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Off Topic / Trick or Treat
« on: October 31, 2008, 11:58:55 PM »
Post any comments you have to say.

Gallery / OC application - Maxwell, 3rd Time
« on: October 08, 2008, 07:05:08 PM »

Topic Locked, In OC once again  :cookieMonster:

Help / Zombie error in V10
« on: October 08, 2008, 06:10:43 PM »
When I made a zombie minigame, when I die my body doesn't disappear it leaves a bot of myself sitting there. Picture to show what I mean.

Maps / Camerie Island
« on: August 29, 2008, 10:47:14 PM »
Here is a Island Map I made. Tell me any problems with the map. Also tell me if I need to include the .ml files or no. Or If I have any missing textures. Thanks, and enjoy the map.


Add-Ons / Maxwell's Colorset
« on: August 14, 2008, 09:28:50 PM »
Here is my Color set, you may rate X/10, enjoy.

Link to Download:

Drama / A day talking talking with "The Sub"
« on: August 12, 2008, 12:00:36 AM »
[23:41] Andrew: GTFO Blockland ok;)
[23:41] Maxwell: what?
[23:41] Andrew: GTFO the Internet Mk?;)
[23:41] Maxwell: Get the forget out blockland ok?
[23:41] Maxwell: That doesnt make sense?
[23:44] Andrew: loving Nub
[23:45] Maxwell: What?
[23:45] Andrew: You can't read stupid???
[23:45] Maxwell: K
[23:46] Andrew: mmk
[23:46] Andrew: dumbass
[23:47] Maxwell: So you want me to get off of blockland and the internet?
[23:47] Andrew: Yea you can't read dumbass
[23:47] Maxwell: But what you typed did not make sense
[23:47] Andrew: Like your mom
[23:48] Maxwell: Is this the Sub's Brother?
[23:48] Maxwell: It is isn't?
[23:52] Maxwell: You there?
[23:53] Andrew:
[23:54] Maxwell: My friend saw that kid in real like
[23:56] Andrew: real like?
[23:57] Maxwell: lift
[23:57] Maxwell: life
[23:57] Maxwell: Real life
[23:57] Andrew: LOL you really are retaded
[23:58] Maxwell: yes i am
[23:58] Maxwell: LOL
[23:58] Maxwell: LOL
[23:58] Maxwell: LOL
[23:58] Maxwell: LOL
[23:58] Maxwell: LOL
[23:58] Maxwell: LOL
[23:58] Maxwell: LOL
[23:58] Maxwell: LOL
[23:58] *** "Andrew" signed off at Mon Aug 11 23:58:21 2008.

Maps / Rocky Road, Racing map
« on: August 09, 2008, 03:32:12 AM »
Here is the Rocky Road for V9. Enjoy  :cookieMonster:, you may rate X/10.


General Discussion / Blockland Forums Crashed?
« on: August 07, 2008, 10:52:25 PM »
Why did the forum crash?

Mapping Help / Objects won't rotate.
« on: August 02, 2008, 07:54:00 PM »
When I make a object in my map the rotation is 1 0 0 0. When i change it to like
 1 90 0 0. It changes back to 1 0 0 0. Why does it do this? Cause i wanted to make a bridge but the bridge was facing the wrong way.

Suggestions & Requests / Don't Fear The Reaper Music Loops
« on: August 02, 2008, 02:41:00 AM »
Could someone make a loop for the song "Don't Fear the Reaper".

Edited Misspelled words.

Mapping Help / Map Repeats itself
« on: August 02, 2008, 01:45:19 AM »
I made a Map, but when i fly away i see my same map again. And it just keeps going and going. I want it where its just Water. Is there a way to get rid of repeat or at least Extend it?

Drama / I have a Maxwell Fan :P
« on: August 02, 2008, 12:08:03 AM »
Well I was on my server showing my map to ppl. And some person came on my Server named "maxwell fan". So i took a pic to prove it. His ID is 6326.

Mapping Help / Can't Load map I Made!
« on: August 01, 2008, 09:22:14 PM »
When I made a map on my own server in single player. When I was finished I saved and then I wanted to make a Internet server so others can see, but when i started game all it said was "Loading Map". I waited about a 1min, nothing happened. Here is my console log if that would help.

//-------------------------- 8/1/2008 -- 20:18:22 -----
Processor Init:
   Intel Pentium 4, ~2.75 Ghz
     (timed at roughly 2.76 Ghz)
   FPU detected
   MMX detected
   SSE detected
Math Init:
   Installing Standard C extensions
   Installing Assembly extensions
   Installing FPU extensions
   Installing MMX extensions
   Installing SSE extensions
Input Init:
   keyboard0 input device created.
   mouse0 input device created.
   DirectInput enabled.

--------- Parsing Arguments ---------
Parsing command line arguments arguments: -mod editor
--------- Loading Common ---------
Loading compiled script base/main.cs.
Loading compiled script base/client/defaults.cs.
Loading compiled script base/server/defaults.cs.
Executing base/config/client/prefs.cs.
Executing base/config/server/prefs.cs.
--------- Loading MODS ---------
Skipping mod: Add-Ons
Loading compiled script editor/main.cs.

--------- Initializing FPS ---------
Loading compiled script base/client/init.cs.
Loading compiled script base/server/init.cs.
Loading compiled script base/data/init.cs.
Loading compiled script base/client/canvas.cs.
Loading compiled script base/client/audio.cs.

--------- Initializing Base: Server ---------
Loading compiled script base/server/mainServer.cs.
Loading compiled script base/server/scripts/game.cs.

--------- Initializing Base: Client ---------
Loading compiled script base/client/message.cs.
Loading compiled script base/client/mission.cs.
Loading compiled script base/client/missionDownload.cs.
Loading compiled script base/client/actionMap.cs.
Video Init:
   Accelerated OpenGL display device detected.
   Voodoo 2 display device not detected.

Activating the OpenGL display device...
Activating the OpenGL display device... (NEW)
Setting screen mode to 848x480x32@60hz (w)...
Creating a new window...
Acquiring a new device context...
Pixel format set:
  32 color bits, 24 depth bits, 8 stencil bits
Creating a new rendering context...
Making the new rendering context current...
OpenGL driver information:
  Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.
  Renderer: RADEON 9200 Series DDR x86/SSE2
  Version: 1.3.1062 WinXP Release
OpenGL Init: Enabled Extensions
  ARB_multitexture (Max Texture Units: 6)
  EXT_texture_filter_anisotropi c (Max anisotropy: 16.000000)
OpenGL Init: Disabled Extensions

Loading compiled script base/ui/defaultProfiles.cs.
Loading compiled script base/ui/customProfiles.cs.
Loading compiled script base/ui/ConsoleDlg.gui.
Loading compiled script base/ui/InspectDlg.gui.
Loading compiled script base/ui/InspectAddFieldDlg.gui.
Loading compiled script base/ui/LoadFileDlg.gui.
Loading compiled script base/ui/SaveFileDlg.gui.
Loading compiled script base/ui/MessageBoxOkDlg.gui.
Loading compiled script base/ui/MessageBoxYesNoDlg.gui.
Loading compiled script base/ui/MessageBoxOKCancelDlg.gui.
Loading compiled script base/ui/MessagePopupDlg.gui.
Loading compiled script base/ui/HelpDlg.gui.
Loading compiled script base/ui/RecordingsDlg.gui.
Loading compiled script base/ui/NetGraphGui.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/metrics.cs.
Loading compiled script base/ui/FrameOverlayGui.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/messageBox.cs.
Loading compiled script base/client/screenshot.cs.
Loading compiled script base/client/cursor.cs.
Loading compiled script base/client/help.cs.
Loading compiled script base/client/recordings.cs.

OpenAL Driver Init:
   Vendor: Creative Labs Inc.
   Version: OpenAL 1.0
   Renderer: Software
   Extensions: EAX 2.0, EAX 3.0, EAX Unified, and EAX-AC3

Loading compiled script base/client/scripts/allClientScripts.cs.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/PlayGui.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/newPlayerListGui.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/trustInviteGui.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/miniGameInviteGui.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/JoinMiniGameGui.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/CreateMiniGameGui.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/mainMenuGui.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/aboutDlg.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/startMissionGui.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/joinServerGui.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/joinServerPassGui.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/connectingGui.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/loadingGui.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/optionsDlg.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/remapDlg.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/manualJoin.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/filtersGui.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/changeMapGui.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/noHudGui.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/ServerConfigGui.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/scripts/default.bind.cs.
Executing base/config/client/config.cs.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/adminGui.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/addBanGui.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/unBanGui.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/brickManGui.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/escapeMenu.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/adminLoginGui.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/printSelectorDlg.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/brickSelectorDlg.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/saveBricksGui.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/loadBricksGui.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/loadBricksColorGui.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/saveBricksWarningGui.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/AvatarGui.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/autoUpdateGui.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/newMessageHud.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/newChatHud.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/SelectNetworkGui.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/ProgressGui.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/fastLoadWarningGui.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/defaultControlsGui.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/savingGui.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/wrenchDlg.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/wrenchSoundDlg.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/wrenchVehicleSpawnDlg.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/keyGui.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/regNameGui.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/colorGui.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/colorSetGui.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/musicFilesGui.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/AddOnsGui.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/PortForwardInfoGui.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/ui/demoBrickLimitGui.gui.
Loading compiled script base/client/scripts/clientAddOns.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Client/WrenchEventsGUI.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Client/wrencheventdlg.gui.
Executing Add-Ons/Client/wrencheventsetdlg.gui.
Executing Add-Ons/Client/ToolWand/ToolWand.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Client/ToolWand/ToolWandGUI.gui.
Executing Add-Ons/Client/Tetris.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Client/tetrisgui.gui.
Executing Add-Ons/Client/TeamsGUI.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Client/SpaceBotsClient.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Client/Script_RGBAnimator.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Client/rgbanimatorgui.gui.
Add-Ons/Client/Script_RGBAnimator.cs (26): Unable to find function rgbani_drawframe
Executing Add-Ons/Client/Script_Message.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Client/Script_MacroSaver.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Client/macroGui.gui.
Executing Add-Ons/Client/Script_InGameOptions.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Client/InGameOptions.gui.
Executing Add-Ons/Client/Script_CamHack.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Client/Script_AutoJet.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Client/RobGUI.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Client/RoBGUI.gui.
Executing Add-Ons/Client/RoBProdGUI.gui.
Executing Add-Ons/Client/RoBStorGUI.gui.
Executing Add-Ons/Client/RoBMySaleGUI.gui.
Executing Add-Ons/Client/RoBSaleGUI.gui.
Add-Ons/Client/RobGUI.cs (0): Unable to find function RoBGUIFuelUpdate
Executing Add-Ons/Client/Mod_JVS_Client.cs.
Executing add-ons/ADD_ON_LIST.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Client/IGSO/IGSOExec.cs.

--------- Initializing IGSO Client ---------
Executing Add-Ons/Client/IGSO/Main.igo.
Executing Add-Ons/Client/IGSO/Msg.igo.
Executing Add-Ons/Client/IGSO/UI.gui.
Executing Add-Ons/Client/IGSO/Saves/Colors.igo.
Executing Add-Ons/Client/IGSO/Saves/Prefs.igo.
Loading IGSO Color List...

Loading IGSO Settings List...

Setting IGSO Button Colors...

Executing Add-Ons/Client/GUI_Inventory/Inv_Script/Script_InventoryClient.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Client/GUI_Inventory/Inv_Script/Script_IAClient.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Client/GUI_Inventory/Inv_Script/Script_CombineClient.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Client/GUI_Inventory/Inv_GUI/GUI_ItemAdminGui.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Client/GUI_Inventory/Inv_GUI/GUI_InventoryGui.cs.
Error: cannot change namespace parent linkage for InvWndUse from GuiButtonCtrl to GuiBitmapButtonCtrl.
Executing Add-Ons/Client/GUI_Inventory/Inv_GUI/GUI_CombineGui.cs.
Binding server port to default IP
UDP initialized on port 0
Executing base/config/client/prefs-trustList.cs.

--------- Initializing MOD: Editor ---------
Loading compiled script editor/editor.cs.
Loading compiled script editor/particleEditor.cs.
Loading compiled script editor/GuiEditorGui.gui.
Loading compiled script editor/ParticleEditor.gui.
Engine initialized...
Authentication: SUCCESS
Destroying NET Server
Exporting server prefs...
Starting Internet Server
Binding server port to default IP
UDP initialized on port 28020
Loading compiled script base/server/scripts/DamageTypes.cs.
Loading compiled script base/server/scripts/allGameScripts.cs.
... Shape with old version.
Loading compiled script base/data/shapes/player/player.cs.
Executing add-ons/ADD_ON_LIST.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Weapon_Sword.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Weapon_Spear.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Weapon_SemiAutomaticMachineGun.cs.
ParticleData(bulletTrailParticle) lifetimeVariance >= lifetime
Executing Add-Ons/Weapon_Rocket Launcher.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Weapon_Push Broom.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Weapon_P90S.cs.
DebrisData(P90SShellDebris)::onAdd: lifetime invalid
DebrisData(P90SShellDebris)::onAdd: numBounces invalid
ParticleEmitterData(P90SFlashEmitter) unable to find particle datablock: P90SFlashParticle
ParticleEmitterData(P90SFlashEmitter) unable to find any particle datablocks
Add-Ons/Weapon_P90S.cs (0): Register object failed for object P90SFlashEmitter of class ParticleEmitterData.
Executing Add-Ons/Weapon_M1A1.cs.
ShapeBaseImageData:: Could not resolve state "reload" for image "M1A1Image"
Executing Add-Ons/Weapon_HuntingRifle.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Weapon_HEGrenade.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Weapon_Gun.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Weapon_G36.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Weapon_FlaPhysician Prescribed Desoxynrower.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Weapon_Caliber.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Weapon_ButterflyKnife.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Weapon_Bow.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Weapon_Boltpistol.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Weapon_AS32.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Vehicle_MagicCarpet.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Support_Jeep.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Vehicle_Jeep.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Vehicle_Hoverboard.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Vehicle_Horse.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Vehicle_FlyingWheeledJeep.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Vehicle_CoveredWagon.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Vehicle_BoxTruck.cs.
Object 'boxtruckExplosion' is not a member of the 'ExplosionData' data block class
Object 'boxtruckTireDebris' is not a member of the 'DebrisData' data block class
Executing Add-Ons/Vehicle_Biplane.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Vehicle_Barrel.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Vehicle_Airliner.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Support_Airliner.cs.
Object 'AirlinerExplosionSound' is not a member of the 'AudioProfile' data block class
Executing Add-Ons/Tool_FillCan.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Tool_Duplicator.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/ToolWand/Tool_ToolWand.cs.
Loading Tool : Add-Ons/ToolWand/Tools/Default.e
Executing Add-Ons/ToolWand/Tools/Default.e.
Executing Add-Ons/Support_Jeep.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Support_Airliner.cs.
Object 'AirlinerExplosionSound' is not a member of the 'AudioProfile' data block class
Executing Add-Ons/Script_InServCmds.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Script_IGSOCmds.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Script_FireFight.cs.
Object 'burnemittera' is not a member of the 'ParticleEmitterData' data block class
Executing Add-Ons/Script_DropWeapon.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Rot/apfinder.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/PM.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Player_Quake.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Player_NoJet.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Player_LeapJet.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Player_JumpJet.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Player_FuelJet.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Particle_Player.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Particle_FX Cans.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Particle_Basic.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Naes's BETA explosives pack 6.21.07/Item_Parachute.cs.
ShapeBaseImageData:: Could not resolve state "ready" for image "Para2Image"
Executing Add-Ons/Light_Basic.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Light_Animated.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Item_Skis.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Item_Pill.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Item_Parachute.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Item_HorseSummoner.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Item_FireFight.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Hide_names.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Emote_Love.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Emote_Hate.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Emote_Confusion.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Emote_Alarm.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/DefaultMinigames.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Client/WrenchEventsGUI.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Client/ToolWand/ToolWand.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Client/ToolWand/ToolWandGUI.gui.
Executing Add-Ons/Client/Script_InGameOptions.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Client/IGSO/IGSOExec.cs.

--------- Initializing IGSO Client ---------
Executing Add-Ons/Client/IGSO/Main.igo.
Executing Add-Ons/Client/IGSO/Msg.igo.
Executing Add-Ons/Client/IGSO/UI.gui.
Executing Add-Ons/Client/IGSO/Saves/Colors.igo.
Executing Add-Ons/Client/IGSO/Saves/Prefs.igo.
Loading IGSO Color List...

Loading IGSO Settings List...

Setting IGSO Button Colors...

Executing Add-Ons/Brick_Checkpoint.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/AddOn_WrenchEvents.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Support_SpaceTick.cs.noexec.
Executing Add-Ons/AddOn_SpaceBots.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Support_WeaponTypes.cs.noexec.
Executing Base/config/server/musicList.cs.
*** LOADING MISSION: base/data/missions/Maxwell's_Island.mis
*** Stage 1 load
Mission Name: Flatlands
Mission SaveName:
Mission Description:
   Name: Flatlands
   This map is good for making maps using the terrain editor and terrain texture painter, you can get the editor here:  just look in the tools section for Mission Editor
*** Stage 2 load
Executing base/data/missions/Maxwell's_Island.mis.
base/data/missions/Maxwell's_Island.mis Line: 691 - Syntax error.
>>> Advanced script error report.  Line 1381.
>>> Some error context, with ## on sides of error halt:
         val494 = "0";


   new ScriptObject() {

         botposition0 0 ##1##00 = "110214";


   new InteriorInstance() {

      position = "-10.6527 -151.537 119.434";
>>> Error report complete.

No 'MissionGroup' found in mission "".
Connect request from: IPX:69635F5F:4E756D6100D7:5438
  lan name = Blockhead
  net name = Maxwell
Connection established 6479
    LAN client connecting to internet server, authenticating with server ip
   keyboard0 input device created.
   mouse0 input device created.
Auth Init Successfull: Maxwell
CADD: 6480 local
 +- bl_id = 1588
Syntax error in input.
base/server/mainServer.cs (382): Unable to find object: 'mainBrickGroup' attempting to call function 'add'
CycleMissions: Unknown command.
   keyboard0 input device created.
   mouse0 input device created.
   keyboard0 input device created.
   mouse0 input device created.
Destroying NET Server
base/server/scripts/game.cs (453): Unable to find object: 'MissionCleanup' attempting to call function 'getCount'
CDROP: 6480 IPX:69635F5F:4E756D6100D7:5438
Exporting server prefs...
   keyboard0 input device created.
   mouse0 input device created.
Exporting server prefs
Exporting client prefs
Exporting client config
Shutting down the OpenGL display device...
Making the GL rendering context not current...
Deleting the GL rendering context...
Releasing the device context...

Off Topic / Got a Anti Virus, Virus.
« on: July 26, 2008, 08:06:27 PM »
I got this virus by searching "Blockland", on google. I clicked on the 8th one and which is called "Return to Blockland". Me like a handicap downloaded it thinking its a Anti Virus update of soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning. So now I can not get rid of it. So ill have to format my computer later today or maybe tomorrow. If anyone that can help me to get rid of it an easier way please tell me how, thanks.

Drama / Xgen Topic Spam
« on: July 24, 2008, 12:38:40 AM »
I just wanted to show people his spam, in General Off Topic Section.

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