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Add-Ons / Brick Health [Hopefully everything's fixed now Edition]
« on: February 13, 2014, 02:28:34 PM »
Brick Health

Makes so bricks have health in minigames. Health is determined by their size, and a server preference.

Prefs (SA Only, has RTB prefs):

/setBrickVolumeHealth #
A brick will have #*volume health. A 1x1f has a volume of 1, a 1x1 has a volume of 3.
Default is 20.

/setBrickKillTime #
Time in seconds that a brick will fakekill/disappear for. Does not affect off, killbrick, or delete.
Default is 30.

/setBrickKillType #
0 = off
1 = fakekill (default)
2 = killbrick
3 = delete (warning: will cause floating bricks and can mess with saving/loading)
4 = disappear

/setBrickRadiusDamage #
0 = off
1 = on (default)
2 = add (radius damage is added to direct damage only against the brick it hit)


General Discussion / Doge on e-tard by default? Please?
« on: February 10, 2014, 02:22:42 PM »
Whether or not you actually find it funny, you have to admit, the moment someone says it once in game, people keep loving stuffting it everywhere. The entire chat becomes flooded with people repeating it over and over.

Music / Awesomenauts Character Themes
« on: January 15, 2014, 02:43:21 PM »
New topic, old one was too old to edit or bump.

Awesomenauts is a game awesome enough to give each character their own theme.
Themes that are already short, looping, and mono.

Make sure to put them in your add-ons/music folder.

Packed in a rar file (extract this, don't stick the rar file in it)
Ayla New!
Coco Nebulon
Derpl Zork
Froggy G
Leon Chameleon
Sheriff Lonestar
Admiral Swiggins New!
Ted McPain New!Reduced quality. :c
Vinnie & Spike
Voltar the Omniscient

Off Topic / Thank you Youtube
« on: April 03, 2013, 05:20:26 PM »
You did something nice. :)

Music / Awesomenauts Character Themes
« on: March 24, 2013, 12:42:40 AM »
Awesomenauts is a game awesome enough to give each character their own theme.
Themes that are already short, looping, and mono.

Make sure to put them in your add-ons/music folder.

Packed in a rar file (extract this, don't stick the rar file in it)
Coco Nebulon
Derpl Zork
Froggy G
Leon Chameleon
Sheriff Lonestar
Vinnie & Spike
Voltar the Omniscient

It's annoying how I need to continuously adjust my shader settings whenever I join a different server.

You need to remember that if your buildings have no light, people without shaders on cannot see in them.
If your entire minigame is inside that building, and it's supposed to be dark for everyone, there's environment settings for that.
If everyone is supposed to see with ease, but you want the build to be an interior build, there's also environment settings for that.

There's three of them.
Direct light, ambient light, and shadow color.

Direct light affects faces (object polygons, not human faces) and more so if the face is flat against the sun.
Shader settings don't affect direct light much at all, aside from adding reflections heavily based on the direct light color. This means when shaders are minimum or off, objects behind bricks will not be darkened. Thus, when the direct light is a bright color in a room that's supposed to be dark, players can see very well with shaders off/minimum.

Ambient light is applied in different ways depending on shader settings. It will always be visible in direct light, aside from the 'reflective' parts of it when shaders are on. When shaders are off, ambient light is visible and direct light is absent, in place of where faces are not being exposed to the sun's direction.
It also seems that point lights make the ambient light less intense, making the direct light more visible.

Shadow color is not visible with shaders off. On minimum, it represents the color of the faces that are not in contact with the sun, and is not affected by ambient light once shaders are no longer off. However, if shaders are only on minimum, the only things with the shadow color are the sides of objects not facing the sun, completely ignoring any other objects that could be blocking the sun. So even on minimum shader settings, players will still be able to see fine inside dark buildings, so long as they have the bright direct light. With shaders on, this does the obvious effect of objects casting shadows.

In the following images, direct light is red (255 0 0), ambient light is green (0 255 0), and shadow color is blue (0 0 255).
Shaders on High.
Faces in contact with the sun appear yellow, which is the red and green mixed.
The shadows are blue.
The sun reflections are red.
The faces not flat against the sun appear more green than yellow.
Shaders off.
No blue or red is present. Just green/yellow.
Shaders on minimum.
The shadow color is visible on the side of the object away from the sun. But no shadow is being casted.
When shaders are on, the smaller cube is completely covered in shadow color.
But when the shaders are on minimum or off, faces towards the sun are still easily visible.

So do you want to make a minigame take place in the dark?
Instead of just making an interior based minigame and expecting everyone to use shaders, turn down the direct/ambient lights.
Didn't want the minigame to be dark but you forgot people want the game to look nice?
Make the shadow color brighter.

These kinds of things DO affect gameplay, and it's often a negative experience for the people with higher settings.

And no, I'm not asking Badspot to change the way shaders work because they work fine, and I'm not expecting everyone to turn their shaders on because that's not fair to them. I'm expecting hosts to change their environment settings. It's not that hard.

For example, this build here isn't supposed to be very dark, nor is it supposed to be bright. I still need to adjust it a little though.

Shaders off:
A bit dark, as intended. Still easy to see everything in.
Shaders minimum:
Map is still a bit dark, however, as you can see I made the ambient color too dark and the shadow color too bright, causing the wrong sides of things to be too bright.
Shaders max:
Map is yet still a bit dark, as intended. The shadowed areas are darker than the rest of the build, but, not impossible to see in. Vision is barely impaired, causing it to look nice while not making the player blind.

Shaders off:
Still kind of dark like the rest of the map.
Shaders minimum:
Still has fair visibility.
Shaders max:
Even with the same environment as above, it's still easy to see in this cave. Players get the feeling it's darker in here than it is outside, but can still see just fine. They wont feel as if they need to turn off shaders just to be able to beat other players in this cave. If I were to make this cave any deeper, I could use the negative light pack to make the deeper parts darker regardless of shader settings.

For some bizarre reasons from two companies, I am unable to get the Incredibles Kit for LBP.
They decided to remove it from the playstation store. The gamestop website for some reason only sells digital products to the US. Yes that's right, they can't give me a code because I do not live in the US, but they would be perfectly OK with sending me an actual physical product, which isn't available for this DLC.

So if any Blocklander from the US would like to buy this code for me, I would be more than happy to pay you extra through paypal or even buy you a steam game.

Edit: Or I can even let you use my RTB server since I haven't even used it yet. It has 53 days left and I'll probably renew it after that.

Forum Games / [Interactive Text Adventure!] Die Trying: Rule of Hazermar
« on: November 14, 2012, 11:47:09 PM »
Die Trying, the newest and craziest forum adventure filled with lots of violence and other bad stuff. Oh and failure.

Many upon many things can happen in Die Trying. You can suggest anything you want really. I wont be like those other artists and make the characters give you questionable looks! In fact, if they do you can suggest they die.

In Die Trying, there will be one ultimate goal at a time, and you must try to get to this goal with as few characters as possible.
As of now, there are no images because I'm a terrible artist and I'm lazy.
For suggesting character actions, I will use the first action posted for each character, and each person can only suggest an action for one character.
iban: james forgets the living stuff out of a tree
night fox: cindy crafts a spear to fight the terrifying bear
lord tony: james shoots cindy, and tom masturbates to ponies
badspot: tom investigates the police reports
James will forget a tree, Cindy will craft a spear, and Tom will investigate.
Lord Tony broke two rules, James was already suggested an action, and he suggested actions for two characters.

So let's begin.

Using, I chose a number between 2 and 4 to make characters.
The result was 4.
When a character dies, I will choose another number between 0 and 2. This is how many new characters will come into the action, up to a max of 6.
If there are ever less than two characters, another one will be introduced.

Story: An evil warlord Hazermar has cunningly had the world's hero, Jeremy Sizlack, fall right into a trap and met his certain doom. After the fall of Jeremy, Hazermar quickly took place as ruler of the country Jelem. No one likes him but they are too much of procrastinators to do anything about it. So they just complain instead.

Theme: Modern (But Hazermar has lasers)

Capital City (Center)
Type: Large City, home of Hazermar
Not So Far Town (North)
Type: Small, lazy, town.
Way Insane Forest Camp (East)
Type: Forest with tiny civilization of crazy people who enjoy the rule of Hazermar
Right Near The Beach Village (South)
Type: Full of people with massive egos. Hazermar has never been here
People Don't Live In This Area (West)
Type: Nothing civilized nor domestic lives in this hazardous wasteland. Just things that want to kill you and eat you, and want to kill and eat things that want to eat you, and so forth.


Italics designate something new or changed. Strikethrough designates something was false or lost.
For status, green determines recovery, red determines injury.

Leo Sizlack
Location: Capital City (Center), Getter Groceries (Grocery store)
Status: Angry [98%], on back
Items: Normal people clothes, key to Leo's house, a knife, a gun with 9 bullets in it, $95
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Build: Just average
Age: Adult
Bio: Brother of Jeremy. Wishes revenge against Hazermar. Good with crafting and technology. Hates pyramids of goods.

Action: Leo sees a pyramid of canned corn. In the view of a few employees and some shoppers, Leo knocks it all over without second thoughts. It's technologically inferior and will not stop Hazermar. Cans fall all over and one falls on Leo's foot, so he hops back and slips on another one.
The supervisor immediately pulls out his radio and contacts security, and a janitor.

Lucy Urien
Location: Not So Far Town (North), Basics (Grocery store)
Status: Alert
Items: Basics uniform, key to Lucy's mom's house, Basics' register key, calculator
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Build: Little
Age: Adult
Bio: A store clerk who dropped out of high school. Did not like Jeremy, thought he was a 'fake hero'. Wishes to rule Jelem.

Lucy stops ringing a customer's food in for a quick moment to admire Hazermar. Lucy realizes how jealous she is that he's ruler and she isn't. Maybe she should rise up and do something for once in her life.
Reality kicks in as the customer calls out "Hello? You're getting paid to work aren't you?" and Lucy continues working and apologizes.

Location: Capital City (Center), Streets (Busy)
Status: Confused
Items: Chew toy, Collar with cryptic encoding
Gender: Male
Species: Dog
Build: Large
Age: 9
Bio: A dog who never forgot how to play. Always active. Doesn't have an owner but manages to make a living just fine. Owns a fire hydrant.

Hopper locates the nearest fire hydrant and has no troubles peeing on it. This is your territory now. Uh oh! Where did your chew toy go!?

Jamie Grizzly
Location: Way Insane Forest Camp (East), Outside of camp (Forest)
Status: Hungry and disappointed [110%]
Items: Ragged robes, an apple
Unnatural abilities: Can absorb living things.
Gender: Female
Species: Human Grizzly Bear
Build: like a grizzly bear, a well fed and exercised one
Age: Adult
Bio: Kills people. Is part bear part human. Only eats fruits and veggies.

Jamie feels the need to become part pig. She finds one, and attempts to give it a bear hug to consume it into her body. It works, but she does not become part pig. "Oh no I just killed a poor innocent pig!" she says to herself and hangs her head in shame.

Characters: 4
Kills: 0
Deaths: 0
Mission Progress: 0.001%
What you know: Hazermar controls the country and he's not very nice. Immune to corn.

Off Topic / definitely not defiantly
« on: November 12, 2012, 09:14:35 PM »
Okay people we get it. You don't know how to spell 'definitely'. But please when you're using spell check, don't always pick the top option.

I see it everywhere on forums and comments and stuff, people saying 'defiantly'.

Forum Games / One (Wo)Man, One Chapter [collaberated story]
« on: November 03, 2012, 05:28:02 PM »
Hello Blockland. Here's Chrono making a topic here in your Community Projects forum.
Last time I was here... things ended suddenly.
But here I am again, bringing a wacky idea to you, the community.
We are going to write a story. But not one half a sentence at a time. Entire chapters.
But this story will not be public until it's completed. On top of that, you will not know who is writing it either.
Here's how it will go down.

You guys sign up.
I pick someone to write the first chapter via PM
I continue to pick random people from the sign-up list.
Eventually I go back to the first person to have them bring the story to an end.

So here's the rules:
1. Do not talk to anyone about what should happen with your story after your chapter. The idea of this is so that the story is changed as much as the next person wants it to change without any influence. We don't want one guy telling everyone else how it should go down.
2. The person who writes the first chapter writes the last chapter. This is to prevent the people in between coming up with sudden endings, such as "hurr a bomb falls and kills evry one the end". If it's going to end, it's getting sent back to the first person.
3. Don't change the theme. Yes, while the story should be twisted and manipulated by anyone without any influence. We don't need the character being a knight with magical powers, then in the next chapter, waltzing into a New York strip club, and then in the next one, burning aliens alive with his heat ray that he never had.
4. Don't be stupid. This really should be obvious. Your chapter will be ignored.
5. Don't make it too short or too long. A chapter needs to be at least one entire major event, so a paragraph will not be enough. However, if your chapter is pretty much a whole story itself, then it's too long. I don't expect anyone to write an actual 30-50 page chapter though, as neat as it would be.
6. Something has to happen. After our hero's battle against an alien outpost, he should be figuring out how to take down the headquarters. Not chatting with his crush and having an entire chapter dedicated to exploring an oh-so-peaceful forest while everyone else stands around with their thumbs up their asses and the aliens taking no effort to retaliate.
7. It's okay to not want to take part when it's your turn. Maybe the theme of the story isn't right for you. Maybe you got busy by the time it got to you. Just tell me that you aren't going to be continuing it and I'll find a replacement. You can even let me know that you can contribute another chapter, just not the current one.
8. There really isn't a deadline for your chapter. I don't want the story to be rushed. Just know that I'll be keeping on you here and there if it's taking long. We don't want people getting bored of the idea because one guy took 6 weeks to do his part.

The sign-up
Forum Name:
Banned from PMs?:
Other method of contact:
Willing to do first and last chapter?:

Yes, I do realize I can read your forum name on the left, but this just makes it easier for me to copy and paste everyone's info.
If you are banned from PMs, you MUST supply another method of contact.
If you aren't, you still can supply another method of contact, just in case.
As for the last question, if you re-read the rules you'll understand it.

This is opposite of the Cubelands popular topic.

If there's anyone you wish to add tell me.

Off Topic / Black and Chrono and White have unlocked ancient secrets
« on: October 03, 2012, 11:51:22 PM »
we were PMing each other and for some reason i had 888 messages and she had 222 messages

that adds up to roughly 1000 messages on the dot so i think this means something very big

our research logs:
wait so when i had 888 you had 222?

that must mean something

totally something going on here this stuff just doesn't happen
It's 1000 because 8+2=10 and if you extrapolate the math, it works out.

Off Topic / Ugly text faces
« on: September 12, 2012, 09:29:50 PM »
Some of those faces people make with text look pretty ugly.

Some examples:

It seriously looks like one eye is twice as large as the other. The only thing I can think of is a headcutter from Priston Tale.

It's like everyone is a raging asian nowadays. This one bugs me because people use it in several unrightful situations. Like "lol -.-". How are you laughing with a disappointed closed mouth face? In fact, people using it as a disappointed face doesn't make sense. It looks like a sleeping person to me. Not so much ugly as it is terribly annoying.

I still do not understand what this is. Somehow the mouth raises above the eyes like some kind of mutant.

Both ^ and - represent closed eyes, yet I've seen this used as a winking face. No, one of your eyes is just lower than the other. Must be another kind of mutant, like O.o and .-.

How the forget do you even?

:DDDDD or anything else with needless letters
It doesn't make you look happier. You look just as happy as a :D[/i] except you have more mouthes. Think of how ugly, or even scary, you would look with that many mouthes. A tall enough head to fit them is forgeted enough.[/i]

.____________________________ ________________.
Tall head not forgeted enough? Try a really, really wide one. This sometimes even expands onto the next line. Congrats. You've split your head in two. You're ugly as all forget. A mutant like the rest of them.

Off Topic / Stop using Gyazo please
« on: March 17, 2012, 03:09:22 PM »
There is barely any benefit aside from you guys being lazy forgets.

All your hotlinked images get broken. People get confused.

When you link to the actual page, people are being led to an ad-filled page just to look at an image just because they wanted to know what it was.

Just use one of the other hundreds of free uploaders that don't pull this crap please. Sure, you have to actually put in 5 extra seconds of effort, but it makes it more pleasing for the viewers.

Drama / Cybersix AKA Pestige AKA RainbowDashLover69
« on: March 16, 2012, 09:52:01 PM »
Profile Link:;u=40443

What a hypocrite, he hates on bronies and MLP all the time (IRL too) but then he comes into my Minecraft server flashing around his Rainbow Dash skin.
Then he kills me and takes all my potions!

Here's some screenshots to show how much of a hypocrite he is, just like Lord Tony. Bronies of the Blockland forums, if Cybersix ever makes fun of you, don't be afraid to call him out on being a closet brony. The worst kind there is. (not saying they're bad there's just bad kinds of them)

here he is!

pine tree and MobHealth mod means it's real!

he's fighting a skeleton so it's obviously not fake!
(look at my XP gone too he even killed me what a meany head!)

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