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Off Topic / afk for 5 weeks
« on: July 11, 2013, 10:54:50 AM »
I'll see you guys in a bit. This is just to inform you 9 / 10 people wont care.
on second thought I thought you might want to ask questions.

afk. see you guys. Ill think of you <3

User was banned for this post

Off Topic / What are the U.S. laws about launching satellites
« on: July 11, 2013, 10:22:05 AM »
Just out of curiosity what are the us laws about launching satellites into oribt?

"my name is brian smith"
"m n i b s"

n g, b.

o b i h y a.

Off Topic / Dear Iceland: Your keyboards suck
« on: July 04, 2013, 12:00:59 PM »
Oh hi guys I am in Iceland. Their keyboards are horrid and their language looks like a downs 2 year old smacked it´s face against a keyboard printed it out and said "Daddy daddy I made a language!!!"  I just got out of a volcano (Literally, I actually was inside the only volcano that you can actually go into lol) and there were a ton of colors. The hike there was miserable but according to the guide I was a natural. Oh and the water smells like stuff, only the hot water though. It uses geothermal heating so they have infinite renewable energy and heating - but it smells like sulfur. I have had horse and kangaroo meat and it was very tasty :). Though when I am at the hotel I usually go on the stuffty computers that are actually running Ubuntu 9.04 and I ssh into my server and work on a little project. Guys, if you ever go to Iceland here are 2 tips: Don´t bother with currency, every store, literally, every, single, store, takes credit card. And don´t bother with shorts because at no point in time will you be wearing them. The city is clean, really, really, clean. Littering there is probably the biggest crime there (mostly because no one there commits crime). A little fun fact is that there are no natural predators in Iceland so the sheep and farm animals get tagged and then can literally roam the entire island and never have to worry about getting eaten. Then during the winter they go into the farms and some get eaten. Another fun thing is that the cows when they want to be milked go into these sheds that are spread all around the island, and a laser guided automatic milking machine milks the cows. Literally.
All of that aside you should consider this to be a plausible vacation because it is cheap and awesome.  I will be coming back on Sunday and I´ll tell you all about it ;). Sorry for those I can´t talk to on steam - I can´t access Steam because I can´t access my e-mail because I can´t access my phone.

ps for kingdaro only: please PM me progress on how much progress you got and what is implemented now and what needs to become implemented

ps for everyone else: this is a cool place.

Suggestions & Requests / Markdown in chat
« on: July 01, 2013, 03:16:44 PM »
If you ever go on reddit or in general have used markdown before, you would know what markdown is, but if you don't it is here

It would be pretty sweet if we could get that in chat, and I can't imagine it being to cumbersome and it really wouldn't be something you could spam.

Off Topic / Im in boston
« on: June 30, 2013, 11:53:30 AM »
Anyone here in boston ? I'm in visiting for the day

Off Topic / I had probably the worst night imaginable
« on: June 27, 2013, 09:23:59 PM »
It starts out with me updating my drivers...
... then it crashing
So then I log into safe mode with networking and wipe the drivers
Then I go back install the drivers that were giving me trouble and began to throw up. I threw up, diarrhea'd and pissed my self. I then climbed fully clothed into a cold shower, and during that I stripped my clothing off and cried there. Then I turned the shower off threw out my clothings and checked my computer's Windows Rating Index completely naked.  Then I put on my pajamas and typed this up amazed on how bad a good hour could be.

Discuss bad nights.

Off Topic / uh stuff guys, google the word "gay"
« on: June 25, 2013, 01:56:29 AM »
I might be late but
I thought this was kinda funny.

Off Topic / Animal of the day
« on: June 22, 2013, 10:46:38 PM »

Off Topic / $ (highschoooool)
« on: June 20, 2013, 02:42:43 PM »
happy birthday me I'm in highschool now.
ohgodwhy uh. stuff does anyone have any tips
I'm really nervous :(

I have a 500GB HDD currently installed into my computer.

I also have a 1TB HDD currently laying around just loving wanking it off in the corner of my room

So I want to install the HDD into my computer just for storage usage (it is also kinda slow, 5200RPM).

Though I don't have any real 'setup'
so can I just turn off my computer, plug it in with SATA and the Power Supply, and just turn it on and see it mounted :S?

All in title

So it says theres no updates or anything, uh
help :C

Modification Help / Getting all bricks within a zonebrick
« on: June 04, 2013, 09:32:21 PM »
How would one go about getting all the blocks that a recently placed zone brick encapsulates?

I've been asked for this before, and since I don't even mod for blockland anymore I thought it might be a nice little thing to give out.

so basically you have the global variables that define the max height and the min height (not even sure if those work, never cared to look, it looks like it works). I never really forgeted with the quality, so you can just leave that.

it is super 100% the hardest thing in the world. it takes so much time and effort to generate a single chunk it's not even funny
getsimplexZ(%x,%y) ==> z
Made for simplicity and fun. I know about the little glitch about certain threads of terrain being a little off. I fixed it on my old comp but lost that. iirc changing the numbers in the perm. table fixed it.

oh yeah the code.

Save this as simplex.cs

$Terragen::Max = 64;
$Terragen::Min = 0;
$Terragen::Quality = 256 / 2;
function strToSeed(%str)
   %abc = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz";
   %abc = %abc @ strUpr(%abc);
   %abc = %abc @ "`1234567890-=~!@#$%^&*()_+[]\\;',./{}|:\"<>? ";
   %seed = "0.";
      %letter = getSubStr(%str,%i,%i);
      %pos = strPos(%abc,%letter);
      if(%pos == -1)
         %pos = getRandom(0,strLen(%abc));
      %seed = %seed @ %pos;
   if(trim(%seed) $= "")
      %seed = getRandom() @ "2";
      %seed = %seed @ "2";
   return %seed;
function getMasterSimplex()
      talk("Creating Terrain Master");
      $simplexMaster = new ScriptObject()
         seed = strToSeed("i like to eat");
         quality = $Terragen::Quality;
         max = $Terragen::Max;
         min = $Terragen::Min;
   return $simplexMaster;
function getsimplexZ(%x,%y)
   %simplex = getMastersimplex();
   if(%simplex.gen[%x,%y] !$= "")
      return %simplex.gen[%x,%y];
   %seed = %simplex.seed;
   %quality = %simplex.quality;
   %z = 0;
   %delta = %quality + %seed;
   %noise = snoise((%x / %seed) / %delta, (%y / %seed) / %delta,%z);
   %noise = (%noise + 1 ) / 2 * (%simplex.max - %simplex.min) + %simplex.min;
   %simplex.gen[%x,%y] = %noise;
   return %noise;

save this as simplex2.cs
%list = "151\t160\t137\t91\t90\t15\t131\t13\t201\t95\t96\t53\t194\t233\t7\t225\t140\t36" TAB
        "103\t30\t69\t142\t8\t99\t37\t240\t21\t10\t23\t190\t6\t148\t247\t120\t234\t75\t0" TAB
        "26\t197\t62\t94\t252\t219\t203\t117\t35\t11\t32\t57\t177\t33\t88\t237\t149\t56" TAB
        "87\t174\t20\t125\t136\t171\t168\t68\t175\t74\t165\t71\t134\t139\t48\t27\t166" TAB
        "77\t146\t158\t231\t83\t111\t229\t122\t60\t211\t133\t230\t220\t105\t92\t41\t55" TAB
        "46\t245\t40\t244\t102\t143\t54\t65\t25\t63\t161\t1\t216\t80\t73\t209\t76\t132" TAB
        "187\t208\t89\t18\t169\t200\t196\t135\t130\t116\t188\t159\t86\t164\t100\t109" TAB
        "198\t173\t186\t3\t64\t52\t217\t226\t250\t124\t123\t5\t202\t38\t147\t118\t126" TAB
        "255\t82\t85\t212\t207\t206\t59\t227\t47\t16\t58\t17\t182\t189\t28\t42\t223\t183" TAB
        "170\t213\t119\t248\t152\t2\t44\t154\t163\t70\t221\t153\t101\t155\t167\t43\t172" TAB
        "9\t129\t22\t39\t253\t19\t98\t108\t110\t79\t113\t224\t232\t178\t185\t112\t104" TAB
        "218\t246\t97\t228\t251\t34\t242\t193\t238\t210\t144\t12\t191\t179\t162\t241" TAB
        "81\t51\t145\t235\t249\t14\t239\t107\t49\t192\t214\t31\t181\t199\t106\t157\t184" TAB
        "84\t204\t176\t115\t121\t50\t45\t127\t4\t150\t254\t138\t236\t205\t93\t222\t114" TAB

// Store permutation array from the precomputed permutations.

for(%i = 0; %i < 256; %i++) {
    %field = getField(%list, %i);
    $Simplex::P[%i] = %field;
    $Simplex::P[256 + %i] = %field;
function lerp(%t, %a, %b)
   return %a + %t * (%b - %a);
function fade(%t)
   return %t * %t * %t * (%t * (%t * 6 - 15) + 10);

function grad(%hash,%x,%y,%z)
   %h = %hash & 15;
   %u = %h < 8 ? %x : %y;
   %v = %h < 4 ? %y : %h == 12 || %h == 14 ? %x : %z;
   return ((%h & 1) == 0 ? %u : -%u) + ((%h & 2) == 0 ? %v : -%v);

function snoise(%x,%y,%z)
   %floopX = mFloor(%x) & 255;
   %floopY = mFloor(%y) & 255;
   %floopZ = mFloor(%z) & 255;
   %x -= mFloor(%x);
   %y -= mFloor(%y);
   %z -= mFloor(%z);

   %u = fade(%x);
   %v = fade(%y);
   %w = fade(%z);

   %a = $Simplex::P[%floopX] + %floopY;
   %aa = $Simplex::P[%a] + %floopZ;
   %ab = $Simplex::P[%a + 1] + %floopZ;
   %b = $Simplex::P[%floopX + 1] + %floopY;
   %ba = $Simplex::P[%b] + %floopZ;
   %bb = $Simplex::P[%b + 1] + %floopZ;

   %pAA = $Simplex::P[%aa];
   %pAB = $Simplex::P[%ab];
   %pBA = $Simplex::P[%ba];
   %pBB = $Simplex::P[%bb];
   %pAA1 = $Simplex::P[%aa + 1];
   %pBA1 = $Simplex::P[%ba + 1];
   %pBB1 = $Simplex::P[%bb + 1];

   %gradAA = grad(%pAA,%x,%y,%z);
   %gradBA = grad(%pBA, %x-1,%y,%z);
   %gradAB = grad(%pAB,%x,%y-1,%z);
   %gradBB = grad(%pBB,%x-1,%y-1,%z);
   %gradAA1 = grad(%pAA1,%x,%y,%z-1);
   %gradBA1 = grad(%pBA1,%x-1,%y,%z-1);
   %gradAB1 = grad(%pAB1,%x,%y-1,%z-1);
   %gradBB1 = grad(%pBB1,%x-1,%y-1,%z-1);

   return lerp(%w,
      lerp(%v, lerp(%u, %gradAA, %gradBA), lerp(%u, %gradAB, %gradBB)),
      lerp(%v, lerp(%u, %gradAA1, %gradBA1), lerp(%u,%gradAB1,%gradBB1))


Right, so just execute simplex.cs and you are good.

oh yeah and I have that weird strtoseed thing. Don't know if it works so if you figure out if it does / doesn't then post.

if you use this, pls give me credit. thanks ;).

I have also written this in some other languages. The next post has those


not mine.
click for a bigger image.

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