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Environment Files / Minecraft Environment
« on: August 26, 2015, 12:38:41 PM »
Minecraft Environment
I had released these on RTB a long time ago. Since it was taken down, I decided that I'd go ahead and put them here so that they're easier to find and I can still update them.

As the title implies, they simply make your world look more like Minecraft. The ground can be made to look like several different blocks, the sky can be made to look like the Minecraft sky, with authentic Minecraft sun flare (as well as a moon), and you can flood your world with Minecraft water or lava (lava DOES harm you when you swim in it).

Minecraft Water and Lava (v1)
Flood your world with and swim around in Minecraft water or lava.


Minecraft Sun Flare (v1)
Give your world a Minecraft sun or moon.


Minecraft Sky (v2)
Make your world look even more like Minecraft than it already does by using the Minecraft day/night sky.

NOTICE: This requires the Minecraft sun and moon sun flares in order to work properly.

Quote from: Changelog
Version 2
- End sky no longer looks like a jpeggy piece of stuff.

Download (v1)

Minecraft Ground (v1)
Make your world look like you can just dig straight down into it (not recommended as you might fall into something).



Known Issues
[Almost Fixed] The water looks like just normal water unless your really close.
[stuff] Clouds honestly seem pointless since they're really just an alternate fog.

Add-Ons / Minecraft Environment
« on: August 26, 2015, 09:34:28 AM »

Off Topic / Chicken...Battle..Internet...Awesome
« on: May 31, 2015, 08:30:12 PM »
I just thought you guys needed this:

There you go.


Add-Ons / Synth8
« on: May 28, 2015, 04:27:49 PM »
More notes for your enjoyment!

We all know and love the default Synth4 sounds that come built into Blockland. But, the default Synth4 sounds are only one octave of sounds ranging from C3 to A3#. Synth8 is a simple set of synth sounds I've made by changing the frequencies of the default Synth4 sounds. Now you can enjoy eight, yes eight, beautiful octaves of synthesizer sounds.

The synth sounds I've made range all the way from A0 to C8. Enjoy!

Midi Numbers
You'll notice that the names of the sound files range from Synth8_21.WAV to Synth8_108.WAV. This was simply to make it easier for me when I was making a very large 8 octave midi sequencer (which I might add a download for later). These numbers are called "midi numbers". Here's a simple chart to help you understand which number represents which note.


Midi Sequencer
This is a large midi sequencer that I've made for using these synth sounds. It has all eight octaves built into it, the tempo is capable of being changed, and can play songs up to 9 minutes long at 100 bpm. Each 1x1 plate is one sixteenth note.

The black lines are meant to make it look like sheet music so that songs are much easier to compose.
The blue line marks where C4 and C4# are located.

Before you download the midi sequencer, make sure that you have these add-ons:
Midi Brick (Custom made 88 plate tall bricks made specifically for this sequencer.)
SetEventDelay (This is only needed if you wish to change the tempo of songs.)
And it, of course, requires Synth8.

Also, be aware that since large scale midi sequencers such as this one require a lot of 1x1 plates, your FPS is likely to go to stuff when you're looking toward many of them at once, even with a decent graphics card. And, again because of the large amount of 1x1 plates, the file size is quite hefty. Creating and saving more than 15 songs is not recommended.

Download for the sequencer: Large Midi

Extract Large Midi Sequencer.bls and Large Midi Sequencer.jpg from the .zip file and move them both into the saves folder located in your Blockland folder.

General Discussion / RTB's Gone - Anyone still have a couple add-ons?
« on: December 23, 2014, 12:24:14 PM »
There are couple of add-ons that were made by Dalek a while ago and released on RTB...ONLY RTB.

Since RTB is gone now, there are few of his add-ons that I need access to a copy of for a small project I'm working on. I would send him PM, but his profile page says that he hasn't been active for well over two years.

Here are the add-ons that I need a copy of:
Basic LEGO blasters
LEGO Star Wars Extra Melee
Advanced Lego Blasters
LEGO Knights Weapons
LEGO bowcaster
Lego Power Miners Equiptment

Yes, they are all Lego based add-ons. Please don't question why I need specifically THEM.

If you have copy of any of them and can supply me with a download, that would be nice. And please, don't give me any "alternative" bull-crap. I'd prefer to have the originals.

Help / Importing .dts files
« on: December 03, 2014, 04:27:17 PM »
I've recently started playing this game again, and after gaining some experience with programming, I decided to attempt some add-on making. Only one problem. I can't figure out how to open a .dts file or export a model as one. I've installed Shaper like some old posts I found said, but not even Shaper will open one.

Drama / Hi...Again...
« on: November 30, 2014, 08:46:55 PM »
A year ago, I kind of rage quit from this game...

Now I'm back...


General Discussion / BlockCraft [Never Mind]
« on: October 19, 2013, 07:42:59 PM »
more like a complete copy of the game entirely

atleast make your own textures, this is just sad

oh yeah,

not much point to it then
That lag. You look at the whole plot and it breaks your computer.
Couldn't you just, I dunno, buy Minecraft and play that?
Let me say that these forums are one of the worst communities I've ever seen.  Instead of giving me constructive criticism, you simply post a bunch of stuff like "this is stupid and pointless."  I'm moving on to other games.  There will probably be some small part of me that will miss the game, but sure as hell I won't miss this stuffty community.

General Discussion / I'm back...hurrah?
« on: October 13, 2013, 05:53:06 PM »
So, I haven't been on Blockland since mid-August.
What's been happening lately (servers you recommend, events coming up, etc.)

P.S. I already know we're greenlighted.  :)

Help / I need help with the Day/Night Cycle Length
« on: August 09, 2013, 09:13:05 PM »
I'm not 100% sure how the length of the day/night cycle works.

Would putting "2400" into the length be equal 2400 seconds, or 240 seconds, or 24000 seconds, or 685967859 seconds...?
I can't remember if the length works in milliseconds, seconds or what.

Please help.

Modification Help / Weapon Doesn't Appear in Items List
« on: July 24, 2013, 01:29:03 PM »
I wanted to refrain from posting anything about this, but I'm making a "Block Wars Battlefront" server.
I'm not going to go into detail, but what I plan on doing is executing all the add-ons for it from within the game mode folder.
Surely enough, it works.  But the "Lego Short Blaster" from Basic LEGO blasters isn't sohwing up in the list of items when I wrench a brick.
The problem is, the console doesn't say anything's wrong and I can't find anything wrong either.

Below is all the code that has to do with that specific weapon (I renamed the weapon "Blaster Pistol" to appeal to the original Star Wars Battlefront game's weapon names).

Code: [Select]

Code: [Select]

Code: [Select]

// item //
datablock ItemData(BlasterPistolItem)
category = "Weapon"; // Mission editor category
className = "Weapon"; // For inventory system

// Basic Item Properties
shapeFile = "Add-Ons/GameMode_Block_Wars_Battlefront/Weapons/Weapons/blaster_pistol.dts";
rotate = false;
mass = 1;
density = 0.2;
elasticity = 0.2;
friction = 0.6;
emap = true;

//gui stuff
uiName = "Blaster Pistol";
iconName = "Add-Ons/GameMode_Block_Wars_Battlefront/Weapons/Icons/blaster_pistol";
doColorShift = false;
colorShiftColor = "0.25 0.25 0.25 1.000";

// Dynamic properties defined by the scripts
image = BlasterPistolImage;
canDrop = true;

//weapon image//
datablock ShapeBaseImageData(BlasterPistolImage)
// Basic Item properties
shapeFile = "Add-Ons/GameMode_Block_Wars_Battlefront/Weapons/Weapons/blaster_pistol.dts";
emap = true;

// Specify mount point & offset for 3rd person, and eye offset
// for first person rendering.
mountPoint = 0;
offset = "0 0 0";
eyeOffset = 0; //"0.7 1.2 -0.5";
rotation = eulerToMatrix( "0 0 0" );

// When firing from a point offset from the eye, muzzle correction
// will adjust the muzzle vector to point to the eye LOS point.
// Since this weapon doesn't actually fire from the muzzle point,
// we need to turn this off.  
correctMuzzleVector = true;

// Add the WeaponImage namespace as a parent, WeaponImage namespace
// provides some hooks into the inventory system.
className = "WeaponImage";

// Projectile && Ammo.
item = BowItem;
ammo = " ";
projectile = BlasterPistolProjectile;
projectileType = Projectile;

//melee particles shoot from eye node for consistancy
melee = false;
//raise your arm up or not
armReady = true;

doColorShift = false;
colorShiftColor = BlasterPistolItem.colorShiftColor; //"0.400 0.196 0 1.000";

//casing = " ";

// Images have a state system which controls how the animations
// are run, which sounds are played, script callbacks, etc. This
// state system is downloaded to the client so that clients can
// predict state changes and animate accordingly.  The following
// system supports basic ready->fire->reload transitions as
// well as a no-ammo->dryfire idle state.

// Initial start up state
stateName[0] = "Activate";
stateTimeoutValue[0] = 0.15;
stateTransitionOnTimeout[0] = "Ready";
stateSound[0] = weaponSwitchSound;

stateName[1] = "Ready";
stateTransitionOnTriggerDown[1] = "Fire";
stateAllowImageChange[1] = true;
stateSequence[1] = "Ready";

stateName[2] = "Fire";
stateTransitionOnTimeout[2] = "Reload";
stateTimeoutValue[2] = 0.14;
stateFire[2] = true;
stateAllowImageChange[2] = false;
stateSequence[2] = "Fire";
stateScript[2] = "onFire";
stateWaitForTimeout[2] = true;
stateEmitterTime[2] = 0.05;
stateEmitterNode[2] = "muzzleNode";
stateSound[2] = BlasterPistolShotSound;

stateName[3] = "Reload";
stateSequence[3] = "Reload";
stateTransitionOnTriggerUp[3] = "Ready";
stateSequence[3] = "Ready";


function BlasterPistolImage::onFire(%this,%obj,%slot)
if(%obj.getDamagePercent() < 1.0)
%obj.playThread(2, shiftAway);

Code: [Select]
//blaster pistol emitters
datablock ParticleData(BlasterPistolTrailParticle)
dragCoefficient = 2.0;
windCoefficient = 0.0;
gravityCoefficient = 0.0;
inheritedVelFactor = 0.0;
constantAcceleration = 0.0;
lifetimeMS = 30;
lifetimeVarianceMS = 0;
spinSpeed = 10.0;
spinRandomMin = -50.0;
spinRandomMax = 50.0;
useInvAlpha = true;
animateTexture = false;
//framesPerSec = 1;

textureName = "base/data/particles/dot";
//animTexName = " ";

colors[0] = "1 0.4 0.0 1.0";
colors[1] = "1 0.4 0.0 0.0";
sizes[0] = 0.13;
sizes[1] = 0.25;
//times[0] = 0.5;
//times[1] = 0.5;

datablock ParticleEmitterData(BlasterPistolTrailEmitter)
ejectionPeriodMS = 3;
periodVarianceMS = 0;

ejectionVelocity = 0; //0.25;
velocityVariance = 0; //0.10;

ejectionOffset = 0;

thetaMin = 0.0;
thetaMax = 90.0;  

particles = BlasterPistolTrailParticle;

useEmitterColors = true;
uiName = "Blaster Pistol Trail";

datablock ParticleData(BlasterPistolExplosionParticle)
dragCoefficient = 8;
gravityCoefficient = 1;
inheritedVelFactor = 0.0;
constantAcceleration = 0.0;
lifetimeMS = 300;
lifetimeVarianceMS = 100;
textureName = "base/data/particles/star1";
spinSpeed = 2.0;
spinRandomMin = -20.0;
spinRandomMax = 20.0;
colors[0] = "1.0 0.4 0.0 0.5";
colors[1] = "1.0 0.4 0.0 0.0";
sizes[0] = 0.75;
sizes[1] = 0.0;

useInvAlpha = true;

datablock ParticleEmitterData(BlasterPistolExplosionEmitter)
ejectionPeriodMS = 1;
periodVarianceMS = 0;
ejectionVelocity = 2;
velocityVariance = 1.0;
ejectionOffset = 0.0;
thetaMin = 89;
thetaMax = 90;
phiReferenceVel = 0;
phiVariance = 360;
overrideAdvance = false;
particles = "BlasterPistolExplosionParticle";

useEmitterColors = true;
uiName = "Blaster Pistol Explosion";

datablock ExplosionData(BlasterPistolExplosion)
//explosionShape = "";
soundProfile = BlasterHitSound;

lifeTimeMS = 150;

particleEmitter = BlasterPistolExplosionEmitter;
particleDensity = 5;
particleRadius = 0.2;

faceViewer = true;
explosionScale = "1.5 1.5 1.5";

shakeCamera = false;
camShakeFreq = "10.0 11.0 10.0";
camShakeAmp = "1.0 1.0 1.0";
camShakeDuration = 0.5;
camShakeRadius = 10.0;

// Dynamic light
lightStartRadius = 0;
lightEndRadius = 3;
lightStartColor = "1 0.4 0 1";
lightEndColor = "1 0.4 0 1";

Code: [Select]
AddDamageType("blaster_pistol",   '<bitmap:Add-Ons/GameMode_Block_Wars_Battlefront/Weapons/Icons/CI_blaster_pistol> %1',    '%2 <bitmap:Add-Ons/GameMode_Block_Wars_Battlefront/Weapons/Icons/CI_blaster_pistol> %1',0.2,1);

//blaster pistol projectile
datablock ProjectileData(BlasterPistolProjectile)
projectileShapeName = "base/data/shapes/empty.dts";
directDamage = 40;
directDamageType = $DamageType::blaster_pistol;
radiusDamageType = $DamageType::blaster_pistol;

brickExplosionRadius = 0;
brickExplosionImpact = true; //destroy a brick if we hit it directly?
brickExplosionForce = 10;
brickExplosionMaxVolume = 1; //max volume of bricks that we can destroy
brickExplosionMaxVolumeFloating = 1; //max volume of bricks that we can destroy if they aren't connected to the ground

impactImpulse = 200;
verticalImpulse = 200;
explosion = BlasterPistolExplosion;
particleEmitter = BlasterPistolTrailEmitter;

muzzleVelocity = 90;
velInheritFactor = 1;

armingDelay = 00;
lifetime = 4000;
fadeDelay = 3500;
bounceElasticity = 0.5;
bounceFriction = 0.20;
isBallistic = false;
gravityMod = 0.0;

hasLight = true;
lightRadius = 3.0;
lightColor = "1 0.4 0.0 1";

uiName = "Blaster Pistol Laser";

Code: [Select]
//blaster pistol sounds
datablock AudioProfile(BlasterPistolShotSound)
filename = "Add-Ons/GameMode_Block_Wars_Battlefront/Weapons/Sounds/blaster_pistol_shot.wav";
description = AudioClose3d;
preload = true;
//sounds that the sniper rifle, blaster rifle and blaster pistol share
datablock AudioProfile(BlasterHitSound)
filename = "Add-Ons/GameMode_Block_Wars_Battlefront/Weapons/Sounds/blaster_hit.wav";
description = AudioClose3d;
preload = true;

Sorry about posting ALL the code here.
I just can't find the problem ANYWHERE!

Modification Help / Saving Ownership Problem
« on: July 12, 2013, 09:52:28 AM »
I downloaded the Minecraft Blocks add-on:
I've noticed that the blocks are not saving ownership while everything else is.
I can't seem to figure out what the problem is.
Can anyone tell me what I'm missing?

Modification Help / Syntax Error With the Letter "D"
« on: July 10, 2013, 10:38:14 AM »
I downloaded the add-on for Minecraft Blocks, download here.
I hosted a server with it, but I noticed that the code is somewhat sloppy and unorganized.
So what I did was I completely rewrote the code to my liking.
However, the following syntax error occurred in the console preventing it from launching the add-on at all.

Code: [Select]
Loading Add-On: Brick_BlockCraft (CRC:-437180993)
Add-Ons/Brick_BlockCraft/server.cs Line: 18 - Syntax error.
>>> Some error context, with ## on sides of error halt:
        brickFile = "Add-Ons/Brick_BlockCraft/Blocks/GrassBlock.blb";
        category = "BlockCraft";
        subCategory = "Building Blocks";
        uiName = "Grass Block";
        iconName = "Add-Ons/Brick_BlockCraft/Icons/GrassBlock";
dataBlock fxDTSBrickData(##D##irtData)
        brickFile = "Add-Ons/Brick_BlockCraft/Blocks/Dirt.blb";
        category = "BlockCraft";
        subCategory = "Building Blocks";
        uiName = "Dirt";
        iconName = "Add-Ons/Brick_BlockCraft/Icons/Dirt";
datablock fxDTSBrickData(CobblestoneData)
>>> Error report complete.


The syntax error is only the first "D" in "DirtData".
Why is this happening?
Please help!

Drama / Ungrateful Much...
« on: June 20, 2013, 06:54:07 PM »
     So, just today, I got a message on the RTB IRC from some dude named Ender.  He said he needed some help building and eventing a City RP.  It was kind of random, because he actually didn't know who I was until just today.  But, I decided to help him out.
     When I tried to join his server, I found out that his ping was ---.  He told me that his granddad wouldn't let him forward his ports, so I told him there was no way he would be able to host a server on his desktop.  I recommended that he use a hosting service, but he said that he doesn't like to spend money just so he can host a server.  But, it was his only option, so he decided to use one anyway (his granddad won't let him touch the router).
     I recommended that he use Kaphost or RTB, since those are the two most well-known hosting services out there.  I told him that, in my opinion, RTB is more reliable but Kaphost is slightly cheaper.  He decided to go with RTB.  However, he couldn't register because he forgot his RTB password.  I told him to go to the RTB forums, head to the login and tell them that he forgot his password.  I then told him to type in his email and username and have them send the confirmation email.  However, it turns out he forgot is username and email as well, and the email was one of his friends' emails (he claims that every time he registers on a website, the activation email is never received).  So, obviously, he's screwed with RTB.
     So, he then decided to go with Kaphost, but according to him, Kaphost uses only an FTP client for add-on uploading (I use RTB, so I can't confirm this).  He said that he has no experience with FTP clients, so he's screwed with that too.
      He decided to just give up, he unfriended me on the IRC (like I care) and he logged out.

IRC chat right as he logged out:
Quote from: RTB IRC
[Ender]:  I have no experience with FTP clients, so I'm screwed with Kaphost too.
[Clone2]:  Well, I can't help you then.
[Ender]:  I'm obviously better off with a desktop server.
[Ender]:  Thanks for the help.
[Ender]:  Oh wait, NOT!
*Ender logged out.
*You and Ender are no longer friends.

     Obviously, this guy, whoever he is, doesn't realize that I tried my best.  It's not my fault he always uses his friend's email for registering on websites, it's not my fault he forgot his username and password for RTB, it's not my fault his granddad won't let him touch the router and it's not my fault that he has no FTP experience.


Add-Ons / Server Rules (by Electrk) FIXED
« on: June 17, 2013, 11:42:21 AM »
People don't appreciate me.


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