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Add-Ons / Pixel Spells Remastered
« on: February 11, 2019, 08:55:10 PM »

Ghille is currently locked out of his forum account, so I'm post this thread for him. Here's the topic he wrote:

I decided to revamp the weapon pack I released back in 2014. Here's the original topic.

The pack can be summed up as arena shooter styled weapons in the form of handheld spells. My goal for this revamp was to tighten up the balance of the pack and improve the satisfaction given from each weapon. All changes were created from hours of play testing. Every weapon is balanced to be used alongside the others.

Changelog from the Original Pack:

- New Weapon:
  - Spread Pixel:
    - New blue pixel, replacing the rapid fire's color (we originally removed rapid fire and replaced it with this.)
    - Single 4-pellet shots.
    - Each pellet does 15 damage.
    - Has an explosive jump that does little to no damage.
    - Ability to juggle opponents in the air.
    - New fire sound.
    - Fixed spread as opposed to random for more consistency.
- Bomb Pixel
  - Has an increased range and projectile speed.
  - Slightly higher fire rate.
  - Damage radius decreased.
  - Radius damage decreased.
- Rapid Fire
  - Now purple
  - No longer has spread.
  - Increased projectile range.
  - Projectiles fire slightly slower.
  - Damage reduced from 15 to 13.
  - Updated projectile death explosion.
- Health Pixel
  - Changed active particle from hearts to pixels.
  - Now fires raycasting projectiles.
  - New red tracer (credit to Conan for model).
  - Damage increased from 17 to 20.
  - +20 Health on Hit.
  - -10 Health on Miss.
  - No longer heals teammates (the game would get confused and would count other players in deathmatch as teammates, rendering the weapon useless).
Other changes:
- Pixel DM Playertype now has slightly more air control.
- velinheritfactor has been set to 0 on all weapons, making projectiles less reliant on player momentum. This makes it easier to aim with faster playertypes.
- Removed and re-added Reflector pixel because people got mad (it's garbage).

Ghille - Scripts, Sounds, and General Design
Aware - Scripts and Models
Conan - Raycasting Tracer model

Blockland Glass download:

Reccomended Mods
Healhbar Mod
Power Ups

Me and Aware are currently hosting a server with these weapons on 24/7. Come check it out sometime! We plan to add a map rotation and possibly special modes. Additional you can join our Discord for development updates and server discussion. I appreciate the support over the years and hope you all enjoy this pack.

this post was made by the aware is cool gang

« on: June 08, 2018, 02:52:20 AM »

MAPS: 8.1%
MAIN CODE: 54.2%

Warathoners is an upcoming server where you co-operate with your team to complete a series of objectives in multiple gamemodes on large, open-world maps. You can spawn vehicles to get around the map quick and easy, but mostly to support your team. There are land, air, and yes - sea based vehicles to aid your team in all sorts of ways. Your goal depends on what gamemode is voted in the voting period, where you can DM in an all out randomizer filled with silly weapons of all kinds! (To be decided if it should also have music) You can also select a pre-made class or make your own, but be wary - certain weapons when in your inventory with certain weapons will increase or decrease your overall damage!

Our current staff members are:
  • Trinko (33152) [Host]
  • Visolator (48980) [CoHost]
  • Tophat (43023) [SA]
  • Redconer (33688) [A]
  • General R (16882) [A]
  • Caden100 (9890) [A]
  • Velor (28880) [A]
  • Drydess (31596) [A]
  • Lego Lad (22539) [A]
  • Burton (6911) [A]
If you ever have a problem, we are here for you.

At the moment, we are pretty low on builders and administrators (5 open positions). If you or a friend can build the following and would like to help us build:

  • Props
  • Terrain work (modter)
  • Functional cover (places to hide by using clutter, etc.)
  • Foliage (making plants not look ugly)
  • Town building (for interaction on our large open world maps)

Please DM me on discord (@Trinko#2984) and I will tell you more from there.

Current builders:
  • DragonoidSlayer (29131)
  • Mega Bear (15972)
  • Velor (28880)
  • Burton (6911)
  • celau (53456)
  • Ranma (11167)
  • Salmon (???)
  • (possibly) Recon (42651)
  • (possibly) Spaffy (46069)

/discuss new stuff and the loss of tables

Add-Ons / [NEW] Thick Poles Plus | Slap hand | Modified 4x ModTer
« on: March 23, 2018, 01:25:18 AM »
Trinko's Add-on Minithread
yes this is my mini megathread now, chinook is being put in too.


What the forget is this?
The Slap Hand is a weapon that acts like a pushbroom, but launches people in random directions and deals 13 damage each hit.
pix or no clix


What is this?
This is a brick pack that fixes the overlapping issues of 4x ModTer bricks. Simply put, 4x ModTer bricks don't overlap larger modter bricks now but they WILL overlap things that aren't modter bricks and can overlap on the older 4x modter bricks as seen in the picture below.
more pix


What is this?
This is a complete revamp of Thick Poles, complete with its own adapters and all sorts of goodies. Shoutout to Conan for helping me fix some shading issues.

They should work fine if you load builds with the Thick Poles from RTB since the horizontal poles have the same UInames, literally the same sizes, and datablock names. The original idea was to have it work with the pack from RTB but I discovered that sometimes the shadows look funny when theyre used together so I decided to make new horizontal bricks so that doesn't happen.

[v0.0.0] [3/25/18 2:00 AM]: Released.
[v0.0.1] [3/25/18 5:19 PM]: Fixed brick icons.

Drama / Axeus97 (225096) - Chat Spam/Minigame Reset Machine
« on: February 27, 2018, 12:45:04 PM »
Alright so I got onto Blockland this morning and noticed there was some stuff going down in BLG General Discussion (thanks pah1023 for this image):

I then decided to investigate a few minutes later since there weren't any interesting servers on at the time. It wasn't so bad for the most part. ..until 3 minutes of being there past, this is when the stuff hit the fan:

Note that in this image, he is resetting the minigame.

Unfortunetly I could not get a picture of the stuff he was using since the minigame was constantly resetting..

Here is his ID and his previous name history

I recommend banning this friend from your server whether you host freebuilds or not.

Modification Help / [NOW ON GLASS] Chinook Vehicle
« on: February 01, 2018, 03:38:58 AM »



Here is the loading ramp (togglable via Previous Seat key)

The interior is nice aswell

roosterpit view

Known issues:
Difficult to balance when turning on occasion.

Update log:
2/1/18 4:30 AM [v0.0.0]: Released
2/1/18 5:32 PM [v0.0.1]: Fixed a bug making it incompatable with Rally's Helicopter Gunship, Removed some unused code.
2/1/18 8:39 PM [v0.0.2]: Fixed a critical bug with the chinook spinning out when being damaged instead of when it is dead, nerfed the handicappedly high armor on the vehicle.
2/2/18 1:00 AM [v0.0.2.5]: Fixed a section of the code where I forgot to parent a function.
2/21/18 12:42 AM [v0.0.3.5]: Fixed multiple minor bugs (mostly console spam), Edited up the model a bit (made the viewports more useable so that they don't blind you when you fly towards lit areas, added some collision meshes to certain areas of the vehicle that didn't have it), Minor tweaks to the chinook's code, The helicopter HUD now only shows up for the person piloting the chinook.

TO-DO list:
1. Make chinook able to transport vehicles/Vehicle parts.
2. Get this stuff on glass somehow. [ Completed ]

Trinko (33152) (me): Model
Rally (107346): Helicopter Code (Modified by me for the add-on)

Use /chinookhelp or /ch for the complete help list.

DOWNLOAD Vehicle_Chinook NOW!!!!

Note: since this is the first version there will be lots of bugs, hence why it is in Modification Help. just post them here and I'll get to them.
Also note that once most of the kinks are out, this will be released on BLG.

Drama / bobzilla_inator - Chat spam
« on: January 28, 2018, 01:33:07 AM »
Title says all folks, this user appears to be server hopping and spamming the chat as he goes.
His name history


I haven't had problems when installing blockland on a computer before except for now. I recently sent my computer to a repair shop to get some crap fixed and they had to reinstall the OS (Windows 10). When I started it up and attempted to download blockland, the launcher will freeze up at crash at "setting pixel format" which is the part that sets up the window that you play the game with. I am not certain a console log will help but here is one anyways.

Any help is appreciated!

Off Topic / Rotondo Appreciation Thread
« on: January 17, 2018, 11:10:09 PM »
rotondo appreciation thread when

The creator of The Forgettable Dungeon.
The man who clearly needs promoted.
And the man who is obviously all of us.

We appreciate you Rotondo, godspeed.
/discuss rotondo

Off Topic / Does anyone know a good youtube-to-mp3 site?
« on: November 28, 2017, 06:18:49 PM »
The one I usually used is down and I can't find any good ones, do any of you know any good ones then? I'd greatly appreciate it!

Okay, so I was hosting a server for my friend and I to build on and I change the server name to "dog" as seen here.

And then 1 minute later, it changes to this

What the forget is going on?
Also there there was a phone number on Blur's server name and I honestly doubt someone would willingly put one on their servername...

Off Topic / Tornado watch?
« on: January 17, 2016, 05:33:48 AM »
My mother said we are under a tornado watch, which means its possible for a tornado to spawn today, not that it will. its 6 a clock in the morning and its super dark and raning outside which means it might be rain wrapped and it could be near my house. we havent had a tornado watch/warning here in at least 3 years though and im getting extremely nervous. i know how to "plausibly" survive a tornado, but regardless, what should i do blf?

Drama / Doaler4sBack - 43019 - Use of BLHack, Loads of alts.
« on: January 09, 2016, 01:56:31 PM »
I don't have time to make a huge drama so I'll try to make this short. Basically Doaler is using BLHack and waving it around for attention like a total cunt.

Evidence: He first proceeds to use the lag hack and say "Hi guys im flying!"

[ 01/09/16 14:31:16 ] {43019} Doaler4sBack: hi guys im flying
[ 01/09/16 14:31:17 ] {148246} Dovakiin: nicepoint heal me
[ 01/09/16 14:31:18 ] Skyboard revived Darius the 1st!
[ 01/09/16 14:31:18 ] Skyboard revived DJ Vicentemix!
[ 01/09/16 14:31:19 ] {43019} Doaler4sBack: i like flying
[ 01/09/16 14:31:25 ] 5 minutes remaining.
[ 01/09/16 14:31:28 ] Bluesax  skootchley
[ 01/09/16 14:31:30 ] Bluesax  olivan
[ 01/09/16 14:31:31 ] {31596} Drydess: hi flying im dad
[ 01/09/16 14:31:35 ] Paytonious spawned.
[ 01/09/16 14:31:35 ] Paytonious joined the Boss Battles mini-game.
[ 01/09/16 14:31:36 ] {43019} Doaler4sBack: no really look at me
[ 01/09/16 14:31:40 ] {43019} Doaler4sBack: im flying like crazy
[ 01/09/16 14:31:42 ] {31596} Drydess: wait what the forget
[ 01/09/16 14:31:45 ] {31596} Drydess: doaler wtf
[ 01/09/16 14:31:47 ] {148246} Dovakiin: Heal me nicepint..
[ 01/09/16 14:31:47 ] {48980} Visolator: what no you're in mid air
[ 01/09/16 14:31:48 ] {43019} Doaler4sBack: :D
[ 01/09/16 14:31:49 ] {148246} Dovakiin: ty
[ 01/09/16 14:31:54 ] Trinko permanently banned Doaler4sBack (ID: 43019) - "Lag glitches. Possible use of BLhack. Go forget some other server up, handicap."

A picture of him using the hacks:

He then proceeds to evade my ban with an alt and attempt to start stuff.

tl;dr, doaler has bl hack and is probably going to distribute it and is using to abuse servers. if he joins your server, ban him immediately.

Off Topic / Happy thanksgiving BLF! [ turkey day is over :^( ]
« on: November 26, 2015, 09:56:42 AM »

Yep, thats right BLF, were going to eat the cool turkey up there and party like a true pilgrim patriot. Share stuff about thanksgiving.

RIP cool turkey, he was a very nice meal.

Off Topic / who would you share a coke with?
« on: November 11, 2015, 02:51:55 PM »

i found this on a coke label in my kitchen. so i wondered who would you share a coke with, BLF?

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