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Off Topic / Christianity Megathread
« on: August 27, 2016, 04:12:01 PM »
The Christianity Megathread's contents have been removed until, God willing, a future revision happens to make it into a non-heretical megathread.

Hi everyone. I'm not sure of who the forum regulars are today but some of you might know me as a semi-regular poster from two to four years ago. I was also an admin on Pecon7's boss battles, but I have not been on the server since March 2014. This was my last post before this one:

What happened with me between the time of that post and this one is a long story and numerous things happened, but a summary would suffice for this post. I went to boarding school in a different state where I had no internet access, and "for the next few months" turned out to be closer to a year. I also never visited home during that time. After being in isolation for most of 2014, I left the boarding school near the end of the year, but I did not set up my computer until months later. Between getting my old and new items organized and returning to school back home, I used my brother's computer to play games. Then I eventually set up my computer and played some new and old steam games on and off during the remainder of the that time. I never played BL, but eventually decided to return to the forum and game community on March 25, 2016 (today), which was the 2-year mark since I went to boarding school.

I know I missed a lot of culture wars / trends, and I certainly changed a lot in my beliefs and personality since I left for boarding school. I know Gamergate was a big happening during that time for internet discussion circles, and now we have the US 2016 election coming up. Before I left these forums, the big happenings on BL were the drama between Kalphiter and Ephialtes, the steam integration, and the closure of RTB as a service and a platform.

I lurked here a few times (without logging in) since I returned from boarding school, but I did not do enough lurking to determine how the forum community operates today. So my question to you all is what has changed on the forums and the game so far that is important for me to know? Is the BL community still mostly like it was in 2012 or 2013?

Gallery / Dusk City Warfare [Update on pg. 10]
« on: January 05, 2013, 04:50:54 PM »
Logo created by Zay. Logo images taken by Dr. Zegobob

Topic Navigation

About This Project

Dusk City is a new project started by Zay. Our goal is to turn this into a public-hosted server that will be using Slayer to create a Team Deathmatch. This takes place in a town with many houses, buildings, and utilities that the teams will have to get through to conquer each other. There are many rooms and passageways in this town, and the players will have to use them to their advantage in defeating the enemy. Each player will have to find his or her own way through the town to win the battle. We will be using Hells & Khain for ranged weaponry, Tier & Tactical 2 for melee weapons, and even a couple special custom weapon edits and item creations. When this is complete, this will be hosted publicly by Zay with RTB hosting.

Server hosted with RTB hosting.

Images taken by Dr. Zegobob with 1080p resolution, but they have been shortened for this page. Click them for the full size.

Zay's Server Administration

Zay - 17726 - Host
Dr. Zegobob - 23620 - Super Admin
Mold - 2972 - Super Admin
Zeblote - 1163 - Super Admin
Reinforcements - 23459 - Super Admin
Electrk - 12949 - Super Admin
Blooker - 17864 - Super Admin
Juicebox - 2206 - Super Admin
Furdle - 713 - Super Admin
BlackStorm - 20297 - Admin
Snuffers - 35404 - Admin
Ziggyzagoo - 14457 - Admin
ThinkInvisible - 14511 - Admin
Nymph - 17016 -Admin
Clix - 8239 - Admin
Adminstratorism - 15740 - Admin
Kazami - 1465 - Admin
Agent Creeper - 12443 - Admin
WALDO - 13063 - Admin
Gizmo - 12815 - Admin
Devo - 19101 - Admin
Master Blaster - 23975 - Admin
Khain - 7368 - Admin

There are not and will never be any admin applications.

Testing the Server

Would you like to help with this project? If you would, you may sign up to become a Beta Tester for the server. We will be taking twenty members, and to get in you need to make a reply to this topic or send Zay or I a PM with your Blockland name, your BL_ID, and a short message saying how you will benefit the server by testing it.

For example:
"Hello, I am Blockhead and my BL_ID is 1337. I would enjoy beta testing the server and I am great at searching for bugs and map/gameplay exploits."

List of Beta Testers:
  • Brozie
  • Joffrey
  • .:FancyPants:.
  • Popeye
  • Radioactive Mace
  • Khain
  • Pablo
  • Dwyane Wade
  • Xolerate
  • IkeTheGeneric
  • Kong123
  • SailorMan
  • Nixton

Any administrator and/or builder on Zay's server can also help with the tasks of the Beta Testers listed above.

What are the jobs of a Beta Tester?:
Beta Testers are people that have signed up to aid the server by searching for bugs, exploits, and issues during game-play so that game-play will be more enjoyable. As a Beta Tester, you are required to join the server regularly to search for bugs, exploits, and issues during the game-play. Beta Testers should be able to attend most beta sessions and come on the server every once-in-a-while when there are no sessions. If a Beta Tester finds any bug, exploit, or issue that would even slightly affect game-play, he or she should tell any administrator on Zay's server so that the issue can be brought to the attention of the builders and server staff. Testers must be active enough to be a help to the server.

When on the server as a Beta Tester, you should play the game as any normal player would, but you should always be trying to find and exploit any error or issue with the the items, weapons, scripts, vehicles or map that the server uses. If you have found anything that you think would be even the slightest issue, you should alert any member of the server staff by in-game chat, RTB IRC chat, a forum PM, or any other method.

Beta Sessions:
Beta Sessions are given times when Beta Testers should be expected on the server. If you are a Beta Tester, please join these sessions if it is possible for you.

Session #1 - 1/21/2013
Session #2 - 2/5/2013

Project News

1/5/2013 - Topic created and serious progress is being made. This will be public soon.
1/12/2013 - More terrain created and the Dusk City park is now being built by Snuffers. Zay also moved buildings to make the layout more organized.
1/14/2013 - Zebolte, Zay, and Wound made major process on the huge underground complex. Trains remade by Zebolte, and Khain and Nickel came to balance and organize weapon selection.
1/21/2013 - Walls were set up around the city, and a poll was added to see opinions on ground color. A new new section has been added to this topic for hiring beta testers.
1/29/2013 - Beta testing has been started. Testers may join the server at any time to test it.
2/5/2013 - The project is about 75% complete according to Zay. Progress is being made, and the project is nearly complete. All Beta Testers have been called to the server for a large testing session.
4/1/2013 - Dusk City is no longer being worked on. April Fool's!


Zay - Hosting the server, building the roads, building houses and shops, building [ST] Armory and church, building and helping with terrain, building spawn rooms, grenade edits and particles, and building most of the map (buildings, roads, layout).

Dr. Zegobob - Building the radio tower and station, building terrain, adding events, helping with houses, taking pictures of the map.

Clix - Building and helping with houses and shops.

Reinforcements - Modeling and scripting assistance.

Zeblote - Scripting assistance, major building (including the underground complex area), and placing the VCE events on the capture points.

Mold - Scripting assistance.

Juicebox/Wound - Scripting and building.

Snuffers - Server/item ideas and building the Dusk Park, and other help around the project.

Devo - Building and helping with builds.

Furdle - Loading in many builds and vehicles to be put in the city.

Master Blaster - Assistance with terrain and building interiors.

Feel free to rate this project x/10 and leave feedback/constructive criticism. Thank you!

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Modification Help / Dr. Zegobob's Gamemodes [Taking Requests]
« on: December 25, 2012, 10:18:05 PM »

What is this project?

This is a topic dedicated to the game-mode files that I create. When I am done making these, I will run them on my server and/or release them as public files. Most of the time, I will host these game-modes on my server before making the public versions to test the files and give the community more entertainment, however sometimes I will just release a game-mode without any test-hosting. I will be open to user suggestions and ideas so that I can make game-modes that the community will enjoy. These game-modes will be either created for public use, or made for a specific user or server. Most of the time, however, these game-modes will be released in the "Game Modes" board for anybody to use for his or her server(s). Work-in-progress game-modes and completed game-modes will be posted here along with a detailed description for each one that I will make for public use. When released, these files will be posted in the "Game Modes" board and links to those topic will be posted here under the game-mode title.

What will these Gamemodes feature?

These game-modes will feature many different things. Some of these will be simple building game-modes while others would be Deathmatches or Team Deathmatches. I will be open to user suggestions and builds, so feel free to give me an idea for a new game-mode, and if it's good, I will be glad to make one based on that idea and/or build.

Work-in-progress Gamemodes:

Description: This game-mode comes with everything needed for a Dodgeball match. This uses the default Dodgeballs and Greek2Me's Slayer to create a enjoyable mini-game. Taking place inside of a gym built by Pass, two teams (Red and Blue) are set against each-other to win the four-minute game. With creative spawns and good map-glitching protection, this map will be one of the best ones that have been created for a Dodgeball match. The player-type is Sport_Player, and the best player-range is between four to twenty players.
Pass - map building
Dr. Zegobob - game-mode packaging
Build - 100% complete.
Gamemode and Slayer config files - 98% complete. Things to-do: Replace the Standard player-type with the Sport player-type.
Preview and thumbnail images - 100% complete.
Total progress (averaged and rounded): 99% complete.
Preview Image:

Description: Fort Wars takes place on an island where the player must build or join a fort to survive. There is a spawn building where a player must read the rules and enter the arena through. There are also tips in the spawn room such as back-up build saving and fortress building tips. This game-mode is best for a large number of players, so the best player range would be anywhere between 10-50 players.
Snuffers - island building.
Dr. Zegobob - Spawn creating and game-mode packaging
Build - 98% complete. Things to-do: Add in building tips and more events on the Spawn teleporter.
Gamemode and Slayer config files - 1% complete. Things to-do: Complete the add-on list, enviroment variables, music list, and entire config_slayer file.
Preview and thumbnail images - 10% complete. Things to-do: Crop and re-size thumbnail image and create the preview image.
Total progress (averaged and rounded): 36% complete.
The images will come soon when I finish the preview and thumbnail images.

Completed Gamemodes:

--No Gamemodes of mine are completed currently--

Suggestions or ideas?

Like I have said before, I am open to user suggestions, builds, or complete ideas. If you would like to suggest something, please tell me in a reply or PM. If you have a build you would like me to use in any of these, just PM it to me along with a description of how it will be used in game-play. If you are willing to help me more than just by submitting an idea or build, you may send me a PM stating how you would like to contribute. I would like to make these game-modes to help create better Blockland servers, so if you have an idea, build, suggestion, or anything else that could contribute to this project, please suggest it. I will not have time to make all suggested ideas, but will try to get done as many as possible.

Visit my server!

I will be hosting many of these on my server for testing and entertainment, so please stop by sometime!

Server hosted with Kaphost.

--I will update this topic with more information and details when I get some more game-modes created--

Off Topic / Building a gaming computer -- Suggest Accessories
« on: September 25, 2012, 07:31:51 PM »
^Please answer the poll above^

Currently I am in the process of selecting parts to build a sweet new gaming computer, and I need some ideas on what accessories to get. I right now will list what I currently have selected for certain pieces of hardware, please feel free to comment on these or suggest other ones.

Asus VS248H-P 24-Inch Full-HD LED Monitor

SteelSeries Kana Mouse (Getting this from amazon, but from the same company since it is cheaper and not out of stock)

Cooler Master HAF X


Memory (RAM):
Corsair Vengeance Blue 16 GB

Intel Core i7-2700K Quad-Core Processor 3.5 GHz

GPU (Graphics Card):
EVGA GeForce GTX670

Boot Drive:
OCZ Technology 256GB SSD

Western Digital Caviar Black 2 TB

Power Supply:
Seasonic PLATINUM-1000 ATX 1000

SteelSeries Shift (Recommended by LeetZero, and looks perfect for my new computer)

Not all my selected parts are listed, but I decided to list the main ones for comments and feedback.

Also, please feel free to post ideas for other accessories such as keyboards, headphones, and mice. I am open to ideas as I need them to help build my computer.

Other accessories considered:

SteelSeries Siberia v2 Headset
SteelSeries 4H headset
Shogun Bros. Chameleon X-1 Mouse
Razer Tiamat

General Discussion / What should I do with Jeep Sumo Extreme?
« on: September 01, 2012, 04:42:28 PM »
    Around last month, I created a project called "Jeep Sumo Extreme," and have been working on it for a month or two now (The first month and a half was doing next to nothing, lol). When I opened it to the public while it was in beta for around three days, it continuously got tons of players (43 at the most one night), and lots of positive feedback and constructive criticism, and I was happy with it myself. A few days later, however, I had to leave for a long vacation, and while on the plane, I discovered that the shader update was released. This meant the end of the bedroom jeep sumo for me, but I decided to create a simulated "rooftop" arena out of modular terrain bricks while I was on vacation. I also created many other things such as towers for the "team centers" and after vacation, boxes for buildings like the spawn room. I also added many other features such as spawn-killing protection, not being able to dismount the jeep, death when falling off the side (even in your jeep, it will die too), and extra things for the controller.

    However, the reason I made this topic is that my project still does not feel the same as it did in the bedroom, and I am getting a bit tired of it myself. Also, it seems less like a jeep sumo than it did in the bedroom, and more like a vehicle deathmatch.
    So my question to you all is what should I do with it to make it better, and more fun for the players?

    • Make "themed" terrain.
    • Add more obstacles to the arena.
    • Leaving a jeep will give you ten seconds before you have to enter another jeep.

      Some arena pictures:


    General Discussion / Airplanes, Shadows, and Shaders
    « on: August 10, 2012, 08:07:19 AM »
    Hello everyone, cant say much because this airplane wifi is not the best but I am amazed that I just found about the new release while on an airplane 35000 feet in the air. When exactly did it come out? Was it yesterday or earlier today?

    Anyways, glad to see you all started servers in v21 (or whatever the release version is), as I have been looking forward to this update myself. Unfortunately, this means my jeep sumo extreme can no longer be hosted in the bedroom map, so it will be down for awhile to make a new "map" with terrain bricks. So have fun with the update, and the jeep sumo will be up soon, but I am currently on vacation so do not expect it to be here within the next week.


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