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Off Topic / important: looking for tony's stuffty walls
« on: August 31, 2020, 03:33:16 AM »
i need the picture of lord tony's stuffty moldy plaster covered walls this is important

Forum Games / Nonnel's Nation RP: Infamy - DISCORD EDITION! [JANUARY 1936]
« on: September 09, 2019, 10:02:24 PM »
Nonnel's Nation RP: Infamy
The Discord Edition!

yeah we're not actually doing any of this stuff on the forums. if you want to join, however:





This RP puts you at the forefront of the devastating second World War, which historically tore down many once-great empires. By joining, you will be able to mend history to your desire. So far, Germany has been taken over by a fascist named Adolf Riddler who has begun to revitalize, as well as remilitarize, the country in spite of the Treaty of Versailles which has kept the peace in Europe for about twenty years. Will freedom and (capitalist) democracy prevail once again? Will flagrant nationalism and fascism divide the world in bitterness? Will the Revolution finally turn the world into a Marxist utopia? It's up to you!


When you pick a country, you become the ruler of it. You control all forms of national government. You command your military, diplomats, and any other federal shenanigans you can think of. Trade, ally, war, whatever with your surrounding nations and the nations of the world. You can change your government as you like, but be aware that your citizens as well as your allies might not appreciate your changes. Major alterations like changing your ideology will almost definitely cause upheaval or even a full-blown civil war. With great power comes great responsibility; play wisely.


No. In fact, it's probably a lot more fun to see "what-if" scenarios played out! That said, try and be realistic. The Cuban Revolution 20 years early? Feasible! Iran conquering the South America? Probably not! Above all, the point is to have fun. Whatever history you want to make, make it. The world really is your oyster.

How do I join?

Simple, just join the Discord and pick a country! Once I give you a player role, you can start playing right away.

Off Topic / thought of a joke
« on: April 01, 2019, 12:04:25 AM »
what if badspot (eritc hartman) was named eric shartman? :3 Lol just like if it were an alternate universe :3

Off Topic / Brazil elects fascist Bolsonaro
« on: October 29, 2018, 03:23:55 PM »
jair bolsonaro graduated a military academy and joined the brazilian military during the dictatorship and continues to uphold the dictatorship as a model for what brazil should be. he's made use of the corruption scandals around establishment politicians to inch his way in to a 55% win
on a trip down bolsonaro's wiki page you can find some of his greatest hits including but not limited to

- calling for sterilization of the poor
- saying women should be paid less than men
- calling africans and middle easterners the scum of the earth
- thought the brazilian dictatorship should've killed more people rather than tortured them
- revered pinochet's fascist chile (but thought they should've killed more people)
- claimed drugs, poor education, and women having jobs makes people gay
- thinks parents should beat their gay children and said, if he had a gay son, that he would prefer him to die in an accident
- said his children were too educated to fall in love with a black woman, and that he wouldn't allow it
- said brazil is not a secular state, that all brazilians should become christians
- upon the human rights minister citing the use of rape in the brazilian military during the dictatorship, said she was "not worth raping; she is very ugly."
- said he'd leave the UN since they're just a bunch of communists

Annoying Orange says the people have made an excellent call in electing him

Off Topic / the numbers are in. the forums have 14 months left.
« on: August 24, 2018, 01:32:52 AM »
you're on borrowed time

Off Topic / this new theme is thumb up
« on: July 09, 2018, 11:27:01 AM »
Thumb Up

what if a fly flew in there?

is it...

the back pocket.:

is the new world order real?
should we stop letting mothers give birth?
should violence be removed from video games?
is cool man johnson on the escape
Do you accept the Lord, Jesus Christ, into your life?
should we wear condoms all the time?
Should we make Germany disappear?
What IS up?
take the high road or the low road?
Can I eat your ass?
does al pacino still exist or, quote, "was he atomized after being in Jack and Jill with Adam Sandler"

the answers:

1. thumbs aren't fingers
2. tomatoes are fruit
3. 9/11 was a coverup
4. constantinople's works are nobody's business but the turks'
5. god was created by the americans as ww2 propaganda
6. Riddler didn't kill himself because jet fuel can't melt steel beams
7. stalin was god to billions of communist aliens
8. mirrors aren't real since our eyes aren't real
9. wrestling isn't gay... JJJOOOHN CEENNNNA IS

11. the votes don't matter. not being circumcized is wrong and you're all going to hell
12. the moon landing happened, but it didn't count since Neil Armstrong was an alien and had already been to space plenty of times.
13. paul mccartney never existed. he was only a figment of your imagination, brought on by your eyesight's manipulation of light.
14. the grassy knoll shot kennedy, but he didn't really die. he fled to cuba with his boyfriend castro.
15. *bite* the world may never know.
16. the gays... damn the gays...
17. hats are for bald people. you people are wrong. the corrupt majority is overrun.
18. the forums say grey is correct... but who is Greg.
19. hairpins should be illegal. they cause nothing but problems and neat hair.
20. abortion should be the woman's choice. if she chooses to have the baby, it should be put in gay baby jail.
21. some say scotland is the worst country. some are forgetting about canada.
22. q is the funniest letter. Who knew.
23. fahrenheit is better. people who say celsius are from the russian government. they are not to be trusted.
24. most martians are gay. proof of this is marvin the martian
25. people turn gay at the age of 60, so they should have their licenses taken away and be eaten.
26. the great debate topic is the great debate topic... now paint me like one of your nonnel girls
27. it blends! don't breathe this in!
28. space jam was in fact the best film ever made
29. straight marriage should be illegal. they've had it too good for too long.
30. it's jif you bitch ass peanut butter bastards
31. coke is better than pepsi.
32. jet fuel can't melt steel beams. it was all an NSA coverup.
33. pot should be legal, but only if showering is mandatory
34. yes. ghosts are real. casper...
35. the key to life is christianity. the point is love and killing minorities.
36. organ selling should be legal. how else will the church choir get in tune?
37. nonnel is banned for not being a christian. but he is totally not gay.
38. your balls switch sides at least three times a lady day
39. you can't take our guns. this land is our land.
40. crosswords are better than word finds.
41. public schooling shouldn't be mandatory, but some sort of education should be required through high school.
42. canada should be invaded by the US. they've had it too good for too long and we need that sweet, sweet syrup.
43. minimum wage should be infinite dollars an hour. but it also shouldn't exist.
45. robots should control industry, and we should be robots. ergo: we should control industry.
46. it was his hat, mr krabs! he was #1!
47. por que no los dos?
48. has science gone too far? 95% of people get this wrong.
49. aluminum is now the official way to say and spell aluminum.
50. i love the metric system and i HATE freedom
51. english (or AMERICAN) is now the official international language. learn it or prepare to be annihilated, chinaman.
52. gay marijuana should be legal but gay people shouldn't.
53. tristanluigi is always gayer than nonnel. always. this is also once again cemented as the one and only great debate topic
54. if woodchucks could, in fact, chuck wood, they would most likely chuck some rather than none.
55. upper and lower case letters should and should not both be removed.
56. rape is probably ok
57. zee > zed
58. capitalism is the best religion. god bless america
59. valt and sinegar reigns supreme as the ultimate flavor of chip.
60. global worming is real. the worms will rule us all.
61. nonnel cannot have a birthday because he is gay and doesn't exist.
62. every horse is probably scarred by mlp.
63. black people don't poop, but if they did it would be white.
64. creamy peanut butter is far superior. hail stalin.
65. crash bandicoot was the best game franchise. or that other game........
66. every religion is terrible, but no religion is even WORSE somehow
67. black people got the biggest peeners. Maxwell has the most popular (according to homoloveual male quiz-takers)
68. milk would love oreos if it existed
69. the chicken did not cross the road. there was no road. there was no chicken.
70. what is love? baby don't hurt me. don't hurt me. No more.
71. window ios the best osx
72. assisted Self Delete should be legal, as well as homicide.
73. the government should never restrict the freedom of speech. except maybe if the person talking is handicapped.
74. science....... science never changes.
75. all babies are gay anthropomorphic polyromatic demiloveuals
76. burnt sand will win, for this is the prediction of the gods. burnt sand for precedent
77. 36 people have died and now heaven is full.
78. there are a lot of communists, pro-lifers, vegans, and homoloveuals on these forums.
79. CIA should tone it down a little and we should nuke France.
80. Cola is the best. Then Dr. Pepper. Irn Bru is stuff.
82. the right hand is the right hand to forget yourself with
83. muslims shouldn't be deported, they should all be shot.
84. anime is real and we must destroy it before it destroys us.
85. now that we know anime is real, we should legalize it so we can find the weebs and destroy them.
86. Are you the boss of what? Could you repeat the question?
87. some of you say it is "soda." you are wrong. they're fizzy lifting drinks.
88. the earth is neither flat nor round. matter is just a concept. everything we sense is an illusion of light reflecting off of objects and flying into our eyes
89. not only is pluto a planet, it is a dog. it is a dog planet.
90. women should have all the rights men have. they are woMEN after all.
91. cats are like 3x better than dogs
92. The Settler-Colonial State of The Settler-Colonial State of Israel and palestine both suck. bring back the kingdom of jerusalem.
93. waffles are better than pancakes.
94. April Fool's Day is not the best day of the year, but it is in the Top Five.
95. cloning should be legal so i can suck myself
96. maxwell is not awake.
97. lord tony is the best. the forums have decided.
98. black people are black and they are the worst race.
99. I Love My Mom. ILMM.
101. It is probably a Venn diagram.
102. vanilla is apparently the best flavor of ice cream. but it's better with cookie dough in it.
103. squared's choice topic is GAY
104. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
105. ah jus' don' gét et
106. the best thing about spaghetti is the sauce which sits upon each noodle, which sit within a great jorum, which sits upon a table.
107. maxwell is gay because he is incredibly gay because he likes men and the male figure.
108. sliced bread is the best thing since the wheeled cat
109. papa john do officially got that best pizza
110. the human race can only bet that nuclear war happens before the election does
112. We will have the UPS ship the Middle East into space, and then we will nuke it.
113. quite means "really" or "very," however words are just concepts and in reality they mean nothing.
114. nicepoint is gay.
115. lemonade is squeezed lemons and sugar water.
116. censorship is never okay. i should be able to talk about anime breasts wherever i want.
117. the death penalty should be an option, but only for the REAL bad dudes......
118. police should wear body cameras whenever they are on duty.
119. ☭ communism is BAD!!!!!!!!!!! ☭
120. bill clinton is probably hiding in monica lewinsky's pusillanimous individual, but it's too big to know for sure.
121. queeba is really loving gay
122. duck duck goose.....
123. watermelon is a fruit what thef uck
124. cow milk is not really good for humans but mm i love my cow milk
125. perhaps patents should exist. perhaps parents should exist. We just don't know.
126. oh it's the first wednesday of the month? good thing no one remembered.
127. i don't remember what the result of this poll was and the forum wipe reverted this topic to april
128. i think my witty and cunning response was "he fired six shots."
129. 「STAND」BUY SKYRIM ゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴ
130. ...yes. patrick star jerks off.
131. i love bdsm. (big dudes shoot missiles)
132. Ahhhh!!!!!
133. tony is gay
134. spaceball a funny
135. brownies are the best dessert. cheesecake is second.
136. AAAA² is equal to AAAA².
137. "The ol' razzle dazzle" is a subjective intangible concept and it can be defined however the reader feels appropriate.
138. The next US president will be Donald Annoying Orange, however the US will no longer exist.
139. let it be known that the forums have decided that metal is a bad genre by 52 votes to 0 votes.
140. new debate: can i eat your ass?
141. It's not gay if you crop the richard off the guy you're jerkin it to
142. It is gay if you crop a richard onto the girl you're jerkin it to
143. Goku has Biggus richardus and it get even bigger when he go super cyan also he's gay
144. pee is stored in one ball, man juice in the other.
145. Mr Boddy was killed in the study by Colonel Mustand with a rope.
146. drydess IS gay.


if you are not gay, or if you're really gay, you can come in the clubhouse.

So it was this point-and-click adventure game where you played as some nerd who was late for school or some stuff. IIRC you wake up from a dream fighting Godzilla or some stuff?The thing was all digitally drawn, i.e. no shape tools/gradients/whatnot. Very cartoony, somewhat poorly drawn style. Very 2000s flash-chic.

I do recall a particular part where you encounter some hipster goth girl hanging out (smoking?) in the hallway who tells you that she doesn't drink anything, even water. Protag asks how she's alive and that's the end of that conversation.

Specifically I can remember the men's bathroom sign and, like, cafeteria food being inventory items

No idea what the name was, but i recall it was the name of the title character. I keep thinking it was "Lloyd" but I know I'm thinking of 2001 cinematic coming-of-age epic Lloyd, starring Todd Bosley.

Games / post games everyone has played/everyone has talked about
« on: November 29, 2017, 01:38:21 PM »
Um it's I'm the title

discuss apples and how it should be illegal to sell anything other than honeycrisp

« on: November 18, 2017, 02:54:19 PM »

Off Topic / your troll slayer team
« on: November 05, 2017, 01:21:45 AM »

create your own troll slayer team using yourself and six other forumers


FROM:Debbie Johnson, Human Resources
SUBJECT:Human Resources reform; forum demerit system effective immediately
DATE:October 24, 2017

Hi, all. First I'd like to congratulate everyone on an excellent fiscal year thus far. The result of this is that there is a surplus of funds in the company which can go towards bettering our inter-staff relations. For this reason, after testimony from a few regional HR department leaders such as myself, the higher-ups have decided to put part of the surplus funds into Human Resources.

Hopefully you've all had a chance to meet our new trainees, Mark R. and Adam H. They have been learning the ropes in the day-to-day of HR at our branch for the past two weeks now. If you haven't introduced yourself, make sure you do it soon, otherwise face two demerits. The demerit system is introduced below.

The reason I've sent out this memo is because of an incident last week in which an employee used inappropriate racial slurs in reference to a coworker. This was overheard by David Weiss in Sales who reported it in the HR Incident Dropbox, and who has asked to remain anonymous. It has come to our attention that this is not an isolated incident. The new trainees have both reported to me overhearing negative references to their Mexican and Jewish heritages, respectively. They have also asked that their identities remain anonymous.

Because of these incidents, Corporate will be sending down a couple of their HR workers to our branch to hold a racial sensitivity seminar in conjunction with our own HR department this Thursday at 2:00pm. Schedule accordingly. For now, let it be known that bigotry will not be allowed in our workplace!

The incidents also mean that we'll be cracking down on this inappropriate behavior. For this reason, the higher-ups have suggested we implement a demerit system. The system will revolve around the number of incidents any employee is a part of, and the severity of those incidents. A partial list of actions which necessitate demerits is listed in the attached document. 50 demerits in one quarter will result in dismissal of the offending employee pending review from the regional manager.

Along with demerits will be merits. Merits will be awarded to employees when they report the inappropriate behavior of another employee, as well as on a case-to-case basis of good deeds toward the company. Merits do not cancel out demerits but will work separately. An acceptable report of inappropriate behavior will earn the reporter 5 merits, give or take for the severity of the behavior. An employee who has accrued 50 merits over a quarter will be thrown a one hour ice cream sandwich party on the last Friday of the quarter. Each employee will be entitled to 1 (one) ice cream sandwich, given that they have not received any demerits in the last period.

Hopefully everyone will agree that this is what's best for the company as well as all of us here. Please feel free to give feedback on this plan, especially regarding anything we may have overlooked.

Thank you,

Debbie F. Johnson, Human Resources
49 N Union St
Pawtucket, RI 02860


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