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General Discussion / BCS World Cup 2018 - [SOUTH KOREA WINS]
« on: June 15, 2018, 10:57:33 PM »

Presented by

Before signing up, please take the time to read the BCS's rulebook for this tournament, as well as the BCS Sportsmanship Guidelines, especially if you are a new player who has taken an interest in the sport, it is imperative you read both documents, graciously written by WALDO.

Founded by WALDO, Chill, 2many, and Tumbleweed in the summer of 2017, BCS was created in order to further the reach of sports in the Blockland community. Though currently dedicated to hosting our soccer server for the World Cup, we enjoy hosting a plethora of different sports on the server, and we always enjoy new players coming in to experience the wide world of Blockland sports.
As well as hosting a server for the community, BCS also owns a discord server as an outlet for all of our community members to talk to each other. We have different rooms for real-life sports discussions, we often broadcast major sports events or even sometimes movies on our room, and the discord is generally where we organize our games and events, so if you want to be at all involved in BCS, we highly recommend you join our discord!

The Blockland Community of Sports is excited to take over the mantle that GBFL (and other affiliates) had for the previous 4 years of tournament host. Ever since the collapse of GBFL, we have been eagerly working to make this Cup the best one yet. So, for this cup, we are going back to the roots of the tournament and reinstating the World Cup, just as it was held in its inaugural year in 2014.

However, unlike the previous years, we didnít want to feel confined by the constraints of the current yearís real life tournament, so we decided to part ways with the Russian theme of this yearís World Cup, and move our tournament to a more tropical, beached location. So we are going coastal with this yearís theme! This build, tirelessly built by 2many and Chill and their compatriots, features many topical treasures that fit with the incoming summerís vibe.

The way the tournament is formatted, (depending on the number of teams), the tournament will consist of two parts: a regular season, and a playoff bracket. Each team will play each other at least once (again, depending on the quantity of teams), and their record will determine the seeding for the playoffs. The playoff will then be seeded accordingly, and the final team winning will be declared the victor.

Additionally, BCS is overhauling the team building system put in place by the GBFL at the beginning of last year. Instead of granting every player biased and unpopular ďranks,Ē we arenít insinuating anything about the skill level of our players (you are all winners in our eyes). So now, we want to introduce a brand new team building system - The Draft.

Members of the community will be able to sign up to be a captain or a player, and upon approval of the BCS Admins, the community will then be able to vote on who they want to be captains. Those captains will then be tasked with scouting and compiling their personalized draft list, culminating in our grand draft day on June 29th, where everyone can join us on our Blockland server and in professional league style, watch as your favorite players get called up to the stage to compete in this yearís tournament.

We also know that as fun as it is playing soccer for soccerís sake, the game could always use a little more. So, along the lines of our 2017 Winter Cup we are creating a prize pool for this years tournament. The dev team has generously laid down a base prize pool of $120, but thatís not all; with your help, the prize pool could grow even bigger by donating. Not only will you increase the prize pool, but you will also get some cool perks for our server, including things like a custom title, VIP access to the World Cup, and much more.

In terms of allocation, 80% of the prize pool will be guaranteed to the winning team. Regardless of position, authority, and stats, each player will get the same amount. But doesnít that leave some of the money undistributed? Yes, it does. At the end of the season, after all the stats have been compiled, a ceremony will be held to celebrate not only the winner of the tournament but also the individual achievements of the players. During the ceremony, four individuals, Goalie of the Year, Defender of the Year, Offender of the Year, and Rookie of the Year, will all be celebrated. Additionally, the remaining 20% of the prize pool will be split among these four players,

Download this for all of BCS's enhancements to soccer gameplay, including shot curvature, goalie gloves, and added key binds.
Courtesy of Eagle517

Download this to be able to view all of the jerseys for this summer's teams! Coming soon.

We are also excited to announce a fantastic addition to the jerseys - Custom Jersey Numbers! Players can now choose a specific number they want on their back and it will be shown for all to see!
Courtesy of 2many and Eagle517

BCS is also happy to introduce some fun additions to our server: new titles and custom jets! There are shops located all over the build where you can find different titles and colored/emitter jets!
Courtesy of Eagle517, not available for download

We have introduced trading cards as a fun way to spend time while hanging out on the server. Players will receive 1 free pack a day, but they can buy additional packs of cards using points earned in scrimmages or from minigames. These cards feature players from each of the previous tournaments along with special lots of feature cards.

Players can then go around trading the cards they get with each other in an effort to complete teams and collect them all! If you collect all the players from one team in a certain cup, you will be awarded that team's special card, and if you collect each team card from a certain cup, you will get the very rare cup card.
Courtesy of 2many and Eagle517, not available for download







~pictures soon~

2many - For building and designing the logo and all the trading cards
Chill - For building
Tumbleweed - For the forum topic and exceedingly rigorous motivation of all the slackers involved
Eagle517 - For his immeasurable support and countless fantastic scripts
WALDO - For supplying all the necessary minutia (rules, sign up forms)
Jam Jar - For building and help designing the forum topic (all the graphics seen)
Cyber - For building
Kingston - For modeling our goalie gloves
ZeUberMedic - For giving us his custom nation hats

Off Topic / Kenny Baker, actor behind R2-D2, dies
« on: August 13, 2016, 04:42:51 PM »

Off Topic / Newest Star Wars Trailer Aired Monday Night Football
« on: October 19, 2015, 09:17:46 PM »
The newest Star Wars trailer just aired at half time of the Monday Night Football Game. Here is a link:
Will this movie be any good? /discuss

Off Topic / finger fracture
« on: October 16, 2015, 11:09:31 PM »
so last week I 'jammed' my finger at school, and assuming nothing was wrong I left it to heal itself for like a week. After a week I noticed that the tip of my finger was bent and I couldn't naturally straighten it. Turns out my brother did the same thing and he had to get surgery. So I went to the doctor and got an x-ray and I fractured my middle finger. I have to wear a splint for 6 weeks now and it sucks.
picture of my x-ray (middle pic is best):

Off Topic / Actor on "The Suite Life" dies at age 36
« on: March 10, 2015, 10:57:35 PM »
If you weren't living under a rock, you were probably familiar with the show The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, and its successor-The Suite Life on Deck. If you watched on Deck, you were probably familiar with this guy:

Sadly, Windell Middlebrooks, the actor who played Kirby, recently passed away at the age of 36.
Another notch in the tally is sad deaths to begin 2015.  

Help / Local Time
« on: December 08, 2014, 04:18:25 PM »
Hello forum-goers, I have recently moved, yet my local time still shows the time from by previous living quarters, is there any way to manually change this? It really is bugging me...

Off Topic / Who are you to the BLF?
« on: December 04, 2014, 10:37:54 PM »
What type of BLForumer are you?

The Lurker - Doesnít post anything, just stalk around the different boards reading everything.
The Fact Finder - Did you know that Bulb-Wearing Water-Hemlock is the most poisonous plant to North America? You do now thanks to the fact finder.   
The Troll - Known for their inflammatory, extraneous, and belligerent remarks. Immune to criticism.
The Meme Machine - Can only communicate using pictures, gifs, or memes. Never words.
The Critic - The critic critiques every single post in all the boards. Nothing is ever good in their eyes.
The Politician - Everything is related to politics in this personís mind. All of the threads have something to do with politics.
The Resident: Constantly posts on the forums and checks frequently.
The Comedian - Everything the comedian says has to be a joke, even if it's on the most serious topic on the forum.

So who are you to the BLF?

Off Topic / Weird Fears
« on: November 30, 2014, 10:42:57 PM »
Post any and all of your weird fears here. Doesn't have to be weird.
No holds barred

I am afraid that my ceiling fan is going to rip off and make a huge hole in my floor. Ofc it will kill me too.


As of today, the map has been improved upon dramatically. Countless additions have been made to the map. If you know your CS, the parts of the mapsuch as Long A, CT Spawn, parts of Tunnels, and countless more additionshave been added since the last update. The previously seen prints have been removed, and new prints have been added, courtesy of Legoboss. Some guns, such as the AWP, and knives, like the Karambit, have started progress, and the early models have been created. Textures are still lacking though. The final release date of CS:GO Blockland is still unknown, but hopefully, as the server progresses, things will become more clear.

More pictures soon.

Currently, this project is in the very early stages of its life. The map, being very detailed, is just around halfway done. The weapons being used for this server are also in progress, as only a few weapons have been fully developed. This is where we ask for your help. We are looking for talented builders, modelers, and scripters to help with this project. For builders, having the game CS:GO would be a big advantage to you, for you could have both apps open to maximize the amount of detail put into the buildings; however, we are not asking everyone who wants to help build to rush out and buy the game (it costs fifteen dollars). Once most of the progress has been completed, the topic will be filled out, but for now it will stay blank like this. So, if you would like to help in any way, shape, or form, just hop onto the server (if it's up) and Slim Shady will tell you about everything.

The current map is: de_dust2

More (and better) as map expands


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