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Off Topic / My computer isn't booting up.
« on: November 03, 2011, 09:22:26 PM »
I checked all connections. When I press the power button, it turns on for an instantly, like, the fans move a bit, and then it cuts power or something. I switched out my 600W PSU for my old 450W PSU and it did the same. Is there any way to determine at home what the issue is here? If not, I'm taking it in to some computer repair place on the weekend...
Any help is appreciated.


This is loving INSANE. A friend linked me to this and I can't believe it, I am sitting here imagining the future that can come out of this.

Woah, woah. The forget? Where in the hell did this come from? That happened ages ago. As in, like over a year ago. We're definitely getting back on track now. We moved into my grandmother's house, and are paying off bills and loans now. We're getting back on track.fuq u

Anways, my parts came last night and I assembled them and it worked on my first try.
I've got it overclocked @ 4.2 GHz and I idle at around ~30C. It's so far, ran everything I've thrown at it. I had no idea how much my system was being bottlenecked by my CPU and RAM. I went from Mass Effect 2 being completely unplayable at lowest settings to running it at highest settings ~70 FPS. God damn.
Here's the Imgur Album of everything.
I forgot to take pictures of the stuff in the boxes because I was too excited to do anything else but assemble it.

Finally... after years of using this utter piece of stuff computer, I will be up to date! Sort of. I'm still using my old GPU.
Here's the parts:
You have no idea how loving happy I am. I can't even browse the internet on this thing without the CPU usage being at 100%. It's ridiculous.  I swear to god, my current CPU is the equivalent of a piece of construction paper with the words "THE PRODCESER" written on it in colored pencils.
Total came to exactly $450 when I included a fan and some nice thermal paste for the CPU.
I will totally take before and after pictures. The parts will arrive Wednesday the earliest.
Anyone have any suggestions for a new GPU once I get some more cash?

Games / Godville -- Searching for the right path by using a cheat sheet...
« on: September 29, 2011, 09:54:01 PM »
I've officially created the "Blockland" guild. :D
Send this message to your hero:
Join "Blockland" guild
a few times and it'll make it his quest to sign up for it in Godville.
Hero's Diary

Exalted One, are you enjoying your existence while I do all the dirty work?

A massive tablet suddenly fell from the sky. Inscribed upon it were the words: 'Why yes, yes I am. Deal w/ it nerd.'

Erased a couple of obscene entries from my diary just in case the Great One was watching.

Godville is this totally amazing game where you are a god that follows an adventurer through his quests across the land. Infact, my adventurer, just finished his most amazing quest yet. Draining a lake with a spoon! Now he is on the quest to measure the distance from here to there.
In this game, you don't necessarily command your adventurer around everywhere to do things. He does what he wants most of the time, although you can send short commands to influence what he does, he might not always listen to you.
Your goal is to help him along his way be healing him, and helping him out when he's in need. For example, if he's about to die in battle, you can 'Encourage' him and restore his health, or send a message to him telling him to stop on his quest and sit and heal. The game is definitely not for everyone, as you don't have a lot of direction for your character, but it's still hilarious and entertaining to see what sort of stuff he gets tangled up in. If you've ever played ProgressQuest it's a little like that except you can steer your character a bit.
Quote from website, this might explain it a bit better than I did:
Godville is a massively-multiplayer zero-player game (ZPG). The gist of Godville is that it is a parody on everything from "typical" MMO games with their tedious level ups to internet memes and ordinary day to day things appealing to a wide audience. We aren't the first who have tried to do this, but we are constantly working on making the game better and we believe that with your help we can take this idea even further.

The game is available on the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, Android devices, and web via Facebook Connect.



Off Topic / Any Javascript gurus in here?
« on: September 22, 2011, 08:12:55 PM »
Any idea why this doesn't work?

Code: [Select]
function timeTankMove() {
var t=setTimeout("moveTank()",1000);
var direction = "right";

var amount = 0;
function moveTank() {

if (direction === "left" && amount<5) {
$(".tank").animate({"left": "-=70px"}, "slow");
amount += 1;
} else if (direction === "right" && amount<5) {
$(".tank").animate({"left": "+=70px"}, "slow");
amount += 1;
} else {
if (direction === "left") {
direction = right;
} else {
direction = left;
amount = 0;

$("p.debug").html(direction + " " + amount);

The tank moves to the right 5 times then stops, when it should be changing the direction to the opposite direction then reseting the count. Any idea why it's not working?
If you need me to, I can upload a version online or something.
Please excuse me if I made any ridiculous mistakes there. I'm not used to Javascript at all.

Off Topic / Aasdwcagdfg I think my desktop computer broke. Help?
« on: August 17, 2011, 02:24:20 PM »
I woke up this morning to find that it won't work. Once I turn it on, the power light goes on, and the fans start blowing and such, yet nothing ever displays on the screen. I left it turned on for about an hour and still nothing came up on the screen.

Is there any way to determine if it is broken, and what part of it is broken?
There was a power outage during the night if that contributes. I have a surge protector or whatever those things are though.

Off Topic / So, I'm moving again. And I need some help.
« on: August 16, 2011, 09:00:52 PM »
To sum it up quickly, my family is still having financial troubles, stuck in a viscous cycle of pulling out loans to pay for things and then not being able to pay for other things the next month because you have to pay the loan and such. It's just exhausting.
My grandmother has offered us to move down to her house and live with her. This is about a 45 minute drive from my current area.
I have lived in this area my entire life, I have never gone to a school where I don't know anyone, I always have some friends to help me when I first start and then make new friends, but with us moving down there I would not know a single soul in the highschool I will be attending, not to mention it would also be my Freshman year so I'm generally terrified.
Has anyone else had to do something like this? I don't know how to handle it, I have conflicting feelings on moving, I feel that it will help us very much financially but I just don't want to move because of my friends and such.
Anyone got any advice or something? I don't know. I just want this all to be back to normal for once.


I had originally created this way back in 2010, and rarely worked on it since, but just today I added a few things:
  • Instead of storing the phrases in a hideous text file, they're in a MySQL database
  • It now gives users the ability to add their username to a phrase, or remain anonymous if you don't enter one.
  • A few other changes I can't think of at the moment, you probably don't need to know them anyways
Due to the fact that it's no longer stored in the gross text file, I've gone and lost every single one of my wonderful, and not so wonderful phrases that people have added over the past year.
I'd like you guys to fill it back up, but please try and keep the submissions intelligent. I'd really prefer it if you guys didn't add idiotic phrases such as "richardS" or "WIENERS", but I'm not going to control what you add, unless I think it's just ridiculous, then I'll just remove it.
Also, at the time I'm posting this it's pretty late at night and there aren't as many users on, so if this gets behind I'll just bump it up in the morning.
So, alright. Go nuts. I'll brace for impact. If you have and questions post em here.
I'm all open for suggestions and improvements, by the way. I think I might improve on the appearance when it's not 12:30 AM.


As with all young adventurers you crave a dungeon to explore and monsters to slay.
Delving deep into the catacombs you will find both adventure and reward.
Danger and joy.
If you make it through maybe you'll become a .. Legend of Yore.

The Legends of Yore is a casual rogue-like designed for mobile platforms, and the PC. You choose your character and adventure through dungeons, gaining levels and new equipment to make your way up to become a hero.

I've personally been playing this game like non-stop for the past few days. I love it so much. I use it as a time waster too, I have it on my android phone and just take my phone out and continue the adventure. The game is available on PC, Android, and an outdated version is for iOS platforms due to Apple's upgrade process.

Wait a second... These characters are from Realm of the Mad God or "X" game!

Why yes, yes they are. The sprites are a free open resource for everyone to use. You can find them here:

Request your characters to be put here in the thread!


Please vote in the poll!
I will first off state that this is not a Blockland game. It is an App, as in, an application. You will not be able to play Blockland on this or anything similar to Blockland on this. Also, this is not for the iPhone, iPad, or the iPod Touch. I am not making this for those devices.
Now, I had just recently got an Android phone, and I'm currently getting into Android development a bit, and I was thinking about an app for the Android phone that would allow you to do several things related to Blockland.
Here's a few ideas I have for features:

  • A home page, not sure exactly what to put here. News? A summary of what Blockland is? Navigation page?
  • A news page, featuring news from the main Blockland website, and a few community websites.
  • A forums page, allowing quick access the forums possibly? Maybe it parses the forums better than the default browser?
  • Now, here's where it starts to get interesting: A server browser with the ability to view all current servers, and the info of the server, players and such. This will feature a favorites list and the ability to rate and like servers for anyone else to see.
  • Here's another interesting idea: The ability to manage your own server from you Android anywhere. View the current players, kick and ban players, add a password, chat with players, look at chat, etc. This would be the hardest part to make.
  • I am fully open to suggestions!
  • Brick maker? .cs editor?
Let me also say, that I have nowhere near the experience and knowledge to make an app like this. If I were to decide to make this app, it will not be coming out anytime soon. It will take time for me to learn android development and such to allow me to make this app.
If you are interested in developing this app with me, let me say that you do not need an android device to use this. The free SDK for android comes with a fully working Android emulator to test the app. Although, it is best to test it on a phone before releasing it to the public. So if you are interested, PM me or post here.
Lastly, post your thoughts and suggestions in the thread! If I get a large amount of people wanting this, I will start working on it immediately. Otherwise, I won't work on it that much.

Off Topic / I cant get on the forums! D:
« on: July 14, 2011, 02:49:52 PM »
Im on my new android phone to post this.
It appears that I cant access the forums on my computer. I have to use my phone, otherwise I get Firefoxes server not found page. Any ideas?
Also I have to use my 3G, not my wifi. Otherwise I get the same error.

Off Topic / So I got an LG Vortex, and I have a question.
« on: July 13, 2011, 08:10:09 PM »
Basically, I just got the LG Vortex, and my mother brought up that I'm supposed to charge the phone for a certain amount of time, like 12 hours or some stuff, before I start using it.
Do I have to do this? And if I do, how long?

Off Topic / ... New Youtube skin for videos?
« on: July 13, 2011, 06:18:08 PM »

what is this. when did this happen

Off Topic / Dropshock needs clips for his website! Again!
« on: July 06, 2011, 02:59:46 PM »
So just recently I've been working on my website, which can be view here quite a bit more, and it looks pretty nice now.
The only thing it's lacking is clips. I believe it has about 9 clips it plays at the moment, but I definitely need more. I made a topic back in March, which can be viewed here, asking for clips, but I didn't get all that many.
Here are the rules. Please read all of them!
  • Please, don't use a terrible file hosting service. No RapidShare, anything like that. Filesmelt and Mediafire are both solid hosting websites.
  • No long clips. No, you can't give me a 12 minute long clip. Or 5 minutes. I'd say the max length is going to be a minute to two minutes. I might accept longer ones.
  • Edit your video! Don't send me an entire video to be converted. Please trim the video to the part which you want, else it shall be ignored.
  • Keep the file size to a minimum, but it can be any file type. Avi, mpeg, wmv, etc. I can convert them into flvs to play on the website.
  • No idiotic, pointless, or stupid clips. If you're unsure if your clip fits into those three categories, post what it is. Although, I'm the one who has the say in this so don't necessarily always listen to others telling you if it's alright to upload.
  • No, it does not have to be about Adventure Time. It can be anything.
  • Search through the topic and see if your clip has already been posted.
  • No clips just about you! Please! As in, I don't want your life story in video format for others to watch! That's boring. Also, no boring clips. Thanks.
  • I have the ability to either use your clip or to not use it, so if your clip doesn't end up being uploaded, please don't whine, or complain.
  • DownloadHelper is a wonderful add-on for Firefox which allows you to download any video you would like off of Youtube, or any other video-hosting website. Vimeo, etc.
  • No inappropriate clips. If you do upload something that breaks the rules of these forums, I obviously won't use it.
That's it. Include the link to the file in your post, and maybe give a short description of what it is and why you want it on the website, but that isn't required.

Off Topic / forget FIREWORKS.
« on: July 05, 2011, 12:46:05 AM »
God daaammniit. These things sound more like loving explosives than fireworks. Me sitting here all I hear is "BOOOMM BOOOOOOOOMM" constantly.
I don't understand how these are so loud. Are these people even setting off god damn fireworks? Or homemade explosives?
So far my dog has stuff all over the floor twice because of these damn things. I had to take him out for a walk and he was so loving scared he literally almost choked himself to death dragging me back to the door. All of my cats are going batstuff insane too.
but yeah they're fun to set off when you're actually watching them and they don't just make loud noises constantly. i did fireworks yesterday instead of today.

also discuss having to tolerate fireworks when you're not setting off any i guess w/e

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