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Environment Change Notice

This simple script will alert everyone when an admin has started messing with the environment, so you no longer have to wonder who is doing it. Features a bit of logic to avoid spamming the chat when one person is continuously tweaking it.

Warning: May cause telepathy in horses.

Add-Ons / Event_Keypad - Create Keypads with Secure Passwords!
« on: November 14, 2017, 10:37:09 PM »

Keypad Events

Ever use events to create a password for a puzzle or secure door, only for some scoundrel to just save the build, read the events on their own server, and come back ready to dig through all your secret rooms? Most of you probably haven't even done that, because just rigging up the keypad with default events is a pain. Well, here to solve all your problems* is Event_Keypad!


This add-on provides two input and two output events, intended to all be used in building a keypad:

  • fxDTSBrick::keypadInputChar - Output - Takes a single character, and adds it to the client's input text. Works with any Torque supported character, and is case sensitive.
  • fxDTSBrick::keypadTest - Output - Checks the client's input against a hash and calls the appropriate input event on this brick. See below for more details. Leaving the hash blank will instead clear the client's input text.
  • fxDTSBrick::onKeypadCorrect and fxDTSBrick::onKeypadIncorrect - Inputs - Called by keypadTest depending on whether or not the client's input was correct.

About Hashes and Salts:

To keep passwords secret, the actual passwords are not kept by the events. Otherwise, someone could just load the build on their own server, wrench the brick, and read the password. However, you still want to be able to save and load the bricks yourself without losing all your passwords. Hashing provides the solution. A hash function takes some text, and converts it into different text in a way that cannot be reversed, and that the same input will always produce the same output. So we choose a password for our keypad, hash it, and what comes out is some unholy combination of numbers and letters. We make that the parameter for our keypadTest event. Then when someone enters their code and hits the test button, we use the same hash function on their input. If the resulting string of numbers and letters is the same, then the event knows that they have the right password, even though the event never actually knows what the password is.

But there's still a problem. If someone wrenches your brick and finds out your password's hash, and they know what hash function the add-on uses, they can run a script to quickly make thousands of guesses, hashing them, and checking them against your hash. A 4 digit numerical code can be broken in an instant. This is resolved by introducing a salt string. A salt string is a bit of secret text gets added to the input when the hash function is run. The salt is unique for each server, and can be viewed and set by super admins. By keeping the salt secret from regular users, the only way they'll be able to make guesses is by using the events on the server. It acts as a sort of master password, keeping the individual event passwords secure. It also means that by using the same salt, a save with keypad events can be transferred to other trusted users. As a consequence however, if you change a server's salt string, all existing keypad events set using the old salt will be invalidated.

There's a lot to the subject of securely storing passwords, and this is by no means a comprehensive summary. Fortunately, there are a bunch of commands that simplify this process for the scope of this add-on.

Server Commands:
  • /setBrickPassword [password] - Sets the value of the keypadTest event on the brick you're looking at. Must be holding a wrench, must have access to the brick's wrench events, and the brick must have exactly one keypadTest output event enabled.
  • /setKeypadSalt [salt] - Super Admin only. Sets the server's salt string, which is used in the hash function for every brick password.
  • /keypadSaltHelp - Displays a summary of how salt strings work, similar to the above paragraph. Super Admins should educate themselves with this before meddling with the server's salt string.

Using Keypad Events:

Didn't read any of the above and have no idea what you're doing? We got you covered! Here's the fast version.

For server hosts:
First, install and enable the mod. When you start the server, type "/setKeypadSalt abc123", substituting in a unique password. This password will be visible to your super admins. If you ever load your keypads on a different server, or if your server preferences ever get cleared, you will have to use the same keypad salt when you enter the command again. If you lose your keypad salt, all keypad test events in your build will have to be manually reset.

To build a keypad:
To build your keypad, you can start by creating a bunch of buttons with prints on them, using "onActivate->Self->keypadInputChar->X" where X is the brick's letter or number. You can also add events for any effects or sounds you want the button to have when you press it. Optionally, add a clear button that has the event "onActivate->Self->keypadTest->[empty string]". Then, set up an enter button with "onActivate->Self->keypadTest->[hash]", plus further onKeypadCorrect and onKeypadIncorrect events. Finally, fill in the "hash" portion of the keypadTest event by looking at the enter button, equipping a wrench, and typing in "/setBrickPassword 321password", substituting in your brick's password. You can then test your keypad by typing in the password on it, and pressing the enter button.

Example Save:

Included here is a save file with a simple keypad built on it. As you'll recall from above, the only way to use keypad events from a save is to have the same salt string as the server it was created with. In this case, you'll need to use "/setKeypadSalt cat" for the example to work. Setting the salt to anything else will invalidate the events, and if you did not know that "cat" was the salt I used to create this keypad, you would not be able to use this keypad on your own server. Once you've set the salt correctly, the code to the keypad is "1234".

Download Example Save

In Conclusion:

I believe that covers everything important. If you forget anything, the error messages should be detailed enough to explain what you did wrong. Special thanks goes to Ipquarx, for providing security advice. Additional thanks goes to Pecon, for hosting the test server for these events over the last 4 years.

*Will not actually solve all your problems, only the two described here.

Add-Ons / Saints Row 3 - Shock Hammer
« on: June 07, 2015, 09:41:12 PM »

The Shock Hammer

So this thing has been on my workbench for years now. Originally had the hammer part of it working back in v20, to see if I could make electric sparks look better than lightning bolt clip art or spinning blue triangles. Narkro555 provided a model for the hammer but I put the whole thing on hold when it became clear that the animated particles weren't visible to anyone besides the host, causing the cool electric explosion to look like a bunch of ugly snowflakes (which will no doubt show in the screenshot). Thankfully Badspot fixed that in a recent-ish patch, and I let it loose on Pecon's Boss Battles for a test run. I then forgot about Blockland for several months until just now, when I decided I really don't have a reason not to release this thing. At least I think I don't. Maybe there's some huge game breaking bug that caused me to give up on it all those months ago? I guess we'll find out, because I'm turning it loose.

Anyway, here is a picture of me hitting a tree with it:

Special thanks to Narkro555 for modeling it and then letting me keep it in my tool shed for over a year without giving it the spotlight it deserved.

Shock Hammer, as used in Saints Row 3.
Animated electric spark explosion.
Cool science noises when you swing it.
Inventory icon.
70 Radius damage, 150 Direct.
Radius damage does not harm the user.
Not machine washable. Dry-clean only.

General Discussion / Jetz's Climbing Challenge - Closed
« on: February 24, 2013, 08:33:44 PM »

(Click the banner to join the server, banner made by Manty)

I've been hosting a climbing challenge for almost a day and I think it has gone pretty well. It's filled up every time I boosted the player limit, so I thought I'd make a topic about it for the couple weeks it is open.

So this is a challenge centered around my new add-on, the Climbing Pick (With model by Spider_). It has a tutorial to teach you the basics of the pick, then 6 levels of pain. The map has a blocky mountain/island theme with water flowing through it. Water, unfortunately, is fatal here. Progress is saved with each level and you can come back to the server any time to pick up where you left off. The challenge also features races, where you can try to get the best time on levels you've beaten.

Server rules:
1. Don't be a richard.
2. No timescale cheating.

I trust the admins I pick to judge violations and enforce these rules at their discretion. I think the server is generally low-maintenance when it comes to administration needed because I haven't really needed to step in much so far, but what do I know about what goes on when I'm not around? Any other exploits you find are probably shortcuts intentionally left in, though if it is an exploit-shortcut, I guess that's my fault for not testing well enough.

Q: whho made climb pick
A: I did. With a model thanks to Spider_.

Q: where do i download it
A: It's not currently available on RTB; I intend to host-Q: when will you release it
A: ...I intend to host the server for a number of weeks, then release the game-mode and pick together.

A: No. It's a challenge. It's challenging.

A: No. I've made it a personal policy not to fetch anyone for any reas-DFJSKLKLDSQQQQQ: but I was on level 3 and I fell down to the tutorial!!!!!
A: That's fine, you can use the /goto command to jump to any checkpoint you've touched before.

Q: when are you going to make more levels
A: I never really planned to; the code wasn't made to support a new world, and to just extend the current world means either resetting all the winners' files so they're on level 7 or hacking up the code significantly. I hope releasing the game-mode and pick will encourage people to make their own climbing challenge.

Q: device why id your name gold
Q: who herecompleted the challenge
A: People with cyan names completed the challenge. People with yellow names completed the entire challenge, tutorial to finish, in one life.

Listed chronologically.
Yell at me to update it if I forget for too long. The name on the list is the one that you used at time of victory.

  • Jetz - 3673
  • Marioguy0 - 7125
  • .:FancyPants:. - 10238
  • Popcorn Maniac - 24683
  • Mr. Formaggio - 14397
  • luie - 17546
  • Aware - 9374
  • Joekirk - 18038
  • Coburn - 3605
  • Cinderbunp - 7049
  • Vahkriin - 32253
  • Alphadin - 7458
  • Ephialtes - 150
  • Chance - 35519
  • []----[] - 975
  • Cs Civil Security - 41465
  • The Spy! - 14749
  • Computermix - 22054
  • Rabbit Ninja Shotgun - 39903
  • torcreep111 - 31940
  • Fel Reaver - 35210
  • Blades - 15420
  • Qiw - 12805
  • Noseman - 6040
  • DeviceHasBeenModified - 10104
  • +44 - 41662
  • Spede - 39334
  • Skill4Life - 4382
  • Liquid - 1622
  • top puppy - 3568
  • HeadPhones - 33076
  • TVE999 - 34252
  • Porto - 25214
  • siba - 5012
  • Usernames - 104
  • PhazonGLaDOS - 20128
  • Radman - 27320
  • Maciek9999 - 40407
  • T - 25814
  • BladesofArt - 38119
  • Lego Legend - 23954
  • Cakey - 18763
  • Mr.LoL - 3306
  • Lord Techno - 14347
  • Ckangaroo5567 - 1506
  • Unknown Lolzar - 35793
  • D3athkat - 15848
  • Crysist - 8226
  • CodyTH - 8428
  • ShadowCaster - 30084
  • Manty - 2059
  • Camo66510 - 23507
  • Racerboy - 25064
  • Mauritsio - 21331
  • Mustang - 17617
  • I have not - 6138
  • Lalam - 239
  • Colten - 752
  • Blocktim - 4869
  • BlockoCrafter - 21137
  • Letter - 32326
  • Krimpen K - 1252
  • T-Fraz - 38964
  • StoreClerk - 188
  • nerraD - 2968
  • 8bitcube - 26683
  • Uxie - 11050
  • Crazy ninjaman - 5652
  • Eagle517 - 25351
  • ninjaguy47 - 15008
  • General R - 16882
  • Mranthony2 - 11643
  • Unvanquished - 16541
  • Wink - 1478
  • Achoo - 12724
  • Instinct - 16893
  • MagmaBloom - 31731
  • ≥Admin Server≥ - 21009
  • Sam56 - 24259
  • xLEGOx - 16788
  • D-Hustle - 26218
  • Zeblote - 1163
  • WhoWantsAHug - 3299
  • Page Turner - 20244
  • Tlp300 - 7367
  • Mikey555 - 26294

Marathon Winners:
These lunatics were crazy and/or skilled enough to complete the entire challenge in one life.

  • DeviceHasBeenModified - 10104
  • Qiw - 12805
  • Jetz - 3673
  • Ephialtes - 150
  • Porto - 25214
  • Cinderbunp - 7049
  • Achoo - 12724

Anyway, click the picture at the top to go to the join page, or just use the server browser. I plan to keep the server up for a while, on the scale of days to weeks depending on how well it turns out, then release the game-mode and pick. Player limit will probably jump around a bit because I can't manage too heavily late at night but during the day it has been getting pretty crowded. So yeah, thanks for reading, stop by if you're a psychotic persistent masochist, blah blah blah we done here.

Modification Help / Lighting abnormalities in transparent model.
« on: February 12, 2012, 09:50:40 PM »

Pictured is the inside of a cylander, with two disproportionately bright regions. Besides the two on the inside of the cylander shown in the picture, there is one other, on the outside. The abnormal lighting rotates with the model, so it isn't related to the map. The abnormalities are in the same spot each export. The model itself is made of quads, not triangles. The one on the left in the picture is directly across from the UV map seam. The one on the right is directly across from the third abnormality, pictured with the seam below. The abnormalities did not exist when exported without transparency. I've checked the regions in question on the model itself for stray vertices and edges.

Does anyone know how to fix this? I'm rather new this modeling business.

Suggestions & Requests / Jetz's Collection of Requests
« on: November 30, 2011, 01:08:29 PM »
1. Better way of working with named bricks of other people.
Currently, when you look under the options available for applying events to a remote named brick, all you see is the ones you own. If someone else set up the event, all you see is an ambiguous number. I propose this be changed so when you check the list, you see the named bricks of all people you have full trust list.

If person A, named "John" had bricks named "Apple," "Orange," and "Banana," and had full trust with "Joe", who has bricks named "Celery," "Tomato," and "Banana," if John looked under his named brick list, it would read:

Joe: Banana
Joe: Celery
Joe: Tomato

This would help with the "cooperative building" element of Blockland. It's pretty annoying to need one person to establish the full event systems, as opposed to allowing collaboration.

2. A way to make certain player datablocks not collide with other players.
I would like to see a way to prevent collision between players, while allowing collisions with other things, like vehicles, bricks, ect.

I am pretty sure this is possible because corpses, while using the same model, are able to collide with the world while players can pass through them. However, they also don't collide with vehicles, so I am unsure how simple of an engine change it would be. Also, this would break player based vehicles, so perhaps something like this would be needed to keep everything functioning properly:

A flag in player datablocks called disablePlayerCollisions would prevent players using the datablock from colliding with other players using a datablock with the flag also set. If a player was using a datablock without the flag set, they could collide with anyone.

The main use of this would be challenges where players have to carefully navigate from one area to another, where players often get in each others' ways or use other players to their advantage.

3. A more advanced way of handling the direction of emitters.
This one is pretty simple, perhaps a setting in the advanced options called "Enable Advanced Emitter Angles" could switch from the U-D-N-S-E-W options to the 3 textboxes used for velocity vectors.

4. Make more of the default functions publicly available.
This is mostly just a request for modders who either need a reference or want to create advanced features without breaking anything.

You made the Projectile::Damage function available in a topic in coding help a few years back. Why not release a few more? Maybe serverCmdDropTool, or the trick you use to make individual parts of players paintable, the ban function, and other functions used in players and vehicles being damaged or killed.

5. A way to play sounds with a different pitch, if possible.
I don't know how easy this would be to pull off, but it would be nice. A way to play 3D and 2D sounds with changes in pitch or speed. The only hint I have that this could be done without much effort is that when the timescale is changed, the pitch and tempo of sounds are adjusted similarly.

Possible uses for this would be to add a neat effect where gun firing noises or player death sounds have slight variations, or to change the jump sound for certain players based on their size, similar to how the horse has a deeper jump sound, but through script instead.

6. Add a tooltip explaining how to change your name.
This would be a new-player-friendly way of countering discrimination simply because they are new. Make it so once a player enters their key, if their name is currently Blockhead#####, a little message with an arrow appears over the "Name" button saying "Click here to enter your name."

The main reason I'm suggesting this be added in is because I've seen several people on a server freak out when some 30k Blockhead joined, and one even tried to votekick him.

Drama / Hoogle - Votekick Abuse/Exploitation
« on: November 15, 2011, 04:41:40 PM »
I was playing on Pecon7's boss battle server, when Hoogle and Manty decided to work together to get a laser that was placed out of bounds. People eventually started to votekick them for prolonging the game, to which Hoogle responded by connecting many times with another ID and voting no. This happened several times during the game, and occasionally he would votekick other people, using the connection exploit to vote yes. Here's a general summary of the events:

I wasn't really paying attention to the chat until I started to assemble that, and I couldn't go too far back, so I missed the part where he originally confessed to it. Still, I feel like an idiot for missing it for so long. But I digress.

The image above doesn't contain most of the connect spamming, but you should be able to tell who they are. It also doesn't include the part where he explains that he doesn't care what the consequences for this are, because similar and allegedly better servers are under construction.

He eventually muted me, most likely because I was sounding like a moron due to not having read half the stuff he's said on the issue, but I can't help but interpret it as "LALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU."

Hoogle - 6228
His other ID - 13023

Games / Full Mass Effect 3 Script
« on: November 12, 2011, 06:16:53 PM »
Somehow this got leaked.

Minor spoilers. Read at your own discretion.

Games / Spongebob Squarepants Boat-o-cross 2
« on: August 13, 2011, 03:32:11 PM »
Let me start by answering a question you may have clicked on this thread with:
"Who gives a forget about Spongebob?" or "Why the hell are you posting games from"
The answer is that the original Boat-o-cross gained minor popularity as a nearly unplayable game that took tons of skill to even pass the first level. Think of it as QWOP but in a car. Your vehicle will flip upside down for no apparent reason, explodes upon landing upside down, and this can happen anywhere on the track.

The second game was evidently designed in response to /v/'s reaction to the first. The bottom of the level complete screen reads something like "You've completed your Timed Underwater Escort Boat Mission," a reference to some meme they've had for a while.

TLDR: Play these games and see how far you can get.

Boat-o-cross 2:

Drama / A Classy PM I Just Received...
« on: February 15, 2011, 10:47:54 PM »
Troll  :cookieMonster: :cookie: :panda: :iceCream: :nes:
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I promise I am not making this up.

For the sake of decency, the font size has been reduced from 99pt to 40pt, and I cut off about three quarters of the message. Seven eighths if you consider he sent this twice.

I imagine this was sent because I arrested his police account on Age of Time twice. I run a script to log the chat. Here are some pieces of it.
==>Aware-Cop: Jetz, troll on the fourm, troll here
==>Jetz: How do I troll the forum?
==>Aware-Cop: Everyone that uses the fourm is a troll, serriously.
==>Aware-Cop: Look at the immature spam posts that litter the fourm
==>Aware-Cop: F uck it. I hate All of Badspot's games, its full of kid's that havn't had there balls drop yet
==>Aware-Cop logged out.
==>Aware-Cop has left the game.

And despite his hatred, he shows up again the same day.

(Note: Winar is my police account)
*I stun him with a police baton, because he is a criminal*
==>aware says, "Noob!"
==>aware says, "lol"
==>aware says, "Uber noob."
==>aware was captured by Winar and jailed for 1:20!
*I pummel him with the police baton while he's in jail*
==>aware says, "Omfg, realy? Mingebag."
==>aware says, "Stop being a mingebag"
==>aware says, "Omfg, minge"
==>Winar says, "I thought you had enough of Badspot's games?"
==>aware says, "So?"
==>aware says, "I thought you wrn't a troll?"

He got out of jail and switched to his cop account. Using some Classic AoT trickery, I managed to charge his cop account with murder and arrest him, causing him to lose his police status.
==>You have commited a crime. (False Arrest)
==>Buck was killed by Aware-Cop!
==>coreyccc was killed by Aware-Cop!
==>BellyFlop was killed by Aware-Cop!
==>Aware-Cop was captured by Winar and jailed for 3:35!
==>Winar says, "You're fired."
==>Aware-Cop says, "Wait, what"
==>Aware-Cop says, "How did I commit a crime?"
==>Winar says, "Murder"
==>Aware-Cop says, "What a troll.."
Then I get that Nerd vs. Social Life bullstuff.
==>Aware-Cop says, "you dont have to be a baby just because I insulted your precious Badspot"
==>Aware-Cop says, "Cry, little baby"
==>Winar says, "You insulted everyone who plays his games"
==>Aware-Cop says, "We all know you are."
==>Winar says, "Including me"
==>Aware-Cop says, "So?"
==>Aware-Cop says, "Your a crying 12 year old at his computer"
==>Winar says, "Upset that you're no good at games?" *I'll confess that this is trolling on my part.
==>Aware-Cop says, "No, I'm just not a nerd like you."
==>Aware-Cop says, "You see, I have a social life."
==>Winar says, "No, you're just a failure" *And this.
==>Aware-Cop says, "And friends."
==>Aware-Cop says, "I dont have a girlfriend, like evryone else that plays these stuff games"
==>Winar says, "Social lives are overrated"
I pull the same trick again, and we reach our conclusion.
==>You have commited a crime. (False Arrest)
==>Buck was killed by Aware-Cop!
==>Aware-Cop was captured by Winar and jailed for 2:20!
==>Winar logged out.
==>Jetz logged in.
==>Aware-Cop says, "I'm out, nerd"
==>Aware-Cop was killed by Jetz!
==>Aware-Cop logged out.
==>Aware-Cop has left the game.

tl;dr: I get accused of trolling in a PM from Aware14 because of how I play Age of Time and because I post on the forums.

Modification Help / What is overrideAdvance?
« on: January 11, 2011, 12:22:57 PM »
When creating a particle emitter datablock, there's a variable called "overrideAdvance." It's set to false by default, but setting it to true doesn't seem to change anything.
datablock ParticleEmitterData(ParticleEmitter)
   ejectionPeriodMS = 100;
   periodVarianceMS = 0;
   ejectionVelocity = 2.0;
   velocityVariance = 1.0;
   ejectionOffset   = 0.5;
   thetaMin         = 0;
   thetaMax         = 90;
   phiReferenceVel  = 0;
   phiVariance      = 360;
   overrideAdvance = false;
   particles = " ";
   useEmitterColors = 0;
I've found no documentation for this anywhere, and in some old bits of Torque engine code I've read it doesn't seem to do anything. The only check I could see for it set to true was the commented out error: "Not going to work.  Fix it!"

Does anyone know what this does or was supposed to do?

Games / Crysis Quest - The Hi-Res-Image Heavy Crysis Text Adventure
« on: July 08, 2010, 09:41:37 PM »
A friend of mine was playing Crysis, when he got the idea to do this. He gave me a screenshot (I hope you have a monitor bigger than mine), and I told him what to do next. I am doing this blind: I have not played Crysis before. Note that the Korean-Starcraft stereotype appears alot here. Here's what we've done so far:

You and your comrades jump out of the plane. The wind stings the surface of your suit.
Q͇̙s͓̦̯̠͔͍̀v̙̳͘ǵ͔̯x̖̼͇n̹̟: Input?

Jetz: Press and Hold [Start Button]
Jetz: Activate Night Vision

You activate night vision. It doesn't seem to have any effect on the gameplay right now.

Jetz: Continue falling.

Q͇̙s͓̦̯̠͔͍̀v̙̳͘ǵ͔̯x̖̼͇n̹̟: You continue to fall

Jetz: Keep falling. Not much else to do right now.

Suddenly, your chute fails to deploy properly!!!

Jetz: Deactivate night vision and panic.

You turn of your night vision (not knowing why you turned it on in the first place) and start panicing as you plummet towards the surface. Prophet reassures you that your suit will absorb the impact. You hit the water hard, but you take no fatal damage
You make your way towards the edge of the beach. Prophet tells you  to meet up with Jester to search for Aztec, who's suit has been lost to Prophet's communication. You have an SCAR rifle, pistol, and the following attachments: flashlight, relfex sight, tactical dart, and silencer
Q͇̙s͓̦̯̠͔͍̀v̙̳͘ǵ͔̯x̖̼͇n̹̟: Also, a turtle >.>

Jetz: Proceed up the beach and activate flashlight

You head up the beach and equip the flashlight to your SCAR. There is a small crevice you can probably crawl under. To your right is a broken wooden box and to your left you think you see a crab

Jetz: Proceed South-Southeast to marker on minimap

You head towards your objective. As you walk along the beach, you can hear voices speaking a foreing language up ahead. Prophet says there are hostile units up ahead and suggests you equip your silencer.

Jetz: Equip silencer, turn off flashlight, crouch  and try to spot the hostiles

You decide to sneak up on the hostiles. You equip your silencer and your suit engages cloak mode. You see about two or three men who look like they play Starcraft.

Jetz: Shoot the head of the guy on the right, then move right for cover

You succesfully assassinate the Korean on the right, however the other two are alerted to your presence by the sound of gun fire. They are hunting you now.

Jetz: Step back and shoot them as they come around the corner

The shine of the Koreans flashlight tells you they have taken a stance behind the rock and aren't moving any time soon.

Jetz: Inch slowly left, shooting when they come into sight

just as the koreans decided to retreat back to their camp, you shot them down. You hear jester's voice up ahead

Jetz: Reactivate flashlight and proceed toward Jester's voice

Reactivating your flashlight, you meet up with Jester who directs to towards the forest. Suddenly, Aztecs comm radio buzzes in. Aztec tells the team that he was attacked by a something large on the way down and he got caught up in the trees. He voices concerns that something may be out there, and close to him...

Jetz: Reassure Aztec that he indeed is not alone, and there is a good chance he will die. Then proceed quickly to his location so that he might be saved.
Jetz: Wait, that's not reassuring, is it?

You think of telling your fellow comrade that his death may be iminent, but decide against it when you suddenly hear an inhuman roar coming from the forest. Aztec begins yelling out of fear in his native language (Spanish) and then begins to pray and say his final words. You then hear him say "PROPHET HELP ME!" as a gruesome scratching noise is heard. Aztec's comm is now silent and your hear a lot of russling in the trees.

Jetz: Still proceeding to Aztec's last known location, examine the trees with nightvision.

Still following Jester to Aztec's location, you decided to check out the trees with you night vision. You nothing out of the ordinary, and the sound has now stopped. It's very quiet as Jester jumps up onto the ledge infront of you.

Jetz: Reload weapon and follow Jester

You reload your weapon and arrive at Aztec's location. Jester comments on the strange noise he heard earlier.

Q͇̙s͓̦̯̠͔͍̀v̙̳͘ǵ͔̯x̖̼͇n̹̟: CUTSCENE TIME
Jetz: YAY
Jetz: Watch cutscene

Jester shines his flashlight on the eviscerated bodies of some Koreans.
Jester shines his light on the bodies of 3 more Koreans, all brutally and mysteriously killed. He comments on how odd the circumstances of their deaths are and begins to worry Aztec may have had the same fate.
Jester thinks he hears something in the bushes....
Aztec's corpse suddenly dangles down from the tree, startling you and Jester

Jetz: Aah, screamer!

Prophet has Aztec's suit and body vaporized to keep the suit's technology from falling into Korean hands. Jesters comments that he will never get used to seeing the corpse of a nanosuit owner get vaporized.
Prophet orders you to move out and find a station containing Korean intel. You see some Koreans up ahead. Prophet suggests you go into cloak mode and take them out as stealthily as possible. The sun begins to rise.

Jetz: Deactivate flashlight and move to a position where you can see the koreans

Q͇̙s͓̦̯̠͔͍̀v̙̳͘ǵ͔̯x̖̼͇n̹̟: You sure you don't want to activate cloak mode?
Jetz: Oh yes.
Jetz: Do that

You activate cloak mode and move towards the Koreans to get a better view. One runs ahead, yet doesn't see you. He's very close.

Jetz: Move closer to the bush, then assassinate

You move closer to the bush where the korean is. A few shots later, he is dead. There doesn't actually seem to be any more Koreans in sight as of now.

Jetz: Move East cautiously

You move east cautiously. As you move, a Korean in hiding jumps out infront of you! He surprises and tears you to shreds! GAMEOVER. Just kidding, what do now.

Jetz: Kill the red glowy one

The situation was an easy one to handle. One pull of the trigger and the Korean stopped trying to force you to play Starcraft. There are no more Koreans in the vicinity.

Jetz: Reload and move southeast to the objective

You reload. As you are moving towards the objective, Prophet tells you that something is jamming their radar and tells you to take care of it. Since this secondary objective is on the way towards your primary one, you may as well just do it. >.>
As the sun rises, you step over the hill and you see the comm array that is jamming Prophet's radar. You also spot a small Korean encampment and a Korean boat armed with a Heavy Machine Gun.

Jetz: Equip ironsights and proceed slowly down the slope

You slide down the hill slowly as to not alert the many Koreans that inhabit the encampment (or to alert the boat and get your ass blown off by the machine gun >.>). You see a Korean in plain sight (actually he's behind the palm tree upper right of the reticule) but he hasn't seen you.

Jetz: Shoot the nearest korean, then move into cover
Q͇̙s͓̦̯̠͔͍̀v̙̳͘ǵ͔̯x̖̼͇n̹̟: Cloak or no cloak?
Jetz: Shoot first, then activate it when moving into cover

You kill the nearest Korean, and then cloak into cover. HOWEVER! A Korean hiding behind a rock behind you saw you in the act and called in reinforcements. You are in a house surrounded for 4 Koreans.

Jetz: Crouch and fire at the one that just shot you

The Korean shoots at you with his pistol and runs to other side of the house. You shoot him as soon as he shows his Starcraft playing mug. Still a few more surrounding the house.

Jetz: Cautiously check the windows

You cautiously check the windows. Outside, you see a jeep armed with a Heavy Machine gun firing upon you!
Q͇̙s͓̦̯̠͔͍̀v̙̳͘ǵ͔̯x̖̼͇n̹̟: Oh yeah, you then go back to your coverspot

Jetz: Cautiously leave opposite the jeep

ou leave the house on the opposite side of the jeep. There are no Koreans on this side and you think you are safe for now.... BUT! The boat spots you and begins firing upon you with it's machine gun!

To be continued. Eventually.

Drama / Impersonators say the darndest things...
« on: April 12, 2010, 10:17:21 PM »
I was planning on perma-banning this guy right from the start, but I decided to ask exactly he chose to use the name he was using. I lol'd at his answer.

You heard right, folks, the Badspot we had all believed to have creyated Block Land was actually a frod, and the real one was hiding out in ID 15388 all along.

Games / Street Bike Fury
« on: March 06, 2010, 04:36:43 PM »
Street Bike Fury is an action game about a guy trying to escape a crazed gang who are pissed about not getting paid in a drug deal. They seem to have access to jetpacks, several helicopters, a few airplanes, amd a seemingly limitless supply of motercycles and weapons.

You on the other hand have your bike (which seems to burst into multicolored flames periodically) a machine gun, a shotgun, a rocket launcher, and upon filling up the trick bar, a flamethrower which you can keep for a little while.

I like those odds.

Screenshots follow:

Things to know:

Do tricks to heal - Hold the arrows in mid air.
Hurricane Mode - If you are on yellow fire, you spin twice fast in the air. Take advantage of it.
Flight Zone - Though those blue flames and insane speed may make it seem like it means you are metaphorically flying, this is not the extent of this awesome area. It will occasionally have a drop in the road, and tilting back a little will allow you to soar through the air.
Rockets - You have a limited number of them. Definitely use them to bring down helicopters. Last resort for problem enemys.
Purple flames - Dunno the name of this, but it seems to apply when you are launched high into the air. Try to hit an airplane when you're up there.

If you're on XP, go ahead and just click this and play:

For vista users, problem is, the version of the engine this game was does not support windows vista.  :panda: Sorry guys.
But wait, there is hope! I looked around and found a converter for exes from GM6. I dunno if this will work for Windows 7 users, but:

If it isn't running, I probably can't help you.

This game was created by the late Shawn Noel, or Shawn64.

Now discuss how you are all already better than me.

Drama / Bumping Master - Nope, it's not just a name.
« on: February 26, 2010, 05:28:59 PM »
A name caught my eye in the list of people online earlier today. Bumping master. I decided to have a look at the profile. Sure enough, he is going around trying to bump old topics. I say trying, because he is bumping ones that are about a day old. He's recently registered and he seems to have no intention other than keeping a count of threads he's bumped. So what's your opinion, Blockland? Banned person wanting to spam the forums, troll, or stupid kid? He only has 2 posts so far, but he shows no promise whatsoever.;u=26431

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