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Gallery / Gallop-Type Mecha
« on: August 04, 2016, 12:53:39 PM »
oh boy
light defense mech:
this is a bit weird for me because i'm more familiarized with building tanks that dont normally have legs
how is it guys

you can now download the save which contains the two current mechs
heavy assault mech, and light defense mech

I tried my best with default bricks, the proportions are obviously wonky

this is my favorite gallery trend ever

this is the Gallop. hes from a very obscure anime about a pick up truck that gets carjacked by the Courier from new vegas, who then uses his new pick up truck to punch a bunch of snobby starfishs (by accident) and clint eastwood (on purpose) in the richard
he is kitted out with various super robot amneties, including:
a normal gun
a second gun
a little gun, for the pilot
hands (to hold guns)
a 6-stage manual transmission
a truckbed (to hold guns)
a beer cooler (in the truckbed)
and a 20 pound radio system (to blare his theme song) (while he shoots you with a gun)



looks like u have a western mech, which just look like tanks with legs
nothing silly like those eastern mechs

bite my diesel powered ass

Suggestions & Requests / a bunch of standalone weapons
« on: February 23, 2016, 05:01:01 AM »
here are a bunch of ideas for weapons spawned from being too much of a regular on randomizer servers for too long

they're all standalone so i figure they should work without any 'pack' in particular, so ideally you'd release them all as such (or at least as standalones + a dependancy add-on, for sound effects or particles or whatever

Spike Cannon

a 'reverse airshot' rifle. essentially a normal semi-automatic rifle that deals 35 damage per shot but has impulse that knocks the target downward. the impulse is such that if you get 'spiked' from rocket jump height gravity will speed you up to the point that you'll probably die of fall damage

the 'spikes' themselves are probably like literally metal spikes (ie: nails) but they could just as well be some sort of shard of metal or something

Gravity Wave
the aoe variant of the spiker rifle. fires a projectile that produces a wave of explosions behind it. the projectile phases through enemies and deals damage (50~ish?) on direct hits but the gravity wave has a longer reload time (comparable to the quake-type sniper rifle's), but more importantly the wave of explosions all force any players (except for the player who fired it) downward, like the spike cannon. players who have been hit by the gravity wave cannot be hit again by the gravity wave for 100 ms (to make sure they don't get spiked by repeated spike hits at once)


an assault rifle (and really -just- an assault rifle) that heals the player when it lands hits. the damage done is almost totally negligible (like, ~5 damage a shot) but the health turnaround is like 10 health healed a hit, making fighting bloodsuckers a matter of dealing lump damage like a close-range shotgun blast or a direct missile hit

Marking Missiles

a 'missile launcher' that fires with a set pattern; first is the raycast 'painting' mode that activates when the trigger is first held which fires an automatic laser-pointer like invisible beam that marks players it hits. when the trigger is released the marking missiles fires exactly one missile per 'mark' every .5 seconds until it's all out of targets. you can mark the same player multiple times, with a .4 second cooldown. marking missiles home in on enemies, deal low damage (for a missile) (like, something like 40 direct + 20 splash) and are initially fired with some noticeable spread before their homing code activates and they fly toward their target. up to 12 marks (plus their missiles) can be queued in one go

if a marking missile's target is killed then the missile just keeps homing in on the last place they were (even if that causes them to loop around a point in the air) (not for any particular mechanical reason as much as it is because that's super goofy and ridiculous)

basically it's a reasonable version of the Circus Missiles from the battlemix server

Lucky Break
essentially a variant of one of my shields (also from the quake pack). when a player with a Lucky Break takes damage, no matter how much damage they took, they become totally invincible for the next solid second and after that second a sound effect plays. (i will provide the sound effect.) (but later, because i'm not at my computer right now.) (it's the paper mario do-doo-do-DOOT-doo sound that makes when an enemy completely whiffs an attack). after you get a Lucky Break, you can't get another Lucky Break for 30 seconds.

a shield. activating the protector causes you to take one-eighth damage for about a fifth of a second, along with one-third knockback. you can use the protector up to 3 times back to back but each use uses up a 'charge', which automatically regenerates every 1 second (even while the protector is not out). if you're out of charges, the protector will fail to work, which means you'll probably take a hit and look like a big idiot

Charge Cannon
a machine gun that works on the aforementioned charge system. it fires relatively powerful shots (like, 30 damage a pop) (that sounds absurd because it totally is) but has a 40 round magazine and goes through those 40 rounds with pretty much no problem. it also has high recoil, causing you to be able to fly around the map as long as your charge holds out. which it won't.

the charge cannon regenerates charge at a rate of 1c/0.5 seconds

Gravity Grenade
the opposite of the rotary grenade. fires a grenade that explodes a certain distance out infront of you that pulls things -inward- but doesn't deal noticeable damage. the actual point is that the gravity grenade also redirects projectiles toward the inside of the grenade (and resets their ownership to the person who launched the grenade), causing anyone unfortunate enough to actually get hit by the grenade to get hit by every bullet nearby

Airburst Grenade
a grenade launcher that fires a grenade that explodes when the trigger is released, or the grenade launcher is put away. the grenade does poor 'bink' (as in, direct hit) damage but bink damage has a special damage type that actually says 'bink'

Charge Grenade
a grenade launcher that launches a grenade with larger scale but less lifetime as you charge it up. initially it fires grenades that deal like 20 direct + 40 splash damage but travel extremely far but it charges to deal 4 times that damage at 4 times the radius, but it would explode literally the instant it gets out of the barrel. to not cause yourself to explode like an idiot, you can either cancel the launch (by putting the launcher away and taking it back out again) or just launching early, to drop consistent (if short ranged) grenades

the ramp-up system is not exactly linear. when you charge a grenade it takes about a half second to reach 2x scale but it takes another 3 seconds to reach 4x scale. every time the grenade's scale reaches a new exact number, it makes a different noise, and at 3x scale it begins to emit smoke, but charging is not limited to round numbers.

it's a raycast sniper rifle that completely removes all motion on a target (like the 360 noscope would when you take it out) for a brief period of time. i will explain this once it is made, but the basic idea is that two guys are fighting in one corner and then you hear from very far away "paraLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYZER" and one of them just freezes in the air for a second and they get shot to stuff

ideally the 'paralLLLLLLLLLYZER' sound does not play if a target is not actually hit. in fact, you might just hear 'para-'. i will handle this part.

it's a pair of revolvers. taking out causes it to spin in your hand. holding it causes it to spin in your hand. it is always spinning in your hand. when you use it, it slips out of your hand, turning into an arcing projectile that deals 15 damage. but, when the gunslinger hits the ground, it misfires, causing a bullet to shoot out at the nearest player (potentially you, if you're stupid), that deals another 15 damage

'maintaining' gunslinger fire on a target causes them to basically be under fire from two places at once; from the player (who is actually throwing things at them) and from wherever the gunslinger is landing. the gunslinger's bullets travel at the same speed that the gunslinger itself travels (not very quickly, like 65 muzzlevelocity?) and the gunslinger will not fire on an enemy that you actually peg with the gunslinger itself (if anything, it'll fire on the NEXT nearest player) (probably you)

it looks like you, but it's actually just a bot that looks like you. it is holding a random weapon from a pool of generic weapons (sniper rifle, shotgun, rocket l) (i guess any default weapon) and fires projectiles that are actually dangerous but are unlikely to actually hit anyone (due to any combination of poor aim, slow cycle time and the decoy's tendency to stare at a target for like 5 seconds before actually deciding to fire)

when the decoy fires, it plays a sound clip exactly 3 seconds later that it's target is guaranteed to hear. it is a muffled, staticy rendition of "kept you waiting, huh"

the decoy is deployed essentially like a metal gear decoy and automatically explodes (dealing damage!) after exactly 30 seconds of out time, or if another decoy is placed. you can deploy a new decoy every 15 seconds. the decoy has about 400 health and will not automatically target people who are shooting at it (and will in fact target any random player who isn't the person who spawned it)

a very heavy autocannon that is held in two hands. the model is turned 90 degrees to the left, so firing it is awkward but doable if you're strong and tough or something

the gun itself fires very fast projectiles that cause radius explosions on impact and deal very good damage with very low spread. unfortunately, it is firing to the left, so it's very hard to aim without going into third person and freelooking, and the damage of the projectiles falls off after about 64 studs to half damage and no explosion

Target Shotgun
this is a long ranged raycast shotgun that fires a relatively tight spread. like the team fortress 2 shotgun.

actually it's pretty much the team fortress 2 shotgun in all accounts. it fires 9 raycasts that dwindle to deal about half damage in a perfect square

o o o
o o o
o o o

like-a so

it can deal up to 50 damage a shot at close range (<32 studs) and deals up to 30 a shot at long range (>64), which is extremely good damage considering most things can't even hit at that range

Cloud 9
a semi automatic rifle that fires lil' cloudy poofs.

when one of these cloudy poofs hits a target, they are surrounded by a cloud and they take damage and knockback. while clouded they fall slower, are knocked back further (by everything!) and are generally in a bad spot until 15 seconds later, when it wears off

Curse Gun
a variant of the basic quake-type machine gun. deals damage and adds to the Curse Counter with every hit. when the Curse Counter hits 5, the enemy is forced to use a Curse Gun (but their other guns remain in their inventory until the status ailment wears off). the curse wears off after 15 seconds, and the curse counter depletes by 1 every 2 seconds

while cursed, a different colored cloud wafts off of you. it can be mistaken for farts.

High Noon
like the curse gun, but a revolver. facilitates spaghetti western high noon duels (except not, because the other guy's already gotten a free hit in) (that chuckleforget)

Command: Gun
another variant on the basic machine gun. when this weapon is used, you 'drop' the machine gun and it floats in space, firing in whatever direction you were looking in last. the machine gun has no hitbox and will never stop forgetin firing, but if you use the rifle again it will move to where you were last. you can only have one command gun out at once and if you die, it explodes (obviously)

Dynamite Kick
not the human rocket, but still basically a body projectile

when you use it you shoot directly forward with no additional control whatsoever of your player and if you hit a target they die (and also you hear the phrase 'dynamiTE KIIIIIIIIIICK') (hopefully muffled, and in the background).

dynamite kick cannot travel upward (as it is essentially a divekick, really) and when you use it you only have a normal amount of player air control, and only engages after a certain distance. in addition, if you dynamite kick but don't hit a target, you are still vulnerable to fall damage

also while you are dynamite kicking you leave a trail of explosions, to indicate the dynamite nature of your kick. you are invincible to these, so don't worry

when used for the first time, your current location is marked and you drop a little shiny thing (like an RPG item, or an undertale save point) at it's location. when used again, you teleport instantly to that location in a cloud of smoke. also, you leave a substitute doll behind, which falls immediately on the floor

after teleporting you are placed in a third person camera for a moment to help get your bearings (and make you a big easy target in case somebody noticed you poof back into space)

substitute can only be used every 30 seconds

Smart Gun
an assault rifle. automatically fires at a target and takes care to make adjustments based on the target's speed of movement and direction. doesn't deal enormous damage but allows the player using it to focus on matching the enemy's movement to help the smart gun's targeting

obviously loses some effectiveness at range, because the bullets themselves are not smart. just the gun

Garbage Gun
getting hit by this gun causes your inventory to fill with garbage, which are basically healing items (like the pill) except when you eat them they hurt you, and will eventually cause death by garbage. items in your inventory can be replaced by garbage but if they are, throwing away the garbage will re-add the original item to your inventory (essentially re-revealing them) (as if they were buried. by the garbage)


obviously you don't want to eat the garbage, so you must throw it out. ideally this would be no problem but there's some jackass over there shooting you with the forgetin garbage gun every so often and now you can't even pick up a new gun to shoot him with because there's so much garbage in your inventory and you have to throw it out and you accidentally threw away your shotgun after you used your garbage

eating garbage that was previously a gun causes you to be 'hit' by the gun's projectile (which spawns directly in front of your face, and then flies into your face) for half damage.

this is primarily a gun for japes. you can tell, because it does next to no damage

(actually getting killed by the gun's poor direct damage gets a different kill message:
Another Goober (TOOK OUT THE TRASH) Some Goober)

Clover Missiles
a missile launcher that fires 4 missiles in a spread (not unlike the drunken rockets). unlike the drunken rockets, these rockets always fire at very specific angles; one 25 degrees upward, one 25 degrees to the side, one 25 down and one 25 to the other side

this very specific pattern of missiles makes it hard to aim traditionally but with practice you can hit multiple targets at different angles

in case anyone decides to get involved i can throw some sound effects and particle effects but maybe not modeling. i have other things to do, you see

otherwise i would have made that forgetin garbage gun myself

Add-Ons / Weapon: Sawn-Off Rifle and Server_PGDie
« on: November 27, 2015, 05:29:48 AM »

Preview Video!

Sawn-Off Rifle technically v2

Sawn-Off Rifle v2a with no recoil and longer cycle time

a powerful rifle designed for close-range deathmatches with lots of cover; in particular, trench deathmatches. has a low ammo capacity, a sophisticated reload system (similar to T+T) and very little CI work because i could not be assed

on defense, it has lots of range and can put out a lot of damage if you can catch an attacker off guard. on offense, it has instant kill capabilities with short ranged headshots and can knock around assailants to help you manage enemy fire. cover is important: two ranged headshots or one good hit at close range will kill. plus, it raycasts, and if you've got good reflexes (or just know where the guy is beforehand) you can probably punch through anything

if you have the ammo, i mean

designed to be used standalone and definitely shouldn't be used with something like T+T or blockcombat, mostly because it is leagues more powerful then anything in either of those packs and that's asking for trouble. map design tailored around this weapon should have ammo all over the place to keep it's relatively short supply stocked and should have either the means to make cover or have lots of cover placed preemptively to keep the game from just devolving into a sniper duel

i made this gun in about 3 hours, but it should be bug-free; if you find one and fix it, post it in the topic and i'll link it to the OP

as an alternative (for specifically greek2me's trench TDM) i have also provided a less arcadey variant where the rifle doesn't push you back with recoil and has a longer, more traditional bolt-action-rifle cycle time. this version is even less likely to be supported as far as bug fixes go so don't go holdin your breath

Extra: Server_PGDie

a corpse mod that makes combat more satisfying and visually interesting in a sort of smash bros-y, abstract sort of way. purpose-built to be goofy and ridiculous. comes with a couple unexpected surprises, too

killing players causes them to explode, fly apart, and crumble to the ground. they also might make a sound if you kill them hard enough

modified from an existing mod (but i forget whose in particular) (i think it was called crumble on death)


General Discussion / Things Blockland Says
« on: October 10, 2015, 07:30:01 PM »
post your favorite things that you've seen people say

out of context, with context, ingame, doesn't matter

have some decency; try not to turn the thread into 30 pages of mocking sugar's speech pattern or something

(after shotgunning some guy on brian smith's martial law, and him getting super upset that his machete didn't kill me from a room away)

Gallery / [VIDEO] testfire Boss Battles Deluxe
« on: September 28, 2015, 09:11:07 PM »
Youtube Link

mortaring like 8 guys, who all cannot believe it
a performance from the lovely BBDX Sniper Choir and their friends in the "We Have Rocket Launchers But Don't Know How To Use Them" flying trapeze
getting sniped so hard you lag for a solid second
some jackass who got banned from pecon's server and saw it fit to tell everyone how proud he is to have pissed off a reasonable administration
sonic music?

Suggestions & Requests / [GAMEMODE] Boss Battles DX
« on: September 18, 2015, 06:06:29 PM »
im still super mad that boss battles has basically existed unchanged for like 4 years now so here is what a theoretical super boss battles would look like

Boss Battles DX is an all-against-one deathmatch in which one player (the Boss) fights against a fragile but numerous horde of Soldiers in a frankly lopsided endurance test. as the Boss, the player must efficiently and quickly pick off the largest threats with their Basic Weapon(s) to earn Energy. Energy is used to fire their Special Attacks, which are powerful multi-target attacks that require specific timing or preparation but can be used to kill many enemies at a single time, leaving a large dent in the enemy team. on the opposite side, Soldiers are relatively fragile but universally agile enough to evade attacks from the boss

Soldiers are straightforward; they're essentially normal players. they spawn on a Ticket system, which means that as long as the Soldier team has enough Tickets to spawn more players Soldiers will continue to spawn normally. they move at a slightly higher then maximum speed and spawn with a random primary weapon and a reliably useful but noticeably less powerful secondary weapon. when a Soldier dies- or, more precisely, when their corpse disappears- they drop their primary weapon. certain primary weapons are noticeably more powerful, meaning the Soldier wielding them becomes a bigger threat to the boss. proper teamwork is necessary to keep that Soldier's weapon in the game as long as it can in order to continue dealing as much damage as possible to the Boss

every Boss is defined by their Special Attacks, but typically have similar enough Basic Weapons. the Basic Weapon is essentially a mundane, relatively frillless weapon that kills enemies well enough but doesn't deal enough damage quickly enough to be a practical weapon against the greater Soldier force. however, getting a kill with the Basic Weapon builds up Energy. with enough Energy a boss can fire a Special Attack by right clicking; the type of Special Attack that fires changes depending on the Boss. most special attack lineups follow a quadratic progression, starting with a useful if less spectacular area of effect attack and ending with a chaotic field-clearing undodgeable supermove.

now, that said, the Boss also LOSES energy for every 1% damage it takes. in order to continue firing special attacks, the Boss has to make sure they're killing faster then they can take damage and are appropriately dealing with emergent threats such as Soldiers with dangerous weapons or in flanking positions

Bosses consistently have the same amount of health regardless of playercount, because playercount does not necessarily influence damage potential; a team of 5 players will still have a 50 ticket stock, allowing them to deal comparable damage in those 50 tickets to a team of 10 players on their own 50 ticket stock. the biggest difference is the speed damage is dealt and the length of every game

Boss Design is simple; due to the Energy and Special Attack system balancing can be boiled down to a set of numbers that can be moved higher or lower depending on effectiveness and tactical value. a Boss is essentially just an interplay between their Basic Weapon, their basic stats, and their Special Attacks

when a Boss tries to fire their special attack, they always fire the last Special Attack they had earned the EN to unlock. firing the appropriate special subtracts that special's EN requirement from the Boss' energy reserve. in addition, a boss taking enough damage to lose energy is denoted by the boss emitting a plume of smoke and sparking.

a typical Boss, on paper, might look like this


  a Boss whose Basic Weapon is easy to use and effective and whose special attacks are straightforward but inflexible. a good boss for learning the game's systems.

  9,000 HP (as in, exactly 90 players worth of health)
  125% player movement speed
  2x player scale
  80 Soldier Tickets

  [Basic Weapon] "Burst Rifle"
     a rifle that fires in a long, uninterrupted 10-shot burst over a span of ~2 seconds. only 7 shots from the burst are necessary to score a kill. the final shot in the burst explodes, dealing knockback and extra damage to anyone nearby. the projectiles are pinpoint accurate but travel slightly slower then average, necessitating fine aim

  [EN 2] "Mortar Shell"
     Dixie fires a large explosive that flies high into the air, out of view of the imperceptive player, making a high-pitched squealing sound. the mortar does radius damage easily over a ~32 stud radius and kills for certain within ~16 studs, making it effective for killing large swathes of players

  [EN 4] "Burst Barrage"
     the Burst Rifle makes a loud, metal-on-metal racking noise before it fires a flurry of it's 10th-shot explosives. the attack is hard to avoid but is actually less likely to kill an individual Soldier due to the added knockback on every bullet, and is more likely to scatter enemies and deal moderate damage across the total Soldier force

  [EN 9] "Mortar Storm"
     Dixie fires a swarm of 5 mortar shells that spread over a ~48 stud area. the combined damage radius of the mortar shells guarantee a couple kills but an observant Soldier- as in, one not paying attention to Dixie, who can just shoot him with the Burst Rifle- can evade the mortars by simply looking up and getting out of the way due to their slow overall movement

the design intention is that Dixie's playstyle revolves around it's Burst Rifle, which is obviously the boss' primary weapon. due to Dixie's health reserve and relatively inefficient weapon fights are long and have lots of opportunities for the battle to shift in one side's or the other's favor. Dixie deals the most damage through it's Mortar and Burst Barrage, with Mortar Storm being more of a bonus certain-kill attack. Dixie actually has a hidden technique, due to the way energy works: at EN 6, Dixie can fire it's Burst Barrage to deal widespread direct damage and only lose 4EN out of 6, allowing the player to immediately pursue with Mortar Shell to deal even more damage. due to Dixie's generally-less-dangerous special attacks, soldiers are more likely to survive hits without dying, allowing the player to immediately follow-up with Dixie's basic weapon to immediately earn back some energy. this loop allows an experienced Dixie to constantly be laying down mortar shells, giving Soldiers something to worry about from two angles of attack

the big challenge with Boss Battles DX is making sure that the game never feels like you're up against an undefeatable opponent from either side of play; Pecon's boss battles suffers because of how easy it is for an experienced player to tip the scale so far in their favor that the game becomes a stomp and the fight becomes unfun

it also suffers from minibosses, which are a cool idea conceptually (a player who is noticeably a larger threat then the other players) but minibosses are too consistent and are hidden behind a point wall and they're something you have to do deliberately as a gamble as opposed to a fun surprise that gives a player the chance to turn the tables on a boss

it ALSO suffers from stuns. which are straight-up verboten in the case of BBDX, due to the inclusion of the Player Ticket system adding a 'soft stun' (as in, a respawn time) on death. any attack that would be a stun is much better presented as a raw kill, because with a raw kill there is no futile hope that you'll get unstunned before you get removed from play and thus there's no frustration that comes with the game stealing away a chance at a comeback without your ability to fight back

if someone were to host a prototype with this i'd honestly just suggest using the quake-type pack as placeholder weapons for the soldiers; keep the machine gun as the 'consistent and reliable secondary weapon' and have primary soldier spawns vary between the shotgun, the railgun, the warhead launcher, the missile launcher, the volley missile and the sniper rifle.

if this takes off i'm willing to do weapon design and sound design and everything really but progress might run slow because other games to write

if you've got feedback you should say something

Games / my game Circuit Breakers is on greenlight
« on: July 15, 2015, 02:18:07 PM »



do you remember king of ghosts? like, the thing quake-type weapons were made for in the first place? circuit breakers is basically just standalone king of ghosts.

its a hyperactive top-down 4 player friendly fire simulator that is cunningly disguised as a hyperactive top-down 4 player robot genocide simulator where you and your friends are apparently working together but are actually in violent, frenzied competition to take all the energy to get the biggest gun and steal all the kills

it's pretty ridiculous im not gonna lie

Drama / Bricky the Troll on greek's trench thingy
« on: March 10, 2015, 05:15:01 PM »

not pictured: 10 minutes more of this

i forgot how to contact greek and he's never on steam, so someone should come down and ban this guy

Gallery / [VIDEO] crown's prison escape
« on: April 17, 2014, 09:23:50 PM »
not a jail rp. really more like a jail murder simulator

the building is too small and the server has flaws but they're way less glaring then other jails and jail-likes

for one, freekilling is way rarer, but still possible

Drama / Community Spammer Watch-List
« on: February 20, 2014, 03:21:37 PM »
put quick and dirty screencaps of people spamming, harassing, or generally making a nuisance of themselves on people's freebuilds or similar such servers here, instead of cluttering up the drama section with a bunch of individual free-floating posts about guys who don't deserve their own thread

there's no schemata to follow or anything. just slap up some photo-evidence and get on with your life. maybe drop a quick description while you're at it, and where the screenshot was taken

incidentally, watch this thread, so you've got a quick reference for troublemakers and ne'er-do-wells. make administrating your own servers that much easier by knowing who'll stuff all over themselves and who won't

Add-Ons / [PACK] Quake-Type Weapons (and some other stuff)
« on: December 25, 2013, 01:03:36 PM »

here i come, king of guns! do you have enough shoot?!

important: these weapons are designed to be used with Energy Shields and the Valve-Speed Player, which are not included in the pack (i'll make a post later)
you can download them here, though.
Energy Shields
Valve-Speed Player

(i suggest using the 50-hp shield for most purposes, because that's all you really need)

Quake-Type weapons are arcadey, lightning-fast guns designed not around tactics but around being the gun-shootinest run-throughinest entities on the planet. where other normal weapon packs have been edging toward being 'cerebral' and 'realistic' (and not even consistently getting that right), Quake-Type Weapons don't have an ammo system and are all useful in a variety of situations, instead of being deliberately funneled into specific roles. as such, you can basically grab any group of guns and go to town- no tiers, no forethought, just endless chaos and over-the-top violence with a bizzare super robot style aesthetic

which is weird! didn't i make tier+tactical? does this count as a backslide?

hitscan tracer system by Aloshi (which is, as we say in the business, rad as stuff)
no broken rtb prefs to break somehow!
fire! things that set you on fire! burning to death because of fire!
agonizing horrible fire-deaths!
plug-and-play setup system! (which is to say, no system at all! how is this a feature?)
full weapon animations!
respectable missile launchers!
respectable sniper rifles!
respectable grenade launchers?
needlessly pretty explosions!
double magnums!
rocket punches!!


how to use this pack
this pack is split into two functional 'tiers', but less because tacticality and more because some weapons are explicitly designed as backup weapons and some are designed to be ridiculous massacre machines. the weapons designed as backup weapons (and thus people should either start with, or never drop) are the shotgun, twin bayonets, twin smgs, nailgun and machine gun. talkin' relatively, they're about as strong as any given tier+tactical style tier 2 weapon, but this is quake-type we're talkin about here! there's hissats powers gettin all over the place! the bar has been raised like a mile into the air!

i usually use the 50-HP shield along with the valve-like player, like i said before. the quake-type weapons are actually really overpowered against unshielded, normal (normal health, at least) players, so i suggest against playing without shields unless you are deliberately attempting to make an instagib server

cut to the chase!
Download Quake-Type Weapon Pack
(requires Emote_Critical)

Energy Shields
Valve-Speed Player

credits to:
Aloshi, Tingalz, and Mr. Nobody for the tracer code, item icons and CIs respectively
Rkynick for the shield code, made from scratch and everything
anyone not individually specified
my server regulars (for being consistently present to be shot a bunch of times)
christmas, for giving me a convenient time to release this at in the first place

basically, jesus caused this pack to happen. literally thank jesus for this post.

Suggestions & Requests / vehicle collision "sparks"
« on: December 17, 2013, 10:49:27 AM »
a script that makes it so that, whenever a vehicle hits something, it creates an explosion that propels away the vehicle at the closest surface to it's direction of motion, making a small light flash or collision particle burst and forcing the vehicle to 'glance' or 'plink' away from the target entity

as just a general, sort of hacky way to improve vehicles as a whole

Suggestions & Requests / precise spread patterns
« on: December 07, 2013, 02:41:21 PM »
what i want to do is, for reference, is essentially something like tf2's nospread

on the left is what firing without nospread looks like, and on the right is firing with nospread. using nospread causes bullets to always fire in the same pattern

i want to experiment with more consistent weapons, but i don't think anyone has made a script that allows me to choose the precise pattern of where each bullet flies. just a general sort of accuracy rating, like ephi's shotgun (whose script i have used basically from day one)

can someone put together a script like this? i will almost certainly use it in the quake-type weapons pack

Drama / so ghostIII tracked me down in a server
« on: November 15, 2013, 03:19:11 PM »

Games / Tetsujin (for GBjam2)
« on: November 10, 2013, 11:38:37 PM »

Tetsujin is a hardcore platformer about a cyborg ninja who fights other cyborgs, who are probably not ninjas.

it's a short little platformer i made over the course of the last week for i finished it literally less then an hour ago, full polish. i might continue the project into maybe 20 stages, but for now i'm going to sit here and enjoy my own game

what do you guys think?

Download GBJam2 Version
Download Post-Jam Updated Version

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