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Gallery / Ranchero (WIP)
« on: April 20, 2020, 03:28:50 PM »
Welcome to Ranchero!

Well, it's been a while since I posted here or been on Blockland. But, now I am back, doing stuff that I haven't finished. This city is one of them and I wanted to finish this city.

Ranchero is a fictional southwest city located around Arizona or New Mexico, set in the 2000s. The city is a major city almost to the scale of Pheonix but have more crime issues. Not much of the city has changed and remained a city looking like it was stuck in the past.


Feel free to give out criticism about this city's progress. I will continue working on it.

General Discussion / Blockassic Park - A Jurassic Park Parody.
« on: October 19, 2018, 12:16:50 PM »

Credit to Lord Tony for the T-rex.

Remember that LOST parody I was going to make? Yeah, I canceled that for this. Which I think is better and, is more practical. So, instead of a Lost parody, I thought Jurassic Park parody instead. I got some people very interested in seeing it. Well, a lot more than Lost Cause. So far, I had got some help from Cowboy Dude for writing and modeling. But, I figure I need more people for it because Jurassic Park is very large and epic so, I want to capture that scope for the parody.

So, if you want to help on it, please PM me on the forums or Discord. There is plenty of roles to be filled and, help to make this a reality. The server will be up for filming, it will be passworded and, want more of a crew that can follow instructions. Let's not abandon it and canceled like Lost Cause. (Tbh, it was too ambiguous)

Cast: (Crossed out is filled)
Dr. Alan Grant Darth C3PO
Dr. Ellie Sattler
John Hammond Daffytitanic
Dr. Ian Malcolm
Donald Gennaro
Robert Muldoon
Dennis Nedry
Lewis Dodgeson
John Arnold
Henry Wu
Alexis Murphy
Timothy Murphy
Gerry Harding
Tour Announcer
Delivery Guy

Some roles may get filled out by me. Any extras can be a Blockassic Park worker.

More will come in the future.

Suggestions & Requests / An elevator addon
« on: January 20, 2018, 11:07:26 PM »
There was one that used to work which, i tried for myself that I never managed to get it work. Plus, it's just some platform instead of a box elevator, car lift, or any other kind of lift. If there was one that had a box elevator with glass or, just solid walls, could you link it?

Suggestions & Requests / The LOST Dharma Van
« on: December 31, 2017, 04:18:33 AM »
I looked for a van that was seen in Lost or, something similar to it but, I haven't seen one or found a downloadable file. Could anyone could model this and make it into a vehicle?

and a possible reskin of it being rusted?

Off Topic / WHO recognizes gaming as a disorder
« on: December 29, 2017, 09:33:21 PM »

Isn't this a little excessive to declare gaming a disease but, not do the same for like gambling? Or is there one and I don't know it exists.

Games / Roller Coaster Tycoon series - MEGATHREAD
« on: November 26, 2017, 01:26:36 AM »

Roller Coaster Tycoon, or commonly known as, RCT, was a tycoon game franchise based on making amusement parks and managing them. RCT was created by Chris Sawyer, a Scottish game designer who was responsible for making Transport Tycoon in 1994.

This megathread will be a place to show off stuff that the forums had made, talking about the games, discovering some add ons or parks and probably, other stuff as well.

I know there was one made before but, it kind of fell out and didn't came to be successful. I wanted to make a megathread after I showed off my park which I am still making and yet to be finished and, name. I would mainly make stuff on RCT2 and 3 as I have them. But some of you probably have one of the others or, if not all.
I can't imagine you getting RCT4.

I don't know what to name and place location of it with some backstory or, whatever.

loving volume stayed on too long when taking screenshot. The park can be updated as time goes by.

Ok, that's it. /discuss

General Discussion / What happened to the Lava Hotel videos?
« on: November 13, 2017, 01:07:19 AM »
I tried to search for the videos but, they are gone. I only saw one google article that talked about why there is no chapter 2 but, it leads me to the "Video is Unavailable" screen. Did the channel close down and no one have the video files?

Gallery / A mall I am making...
« on: November 07, 2017, 12:19:37 AM »
I got bored and made a part of a mall I am making which I plan to make it bigger. 2-3 stories tall or something. I made it a mix between L4D2 and Postal 2 and for, a fictional city, Ranchero in Arizona/Texas/New Mexico/Southern California (thanks to Torin for the name). I hope I can get to areas were it has Postal 2 vibes than just L4D2 vibes.

I also made it free build because, building all stores would be filler and tedious on my own. I'm just getting to the food court with Torin helping me parts of it.

I don't know what to do with the ceiling.

Suggestions & Requests / Universal Print add-on
« on: November 05, 2017, 01:43:51 PM »
I used to had one but, I lost it when I was transferring my files to a new computer. I tried re-downloading it again but, the link is dead. So, if anyone has it, could you send me a file of it.

Gallery / World Trade Center Recreation
« on: August 05, 2017, 05:20:19 AM »
Oh my loving god, another large ambiguous project I am doing. Jesus Christ, how long it would be before being abandoned like the MS Hercules.

Anyway, I got really bored and started to recreate the WTC, with more accurate detail and include stuff that not a lot of WTC recreations have. There is a mall below the complex, and make that fountain look like that one from Canard Tower built (Which I lost all of my old saves and have to make new ones) I got inspired from the recreation of the North Tower a long time ago. I wanted to do a lot of research just to be sure, that it's very accurate.

So, I started to outline it first and make sure it's close the original scale and make it look like irl. Probably make the interiors for some of them like WTC3 (Marriott World Trade Center), Windows of the World, The WTC Mall, WTC subway station (Maybe), and probably some other buildings like WTC7, but idk yet. I could do default or what not. (And no, you cannot loving make a 9/11 recreation without getting AA11, UA175, UA93, AA77.) I can probably release it for some purposes or some set for a 9/11 Machinima stuff.

I hope to god I don't abandon this.

Suggestions & Requests / Default Bot
« on: August 03, 2017, 03:04:51 AM »
I used to have it but, now I don't anymore and I don't know of the whereabouts of a copy I have. I tried re-downloading but, brings me to a "File Not Found" page. I am hoping to use it for some NPCs.

So, if you have it, can you post a link to download it.

Modification Help / Extracting an addon model into Sketchup/Blender
« on: July 08, 2017, 03:15:45 PM »
I have an passenger plane addon and I am wanting to know how do I extract it out into a editable 3D model so, I can modify it into an 777. I saw an addon of the shotgun extracted into Blender for an animated short of Blockland, Zombies by, Darkstar.

I remember making these in mid-2012. These two fanfics are basically parodies of the Poseidon Adventure and Beyond the Poseidon Adventure. It's not much of a parody but a scene by scene remake but with cartoon characters. It makes me cringe of how stupid they are. The originals were all walls of text so, I spaced them out. The grammar will never be changed because, I just only wanted it spaced out.

General Discussion / LOST CAUSE - That LOST parody...
« on: May 24, 2017, 03:39:31 PM »

Hi, I had been working on this for weeks now. I got a script in the works. I got the intro down...Almost. I also got some sets down but, not all of it. This has been a solo project for getting stuff done but, there is plenty of things missing for the machima.

Voice Actors
Set Builders
Modders (I don't know what they are called)

I can get Adobe After Effects down so, we can have good editing and over all, make it look more professional. I right now, have a Mac which barely has in-computer filming like Fraps, iMovie which is an annoying video making software and very limited to do good machinimas, A Yeti mic and, a PC that was forgeted over by the adware from anti-virus programs (Thanks, Best Buy!)

In short, I have limited resources and not good programs. I do have blender and could do stuff with it. I need people to make this a reality. If you can help, Great! just PM me and I will add you on the list of crew. I will run down the list of positions in this machinima.


Now, I am writing a script and, I don't really know how to write a script however, I can try my best to make a better script. Since Lost Cause is a parody and comedy, I wanted to get the jokes down and make it work. I kind of thought that my writing wouldn't be very great. If you didn't seen Lost, that's okay, I can make some notes or bring out the loving script of the episodes on some scenes. You would have to PM me and show me some of your example of your writing skills. I would send you the script in PM. If you have an account for Google to work on Docs, great! but, if you don't, I will figure something out.


This is the in-game actors where you would act on camera. I would probably have a server but, it would lag like stuff because, I live in Canada which is far away for most people (AKA My friends). So, I would have to think of something to not lag like crazy or have poor connection. Like writers, send me some examples. Now, this is for more of, Main characters, Supporting Cast, specific background characters. The rest would be done by Filmbots.

Voice Actors

Since the script is not done, I can probably give you the Lost scripts for now, or, just delay the voice auditions until the script is done. PM me your voice samples and here is a list of Characters that are open. Crossed out with a player name next to it is when it's taken.

Jack Sheppard Daffytitanic (Myself)
John Locke
Kate Austen
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes
James "Sawyer" Ford Nobot
Sayid Jarrah
Seth Norris
Walt Lloyd
Charlie Pace
Michael Dawson
Gary Troup
Edward Mars
Cindy Chandler
Shannon Rutherford
Claire Littleton
Rose Nadler

There would be more roles open in the future as the series progresses. (Hopefully. And God help me when we started going all the way up to Season 6)

Set Builders

Send me examples of your builds. It doesn't necessarily needs to be extremely detailed but, I want it still close enough to the show. While, I have myself, It doesn't mean much. There is some sets which I wouldn't build or I find annoying.


You can make private addons to the project. Like special bricks and tools as props, decals for the costumes, prints for readings and signs. Once again, send me examples for your work.


This is for special effects. For explosions, fires, computers, lights,  Send me examples for the events, either as a save or video. But if it's an save, give me a list of addons for it.


And last but, not least, the cameraman. Since I don't have a good computer to record stuff or use shadows, I would need some help with the camera work. Send me some footage of you recording and, if it's good enough, I will accept you.

tl;dr I need some help, if you want to help, send me examples.

Here is some test footage or work done.

Blocklandic 815 Tail Crash

These wouldn't exactly be in the final cut. They are more like tests and I would one day reach to them to make better footage.

I will update this later on when I get some stuff done. So far, it's far from being remotely having progress.


Here is some special thanks anyway:

Shwolli for inspiring me to start on this with his Block Wars.
Drydess for the name.

Suggestions & Requests / Props for Lost Cause
« on: May 10, 2017, 04:04:08 PM »
I wanted some things for the machinima, Lost Cause
Oxygen Masks as tools with hands over it
Small Vodka bottle and a drinkable cup
The Food/Drink Trolley as a tool and block
3D plane wreck based on the plane, Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 from LOST. I needed this for the machinima since I have the crash site set being made. I can still build all the sets from LOST but, not the plane itself. It can be based on the passenger jet vehicle if you want but, with 3-4-3 seating. But replace Oceanic with this and remove Airlines


I may update it in the future if the pilot is done and I do other episodes

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