustable damage levels and a solid ammo system

Its hard to get this pack running correctly without bugs
It can be hard to kill enemy close range with the primary assault guns
id like to see projectiles over hitscan but not a huge deal to me

'Another weapon pack' by DrenDran

I don't think i've ever seen this used or have ever used it in any capacity. The amount of guns in the thread peaked my interest. If you know anything about this pack or think it would fit well with that i described please let me know

Models look really cool
I don't see this pack on servers often
takato14 is cool

If i remember correctly a lot of this guns are OP, would need editing
There are not enough models to accommodate the server i am planning, these would need to be combined with other guns or added onto substantially, however i still like the pack.

Tier Tactical
The Tier tactical we all know, familiar to players
Effort was made to balence
Reliable ammo system
Good models, enough guns to accommodate the server

Its hard to use these guns for close quarters fighting, and you require a melee to get anything done most of the time. This is not the gameplay i want.

Post below if you have comments about any of the packs I posted, have a different pack you think would work better, or have other ideas or questions about the server. I want to please as many people as possible with the weapon selection so this is the opportunity to voice opinions.

Game Modes / SkatePark Gamemode
« on: January 16, 2018, 06:12:04 PM »

Hello and welcome to the topic for my first released gamemode...Skatepark! I enjoyed using Rally's skate board mod and decided to make a whole map and gamemode for it, along with some friends. Now here it is available for everyone to enjoy!

Pictures of the map:

Cool things included:
  • Dope map with good flow for skating back and forth
  • Edited skateboard item that can grind on static shapes and gives you points for tricks
  • 5 Unlockable Trails
  • 4 chests to find
  • Custom loadingscreen
  • Lots of love and care <3

Other comments / recommended stuff

This map isnt really good for over 20 players so i don't recommend hosting above that limit. There will be a blue "!" print brick when you spawn, click that to enable the ropes all at once, it will go away when you click it. You can find trails by clicking the different colored skulls around the map if you find them. Trails can be used with /trail. The special skateboard is integrated into the gamemode so its not required as an addon.
Credits to Buddy, Pah1023, Ungabunga, TF141Ghost, -Qiw-, spuds, and of course Smallguy <3

Download it now!
[Mirror] Gamemode_SkateParkv.01

Required Addons

General Discussion / tbd & conan's - Casino Royale
« on: October 27, 2017, 04:57:14 PM »

    "Cardgames, Slots, and more!"


    What is this?

    This is a new casino server that has been in development for the last month or so. Conan and I combined our efforts to make a cool server that players can spend time on to earn points, and experience new types of gameplay. It will feature new slot machine bricks, varying levels of betting, unlockable hats, server challenges, and of course the brand new card mod made by Conan. This server is a good place to hang out with other blockland users, gamble underage, spend your life savings, and bet your children. The server is scheduled to open on Sunday, October 29th, so if you would like to see it in person be online that day.

    Slot Payout Reference List (x*bet amount)

    • 1 Blockhead: 1
    • 2 Blockheads: 5
    • All Blockheads: 25
    • All Grapes: 45
    • All Clovers: 75
    • All Hearts: 100
    • All Sevens: 120
    • All Diamonds: 150

    Server Rules

    Do not spam in any form.
    Report any abusive players, admins, glitches, events, etc.
    Use common sense and show everyone respect.
    If you have questions about the rules or the server contact a verified administrator from below.

    Card Rules & Info *IMPORTANT*

    There will be two places to play cards at the server. The main table (pictured below) and the back room.

    Main table Info: The main table is the premier table where the formal play will occur. The main table is always dealt by a server admin and the game will be blackjack most of the time. Formal play will have 5 players maximum. Do not try to play at the main table if you do not know how to play the current game. There are links below in the topic to help with understanding how blackjack and texas hold'em work. If the main table is full, you don't want to play the current game, or if there's not enough room at the table for your buddy, these are all reasons to play at the other table.

    Main Table Rules
    • Play Seriously
    • Do not manipulate cards in any way during blackjack
    • Place your bets on the table
    • Do not stand or be on top of the table in any way

    Backroom Info: The backroom is the place to go if formal play isn't what you're looking for. In the back room anyone can be a dealer if there isn't already one, just ask. This table is more geared toward playing texas hold'em. It has room for seven players and the dealer. Its more relaxed play-wise and if you're new to card games this is the place to start out. There is less oversight here so it's essentially a community ran table with admins approving who's dealing.

    Backroom Rules:
    • Do not try to interrupt or mess up the current game.
    • If you're causing difficulties on purpose you will be banned

    Build Gallery
    Full Album Here


    The Brighter Dark (2227)
    Conan (4928)
    Cowboy6 (33249)
    Herecy (216)
    Sylvanor (378)
    Faraday (1481)
    FloppyDisk (1681)
    Crown (2143)
    Khaz (2973)
    SphericalCube (7504)
    Smallguy (9373)
    bµbbler (9772)
    Whirlwind (8429)
    WALDO (13063)
    Jakob (14941)
    Ostinyo (15269)
    Mega Bear (15972)
    Frank (19388)
    Buddy (28116)
    DragonoidSlayer (29131)
    Allun Pentax (30881)
    TF141 Ghost (31788)
    Knox (34242)

    Tutorials and Guides

    Hosting Schedule

    Date and featured new attraction

    • Sunday, Oct 29th - Reveal / Blackjack & Texas / Slots
    • Sunday, Nov 5th - Roulette / New hat Machine / Mod Polish
    • Sunday, Nov 12th - Rehost
    • Sunday, Nov 19th - Rehost
    • Look for the server most sundays


    The Brighter Dark - Lead Build, Host
    Conan - Card Mod, Roulette Mod, Slot Bricks, Prints
    SphericalCube - Build Help, Events
    Sylvanor - Build Help
    Mr. Nobody - Hats
    Jemmykanga23 - Build Help
    Jam Jar - Build Help
    TF141Ghost - Build Help
    UngaBunga - Build Help
    Blockking124 - Build Help
    Mellow - Build Help
    Frank - Build Help
    Swollow - Slots Static Shapes
    Allun Pentax - Screenshots
    }{Crazy}{ - Event Help

    Please read the #rules channel to ensure compliance with the discord rules.

    Check out these other cool servers, groups and mods!



    Interested in being a sponsor? Just shoot me a PM.

    There's even more to see on the server, Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions to add in!


    So ive used some kind of command to do this before, but i forgot what it was. Its nice when packaging game modes to just be able to copy the env settings into the gamemode.txt

    Suggestions & Requests / [req] Khain's Fragment Grenade
    « on: September 18, 2017, 09:04:05 AM »
    Hi all, I need Khain's fragment grenade to host a few of my gamemodes and the download on the original topic is broken. If anyone has this mod could you post a working link here?

    Here is the topic for reference.

    Suggestions & Requests / Particle_Healheart request
    « on: September 06, 2017, 06:42:57 PM »
    Hey! I need Particle_healHeart for a gamemode, anyone know where it is / could link to it?

    General Discussion / King's Quest
    « on: June 22, 2017, 03:20:55 PM »

    A fun, new, and exciting take on Snipers vs Runners

    What is this?

    This is a new gamemode that has been in development for the last few months. There are two teams - Guards (Runners) and Snipers. The guards are tasked with bringing gold to the end of the quest. They must make it through three levels while snipers try to keep them from reaching the end. Guards also have the option to choose how much gold they want to bring. Just go to the treasure room and load up! However if you are killed all the gold you carry goes to the snipers, so only bring a lot if you think you can make it! Upon finishing the trek, guards will deposit their gold in the team bank and be awarded EXP depending on how much gold they finished with. The max amount of gold they can carry is directly proportional to their EXP. Higher EXP - Higher limit. There are also team levels. Once your team reaches a certain amount of gold in the bank the whole team will be upgraded. Details on team levels are below in the topic. Hope to see you guys on the server once we're ready, please post your thoughts below!

    Team Levels

    Guard Upgrades
    1) King now grants items to guards
    2) Smaller Players
    3) Faster Players

    Sniper Upgrades
    1) Explosive Barrels
    2) Faster Firing Speed
    3) One Rocket Shot

    Server Rules

    Do not spam in any form.
    Do not try to escape the map / go out of bounds. This will cause problems with the gamemode.
    Report any abusive players, admins, glitches, events, etc.
    Use common sense and show everyone respect.
    If you have questions about the rules or the server contact a verified administrator from below.

    Build Gallery


    The Brighter Dark (2227)
    Buddy (28116)
    Cowboy6 (33249)
    Durza (24790)
    Sylvanor (118)
    Herecy (216)
    Faraday (1481)
    FloppyDisk (1681)
    SphericalCube (7504)
    Smallguy (9373)
    Whirlwind (8429)
    bµbbler (9772)
    WALDO (13063)
    Jakob (14941)
    Ostinyo (15269)
    quackula (19388)
    Allun Pentax (30881)
    TF141 Ghost (31788)
    Knox (34242)
    DragonoidSlayer (29131)


    The Brighter Dark - Lead Build, Host
    Buddy - Scripting the Gamemode
    Faraday - Brickcount Reduction Script
    Smallguy - Build Help
    TF141GHOST - Build Help
    Khaz - Build Help
    Dragonoid Slayer - Build Help, VPS
    Allun Pentax - Build Help, Music
    Shantu - Build Help
    Sylvanor -  Build Help
    Arrgo - Build Help
    2many - Server Logo




    Interested in being a sponsor? Just shoot me a PM.

    There's even more to see on the server, Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions to add in!

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