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Drama / TUKC - Terribly Ugly Knifing Clan
« on: March 17, 2012, 05:44:38 PM »
Hello my peeps, this clan is horrible, it is made by WALDO, Jakob, Cat123, and some other stuffhead.
here is the chat that me and waldo had.

Arkal: Terribly.Ugly.Knifing.Clan
Arkal: TUKC
WALDO_Blockland: The Ulitmate Knifing Clan
Arkal: nope
Arkal: :)
Arkal: Nope
Arkal: Its a fad waldo.
WALDO_Blockland: Well I like it
Arkal: tkt, then tke, then tukc.
WALDO_Blockland: even though it could be improved upon
Arkal: Knifing Clans were never ment to be
WALDO_Blockland: I will make it better
Arkal: ask any old blocklander on the street.
WALDO_Blockland: all clans die
Arkal: Yes.
WALDO_Blockland: you can't escape that fate
Arkal: And waldo, its time for the clan to die.
Arkal: You are completely obsessed with knifing
WALDO_Blockland: nope
WALDO_Blockland: its just starting!
WALDO_Blockland: TUKC will be a great clan
Arkal: dramaing
Arkal: copy pasta'd whole page
WALDO_Blockland: I can help make it better
WALDO_Blockland: ok so?
Arkal: etp
Arkal: yep bish
WALDO_Blockland: Everyone knows that I am a leader in knifing clans
Arkal: mmh.
WALDO_Blockland: I was a leader on TKE, and now on TUKC
Arkal: nope.
Arkal: Wrong wrong and wrong.
WALDO_Blockland: plus lots of people know that I am a dedicated knifer
Arkal: Wrong.
Arkal: WALDO.
WALDO_Blockland: yes?
Arkal: Knifing doesn't get you fame.
Arkal: you kill people.
Arkal: they get angry at you
Arkal: Believe me, its just luck.
Arkal: no skill.
WALDO_Blockland: lots of people enjoy knifing
Arkal: its LUCK.
WALDO_Blockland: Knife TDM is still very popular today
Arkal: You can't be skilled with moving a mouse around
Arkal: Its luck waldo.
WALDO_Blockland: its not
Arkal: It is.
WALDO_Blockland: its 2 things
Arkal: Skill is actually using a knife
WALDO_Blockland: 1. good latency
WALDO_Blockland: 2. Good skills
Arkal: and not using a stuffty as little knife
Arkal: thats a pixel art stuff
Arkal: its not even A KNIFE WALDO
WALDO_Blockland: yes its a knife
WALDO_Blockland: and the knife is awesome
Arkal: nope.
Arkal: Its a balisong.
Arkal: not a butterfly knife.
WALDO_Blockland: ok well its still a knife
Arkal: read this text
WALDO_Blockland: knifes are cool
Arkal: A balisong has ak nife on both sides and can be twisted.
Arkal: a butter knife has 1 knife in it
Arkal: WALDO.
WALDO_Blockland: A Butterfly knife, also known as a Balisong or fan knife
Arkal: the only skill you can have from a computer is fast typing for fast clicking
Arkal: You need a ACTUAL knife to have skill
WALDO_Blockland: then why when knifers first start out playing knife tdms
WALDO_Blockland: they stink
WALDO_Blockland: and people who play it alot, get good at it
WALDO_Blockland: Arkal shut up and stop or ill get the cops on you.

Nice waldo is the new mean waldo


Drama / I am a troll
« on: February 24, 2012, 12:19:02 AM »
:3 nothing more to says.
His name is, Owl3 and his password is bohrocks
We both owned this badspot, so you can't arrest me > :3 BAN ME SUCKERS BAN ME I FEEL LIKE IT

User was banned for this post

Games / Brick Force{BETA}
« on: February 05, 2012, 12:21:12 AM »
Attention blocklanders, here comes a nice looking game in beta, if you sign up you'll automaticially be in the beta.
please have a good look and consider this game

-Arkal  :cookieMonster:

It is basicially Mw3 crossed with COD.

Drama / Moby1997's Salvage
« on: January 06, 2012, 03:35:11 PM »
Me and Crown playing, and then we had tons of guns in our base, then we saw moby's friend's base Fang(Fangosa Rey)
We got up to the top of the hotel, and then we shot down their allies, and stole their checkpoint, their base had literally all the guns, so then as soon as moby got back from being afk, he said Get the forget OUT of fang's base, Before, we had votekicked Fang for spamming rpgs,
for god sakes, its part of the game, and all he's doing is teleporting and dwanding us off the whole base
its how you play Salvage, so whats so bad about it?

Drama / Brian Smith & Thorfin25's City RPG
« on: January 02, 2012, 10:42:23 PM »
At brian smith's, I was playing peacefully, skyping with Jad, Cciamlazy, DizzyFizz and Hashtag
They some how hacked a event so that it would repeat radius impulse, it didn't even matter where you were.
They shouted raining money!
I could have recorded what they were saying, but i decided not to.
So for this, either get some decent admins who get on daily,
Or loving change the server hoster.
Also, Hashtag is Cciamlazy's alt.

Drama / Red_Guy's Admins.
« on: September 09, 2011, 01:17:19 AM »
This is alongside sorta added to The Post.

Drama / Red_Guy's Server
« on: September 09, 2011, 01:14:57 AM »
Well, i was playing normally at Red_Guy's, and this Guy called World joins, he was an admin
Ive never heard of him, nor has anyone else at the server
A similar thing happened at hanks, too
But i won't get started on that.
He randomly starts teleing all the players in the server to him, and spray painting us.
Thanks to waldo,
He looked up his ID.
I know this next part might not be true, But
If you want more proof IRC Swagbot.
Straight after i left, just felt like it
GooG said, Now that he's gone no ONE will know im world!
And a bit before that, World Uploaded something.
Just as world was uploading, GooG started talking
Saying how we shouldn't be digging at the core, getting lottos because admins hate that
His old name was Halo114.
If you see him again, please tell red guy, along as me telling him too.
If any of you "say" Proof man.
I know i know.
I will next time lol
END STORY - Talk about it guys!

Drama / Saphire Legend - WALDO"S Server-
« on: September 01, 2011, 11:51:07 PM »
Mmk, as many of you may know, Saphire Legend is a idiot.

This has been posted before, quite a few times indeed.

-Here is what kinda "Inspired me." c:

Saphire *Was ticked off cause he didn't believe how great a admin i was, says WALDO.*
Apparently, he is a Badmin
to me, that all seems true.

-Heres the link to the EVIDENCE.
Sorry its a video lol c:

Post all your thoughts, and feelings, Please.

Drama / Drama - Important
« on: July 28, 2011, 08:56:12 PM »
For all the drama that is going to be put out there on me,
Im sorry you have to witness it.
for all the posts you are going to see
are hopefully of your enjoyment.
and from this, i say

Drama isn't a way to solve anything
like a always say.

So go light a sparkler and dance like a  hobo on drugs.

Cause, i declare this drama on me
very very very unimportant.

I do not care about my rep,

and you go out there and drama and troll me all you want.

But i simply do NOT care.

User was banned for this post

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