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Gallery / Misty Canyon TDM
« on: November 04, 2015, 09:28:24 PM »
Misty Canyon TDM

Started playing again and made a DM. A road travels through a ridge of mountains inbetween both bases. Designed for two teams of 2-4 with one life each. Fog makes it easy to flank and grenades towards the middle of the map reward putting yourself at risk with the ability to flush out people chilling in their base or bunkers. One side of the mountains has solid structures while the other lets you travel to both sides or the middle of the map.

*Apparently I took DOF screenshots so it looks terrible.

Gallery / Overflow DM
« on: June 14, 2014, 06:30:21 PM »
Overflow DM

Fairly simplistic arena I made. I haven't played in quite some years, so I'd thought I'd start with something pretty straight forward.

Everyone starts with a pistol. The map is shaped in the horseshoe with the outer edges being more elevated than the middle. The depressions however hold key points as it holds the high tower with a magnum inside. Getting to the towers requires you to go through the shallow water thats overflown from the river, causing much noise.

Could be played DM, TDM, or even CTF. Everyone spawns in the 7 8x8 buildings that are protected.


Help / Ingame addon manager
« on: April 03, 2011, 12:06:29 PM »
Since Tier Tactical isn't working since the addons keep disabling themselves on server start, i've been trying to find this ingame addon manger. I forgot the name, and i've been searching allover for it and i can't find it.

Anyone have the link to it?

General Discussion / Catch me up on what i missed.
« on: March 30, 2011, 09:56:22 AM »
Hey guys, i've had a year break from blockland, so i don't know what any of the new versions did or what people have made etc.

I remember being in version 14 or something and now i see were on 19th.

Anyone willing to catch me up on what i've missed?

Off Topic / Gaming Channel [/advertisement]
« on: July 18, 2010, 01:40:12 PM »


I've been working on my channel to give you guys HD gameplay, previews, and other videos of entertainment.

I upload about 1-3 vids a night on a variety of different videos such as Handicapped Campaigns, Beta Gameplay, etc...

So far, we have these videos that we have or are doing.
• Call of Duty 4 "Handicapped" campaigns
• Modern Warfare 2 "Handicapped Campaigns
• Medal of Honor Beta Gameplay
• Multiplayer Matches

Call of Duty 4 "Handicapped" Campaign
Going through campaign with a handicapp such as only using pistols, shotguns, quickscoping, etc...

Modern Warfare 2 Handicapped Campaign
Going through campaign with a handicapp such as only using pistols, shotguns, quickscoping, etc...

Medal of Honor Beta Footage
Several videos showing the beta of Medal of honor 2010

Multiplayer Matches
Multiplay multiplayer matches played from a variety of games

If your interested, please comment on the videos. Comments encourage me to do more ^^

Games / Call of Duty 4 "Handicapped" Campaign
« on: July 09, 2010, 10:35:43 AM »


After beating the CoD 4 campaign over and over again, i decided to do something special and go through the campaign "Handicapped"
This means i'll only use a pistol on missions or only do quickscoping etc.
I was wonding what you guys think of it and if i should keep making more?

If the quality appears horrible, its probally processing.

Games / Medal of Honor Beta
« on: June 19, 2010, 07:56:18 PM »
Quick question, it says on steam that you can preorder MoH to get beta access the 21st. It also says that people who have BC2 can get access to the beta on the 17th.

How do i get the beta since i have BC2 on steam?

Off Topic / Random Disconnects from Steam.
« on: June 08, 2010, 10:16:57 AM »
Anyone else having this problem? I can't do any online games because every so often, my steam says i'm not connected. When it does connect, it only is for a few minutes.

General Discussion / DM Class Template (Save Included)
« on: June 07, 2010, 01:22:03 PM »

DM Class Template

DOWNLOAD: Template.bls

The Class Template is something i've been working on since i found doing this over and over again for all my DMs was time consuming and annoying. What this system does, is allows you to select a tier 2 weapon, a tier 1 weapon, and an equipment. I decided to post this as many people have requested it.

The pack includes all of the selection along with all of the events already put in. The only thing missing are Melee weapons.

• Tier Tactical (Everything. Skins, Weapons, and everything that those need to work)
• Add Item Event
• Setplayertransform Event
• Full Version of Blockland (There are more than 150 bricks)
• Pill

• Install the save above to your slate saves folder
• Load your DM along with the save you just downloaded.
• Name the brick in each players base Team1Spawn or Team2Spawn and delete the extra lighter 4x4 bricks in the last room.
• Profit.


Off Topic / .avi Files (Wegame)
« on: May 28, 2010, 11:22:32 AM »
I currently use Wegame to record videos from games. It works pretty well and the videos come out smooth. The program puts the videos in .avi files, which WMM obiously can't run without killing itself.

Is there a program like moviemaker that will allow me to put in .avi videos?

Also another slight problem, if i save the files anywhere and view the folder its in, .explorer resets its self.

Hopefully you guys can provide some help and not random stuff these forums are known for.

Off Topic / How many of you have no life? - Statistics.
« on: May 23, 2010, 08:14:01 AM »
I think i've spent way to much time on the forums:

Post your statistics.

Off Topic / Exams Bullstuff
« on: May 22, 2010, 05:45:48 PM »
Theres a policy in my school to skip exams based opon your grades and absent count. It goes as follows

1 Absence = 85 or more to skip
2 Absence = 90 or more to skip
3 Absence = 95 or more to skip
4 Absence = Sucks to be you

I currently have 2 absences, so i have to make a 90 or above.

I have a 89.73%

How much does that suck D:

Off Topic / Hosting Websites that arent Hosting Websites.
« on: May 21, 2010, 06:20:59 PM »
I've been annoyed as hell to websites that host files, but don't?

I mean the websites that bring you to a site that have advertisments.

For example, i want to download a game, but whenever i go to download, it sends me to this site:

While the website code shows the file, theres no download link.

What are you supposed to do to download?

General Discussion / Percentage of Progress
« on: May 19, 2010, 08:29:58 PM »
Just something in my head, i've noticed just about every wip build or mod always have percentages on such as "House - 50%" or "randomweaponasdf - 14%" Where do you guys come up with the numbers?

Unless i missed some amazing add-on that somehow calculates how far you are to done with something that may change overtime, i'm just curious as to where the percents come from.

* The reason i made a second thread is due to not reserving the second post in the first thread. I still have plenty of stuff to add to the guide, so i made this topic to fit all of it in.

A Guide to Tier + Tactical

After playing with bushido’s amazing pack Tier + Tactical, I’ve learned how to use the guns effectively and it kills me watching people misuse the weapons. After going 64-4 on my server, people have been asking how I do so well. So I’ve decided to write this guide for those curious on the strengths of the weapons and/or how I use them. If you guys find any problems or more TT weps are released, I’ll hopefully keep updating this guide. Suggestions are also helpful ^_^

As of Version 2, i've fixed some of the ranges and roles of players with the weapons.

As of Version 3, I’ve added in some tips and tricks as well as what to do in encounters.

As of Version 4, I've released the "Assault Rifle" Comparison Section.

As of Version 5, I’ve updated the guide from Bushido’s update and also added in a new section about play styles. I’ll be still doing the comparisons, just doing both simultaneously.

As of Version 6, I've edited some errors and added a "Sniper" Role.

As of Version 7, I've added how you should set up a Tier Tactical DM.

As of Version 8, I've revised the Assault Rifle Comparison Section.

As of Version 9: Massive Update. Melee and new skinned weapons added along with new comparisons

As of Version 10: Added in Skin Icons

As of Version 11: Redid Pistol Skins and Added Semi Auto Magnum

As of Version 12: Edited the Combat Shotgun, Scattergun, S-SMG, and added in the scattergun into the shotgun skins comparison section.

As of Version 13: I’ve added the stats of the weapons.

Thanks to Bushido and Space Guy for tips, tricks, and clarifications.

• Assault Rifle
• Battle Rifle
• Bullpup
• Classic Weaponry:
-   Pistol
-   Rifle
-   Shotgun
-   Submachine Gun
• Combat Knife
• Combat Shotgun
• Covert Pistol
• Crossbow
• Light Machine Gun
• Magnum
• Melee Weaponry:
-   Baton
-   Crowbar
-   Spade
-   Sledgehammer
-   Frying Pan
-   Katana
-   Ice Axe
• Military Sniper
• Modern Weaponry:
-   Pistol
-   Shotgun
-   Submachine Gun
• Naval Submachine Gun
• Pistol
• Pistol Akimbo
• Pump Shotgun
• Replica Rifle
• Scattergun
• Semi-Auto Magnum
• Silenced (Covert) Pistol
• Silenced Submachine Gun
• Sport Rifle
• Submachine Gun

• Assault Rifles
• Pistol Skins
• Rifle Skins
• Shotgun Skins
• Submachine Gun Skins
• Melee Weapons

• Flanker
• Sniper

• How to Set up a Tier Tactical DM
-   “Create your Class” Setup
-   Tier Class Setup

(From Greatest to Least:)

NOTE: The damage # on the weapons shows how many shots it takes to kill

Assault Rifle

Code: [Select]
Tier: 2
Damage: 2-3
Fire Rate: Decent
Accuracy: Great
The Assault Rifle is a Medium to Long ranged automatic rifle. This weapon can easily take out targets from a distance due to high accuracy. However, in Close Quarters Combat, SMGs, shotguns, and the battle rifle will easily out gun you. Best thing to do is avoid these encounters as much as possible and keep a distance from you and your target. The Assault Rifle will kill a full health player in about 3-5 shots. To quickly eliminate targets from a distance, try firing in 2-3 shot bursts due to the increased damage and accuracy from the first shot. Keep in mind, you must be standing still to gain this effect. Going full automatic is okay in tight close situations.

• High Damage
• Decent Clip
• Great Accuracy
• Extra damage for first shot

• Poor CQC capability
• Low Fire Rate.

Battle Rifle

Code: [Select]
Tier: 2
Damage: 3
Fire Rate: Great
Accuracy: Poor-Decent

The Battle Rifle is a powerful “Spray and Pray” gun that can deal tremendous damage against the other team when used right. The gun is a mix between the Assault Rifle and the SMG. It fires at fast rate while maintaining decent accuracy. Your clip will run dry pretty fast, however it only takes a second to eliminate players from a close distance. The Battle Rifle can compete with the other close ranged weapons such as SMGs and Shotguns. Its also very basic to use in Close to Medium ranged combat. Just hold the trigger and aim at your target. However, be aware of this gun’s insane bullet drop from engaging targets from a distance. Aim higher and a few of the bullets should hit. Also don’t fire on the move. Like other guns, the Battle Rifle greatly decreases accuracy when firing on the move. Don’t try to engage more than 2 or 3 targets due to how fast the gun burns through the clips.

• High Damage
• Great CQC
• Easy to Use
• High Fire Rate

• Poor Long Ranged Combat
• Burns through clips
• Large Bullet Drop
• Loud


Code: [Select]
Tier: 2
Damage: 3
Fire Rate: 3-Shot Burst
Accuracy: Great

The Bullpup is a Burst Fire Rifle capable of picking off targets from medium to long range. The gun fires 3 shots per burst and all three will be barely enough to take a fully healed target down. Even if you miss a couple shots on the first burst, you can almost instantly fire another. The gun isn’t as accurate as an Assault Rifle, but still will easily take down far away enemies. A large clip and the fact that the gun barely uses much ammo, you’ll rarely have to reload. However, Close Quarters Combat isn’t the best. You can still with good aiming, take down a close target, but you’ll still usually fail against close ranged SMGs and Shotguns. Like the Assault Rifle, try to keep your targets away from you and close to your targeter.

• High Damage
• 3 Shot Burst
• Good Accuracy
• Barely uses clips.

• Poor CQC
• Can’t compete against close ranged guns.
• Hard to aim

Classic Pistol

Same as the pistol but with a new skin and alittle bit more accuracy.

More depth into about the pistol and how it compares to the other ones is found in the “Pistol Skins” Section.

Classic Rifle

Same as the Sport Rifle but lower Fire Rate and a new model

More depth into about the Rifle and how it compares to the other ones is found in the “Rifle Skins” Section.

Classic Shotgun

Same as the Pump Shotgun but is less accurate and fires more bullets.

More depth into about the Shotgun and how it compares to the other ones is found in the “Shotgun Skins” Section.

Classic Submachine Gun

Same as the Submachine Gun but has a lower Firerate and is easier to control

More depth into about the Submachine Gun and how it compares to the other ones is found in the “Submachine Gun Skins” Section.

Combat Knife

Code: [Select]
Tier: 1.5
Damage: 1-2
Fire Rate: Semi-Auto/Charge
Accuracy: N/A

The ultimate hand to hand combat weapon. The Combat Knife will fit all your close range needs. You can swing the combat knife very fast and it’ll kill in a mere 2 hits. You can also charge it up. It appears to take about 2 seconds, but with a little practice, you can charge it in about a second. Either way, the knife kills fast. The knife is a good weapon to complement a sniper. The knife can serve as your weapon as your moving from area to area as you play a sniper. When you get in engagement, don’t rely on your knife when the enemy knows where you are. Sounds obvious, but you won’t believe how many people I’ve seen run out with a knife towards someone with an actual gun. Instead what you should be doing is flanking or getting behind the enemy. The knife’s lethalness will instantly silence an enemy, even if you don’t charge up. Overall, just remember as the old saying goes, don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.

• Lethal
• Can be Charged up.
• Fast Rate of Fire

• Don’t Bring a Knife to a Gun Fight

Combat Shotgun

Code: [Select]
Tier: 2
Damage: 2
Fire Rate: Good
Accuracy: Decent

The Combat Shotgun is THE best gun to use in Close Quarters Combat. It is a Automatic Shotgun with less damage than other shotguns, but almost doesn’t matter. Surprisingly, the gun is more accurate than others and with the automatic feature, delivers a huge lump(s) of pain. Engage targets from Point Blank to Near Medium Range to ensure they don’t make it out alive. In a one vs one encounter at close range, no other gun besides other shotguns will be able to come out on top. However, if a shotgunner ambushes you, they can take you out in one shot while it take you two. Never try to defend with the Combat Shotgun against other shotguners and instead make them defend. This ensures that you pull off your two shots first to kill them. When attacking players, try to go around and flank them. Even if there is a large amount of enemies, you can easily eliminate them. Also something to take into account is the gun’s reload time and pump. You’ll probally go through all your shells pretty fast, so remember to reload often and out of combat. This is especially important due to how the other shotguns can immediately shoot after reload while the Combat Shotgun must pump after reloading.

• High Damage
• Insane CQC
• Automatic
• Accurate for a Shotgun

• Fails to kill at point blank like other shotguns.
• Loud
• Pump after Reload

Covert Pistol

Same as the pistol but with a new skin and has great accuracy and damage

More depth into about the pistol and how it compares to the other ones is found in the “Pistol Skins” Section.


Code: [Select]
Tier: 2
Damage: 1
Fire Rate: Poor
Accuracy: Great

The Crossbow is a hard weapon to use and good players can easily counter it, but can be devastating when used right. The gun fires a bolt that one shots any target. However the bolt leaves a easily noticeable trail and falls. The bolt fires slow and the gun has a large reload time. You can use it as a sniper, but aim high and constantly change positions. This isn’t the gun to camp with. Try to avoid Close Quarters Combat AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. The Crossbow is hard to use in CQC and if you miss, will result in a face full of bullets. Keep on the move with the gun and avoid encounter with others. Also take note that you can hit targets through walls due to the guns entry. The entry also allows you to go through a player, allowing you to line up and hit several targets.

• 1-Hit Kill
• Sniper
• Penetrates Bricks/Players

• Terrible CQC
• Bolt leaves a Trailer
• Slow
• Bullet Drop
• Long reload.
• Easy to Counter

Light Machine Gun

Code: [Select]
Tier: 2
Damage: Good
Fire Rate: Good-Great
Accuracy: Decent

The Light Machine Gun really isn’t very “Light.” It contains the largest clip out of all of the other guns and has a good fire rate. When used right, the LMG can easily take out a player from close to near medium range. However, the gun has a HUGE drawback. The gun overheats VERY fast and makes the gun so inaccurate, its completely useless even in Close Quarters Combat. Unlike how other machine guns are, fire the gun in bursts to eliminate targets. The only time I allow full automatic fire is during point blank encounters. Also keep in mind that you should be on the move with the gun since it already has poor accuracy. Try using the gun to support your teammates by putting suppressive fire on the enemy. Not only will suppressive fire keep the enemy down, the entry of the LMG can damage them.

• It’s a flippin machine gun!
• Good Fire Rate
• Huge Clip
• Good at Deffensive and Supportive play.
• Penetrates

• Poor Accuracy
• Overheating System
• Poor Reload time


Code: [Select]
Tier: 2
Damage: 2-3
Fire Rate: Decent
Accuracy: Good

The Magnum is a Sidearm with Huge explosive power. The gun holds only 6 shots, and will take 2-3 shots to kill a player. The special thing about the gun however is the bullet. It is flipping huge and will knock players into the air on a shot, rendering them unable to move and floating helplessly in the air while you shoot them again. The gun doesn’t fire as fast as Pistols, but its power makes up for it. Sneak up on players and give them a bang. Magnums can also headshot for extra damage, so aim for their puny square face. Then you’ll easily be able to kill them before the know what the heck just happened. Oh by the way, it destroys players with riot shields.

• Huge Shell
• Explosive
• Headshots
• Knocks into air

• Fires Slow
• Low Clip
• Won’t Kill as fast as other guns

Modern Pistol

Same as the pistol but with a new skin and a little bit more accuracy.

More depth into about the pistol and how it compares to the other ones is found in the “Pistol Skins” Section.

Modern Shotgun

Same as the Pump Shotgun but is less accurate and fires more bullets.

More depth into about the Shotgun and how it compares to the other ones is found in the “Shotgun Skins” Section.

Modern Submachine Gun

Same as the Submachine Gun but has a lower Firerate and is easier to control

More depth into about the Submachine Gun and how it compares to the other ones is found in the “Submachine Gun Skins” Section.

Naval Submachine Gun

Same as the Submachine Gun but has a lower Firerate, is easier to control, and has a badass model.

More depth into about the Submachine Gun and how it compares to the other ones is found in the “Submachine Gun Skins” Section.

Military Rifle

Code: [Select]
Tier: 2
Damage: 2
Fire Rate: Good
Accuracy: Great-Perfect

The Military Sniper is one of the meanest guns in the pack. Armed with 4 shots that can be fired after another, the sniper packs a punch. 2 Shots will kill fully armored targets and the gun doesn’t even shoot projectiles. It shoot ray casts which hit instantly. The first shot out of the four bullets will be dead on accurate, but if you shoot repeatedly, your accuracy will go down.You won’t have to migrate camping spot as much as the crossbow, but make sure you do so the enemy doesn’t find you. Abuse the shat outta this gun. You will be able to kill from any distance except Close Quarters, in which you should pull out a different gun. Remember that your role with this gun is to support the team, take out and reveal enemy positions.

• Big clip for sniper.
• High Damage
• Instant hit with raycasts
• Blows away riot shields.
• Great in most Ranges.

• Poor CQC
• Inaccurate when firing repeatedly

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