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A project that was put on hold is finally back on track, and now as a collaboration project!

This is the SpeedKart Remastered Gamemode, a project to revive the original with brand new karts with improved handling model,
engine sounds and both remastered and new tracks, but now it's a collaboration project, which means
a good number of talented and dedicated members have decided to team up to make it happen!

- Filipe1020 (Project host / Developing the new Karts)
- Corpora1Bird (Track Builder / Server Host)
- Mickey (Server Host)
- NightHawk (Programmer / Tester)
- Brickitect (Track Builder)
- AlexK198 (Track Builder)
- Baked (Track Builder)
- Manteuro (Tester / Music Composer)
- Dragonslayer182 (Track Builder)
- Daffytitanic (Track Builder)
- MoltenKitten (Track Builder)
- Luc (Sand Castle additions)
- Kicke (Server Host)
- DodgeViperACR16 (Server Host)
- Misterlegodude (Tester)
- Deadfall07 (Tester)
- TGB (Tester)
- Meta_KnightX (Tester)
- Kane (Tester)
- Crazy54311 (Tester)
- Speed73 (Tester)
- Mr.Annoying (Tester / Track Builder)
- Baja Blast (Tester)

Tracks in Development:
- Lighthouse Remastered - WIP 95%
- Sand Castle Remastered - Done!
 Jungle Storm - WIP 95%
 Gamble Rush - 100% Done!
 Sumo Arena by NightHawk - 100% Done!
 Classic Bedroom Themed Track by Baked - WIP 50%
 Tropical City Track by AlexK198- WIP 30%


SpeedKart Remastered Announcement Trailer - Watch here

Suggestions & Requests / Support_EngineSounds Concept
« on: December 13, 2020, 02:24:17 PM »
This is a mod I've been dying to see for vehicles since the beginning, it's a mod that allows cars to have an engine sound that changes pitch according to the speed you're going, the only way I believe this could be done is with the use of a client sided mod, so here's how I thought it could work.

  • Inside the mod's zip file could have folders, each with it's own type of engine sound files for different types of engine (inline 4, inline 6, v8, v10, v12, bus, truck and so on)
  • The cars that supports the mod need to have a support.cs file inside that enables the mod and the engine sound the mod creator wants it to have like enable_enginesounds(v8); or something
  • In case the player joins a server that has the mod enabled and he don't, he can receive a message in the chat saying "This server supports the engine sounds mod, if you want to hear it, download here: *link*

And yes, pitch changing sounds can be possible in Blockland, here is a video showing the engine sounds mod that the user Gytyyhgfffff was working on his old Suburbia server, it works perfectly, the sounds changes pitch according to the speed.

And yes I contacted him to see if he still have this mod but sadly he lost his files a while ago, so if you're a coder or know someone who codes, let's make this happen.

Also if you have any suggestions or other methods to make it work like without the use of a client sided mod, please reply.


Welcome to my newest released add-ons topic! This is where you can find links for my newly released add-ons for download, they'll be uploaded both on Blockland Online and Blockland Glass.


Most of my vehicles will use the Custom Vehicle Support Add-On, make sure to download it to make them fully functional.
Download Here

NEW! Engine Sounds Support by Buddy! Currently the Tutto and Ventoro uses it, but soon all cars in this topic will support it!
Download Here

Download on Blockland Online | Download on Blockland Glass

Download on Blockland Online | Download on Blockland Glass

Download on Blockland Online | Download on Blockland Glass

Download on Blockland Online | Download on Blockland Glass

Download on Blockland Online | Download on Blockland Glass

Download on Blockland Online | Download on Blockland Glass

Download on Blockland Online | Download on Blockland Glass

Feel free to check out my development topic to stay up to date on my upcoming vehicles!
Click here.


This is where I'll keep you up to date on the development of my latest add-ons, mostly vehicles, but you can expect other creations in the near future as well.

Work in Progress

Here is the link for my newly released add-ons.

Gallery / [VIDEO] Blockland Day Cycle Preview - Remake
« on: July 19, 2020, 02:32:54 AM »
I did a remake of the preview video for the shadows and shaders update that was made back in 2012 by Badspot, with smooth shaders, 60FPS and some extra goodness.

Here's the original video for comparison.


I've been meaning to get back in the modding side of things, so I decided to create a new topic to share with you guys my progress on upcoming add-ons.


Carrera - Almost complete, currently working in the Widebody variant, light system and some extra work to be done.

Nakata Hydric 2.0 Update - The model is being completely redone, currently working on it's extra parts, variants and light system.

Rampanti Ventoro 2.0 Update - Adding the new light system, and a few improvements.

???? - Revealing soon.

Off Topic / It might be my most empty birthday yet
« on: May 02, 2020, 10:44:31 AM »
Today's my birthday, but due to how the world is going right now and some other life problems, I feel completely empty today, but maybe we could be able to do something right? I hope.

Gallery / [VIDEO] Chat Spammers in a Nutshell Remastered
« on: April 22, 2020, 09:54:57 PM »
I decided to remaster a video I made back in 2013, which was one of the videos from the nutshell series, I redone all the scenes with better camera movements, 60FPS, and smooth shading goodness.

Here is the original video.

And here is a video comparison with the two versions.

Help / Blockland won't connect to the master server
« on: April 21, 2020, 04:36:47 PM »
For some reason the game won't connect to the master server, it stays with the "loading" text stuck on the bottom and when I press join game, this message opens up.

Also I use the Steam version.

Gallery / [VIDEO] The Brighter Dark's Casino Royale Server Showcase
« on: January 18, 2020, 11:08:27 PM »
Here's another showcase video! This time on The Brighter Dark's Casino Royale server.

If you would like to have an Add-On, Server, Build or anything for Blockland being showcased in a video let me know!

I made a video to help promote FlavouredGames' Christmas server, it's one about building holiday themed houses, it's currently open!

If you would like to see your build, server add-on or any Blockland project showcased in a video let me know!

Gallery / [VIDEO] Badspot & Co. - Loadsamoney FULL VERSION
« on: December 10, 2019, 11:41:55 PM »
A few years ago, I made a short video about how I would imagine Badspot doing when Blockland went Greenlit on Steam using Harry Enfield's Loadsamoney music (fun fact, that's where the Adbot's avatar originated from), since then I planned to make a full version of it, but just I remembered about it recently, so here it is!

Link to the original video -

Off Topic / This little puppy had just showed up in front of my house.
« on: September 23, 2019, 09:07:08 PM »
She was shaking from the cold, we brought her inside for shelter, gave her food and a little shirt, the poor thing.

Off Topic / The "Fraud Prevention Team" Scam on Steam
« on: May 26, 2019, 09:39:46 PM »
A few minutes ago a guy by the name of NicholasTheEgghead got in contact with me via steam, he claimed he reported me by accident and the only way to undo this is by adding a "moderator" to cancel the report, that moderator was called Quacker, I got in contact with him explaining the situation and he said that if I don't cooperate my Steam account would be banned, he then sent me this GIF.

At first I panicked, I thought it was legit, until later on he said that I would receive a code to confirm my e-mail, then I realized that if I had any real problems with my account, I would had received an official e-mail instead of contact via Steam Chat, here's the profile of the scammer.

If some random person adds you and claims that you got reported or that you're involved in to something and asks for your e-mail confirmation code, block and report, don't fall for that, I searched for it and it turns out that they try to get in your account and steal all of your items in the inventory, I searched for this "Fraud Prevention Team" and turns out that some people fell for that.

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