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Add-Ons / Cakey's Brick Textures - The update nobody asked for
« on: June 24, 2019, 03:33:31 PM »
"very liney"
~ Rose the Floran

Hey all, I've come back to revive my old topic with an update to my brick textures.

If you didn't see the old topic, I made some brick textures for personal use, despite the fact that making custom brick textures is a bit of a dying art form. I thought they looked alright and I saw no harm in releasing them, so I did, and here I am doing it again.

First things first, I've modified the stud texture to look similar to Zapk's. My stud is shown below:

I've done a similar thing to the side textures, but I've also made it so they reflect sunlight the way the studs do, making them look even more plastic:

Since tastes differ, some won't like that change, so I've added an alternate texture in the download under a folder called "No shine," which is more faithful to the way that the default side textures behave under direct sunlight:

Now for the new stuff. I've gotten around to making my own bottom textures, though the "edges" are only very subtly different from the default textures.

If you spend a lot of time looking at ceilings, as I have today, you'll have noticed that in the default textures, the outer region of bricks' bottoms is noticeably darker than the center:

I wasn't a fan of this, so I did my best to make the bottom of the brick blend better with everything else:

However, you may notice a tiny but sharp dividing line where the change was made between the edge and the center. It's a bit easier to notice ingame. Since I'm admittedly pretty inept at image editing I don't know how to fix it, but anybody has my blessing if they want to modify the textures to try and do so.

If you don't like the change, I'd just keep the default bottom textures, since the other changes I've made to them are extremely subtle anyway.


Place the desired textures in Blockland\base\data\shapes and make sure they're set to Read Only.

For Steam users: Delete the textures and verify your game's cache.
For non-Steam users: Uncheck Read Only on the textures.

Let me know what you think, and again, feel free to modify the textures if you feel like!

Add-Ons / Cakey's Brick Textures
« on: December 19, 2018, 08:55:59 PM »
"very liney"
~ rose the floran

ok i know making custom brick textures is kind of a dying art but i made these for myself and they're kinda ok so i see no harm in releasing them

they're inspired by zapk's

but get this stuff

i made the side textures really reflective so they look even more plastic

but if you don't like that i've added a "no shine" version in the .zip file, which looks like this:

same pics with default textures for comparison:


put the brickTOP.png and brickSIDE.png of your choice in blockland\base\data\shapes and make sure they're read only

turn off read only on brickTOP.png and brickSIDE.png

lemme know if you like them, i'd love to see screenshots if you feel like

also i might do the bottom textures

Help / does anyone have a link to any of the fixed brick textures?
« on: December 29, 2017, 07:26:36 PM »

When I say fixed, I mean made to work properly with Blockland's shaders like the default ones do, for example Zapk's. I searched around both the forums and Google and any links I find are dead.

I did find this topic, which has a version of the 125% stud that's been fixed, but not much else. Any link in the old brick texture selector add-on thread that it points you to is dead, and I'm not good enough with image editors to make my own.

In particular, I'm looking for Zapk's textures and those old v0002 LEGO textures for the studs and bottom. Can anyone help me out or are custom brick textures becoming a lost art?

Help / dedicated server launch error
« on: January 02, 2017, 03:22:24 AM »
so i'm trying to host a dedicated server right, but it only gets this far and then stops:

Code: [Select]
//-------------------------- 1/2/2017 -- 01:16:00 -----
Processor Init:
   Intel (unknown, Pentium Pro/II/III family), ~2.35 Ghz
     (timed at roughly 2.37 Ghz)
   FPU detected
   MMX detected
   SSE detected
Math Init:
   Installing Standard C extensions
   Installing Assembly extensions
   Installing FPU extensions
   Installing MMX extensions
   Installing SSE extensions
Input Init:
   DirectInput enabled.

Blockland v21 build 1986
Module Directory: C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/Blockland
Profile Path: C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/Blockland
Total Ram: 8138 MB
OS:  (build 9200), 64-bit

--------- Parsing Arguments ---------
argc = 4
argv[2] = -steam
argv[3] = -dedicated
Parsing command line arguments: -steam -dedicated
Error opening zip (Add-Ons/, need to handle this better...
--------- Loading Common ---------
Error opening zip (Add-Ons/, need to handle this better...
Loading compiled script base/main.cs.
Loading compiled script base/client/defaults.cs.
Loading compiled script base/server/defaults.cs.
Executing config/client/prefs.cs.
Executing config/server/prefs.cs.
Executing config/server/ADD_ON_LIST.cs.
Executing config/server/musicList.cs.
--------- Loading MODS ---------
Executing config/main.cs.

Pre-Loading Add-On: System_BlocklandGlass
Executing Add-Ons/System_BlocklandGlass/preload.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/System_BlocklandGlass/common/GlassResourceManager.cs.
Activating package: GlassResourceManager
Local version of Support_Updater found, proceeding as normal

Loading local resource Support_Preferences...
Executing Add-Ons/System_BlocklandGlass/resources/Support_Preferences/preload.cs.
Executing config/server/ADD_ON_LIST.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/System_BlocklandGlass/resources/Support_Preferences/server.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/System_BlocklandGlass/resources/Support_Preferences/support/admin.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/System_BlocklandGlass/resources/Support_Preferences/support/lesseval.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/System_BlocklandGlass/resources/Support_Preferences/server/functions.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/System_BlocklandGlass/resources/Support_Preferences/server/compatibility.cs.
Activating package: BLPrefCompatibilityPackage
Executing Add-Ons/System_BlocklandGlass/resources/Support_Preferences/server/handshake.cs.
Activating package: BLPrefServerPackage
Executing Add-Ons/System_BlocklandGlass/resources/Support_Preferences/server/interaction.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/System_BlocklandGlass/resources/Support_Preferences/server/userdata.cs.
Activating package: BLPrefBL_IDPackage
Executing Add-Ons/System_BlocklandGlass/resources/Support_Preferences/server/prefs/general.cs.
Executing config/server/BLPrefs/prefs.cs.
Activating package: BLPrefSaveLoadPackage
[Support_Preferences] Version 1.2.0 loaded!

Activating package: GlassPreload

Pre-Loading Add-On: Support_Updater
Executing Add-Ons/Support_Updater/preload.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Support_Updater/dedicated.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Support_Updater/common.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Support_Updater/common/support/Support_DateTime.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Support_Updater/common/support/Support_LibStr.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Support_Updater/common/support/Support_PreLoad.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Support_Updater/common/support/Support_SemVer.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Support_Updater/common/support/Support_TCPClient.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Support_Updater/common/support/Support_TMLParser.cs.
Activating package: Support_TMLParser
Executing Add-Ons/Support_Updater/common/support/jettison.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Support_Updater/common/core/Updater.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Support_Updater/common/core/UpdaterAddOnSO.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Support_Updater/common/core/UpdaterAddOnHandlerSG.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Support_Updater/common/core/UpdaterRepoSO.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Support_Updater/common/core/UpdaterRepoHandlerSG.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Support_Updater/common/core/UpdaterFileDownloadHandlerSG.cs.
Executing Add-Ons/Support_Updater/common/modules/Module_Statistics.cs.
Activating package: Module_Statistics
Updater add repository
Updater reading files.
Updater add repository
Updater add repository
Updater add repository
Updater add repository
> GLASS FAKE: Support_Preferences
Activating package: Support_Updater_DediServer
Activating package: Support_Updater_DedicatedAuto

--------- Initializing Base ---------
Loading compiled script base/client/init.cs.
Loading compiled script base/server/init.cs.
Loading compiled script base/client/canvas.cs.
Loading compiled script base/client/audio.cs.

--------- Initializing Base: Server ---------------------
Initializing steamAPI...
  SteamAPI initialization successful, allocating steam objects
Steam initialized...
Steam unlock successful, will use Steam authentication
Loading compiled script base/server/mainServer.cs.
Loading compiled script base/server/scripts/game.cs.
Initializing steamAPI...
  SteamAPI is already on
Steam (server,1) initialized
Steam (server,1) unlock successful, will use Steam authentication
Starting server steam authentication...
Engine initialized...
Updater query repository
Updater query repository
Updater query repository
Authentication: Connected...
Received stats and achievements from Steam

Updater parse JSON for repository
Updater query repository
Updater parse JSON for repository
Updater parse TML for repository
Updater parse TML for repository
Update check completed. 0 updates found.

--------- Checking for Add-On Updates ---------
Authentication: SUCCESS

ERROR: WebCom_PostServer() - $Server::Port is not set, game hasn't started yet?
BackTrace: ->authTCPobj_Server::onLine->webcom_postserver

base/server/mainServer.cs (2870): Unable to find function pingMatchMakerLoop

any help is appreciated friends

Help / v20 clarification?
« on: July 31, 2016, 05:59:43 PM »
so from what i understand there are v20 clients floating around that you can play but you can get banned from posting to the master server if you host a v20 server in v21

i also heard that port's v20 client deals with a custom master server separate from the v21 master server so it's fine

i just want someone to clear this up for me before i go get myself banned from the master server because i wanna play v20 but i won't if i'm not allowed to


Gallery / Grapple Arena Deathmatch
« on: July 16, 2016, 02:35:39 PM »


So, I got back into playing this game and I had this overwhelming urge to host something, anything, and with all the creative energy I mustered up, this is the best I could come up with. Sigh...

It's a Grapple Knife TDM with laser guns instead. I tried to make it look as unique as I could from every other Knife TDM on the market right now, and even then I kinda winged it. I think it turned out alright.

As for gameplay, you start with a Grapple Rope and a pretty standard laser gun. On the white platforms around the center one are a few better laser guns and on the center one is a laser sniper capable of a one shot kill to the head. I might add more in the future if this isn't a total flop.


Everything by me. I'm hosting this right now if you wanna check it out. Rate if you want.

Off Topic / woahhhhhhh it's my birthday
« on: April 08, 2015, 08:11:49 PM »
i know i don't post here often but i'm 15 today :D

post your birthday wishes and stuff

i love you all

Off Topic / the browser thread - like we haven't seen this before
« on: August 05, 2014, 08:51:42 PM »
yes yes yes we've all seen this thread before so i won't waste your time with a giant op

what internet browser do you use

(pick the one i use (opera) or you're a big dork lolololol)

Games / quickscope simulator
« on: June 25, 2014, 03:16:18 PM »
it takes a bunch of obnoxious memes and cod and snoop dogg and shrek and uh

just watch


Help / Issue with One Random Brickpack
« on: April 13, 2014, 03:41:09 PM »
I got a new PC for my birthday and I wanted to download some add-ons for Blockland, since it's pretty much naked. I got a bunch of brickpacks, one of them being the One Random Brickpack, assuming you know what that is. When I got on Blockland to enable these add-ons, I realized that the One Random Brickpack wasn't in the list, when it was clearly in my add-ons folder.

I thought it was something to do with Blockland not being able to access it, so I tried opening it myself and I got this error:

If you've had this issue and/or know how to fix it, please let me know. Thanks.

Off Topic / fappy birthgay to roostery
« on: April 08, 2014, 10:38:30 AM »
I turned 14

stop reading and bloat my ego

I'm looking for a new desktop background and I'd like it to be related to Blockland. If you know of any good ones, post them here.

My resolution is 1920x1080 btw

Games / The Guitar Hero Megathread
« on: March 09, 2014, 03:54:52 PM »

Guitar Hero is a franchise of rhythm games first published by RedOctane and Harmonix and distributed by Activision in 2005. The player uses a guitar-shaped controller to simulate playing the lead, rhythm, or bass guitar tracks across numerous songs. They must match colored gems representing the notes of the song that come forward on the screen to the five colored fret buttons on the controller, using a "strum bar" on the body of the guitar to strum the notes in order to score points, and entertain the virtual audience. The guitar controller tries to simulate many features of playing a real guitar, such as a whammy bar to alter the pitch of notes and the use of fast fingering hammer-ons or pull-offs. Most games in the franchise feature single player modes, typically a "Career mode" allowing you to start a band and play through every song in the game, and both cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes, local and online. While the game is called Guitar Hero, the introduction of a four player band featuring vocals and drums came with Guitar Hero: World Tour in 2008.

Here is a list of what are, in my opinion, the most notable Guitar Hero games in the franchise in order of release date, not including the DJ Hero games, DS & mobile games, or arcade games.

Guitar Hero features a unique type of guitar-shaped controller for playing the game. Here are some of the many designed guitars. While the games that the guitars come with are labeled, you can use any of the guitars for any Guitar Hero game, as long as it's compatible with the game system you're playing on - you can't use a guitar for the PS2 on a Guitar Hero game for the Xbox 360. If a guitar isn't labeled, it's for all platforms as far as I know. This will not include the drum and microphone controllers.

The Black Gibson SG (PS2) for Guitar Hero I

The Cherry Gibson SG (PS2) and Gibson Explorer (Xbox 360) for Guitar Hero II (Explorer also comes with Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock for PC)

The Kramer (PS2) and Gibson Les Paul (Xbox 360 & Wii) for Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

The "Genericaster" for Guitar Hero: World Tour and Guitar Hero 5

The "Battle Axe" for Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

And that's pretty much it. Discuss the game, music, community, etc, post videos, whatever. This game is totally dead but I still love it. Feel free to discuss Rock Band, too.

Off Topic / what's your favorite dr. seuss book
« on: March 01, 2014, 02:28:05 PM »
dr. seuss's birthday is tomorrow and it got me thinking what you guys' favorite dr. seuss books are

mine's green eggs and ham

Off Topic / I'm 3 years old on the forums wahoo
« on: February 24, 2014, 11:24:49 PM »
on this account it doesn't show my actual join date, that would be this little piggy

but uh yea I love you

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