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Help / Server Hosting Experience
« on: May 06, 2020, 05:27:41 PM »
Trying to host DM, had 20 players in. Server has unbearable lag due to the console being spammed by errors from all the clients.

base/server/scripts/game.cs (1376): Unable to find object: '#########' attempting to call function 'GetType'
or slight variations to this.



this wasn't the same session that was shown in the video, but it does capture the bare minimum. didn't think over a million lines of errors would've helpped.

The server only began to lag around the 18 player mark, lag would happen every time a player would connect/spawn/respawn/join mini game/leave mini game/disconnect.

I thought it was slayer trying to reset vehicles every time a player would do anything, but my expertise is limited on trying to comprehend this. Trying to not get upset over this cuz I lost a lot of people during the lag sessions, and the goal was to have a fun and simple server but if I can't even get a simple deathmatch to work properly why should I even bother lol.

Any help or guidance is appreciated, feel free to roast me if it's something absurdly simple and or a well known fact, I just wanna play my game in peace and it seems I'm always fighting instability and errors every time I play.

Gallery / Saturn V
« on: January 19, 2020, 06:34:47 PM »
I did extensive research on the dimensions and scale for it so I could have a pretty accurate model.

The scale chosen was quite arbitrary actually, but turned out to be the best for detail/size. It's so large in fact that it just barely clips out of render distance.

Scale: 0.3625 of the original size
Height: 2,106
Diameter: 192 (excluding the massive fins that will be added later)
Brick count: 254,973

For being my first intensive build in over a year, it's actually not terrible. I'm very happy with it and was extremely excited with the fact that I didn't get bored with it or quit out early on. I had a lot of fun with it so far! I'm taking a break before I start doing all the cones (curve-y panels and bits) because they seem challenging.

I plan to rebuild each stage/module for it's own separate display. This was the original intention but I got carried away with just building the whole Saturn V assembly. The future plan is to have the full rocket and smaller displays be exploreable (with optional teleports because of the immense size)

Help / Stuck on Loading Datablocks
« on: December 16, 2018, 03:01:46 AM »
When trying to connect to my own dedicated server, the loading bar freezes and doesn't progress... I've tried everything, and the only thing that works is doing a fresh install of the dedicated server. The problem then arises once again after I disconnect and try rejoining the server. The server and console logs state nothing of the matter. I can type in chat but I won't see anything but it does in fact go through to the server. It's not related to addons. I already tested disabling and outright deleting all the addons for both client and server but the problem still persists. At the moment the server is active and open to the the public but I won't be able to even play on it myself. I can host a non-dedicated server with IDENTICAL setup just find and it's flawless besides the simple fact that it's non-dedicated.

I'm posting this after multiple hours of testing and reconfiguration. I've never had this issue before, but having this happen on top of the continuous run time errors that still occur is really killing my vibe for this beautiful game.

I'm about 30 seconds away from running this game within a Windows XP virtual machine in hopes my issues will go away; but that'll likely generate more issues than actually solving anything.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated. As I'm already sure I tried everything I could, I want to at least know if others happen to encounter this as well. Feel free to make fun of me if it's something mind blowingly obvious.

General Discussion / Half Life 2: Deathmatch v2
« on: December 15, 2018, 02:59:53 PM »
A brand new take and redesign of an original map made by jirue. The original map that was made back in 2009 was meant to be Half Life 2: Deathmatch styled.(albeit the only thing resembling Half-Life was a crowbar)
post of origin here

I really liked this map when I first played on the server and I kept the save ever since, luckily the post is still available and with the original save(?).

I liked it so much in fact that I spent the last month rebuilding it from the ground up using fancy new brick addons that will make your load times excruciatingly painful. I used the entire original map as reference but all of it is completely rebuilt from the ground up.

The total brick count is an amazing 21,254 bricks compared to the original 9,084 bricks.


24 Spawn Points
           4x4 spawn bricks

Half-Life 1 Weapons

Half-Life-Like Playertype
           Blockland Glass

Crouch Jump
           Blockland Glass

Health Chargers
           100% functional true to the original games. One full charge gives 50hp (each unit heals by 1/8th, since I couldn't do +6.25hp it's +7hp).
           HOLD CLICK to use, technically you can spam click but I fixed a bug that -WarBoy- found unintentionally where it would heal you quicker.

Logical Complex Architecture
           The original map had limitations that forced the layout to be what it is, even though I lacked these restrictions I tried staying within the same layout but made up for it with details.

Borderline Unoptimized
           I have a decently aged gaming rig.(AMD FX8350/GTX 970) It seems to play it pretty well with shaders on, but I tried making it look good with shaders set to minimum, off makes it too bright.

Boring Color Pallet
           Colorset_Trueno Another limitation for me personally is not being comfortable enough to experiment with new colors, so you're stuck with whites and greys with a few anomalies.

Screenshots (click to see larger view)

~                                                                   ~                                                                   ~

~                                                                   ~                                                                   ~

I'm not fond of Blockland's lighting because I build with shaders completely off, I apologize if the lighting is terrible, I blame Blockland for always making interior lighting miserable to work with but that's a topic of discussion for another time.(like 5 years ago)


OFFLINE <-- click for suprise


I'd love to upload the save to public, but currently I lack the time and resources to hunt down every single addon I used in this project. I've dulled down quite a bit already so I can host for people with decently reasonable load times.

If someone wants to make a cool title graphic for me please do so. I'm 100% fully capable of doing so myself but lack free time. It seems people like a bit of professionalism to these things, and that helps.

I'll put up a video of people playing on the server, if it gets reasonably populated.

I want to make more of these, consistently. Possibly generate a map pool to play through. I already made a complete 1:1 replica of Half-Life 1 Crossfire in 2015, that would be the first addition.

Gallery / Potential TDM
« on: September 28, 2018, 04:06:01 AM »
I didn't want to go public with this until it was done but I'm doing it anyways because the next stage of development is really boring and time consuming, but ultimately worth it *and possibly will kill the project so please motivate me thx*.
The theme is an extraterrestrial planet with opposing bases idk. I was planning for it being Mars but i'm still unsure. This is a proof of concept at best due to it's extremely early stages of development. I was kinda steering towards having the two bases be completely different from one another for playable sake (so it wouldn't get too repetitive) and also grants and incentive to join the other team from time to time.

I'm considering opening this up for anyone that wants to help, I really just need someone to help me outline a layout and I can easily do all the heavy lifting.

I originally intended to use default addons only, but evidently I couldn't resist the additional bricks and events. This still doesn't stop me from trying to match a LEGO aesthetic (as few non-brick models as possible).

The Video

Suggestions & Requests / Server/Minigame - Client Controlled Clans/Teams
« on: September 26, 2018, 01:59:11 AM »
I don't have a single clue of how to word this when searching, so don't kick my ass if some form of this already exists.

Firstly the idea isn't super complicated, but I have no understanding of torque to know if this is even possible due to the way clients communicate with the server.

What I'm looking for is a server sided addon that allows clients (specifically non-admins) to have the ability to create clans/teams on the server or in a minigame. The utility of being able to do this would give the players ultimate control of joining a clan, creating a clan, who can join, user defined clan names, and clan filtered events.

No UI is necessary imo, chat commands should be sufficient.

Example Commands (or whatever this is all being thought up on the spot let alone the fact that I have no idea how this works).

/clanList                               - Shows a list of all current clans on the server (hopefully includes number of clan members in each clan).
/clanJoin {clan name}      - Joins clan or sends join request to clan owner. Limits the player to one clan. (i have no clue how a clan owner should be able to lock a clan. Ideas 100% welcome).
/clanLeave                           - Leave current clan.
/clanCreate {clan name} - Creates a clan. Limits the player to one clan. Maybe have /clanCreate "{clan name}" "{o/c}" (o=open c=closed) if possible.

Clan Owners
/clanRequestList                 - Shows a list of all requests to join a closed clan. List shows both IGN and BL_ID (due to odd charters in name or name lengths).
/clanDecline {BL_ID}        - Declines client request to join your clan.
/clanAccept {BL_ID}         - Accepts client request to join your clan.

/clanDelete {clan name}  - Deletes a specific clan. Used for moderating offensive clan names and removing empty clans.


Giving a player the ability to generate an input based on being in a specific clan. Similar to Output Event checkTeam and Input Event onTeamCheckTrue


How should clan owners of locked clans be notified of join requests?
How should clan owners be able to block requests from specific BL_IDs?
Should clans be deleted when the clan owner disconnects?
Should clan owners maintain ownership upon reconnect (if clan still exists); and if so, how? (player persistence?)
Should admins/clan owners be able to limit maximum members per clan?
More ideas welcome.

Please excuse my limited knowledge of all of this. I never spent the 20 minutes to learn Torque, and have been busy in other game engines.
In the event that this doesn't exist in the way i'm imagining: I can see really interesting ways this addon could be used. Having a clan-based deathmatch or fortwar are two examples of that.

Help / Blockland Crash
« on: August 03, 2016, 12:08:44 PM »
I'm getting two HUGE issues right now, I'll address the more severe first. When I try connecting to any game server these two lines are spammed in my console until crash/manual quit/or it some how subsides without explanation then coming back later and crashes.
Got non-CURLE_OK result on a request, result was 3 'URL using bad/illegal format or missing URL'
 - Request was for ''
Got non-CURLE_OK result on a request, result was 22, 'HTTP response code said error', HTTP error 403
 - Request was for ''
I'm not sure if these are responsible for the crashing but they are the only things I KNOW 100% I've never seen before, even comparing it to the last successful connection to a server.

This prevents any download progression with any server (the loading bar stops dead in it's tracks and chat messages don't send or receive).

This just started happening without reason about less than 20 minutes ago. I did 5 individual reinstalls and tried Steam and non-Steam versions, with and without addons and got the same results.

The secondary issue is less severe and doesn't necessarily cause a game crash. When pressing the enter key and only the enter key the game window freaks/glitches out like I was pressing alt-enter to toggle fullscreen mode. While or before this bug happens, I usually know it because the in-game chat breaks, typing anything turns into incoherent nonsense and pressing backspace deletes the whole line of text instead of one character.
I've experienced multiple keybind related issues very recently that are all so EXTREMELY random that I cannot even replicate the problems leaving me and others baffled. Which amounts to a huge ISSUE, if I can't replicate the problem HOW THE HECK can it be fixed??

I've gotten responses suggesting I possible need to clean out my keyboard because it might have some sticky key caps or something. THIS is not the case due to me trying 6 different keyboards and still receiving the same unpredictable results whenever it happens.

Since I have NO LUCK AT ALL, the only way I can see getting any possible help for this second issue, I'm going to study the symptoms and or side affects of the glitches to help get a hint on how it may be happening. I'll edit this post if I find anything conclusive. If I get lucky enough I'll be able to setup a camcorder and record my monitor (because in-game capture softwares don't represent these issues appropriately).

THANKS, I'm extremely desperate to get these two problems fixed. At the moment the game is 100% unplayable and I'm on edge because I need my fix of Blockland

Suggestions & Requests / Large Playertype
« on: July 21, 2016, 11:26:50 PM »
Is it possible to make a custom playertype that's the size of 16x16x30 with the same attributes as the default standard playertype (with a modifiable player movement speed). I don't know much about playertypes at all and I'm not even sure if you can make them bigger than the default max scale size through events.

I've always wanted to build detailed levels and I'm just not good at detailing at the default scale. This new playertype should be around the same height as a Source Engine player relative to 16 studs being 32 hammer units horizontally and 30 bricks being 72 hammer units vertically.

If movement speed scales with the actual player, I'm almost certain the player will be moving too fast in comparison to the Source Engine games. I don't really care much for the movement speed but it would be a nice treat to be able to adjust that.

Modification Help / [Prints] Default Roads
« on: May 10, 2016, 04:05:23 AM »
I decided to start working on a texture that will add a little bit more detail and flexibility to the default roads.

I'm not extremely good at texturing for Blockland, and it seems these textures I've come up with don't tile well at all (you get microscopic lines at the boarders z-fighting).
My color accuracy is sorta okay, but since the colors used in the .blb aren't perfect whites/yellows/blacks it was sorta a shot in the dark to get it this close.

To elaborate: if one of you kind-hearted souls can fix the z-fighting and the colors to match the default road baseplates that would be great. Since it took me a huge amount of trial and error (due to me being stupid with the colors at first) I'm sorta pooped out for the night, feel free to fix these when ever one of you sees time to do so and repack it and give it to me or upload it yourself.

Thanks! If you can give any tips on how to prevent the z-fighting for later projects that'd be great.

The 3 plate .zips are included in the archive

Add-Ons / [Stud] Rock Brick
« on: November 21, 2015, 08:03:23 PM »
Contrary to popular belief, the Brick Brick was a success! I decided to develop a new stud.

I call it...

                                                                                        Do you want fancy new ROCK texture covering every single object in your house?

                                                   Now you can!

                                                                                                                                               Are you seriously bored with these new innovative studs?

            Now you can feast you eyes upon the greatness of being a caveman!


     Q: Are you done with this bullstuff yet?

     A: ...I'm not exactly sure... Is this an illness?

     Q: Why do you insist your creation upon the forums when it's completely trash?

     A: Because, I think this is good.

     Q: Are you gonna make more stuffty studs in the future?

     A: I don't know, maybe if I end up being bored again.

*Disclaimer: More obnoxious studs coming in the future.*

Add-Ons / [Stud] Brick Brick
« on: November 18, 2015, 01:56:26 AM »
Well, I've seen quite a few magnificent studs recently so I'd like to add another great one to the bunch.

I call it...

                                                                                        Do you want a really cool brick texture on every possible feature of your build?

                                                   Now you can!

                                                                                                                                               Aren't you sick and tired of perfectly looping textures?!

            Now you can feast you eyes upon improper and stuffty texturing!


     Q: What was the purpose of this idiocy?

     A: Because I was bored.

     Q: Why do you waste our time with this bullstufftery.

     A: Didn't necessarily mean to, was doing a really stuffty joke.

     Q: Are you gonna make more stuffty studs in the future?

     A: I don't know, maybe if I end up being bored again.

*Disclaimer: The word "stuffty" has been used numerous times.*

Gallery / Half-Life DM: Crossfire
« on: July 12, 2015, 08:50:43 PM »
I've been talking forever on this because I'm super super slow at perfecting something...

Half-Life Deathmatch's popular remake... Crossfire.

I took the screenshots in windowed-mode so they are low resolution GG.

The map is about 90% complete, I've been hosting early beta DM soo people can run around in it while I finish up.

All the features will be in this build along side the airstrike. (besides the secrete room, too bad so sad.)

It's quite bland and ugly in certain areas, I plan on hosting it with a blank studs pack of some form. I debated on using modTer on some areas so I can texture them, I did do it for one thing as of today the generators which I'm to lazy to show a screenshot of.

as of update 7-12-15 6099 bricks are in use. This may vary greatly within the next few updates.

If you want to join the server, look in the list it should be there every once in a while ( I will not be posting when it's up or not until I make a respective thread for it, me and Aidan are still trying to figure out how this'll work).

Suggestions & Requests / Specific Custom Door...
« on: July 12, 2015, 07:58:50 PM »
I've posted a lot of interesting suggestions that aren't really necessary. I might be spamming, who knows.

Since I've tried and failed many times on importing .dts into Blockland and creating blocks I've decided to come front with this SUPER duper needed brick/door.

Dimensions need to be ::: 8 bricks tall, 20 studs long, and 2 bricks thick.

for the two bottom corners have them be a 2x2 diagonal. the strips aren't required but could be very useful being flat stripes, the textures on the other hand aren't needed.

The extra ::: If this can be made into a door, go ahead. It'll be easier just to make it disappear through events instead of having it be a door. IF it is a door though it'll take about 25 seconds to open sliding upward and closed

I've been asking a lot from varying topics, I do apologize for my incompetence on making my own content, I mod and make games for all other games I just can't force myself to work with Blockland anymore because Torque confuses the heck out of me...

Suggestions & Requests / Fix wedges
« on: July 11, 2015, 01:04:15 AM »
Okay... I really need wedges to be fixed. Technically they aren't broken, but the fact that I can't place two 1x1 wedges together just angers me... Someone once told me it was possible, who knows...

Suggestions & Requests / Diagonal spawn points.
« on: June 11, 2015, 11:29:01 PM »
Is this a thing? If it isn't, can it be done? I'm working on a deathmatch map and I wanted to put spawn points in corners.

This is another suggestion that doesn't have to be made any time soon, it's just a thought that I wanted to through out there.

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