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Suggestions & Requests / General's Obj2BLB
« on: June 30, 2015, 10:20:04 PM »
Does anyone have it?

Modification Help / Issues modeling, please PM
« on: June 29, 2015, 05:28:18 PM »
How do I add bones to the model?

I can't seem to do this well, I look fine in the picture

But then in first person my camera is on the ground.
I have looked at some tutorials but they don't help me at all.

This is a pain in the ass, I wish I can model but there's nothing good out here for me to look for. If you know how to model and actually get playertypes working in BL, please PM me, I want to learn. I don't know anything but to know what to name what.

Since you may have seen this,

I've made them go onto the rest of them as well.



Yes, you can make your own folder of a gamemode with it's own description.txt and gamemode.txt!

This is server sided, so you'll need a server to do this.
This is host only, but you can make it SA by $Pref::Server::AllowGamemodesForSAs.

You can request current add-ons that are enabled and it will automatically add them to the enable queue.
You can add or remove the add-ons.
There's even a preview of what the description and the gamemode.txt will look like!

You can even have a simple environment (Sorry the advanced mode part is a bit confusing)
You can also make your own minigame with many options to choose from!

Type /GMMGui in the server to open it! Enjoy!

I use this for Blocknet because linux doesn't seem to execute all of them until I used this add-on.

Suggestions & Requests / Farm plant bricks/static shapes with stages?
« on: June 21, 2015, 02:32:11 PM »
I remember a server had farm plant bricks/static shapes that had different stages. Is there a way to get those?

Off Topic / Find the above user's funniest/dumbest oldest quote
« on: June 18, 2015, 08:46:31 PM »
Look back at the above user's first few pages of their posts (or more than a few pages) and see if you find anything funny/dumb.

Look at my posts,;u=40877;sa=showPosts;start=4680, I was a huge idiot at that time, didn't even know what was possible or impossible for the blockland engine.
I didn't even know how to script, even though I pretty much said I can do it. Lol.

I've been adding pictures to the admin shields and it's the same file as the original ones.

I've added 9 picture shields and they are all corrupted now.

Code: [Select]
Loading Add-On: Script_AdminShields
Executing Add-Ons/Script_AdminShields/server.cs.
Activating package: Script_AdminShields
Add-Ons/Script_AdminShields/server.cs (0): Unable to instantiate non-conobject class DecalData.
Add-Ons/Script_AdminShields/server.cs (0): Unable to instantiate non-conobject class DecalData.
Add-Ons/Script_AdminShields/server.cs (0): Unable to instantiate non-conobject class DecalData.
Add-Ons/Script_AdminShields/server.cs (0): Unable to instantiate non-conobject class DecalData.
Add-Ons/Script_AdminShields/server.cs (0): Unable to instantiate non-conobject class DecalData.
Add-Ons/Script_AdminShields/server.cs (0): Unable to instantiate non-conobject class DecalData.
Add-Ons/Script_AdminShields/server.cs (0): Unable to instantiate non-conobject class DecalData.
Add-Ons/Script_AdminShields/server.cs (0): Unable to instantiate non-conobject class DecalData.
Add-Ons/Script_AdminShields/server.cs (0): Unable to instantiate non-conobject class DecalData.
0 datablocks added.

I've decided to cut down on my World RPG for a bit as the build is currently slow progress than the script itself.

Welcome to Visolator's City RPG (CRP)

What is this?
This is a city roleplay made completely from scratch by me. If you want to be real with role play in a city, here it is.

There are already a few city servers out right now, why make one?
They all use the same mod, which is IBan's fragmented city mod. It's better to make one than even edit it, although his is good to show people what it is doing.

How is your mod different from IBan's?
I have a lot of support in the mod for coders to make things more easily, the code is a lot more simpler than IBan's code. Yes, when I am done with this mod and after the server dies out, I will release the mod. Jobs and info bricks are much easier to create and even use a custom call function to see if it exists when they hop on the brick.

Economy: Game starts with 60 million (125%) (Cap is 100 million), and cannot be earned ever again, meaning everyone that gets money directly from the city will hurt the economy. You are also able to donate to the economy to restore it back. Higher pays will hurt the economy more, when the economy is over 100% store items will be cheap, but if it is less than 100%, it will be expensive. This doesn't change the price much unless the economy is really butthurt. Every time a person is new the city will use its own money to give to that person, it can be earned back if that person feels like giving it back eventually. The more players, the bigger the problem this will be for the economy. If the economy ever reaches 0%, no one can get their paychecks or even start with money for new people, so be careful. Some jobs rely on the economy, so if they get stuffty weapons/vehicles, it's because of the economy being treated. The cap and start economy amount might change, but I do not know at the moment.

Jailing: Doing stupid things will get you into demerits. Such as killing, pickpocketing, robbing the bank, robbing store clerks, etc. You cannot suicide while you are trying to be arrested; if you leave the server while being arrested a fake player with a fake client will be there with all of your info. You can still be jailed or killed. When you come back and your player was jailed, you will be jailed for that time you were jailed for.

Money: Simple for money, if you die from something with the exceptions of hunger/thirst, you will drop your cash. If you catch other people taking your cash (using checks for this), you can literally kill them with your hammer to get it back. Same for being pickpocketed, only you can hammer that person, no one else is able to hammer unless they got screwed by the same blockhead. Pickpockers cannot deposit money after pickpocketing someone, they have to wait. If they are near the bank when pickpocketing, the bank can "see" what they are doing and not allow them to do anything at all for a bit.

Wanted/Demerits: You can no longer get killed by anyone if you are wanted, same as being hammered all the time. If you are trying to kill someone that is wanted, you will still get demerits, but only half because they are wanted, but it is also not your fight to pick unless you were attacked first. Self-defense only works on the criminal's player once until it happens again. When getting wanted, it is more difficult to get to another star. You can be jailed for more than 6 days, so I wouldn't even try to get more than 6 days. If you have pink stars, you'll know when you should be jailed before it gets worse.

(Not completely done) Jobs: Jobs will pay but also can be based on interest and possibly the economy. There will be job trees, which can also reveal more jobs and even hidden jobs when you get farther into the job's tree. You cannot get paid while being dead too long, being wanted, in jail, or loading. Education will insanely cost more as you get one. Experience will also be only for that job branch you got the experience for. You are able to lose exp by doing your job wrong (example: killing people as a police officer).

Date/time: There will not be any long ticks, the city's tick is every second, which is how it updates the print. Once the max time has passed, the tick will start a new day giving everything out possible to only you. The server will not also lag when a day goes by.

(Not done) Lots: You will have to pay for lots, but instead, you can go to the building department and buy a lot, and then you can plant your lot down. If your lot is somehow broken or not working, you will get refunded into your bank account, but you will lose that lot. Bricks will cost a small fee to prevent people making high brick count buildings, it will be based on brick volume, but the fee will not be too large unless you're trying to do 32x cubes. You can buy bricks from the building department as well, and it will stay on your profile forever, same thing if your brick does not plant correctly, you will get your money back into your bank account.

(Not done) Drugs: Drugs are powerful and will have high cost, but can earn your money back eventually. The drugs will have effects and are illegal, if you are caught with them (ex: being high), you can get wanted automatically if a blockhead is able to arrest. I wouldn't even do any drugs.

(Not done) Farming: You can farm! We replaced lumberjack jobs with farming jobs because who wants to sit for hours chopping a tree? I've barely seen people use lumberjacks as well. I do want the models from DrenDran when he had that server, that would be nice.

Survival: Yes, there is hunger and thirst. It does not go by long ticks (day ticks), it goes every second, which is a city tick (difference). They are slow, and it doesn't instantly kill you if you are low. The percentages are reversed instead of 0% it will be 100% you will die at; it just means "You are 100% hungry" which makes sense. If you eat too much you will explode from your obesity and will have your bank money deducted because we had to revive you from the hospital, then we put you in a bag and then set you back at the spawn.

Note: Almost everything you do is logged, it will log 2 files with and without IPs.
Note: Do not make spammy builds, you will get banned and possibly never come back.
Hint: ^ before you teamchat/regular chat to chat local.

Anything else you want to ask that I might have missed? Post here about it!

Need builders, images?
Currently the mod is going to escalate because it's stable.

We currently need a jail.

Support Folder - Everyone who made things for support are being credited. (Xalos, Greek2Me, Port)

Me - Making the entire script from scratch, a pain in the ass.
Jakob - Co-Founder of the City, also helps build the entire layout with me.
Profitman - Helping out in the server here and there.
Everyone else - Helping out on the build (Currently making a list so I can put them here)

Interested in getting moderation? Apply here. It will be useful for the future of this mod.

Suggestions & Requests / RTB Dump - Brick category?
« on: June 10, 2015, 01:05:41 AM »

The add-ons are lost, does anyone only have the brick category?

Any ideas on how should I make a city rp? I don't want to make one and then screw up how it works, I want to make it while it's being made from scratch.

Currently I am having issues spawning vehicles, only 4-6 spawn while there is a lot more than can spawn  because I was spawning 12 AIs and only 4-6 vehicles have spawned.

Any ideas?: Or do I need to make a hacky way to make vehicles?

Code: server.cs (31 lines)
    function GameConnection::getSpawnPoint(%client)
        if(isObject(%mini = getMinigameFromObject(%client.minigame)) && DD_Data.memberCount > 0)
            %spawnBrick = DD_Data.assignRandomVehicle(); //Max out needs to be at 32, this cannot repeat
                %spawnBrick.setVehicle(nameToID(MonsterJeepVehicle), %client); //Prevent others spawning it into something different
                else if(isObject(%vehicle = %spawnBrick.spawnBrick))

                %point = %spawnBrick.getTransform();
                %spawnPosition = getWords(%point, 0, 2);
                %spawnTransform = getWords(%point, 3, 6);
                %spawnPoint = vectorAdd(%spawnPosition, "0 0 10") SPC %spawnTransform;
                %spawnBrick.isTaken = 1;
                return %spawnPoint;
                %client.chatMessage("\c5Sorry, looks like someone didn't leave enough room for you.");
                return Parent::getSpawnPoint(%client);   
        else if(DD_Data.memberCount <= 0)
            announce("\c0WARNING\c3: No derby spawn has been set!");
        return Parent::getSpawnPoint(%client);   

How do I raise the vehicle limit more than 20?

"Destruction Derby - An arena with plenty of players and cars, they have to crash on each other, and the one left wins."

What type of vehicle should I get? (Include the link)

What else should go with this? Ideas?
I'm making it how the map changer works. Except you have to vote for it.

Gallery / [Video] I broke the way the camera works somehow
« on: May 30, 2015, 12:10:30 AM »
For some reason I broke how the camera works, I do not how see page 1 for my answer, but it is pretty cool. I can see how someone sees in 3rd/1st person.

The radar is done, but..

What I am trying to do is when the range is changed the math changes for the object.

The image extent is 200 200, and the main swatch extent is 300 300. The image is positioned at the center of the swatch, which is 50 50

This loop here updates all the existing objects in case the main player moves in a different direction.

The %newPos is where to look at because that is how it gets moved.
%obj.worldPos is the actual positions from the server, it is being translated to fit into the circle.
In cyan, is the main part of the position of how it changes.

%transform = serverconnection.getcontrolob ject().gettransform();
%rx = getword(%transform, 0);
%ry = getword(%transform, 1);

if(%obj $= "")
      %obj = %this.getObject(%i);
      %px = %rx - getword(%obj.worldPos, 0);
      %py = %ry - getword(%obj.worldPos, 1);
      %pdist = msqrt((%py * %py) + (%px * %px));
      %moveDist = -1 * mpow(1.07, (%pdist * -0.2)) + 1; //I don't want to ever change this because I don't really know how this works

      %newPos = mFloor((220 - $vRadar::Range) * mcos(matan(%py, %px) - %transform_pi) * %moveDist + (%vRadar["Img","Extent","X"] * msqrt(2))) SPC
            mFloor((220 - $vRadar::Range) * msin(matan(%py, %px) - %transform) * %moveDist + (%vRadar["Img","Extent","Y"] * msqrt(2)));

      if($Sim::Time - %obj.lastResponse > $vRadar::Timeout) //Did it get a response?
      else if(%newPos !$= %obj.position)
         %obj.resize(getWord(%newPos, 0), getWord(%newPos, 1), 20 * $Pref::Client::vRadar_Size, 20 * $Pref::Client::vRadar_Size);
         //echo(%obj.getName() @ " - Dist: " @ vRadar_getDist(%obj));

Here is how it looks. (Click the picture to see a video)

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