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So I'm making a new Zombie Mod gamemode for Blockland to hopefully have a new fun server on the master server list and create something new for the playerbase, but the gamemode desperately needs a functional map rotation mod.

Since BIO-HAZZARD's map rotation mod is completely broken (it doesn't work properly with slayer, breaking the game and deleting people's players permanently and preventing them from respawning ever again. also ignores prefs settings in blockland glass), and he doesn't play blockland anymore, a new one needs to be made that is designed to work for Slayer and Glass from the get-go.

If anyone here has played the Intox Zombie Mod server on Team Fortress 2, it's meant to be just like that, where maps are nominated and voted on for playing by the players, rather than being a forced set rotation automatically done by the server.

This map rotation mod would need to support the following features:
  • A separate save folder inside the Blockland save folder that stores the maps the gamemode is meant to run on. (failsafe: if there are no saves in the map rotation save folder, the mod will automatically be disabled in prefs, with a chat warning displayed on server startup notifying the host of this)
  • A map election/ballot that is run once per map during the second-to-last round of the map's run, where players vote on the next map to play. If no one votes for a next map, the computer chooses a random map from the available rotation
  • /maplist command to allow players to see the list of maps the server has (map names would be the save file names in the map rotation save file folder, with each assigned a number according to alphabetical order of save file names)
  • /nominate x command to allow players to each nominate one map to be on the ballot for the map election, where "x" is the number assigned to a given map in /maplist.
  • /rtv (rock the vote) command to allow players in the slayer minigame to vote to hold a map vote early, and skip the current map immediately upon conclusion of the vote. A new map vote would only be initiated after a certain percentage of players in the minigame RTV'd (eg. 8/10 players would need to type "/rtv" in chat in order for an early map vote to start)
  • /votemap x command to allow players to vote for a map option on the current map election, when it is held
  • /nextmap command allows players to see what map is coming up next
  • /loadmap (admin only) command allows admins to force-load a new map, canceling votes in progress and bypassing nominations
  • Automatic minigame-resetting after a new map loads (Bio-Hazzard's loads the save after the minigame resets, and so creates issues when transitioning to new maps)
  • Preservation of player entities so they are not deleted during map changes (Bio-Hazzard's does this and it has led to crippling bugs in the addon which break the game, preventing players (including admins) from being able to spawn again)
  • Full Glass prefs control that allows players to customize many map rotation mod options
    • "Number of minigame rounds for map duration" [number] - This value determines after how many minigame rounds/resets the map will change.
    • "Disable Map Rotation" [true/false] - This would temporarily disable most features of the mod, and if players attempted to use them (eg. /nominate) it would send them a chat message saying "Map rotation is currently disabled". Good to have for maintenance/debugging purposes on a specific map without having to restart the whole server with the addon disabled.
    • "Enable Map Voting" [true/false] - If map voting is disabled, the computer will choose a random map to play next automatically, announcing the next map in the 2nd-to-last round of the current map. If a player attempts to /nominate a new map when map voting is disabled, they will receive a chat message saying "Map voting is currently disabled".
    • "Max map nominations" [number] - This would determine the total number of different maps that can be nominated for the nextmap vote, with the number of ballot choices being equal to the number of nominations set in this pref. Having this set to "8" for example, would mean there can be 8 nominated maps and 8 new map choices on the ballot. If a player attempts to /nominate a map after the max number of nominations has been reached, they will recieve a chat message saying "Error: Maximum number of nominatable maps has been reached".
    • "Map cooldown value" [number] - After playing on a certain map, players would be unable to nominate it again for play until after playing a certain number of other maps first. A map cooldown value of 3 would mean that 3 other maps must first be played before the map in question can be nominated for play again. (failsafe: if this value is set to be greater than the number of available maps, the computer will simply pick random maps for the players until enough different maps have been rotated through to allow nominations again)
    • "Map vote time" [number of seconds] - This would determine how many seconds the map vote lasts for until voting is closed and the winning map is chosen.
    • "Load map as public bricks" [true/false] - This would determine whether or not maps are loaded under the host's ownership or as public bricks (good to have as an option for the case of maps with complex events dependent on an owner with admin permissions).
    • "Allow extended map" [true/false] - When enabled, this would permit players an extra map vote choice, to extend the map. It would always be listed at the bottom of the ballot, to encourage players to vote for new maps.

EDIT: Finishing this post will take me a while so i'm going to leave it as is for now.

If anyone who is an experienced and qualified programmer is down for making this mod, PM me on the forums or find me in the blockland content creator's (BCC) discord and we can discuss payment, because yes, i am willing to pay for this mod to get made if that's what it takes.

Help / script_NewMapRotation breaking game/deleting player upon "map change"
« on: September 04, 2018, 07:01:12 PM »
I want to use script_NewMapRotation for my server so it rotates maps for my new Zombie Mod gamemode i'm developing.

However, i'm having a serious issue with script_NewMapRotation breaking the game when the "map rounds" are up and the map is supposed to change

upon attempting to change the map, I get this message in chat:
Code: [Select]
ERROR: File "" not found. If you are seeing this, you broke something.
At the same exact time, my player's body is deleted and I am unable to respawn myself, neither naturally nor forcibly through console.

Anyone happen to know how I can fix this?

Suggestions & Requests / Fixed download link to Demian's Default House?
« on: September 01, 2018, 09:43:23 AM »
In 2013 Demian posted a thread about an all-default modern house he built. Unfortunately the download link to it is broken and it is no longer downloadable. Would anyone still happen to have a save of it, or be willing to message Demian and ask him to post a new thread? Thanks.

this needs to be a thing


what about a sentry gun you can mount weapons to

also, a TF2-like "Bushido"-style Dispenser item. It would be upgradable to have more health, heal players faster, and dispense ammo faster.

How it would work:
The dispenser would have a supply function wherein when a player walks into "supply range" of the dispenser, the dispenser automatically heals the player a certain amount every second (until they leave range), and drops ammo pickups for the player. If there are no players in range, the dispenser will not dispense ammo pickups or give off health. After initiating an ammo drop, there is a cooldown time until the dispenser will drop ammo again (to avoid spamming the server with items on the ground). The items the dispenser would drop would be set as a pref in Glass/RTB, with the server owner being able to specify what specific drops (or none at all) the dispenser would have.

Level 1: 120 health. Heals 6 health per second, with a healing radius of 5 studs. Ammo drop cooldown is 6 seconds.
Level 2: 150 health. Heals 8 health per second, with a healing radius of 6 studs. Ammo drop cooldown is 5.5 seconds.
Level 3: 180 health. Heals 9 health per second, with a healing radius of 7 studs. Ammo drop cooldown is 5 seconds.

What do you guys think? Any modelers/programmers up for the challenge of making this?

Renderman In A Bowl (40440)
Raiding servers with malicious URL spam; Glass chat harassment

So I was minding my own business building a space station map on my server, when suddenly I started getting continually spammed with pinging sounds on glass.

I opened Glass to see what the heck was going on, and I saw "lambdatorin" abusing the @mention feature on glass, flooding chat with @mentions toward dozens of people in glass chat chat for no reason, all while swearing allegiance to "the third Reich":

Curious as to who it really was, I went and did a quick forum background check on the "lambdatorin" ID and discovered it was actually Weathernerd/Renderman In A Bowl, impersonating Torin:

Tabbing back into glass chat, I watched as DragonoidSlayer came online a few minutes later and slapped "lambdatorin"/Renderman with a 2-week chatban.

However, that was unfortunately not the end of it. A few minutes later, while I was having a brief conversation with some friends on my server, Renderman joined and proceeded to spam chat with links to a malicious-looking web address (it was allegedly a phishing site used to steal credentials from Roblox users).

Shortly after I removed him from my server, he started spamming the same links to me in DMs on glass, demanding I unban him. I decided to warn everyone else in glass chat about what he had done, but apparently others had already experienced the same thing from him as well; he had been jumping from server to server spamming the shady URL over and over until he got banned, then moved on to the next. We let Dragonoid know and he immediately barred Renderman from Glass for a month.

I know Renderman In A Bowl's been involved in a lot of petty interpersonal discord drama threads before, but I never found him to be particularly problematic ingame, until now.

I did notice though in researching his past dramas that he's displayed similar toxic behavior before, albeit in said private discord channels:

I'm not sure what exactly his motive is for doing all of this, but regardless, I just wanted to warn everyone about what he's been doing. He seems intent on being as malicious and annoying as he can for seemingly no reason.

Suggestions & Requests / water level fence bricks
« on: August 02, 2018, 06:39:14 PM »



my current laptop (got it in 2015, it's 3 years old now):

specs i'm looking for so far:
price up to $1,200 (will not go any higher than this)
7th/8th generation intel i7 CPU
nVidia GTX 10 series GPU (but no M version)
OS running on a 128gb-min SSD w/ 1tb HDD
min. 16 gb RAM
15.6 inch width model

i've found some interesting ones that look sort of like what i want:

ASUS FX503VM 15.6" Full HD Gaming Laptop
+ Best GPU (GTX 1060[3gb VRAM @1.5-1.7k Mhz] vs GTX 1050ti[4gb VRAM @1.3k-1.4k Mhz] vs GTX 1050[2gb VRAM @ 1.35k-1.45k Mhz]) (source)
+ Sold by Amazon rather than a third-party company, making the purchase less risky return-wise if there are defects or problems
+ Best reviews + Most reviews VS the other two laptops

// 3 USB ports (3x USB 3.0; the ROG Strix has 4 ports)
-- Most expensive ($1,213 minimum vs $1,200 vs $950)
-- No CD drive (though an external CD drive is cheap)
-- Oldest laptop by date first available (first released October 2nd, 2017)
-- Many user reviews have complained of poor color/brightness quality with the monitor

Asus FX53VD 15.6 Inch Full HD Gaming Laptop
+ CD Drive (something the other laptops lack, though buying an external USB cd drive is cheap)
+ $250 cheaper than the others

-- Only 1 USB port (1x USB 2.0)
-- No user reviews (overall laptop quality is therefore dubious and more risky as a purchase choice)
-- Small hard drive space compared to the others (512gb total vs 1,128gb total)
-- Lowest-end GPU card compared to the others (GTX 1050[2gb VRAM @ 1.35k-1.45k Mhz] vs GTX 1050ti[4gb VRAM @1.3k-1.4k Mhz] vs GTX 1060[3gb VRAM @1.5-1.7k Mhz])
-- Thicker than the other laptops height-wise (1.2 inches vs 1 inch)

ASUS ROG Strix Hero Edition 15.6" Gaming Laptop
+ Best CPU core compared to the others (6-core i7 8750H vs 4-core i7 7700HQ) (source)
+ 4 USB ports (4x USB 3.0)
+ Newest model laptop (first available in March 28th, 2018)

// Slightly cheaper than the FX503VM (the highest-end GPU one). Weaker GPU, but better CPU
-- Many user reviews have complained of overheating problems
-- No CD drive

Comparison between the 3:

of the 3 above, which would you say is the best? feel free to make your own recommendations as well for specific laptops.
please do not recommend low-end or poor-reputation laptop manufacturers though (eg. Dell/HP). ASUS is my personal favorite but MSI or Lenovo are probably cool too.

chakada (26968) - Griefing/Trolling on Neurotoxin's Horror Trench Survival

I was playing on Neurotoxin's Horror Trench Survival server today and started playing with a guy I ran into ("A very gay person") and we were having some fun building a base together in the wilderness.

For context, Neurotoxin's server is one where you're surviving in the wilderness/wasteland against Renderman and small monsters, with nothing but a trench dig tool. Local chat was enabled with no way to send global messages. Only players in the immediate physical vicinity could be reached via chat. There were no weapons as far as I could tell; all that we had was our player light and a trench tool.

Everything was going well for an hour or so and "gay person" and I had a good base going, until "chakada" (26968) walked up to our base from the wilderness and immediately started tearing our buildings apart for no reason. We asked him why he was destroying our stuff, and all he said was "how build!!!" over and over.

We told him to go away and leave us alone (since we had nothing but a trench tool so we couldn't forcibly stop him), but he wasn't taking no for an answer, so he declared "that's it, I grief now" and attempted to completely destroy our house.

I trief to private message Neurotoxin on Blockland Glass but he did not respond, so I attempted to ask in public glass chat if anyone could help out (hoping there was an admin from his server in chat or that Neurotoxin would get pinged by one of his friends and respond). Unfortunately the only response I got was chakada himself laughing at me while he continued destroying our house, declaring in game chat that our house was "his now".

After waiting for several minutes or so, helpless and unable to do anything, with the base being torn down in front of me, I had enough and left. "a very gay person" (my teammate) quickly followed suit and left as well, as we were unable to do anything to stop chakada and he was ruining the game for us.


I'm not sure what chakada's deal is, but he's being a real starfish and I hope this does not have to happen to anyone else.
Since I was unable to reach Neurotoxin and this issue remains unresolved, I just wanted to get this out there so everyone can know to avoid this guy.

I keep having this problem with Slayer.

The premise:
  • 2 teams: Marines and Insectoids
  • Insectoids are all a bunch of Bug Mod bots that spawn and attack the Marines
  • Marines have 1 life and have to survive for 2 minutes. If they can survive for 2 minutes they win.

For whatever reason, whenever someone leaves the minigame, or dies on the Marines team, the round immediately ends with "victory" for the Marines team. Why does this keep happening? I can't figure out why and I've checked all the slayer settings.

Please help.

We need a larger variety of SciFi/Space BLB door packs.

Now, most people use BLB doors (and i am starting to as well because i'm fed up with the unacceptable FPS drops), but I am very disappointed with the lack of variety in scifi doors. Most BLB door packs i've seen seem to cater to medeival and modern-era builds, being designed to look like they're made of wood/iron and swing-open rather than slide-open. It's very rare to find BLB doors that don't do one of those two things.

However, the old JVS door packs far more frequently catered to space/scifi builders, with a much wider variety of futuristic doors to choose from for use (and usually without the god-awful brick frames most BLB doors use)

I know that the sliding lab door on the far right in the image has already been remade into a BLB door, but it's got a crappy frame slapped on it that makes it very unpleasant to walk through, as it "bumps" the player up when walking over it + eliminates the player's ability to customize their own flooring for the door (some players may want to have grill plates on the floor, or use tiling, you know!)

I would really like to see someone remake these futuristic JVS doors into BLB doors, and without adding frames please! Also, if they could be made to be a bit taller (6x height is good, and maybe some versions that are larger as well perhaps?), that would also be greatly appreciated.

I also really wish someone would make BLB versions of the fan bricks as well. They could have 3 or 4 different "states" that could be cycled through and done via events, that way I don't have to be limited to using ~60 fan bricks for my builds (as it takes approx. 60 JVS fans to reduce my FPS to 60).

If anyone would be willing to "brickify" and rescale these doors and fans into BLB, I would really appreciate it. We need more futuristic BLB doors, and without frames!

So the past couple days it's been raining really hard where I live, and I was at college earlier today, walking to the library, and I walked out onto a wooden deck for one of the bridges that connects between the academic buildings and the library building (I had just left class and was going to the library to study), and unbeknownst to me the deck was very wet (it was a dark wood and the water blended right in), and I immediately slipped and fell to the side, hitting my head on the pavement and my laptop bag slamming down below me and then I landed on it.

Now my laptop's monitor section has a dent in the metal on the back of it, there's a small red smudge in the pixels in the center of my screen, and worst of all, the computer sputters/lags every half-second whenever I play any game, with audio becoming scratchy/distorted at every half-second spike. The computer also seems to be experiencing significant input lag at times.

I'm not sure how to diagnose my computer, does anyone have any recommended programs for detecting hardware damage, and if possible also, does anyone happen to know what might be the specific cause of my computer's sputtering?

For some reason this build save of a project i'm working on doesn't load correctly. I get no console errors saying "brick not found" yet a lot of bricks are simply missing from the save.

Here's some examples of what i'm talking about:


console log and save:

Off Topic / Steam won't work on college wifi - how to fix w/o VPN?
« on: January 08, 2018, 10:38:07 AM »
For whatever reason Steam does not let me go online when I use my college's wifi. What are the possible solutions to this that don't involve VPN's?

(only saying without VPNs because i cant afford to pay for a vpn service subscription)

Off Topic / Link to the post/user blocker script for chrome?
« on: January 05, 2018, 07:44:04 PM »

I should've been using this ages ago honestly but I can't seem to find it anywhere.

Yeah i'm gonna keep this one short since there isn't much to say, but basically Germestar is back on a new key as "Deathcore" (223806).
He joined my server about an hour ago and attempted to exact "revenge" upon me for posting this drama on him last year.

Luckily I managed to ban him a split-second before he launched a server-crashing attack identical to the one he did last time (massive looping vehicle explosion + physics collision spam)

^^^ the remains of his server crashing contraption

Previous dramas:
Germestar (87537) - Trying to crash my server with vehicle collision spam

Germestar - (BL_ID: 87537) - Attempting to lag and crash cannon666's server.
Germestar is the spam/lag king

Germestar lagging server intentionally

Ban him from your servers ASAP.

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