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Add-Ons / Dark Skin for Blockland Glass
« on: January 30, 2018, 05:25:43 PM »
Dark Mode for Blockland Glass*

I felt that Glass was way too bright so I made it darker. Since this is a blanket dark mode for everything Glass, some things don't look so great.
Most of the things you use everyday should look decent enough though. If anyone notices some small things that should be fixed I'll get to it, but many of the GUIs are hard to modify.

Pretty good:

Not so great:

*not associated/supported by Blockland Glass

Modification Help / GuiObjectView's mountObject
« on: January 08, 2018, 10:24:29 PM »
I'm trying to use the following function:
GuiObjectView::mountObject(%this, %name, %model, %skin, %parentName, %nodeName, %detailLevel)

This is what I'm doing as a test:
Code: [Select]
function objViewTest()

%this = new GuiObjectView(objViewTest)
position = "600 200";
extent = "300 600";

lightColor = "1 1 1 1";
lightAmbient = "0.5 0.5 0.5 1";
lightDirection = "0 0.707 -0.707";
orbitDiststance = "2";

%this.createBlockhead(-1, 1);
  %this.schedule(0, "setOrbitDist", 5.5);
  %this.schedule(0, "setCameraRot", 0.22, 0.5, 2.8);

  %this.schedule(1500, "mountObject", "", "Add-Ons/Gamemode_Jailbreak/datablocks/hats/TV/TV.dts", "", "", "head", 100);

The createBlockhead function is from Blockland Glass, it just loads the object like this:
%this.setObject("", "base/data/shapes/player/m.dts", "", 100); and sets the avatar.

The last line of my test function is where mountObject gets used, I've tried entering nothing for %lod as well as 100. It's possible I'm just not using the correct %nodeName, but using things like "head" or "rfoot" crashes me. Everything else gives an error.

If you want to try this out just have Glass on your client and run this code at the main menu. I tried out a few different models but maybe someone else knows how to use this?

Add-Ons / Get Ghost Brick
« on: September 14, 2017, 02:35:33 PM »
Get Ghost Brick
Type /GGB with an active ghost brick to have it teleported to your current location. I was doing some building far away from other bricks and needed to quickly get my ghost brick so I made this.


Suggestions & Requests / siba's ModTer Pack
« on: September 13, 2017, 03:36:37 PM »
Hi! The link is dead for this brick pack:

Was wondering if anyone had a link, thanks.

Add-Ons / Wider Playerlist
« on: August 01, 2017, 11:34:02 PM »
Wider Playerlist

I felt like the playerlist wasn't wide enough, sometimes names and scores get cut off. I made it wider.
Did my best to not mess with it in a way that would affect other add-ons such as trust manager or client-sided mute. I didn't test anything with that so let me know how it plays with other add-ons and I will fix it if needed.


Modification Help / [RESOURCE] Default functions & their parameters
« on: May 26, 2017, 12:13:12 PM »
If you need to parent something and are unsure what different parameters certain functions require or just don't know how to use a function, here is a list of each function.

Server functions
Client functions

I figured this would make things easier than having to use trace to figure out what each variable was used for.

Add-Ons / Brick Searching [1.5]
« on: April 22, 2017, 08:30:51 PM »
Having trouble finding that special brick? Too many Mod-Ter bricks to search through to find the one that you want? Not anymore.

Just search for what you want, or enter nothing at all to get a full alphabetized list of the bricks on the server.
Pressing Control + Enter toggles typing in the searchbox.

Download (Make sure you have Blockland Glass so the add-on can auto update.)

Add-Ons / No Trust Invites
« on: March 03, 2017, 05:46:41 PM »
The current anti trust invite add-on that we have is garbage. When you connect it pops up with a message saying that they're disabled which is annoying, and it actually kicks people when they do it instead of just telling them they can't which is stupid.

Adds the following prefs:
- Disable Trust Invites
- Admin Bypass
- Allow outside of mini-games

With this add-on you can stop players from sending trust invites to people who are inside mini-games, the popup box that appears may be distracting in deathmatch based modes. If you're not allowed to build, why not disable trust invites?

Suggestions & Requests / Per player collision toggle dll [will pay $25]
« on: February 03, 2017, 10:30:46 PM »
Hi, I'd like a dll that would be similar to the PlayerCollisionToggle one but would instead allow specific player collision. This could be set with something like Player::setCollision(bool).

Would have to work with MoveHandler and SelectiveGhosting.

I'll pay with PayPal, Steam game, order something to your house, whatever.

I was wondering if there was a way to use the ShapeBaseImageData objects that clients load for objects and do something with the dts. Specifically put it in a GuiObjectView, I thought I could do this just by referencing it where ever it was on the server like you can with images/textures but it doesn't seem to be working.

Is there a way to do this without having the client download all the dts and pngs separately?

It's as simple as I describe above, my issue was that I had the level of detail set to 100 when calling setObject() but setting it to nothing fixed it.
Thanks Eagle.

Add-Ons / Rowboat Guy
« on: December 26, 2016, 12:05:30 PM »
Rowboat Guy
While playing as this no-jet playertype you are able to rightclick while in the water to spawn a rowboat. You will automatically be put into the boat and it is deleted when you eject.
By default whatever paint color you have selected will be the color of the boat.

There are prefs for the following:
Spawning boat cooldown (Default 5 seconds)
Chat cooldown notification (Default on)
Custom boat color (Default on)

Suggested by Skill4Life.

General Discussion / Crown's Rise of Blockland
« on: October 14, 2016, 04:19:55 PM »
Mr. Wallet's
Rise of Blockland

This is an economy-based game mode that was hosted in 2011 by Mr. Wallet. It centers around buying property and making money to continually increase the value of your property. The main resource types are as follows:

Money ($$$)
Food (FUD)
Material (MAT)
Engineering (ENG)
Design (DES)
Technology (TEC)
Gas (GAS)

There is a required client add-on to play on the server, if you have Blockland Glass installed simply connect to the server and it will prompt you to automatically install and execute the client. Otherwise, you can download the (non-auto-updated) client here.

2011 RoB YouTube Video
Current RoB Server Screenshots

After looking through the leaked version of the gamemode I discovered there were some missing instruction files so I messaged Mr. Wallet and he gave them to me and wished for them to be shared with all.

LOL that thing was such a mess. Whatever version got leaked is definitely not the last version because no one ever hacked me and it never got uploaded anywhere.  I assume this is RoB 1, I gave someone a copy of that when it was about 80% through its lifecycle.

I never had a problem with sharing RoB, the problem was that the game was only fun with a lot of players, so by concentrating play into just one server, everyone had a better time. If 20 people were hosting games, no one game would be as good. But since I'm not hosting then it doesn't bother me that at least someone is doing it.

I did some digging and found this, it must be what you're referring to. Here you go. If there's a forum topic or something about this leak then please share it with everyone - this text is really just tutorial stuff so anyone using my mod without it is just going to make my mod seem bad, so everyone ought to have it. Feel free to share this message with the community. Enjoy and best wishes.  :cookieMonster:

Add-Ons / Moderator
« on: June 15, 2016, 08:25:56 PM »
I made an alternative moderator add-on a bit ago and forgot about it, I didn't like how the current one handled banning people and how it used !commands for some reason.

Mine comes with the following prefs which can be changed at the top of server.cs:

SuperAdminOnly = 1;               Set to 0 to allow admins to set and remove moderators.
MaxBanLength = 1440;            Maximum amount of time in minutes a moderator may ban someone, -1 for no limit
AnnounceAutoModerator = 1;  Should "Player has become Moderator (Auto)" be displayed when they join?
CanViewBanList = 0;              Should moderators be allowed to view the ban list? Still may not unban if set to 1.

The main difference about mine is that moderators are able to use the admin menu to ban and kick players so they can target people without hoping they get the name right in the chat, as well as the ability to ban people for however long they want (up to an amount set by the host, defaulted to a day)

Moderators cannot kick/ban other staff members, and also have the ability to view the ban list but that is off by default.

You can set people to moderator if they are offline with their IDs.

/toggleModerator (BL_ID or name)
/unMod and /setMod also work.


If anyone finds any issues with this please post them as I didn't do extensive testing since it was just me and another Blockland open.

Add-Ons / Weapon Checker
« on: April 25, 2016, 02:09:21 PM »
Someone asked me for this from my Jailbreak and I gave it to them so I figured I'd just release it. It is an item that will print the player's tools in your chat when you use it on them. No model it is the brick selector colored green.

I also have a bunch of other add-ons you can find here that I think are pretty neat that you might like too.

General Discussion / later
« on: March 10, 2016, 09:28:59 PM »
might do during summer when I have more free time.

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