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Off Topic / happy birthday badspot
« on: September 09, 2018, 12:03:19 AM »
A cake has appeared on his profile, Happy birthday to our overlord

Suggestions & Requests / Hotline miami Hatmod rooster head
« on: February 14, 2017, 09:54:20 PM »
AKA Richard, also known as jackets most-used head
or this thing:

Suggestions & Requests / Fakekill Zombies
« on: October 24, 2016, 11:20:34 PM »
You remember the V8 brick-damage zombies? Somewhat like that but with less full-killing and more fake-killing,
In short, a bot that fake-kills bricks to get to you,
i feel like i have suggested this before

Suggestions & Requests / Disposable Launcher
« on: October 12, 2016, 10:00:41 PM »
In a more detailed description though, Have you ever used the old old T+T RPG? Back when it was first released on RTB? If so, you get the idea If not, heres what it is
It was a Inaccurate, single-use Rocket launcher, inaccurate as the rocket kinda went in a squiggly pattern And was removed from inventory after use

But ye, im not asking for any special effects' Could just be the default RL but single use,

So, anyone up for it?

Suggestions & Requests / John lennon face
« on: October 11, 2016, 11:59:46 PM »
Tell me, why do we not have this yet, And can someone do us all a favor?
I know absolutely NOTHING about faces, even less packaging

Off Topic / story of the muffin man
« on: March 01, 2016, 10:45:12 PM »
The story of the Muffin Man
Once there was a Girl known as the Muffin girl, She was the Muffin Mans daughter She was the Muffin heir At all costs she protected the recipie
And if she found someone she thought she knew or found suspicious If they had the Correct answer to all her questions she trusted them
But one day she met up with somebody who Answered the first 3 questions correctly And then she asked How many muffins has the muffin man given you?
And the woman Answered 101 And she replied in That is not correct And i have to protect my fathers recipe Even if it kills me And then she threw
Herself and the other woman out the window to protect her fathers recipe And delivery Guy Was there to witness the whole thing
And he had to give her father the news of His daughters sacrifice to protect the recipe He was infuriated And found the Womans ID So he could avenge his lost daughter
And she worked for the MIA And they got her card So they could get into the base To find the MIA When they got to the MIA they found a withering old lady
Signing forms Who told them that she has been there alone for many years and been told to tell everyone that they were all dead But they werent
And then she told them were the Secret entrance to the Secret Base was The Base was under the Batfan if you pulled the cord on the Batfan the secret door would open
They had to crawl through a vent They dropped down into another passageway Where they had to crawl for about 5 minutes And then there was a little grate
Once they opened the Grate there was blinding light Once there eyes adjusted to the change the Walls were covered in Perfect white panels
They saw the Giant project and many people dressed in suits  The muffin dropped down and Said You murdered my daughter And you will pay
And then they said Nono You have misunderstood You do not have to worry about the Project it is nothing really then The muffing man Said
Explain it to me Because this was the cause of my daughters death The people sighed They said youve caught us out
I suppose we will explain it to you This project is a special invention When one person goes in they come out looking just like one of your measly muffin workers
And he replied with My daughter was right to protect my heir from people like you and its my turn to avenge my daughter
He took a Muffin explose and threw it in the middle of the room And then picked up a Shielding muffin to protect himself
And the members of the MIA Dived ontop of the muffin to try and stop it But it was unsuccesful and the MIA fell
Dying and unsuccesful Project And he climbed back out of that base And walked up to Delivery Guy Who will be your heir? He Asked
And the muffin man replied in You my boy You will be my heir The withering old woman brought a muffin-smelling rose in memory of his daughter amd muffin man said thankyou miss
this shell be rememberd you are free now take your leave as it is time i be reunited with my loving wife and daughter and remember delivery guy give only 6 muffinsto everyone
appart from your first birn child you shell give that child 7 muffinsfor they are going to be the most inportant person to you good luck delivery guy and the delivery guy
replied with i will not let you down and then the old woman started to talk about the time she met the muffin women she said the muffin women tryed to help her get out of
the office butshe was caught and tackelld to the ground by the corruption and taken away and the muffin man said yes that was the last time i saw my wife so i shell takemy leave
now so i can finally see my loving wife and daughter again goodbye and good luck delivery guy and delivery guy said your secret will die with me
and themuffin man smiled and we walked to his home andlay on his bed and died and then theold women walked outside and said the light it has been so long since i have saw it.

This is what happens when me, my sister and my cousin get together

Off Topic / Shamchat - Dont be yourself
« on: January 23, 2016, 06:27:48 AM »
In short a thing like omegle where you can set a name for yourself which leads to interesting roleplays
also there are name randomizers

Suggestions & Requests / FoF Weapon Models
« on: August 16, 2015, 11:48:03 PM »
while i was looking around the forums i found a massive add-on dump by Port and in the middle of it all i found a Western weapon package
Uses an ammo-system similar to FoF, Uses flick-Type reloading, and even uses sounds from it, However the pack has no models at all, And that is where You, The BLF comes in

If you want to have a go at it just PM me and i will give you the link for the pack

Happy Modelling!

« on: June 09, 2015, 06:11:03 AM »



Copy-pastad from the page
This is Palm Desert.

He likes buying steam games... Like. A lot.  He has over 3,600 games. And 2,900 copies of DLC. Worth a total of $33,900  (He hasn't even played over 2000 copies of the loving games he bought)

He also likes inventory items... Like. A lot... As he has 35,000 items in his backpack. Worth god knows how much.


He is a steam level 569! The highest level in the world!

Whoopty do right? Well as most people who even try to level up their steam account they would tell you it can quickly turn into a expensive hobby. As the higher the level goes the more money valve wants you to put in to get that magic number. But this guy has taken the cake.
He has made 1580 badges. considering it takes on average 8 cards to make a badge... he's bought over 12,000 cards.

It's even been reported by techgauge that he spent over $3000 to earn a single. loving. badge.  

And just to put that into perspective It takes him about 6,000XP to go from 569 to 570. (on average) Paying about 60 cents on cards gets you 100XP. So... going to cost him $3600 to level up again.....

And I was able to talk to a steam friend of mine who happens to be a level 100. Who admitted he's spent about $900 on cards and other ways of leveling up to get to a level 100. He told me, he calculated that palm must have spent around $70,000 to level up to his current level. You heard me. $70,000.... $70k to loving show a high level on a steam account.

And to be frank. I think this is without a doubt. The lamest hobby I've ever seen. He's spend over $100,000 on a steam account. (I guess) I made this thread cause I thought it was so damn interesting and most of you guys did too. And this thread somehow helped me understand how anyone can spend $70,000 TO HAVE A PRETTY NUMBER ON THE SIDE OF THEIR STEAM ACCOUNT.

Off Topic / Post your horrific spore creations!
« on: May 22, 2015, 04:50:46 AM »
i cant upload any of mine sooooo

Suggestions & Requests / The old Jackknife pistol?
« on: April 29, 2015, 10:19:21 PM »
the old 10-shot pistol with reloading and was made by heedicalking?
Anyone have it?
i tried to google a link but nothing

Games / GMod Zombie Survival!
« on: February 19, 2015, 10:49:34 PM »

k anyway explanation
Zombie Survival is a massive gamemode where humans are pit against a zombie horde. Once a human dies, they become a zombie. The game ends when all the humans are (un)dead or the humans survive a certain amount of time or complete objectives.

Zombies are all controlled by actual players. Once you die as a human, you will turn in to the undead, usually right on the spot enabling you to take revenge on your former team members who failed to save you. There are no NPCs in this mod.
In-depth barricading system. Use hammer and nails to fasten down props or deployables such as turrets and ammo crates. Ghosting system allows humans to slowly phase through fastened props.
Deal damage to the undead to acquire points. Use the points to purchase ammo, new weapons, and other tools from the arsenal crate. Arsenal crates are deployed by other players. Destroying them as a zombie effectively stops humans from buying any more.
Multiple unique classes for zombies which are unlocked as the round proceeds, making it harder for the humans as time goes on.
Fear-o-meter system makes it so zombies packed together take less damage, enabling hive-mind induced charges.
The zombie player with the highest damage dealt becomes a boss zombie between each wave. Annihilate the humans from afar as The Tickle Monster, make their life miserable as Puke Pus, or use one of the other boss zombie classes.
Original music score which intensifies with the intensity of the game around you.
Hundreds of ZS maps have been made over the years and is also compatible with nearly every zm_, zp_, ze_, etc. map.
Zombie Escape support. Zombie Escape maps play in their own style from ZS, closely mimicing the gameplay of the Counter-Strike: Source mod.

TL;DR: hooman try shoot zambie ded, zambie try and rek hoomans,

hold Z or whatever is bound to Suit Zoom to phase through nailed props
F3 as zombie to change class
boss class changer is above the Regular zombie


get on server
server not hosted by me

Suggestions & Requests / New Flaregun
« on: October 14, 2014, 01:52:47 AM »
a new flaregun that launches a flare that is heavily affected by gravity and actually creates LIGHT
should have a slow fire rate and do 25 damage on hit and the flare will stay around for 30 seconds

Off Topic / face transplant Pikachu
« on: June 22, 2014, 05:17:53 AM »
Quoted from renekars old topic
Quote from:  link=topic=
are you good at face transplants

Pikachu drawing by Bioviral
To get you going i will give you The best by the big bad jellyfish

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