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Modification Help / togots (unfinished) unreleased addons
« on: January 09, 2018, 11:19:51 PM »
Basically part 2
Unlike how i managed to do that unreleased thread which I felt very happy with during winter break, i actually gotta go to bed soon so heres the download

infact im so lazy atm that im just gonna copy everything from the readme

Quote from: The README
Here are some unfinished add-ons I have. I have a couple more unfinished add-ons, but they are too unusable deemed to be released.

Super Sniper

A sniper rifle that can shoot through walls, and every wall it goes through the bullet gets slower. I had trouble with the bullet
going through the same wall over and over again. Couldnt fix it.

Cigarette Gun

This was the second add-on i've ever made like 6 years ago. The viewmodel is way above the players head so you someone might wanna
fix that. Also it just shoots a regular sniper rifle bullet

Madman Playertype

This is not the Madman playertype you think it is. This one comes with a functioning Nagasaki Slam (Script made by Swollow).
It only works in /certain/ minigames for some reason and I couldn't find a way to balance it correctly for what I wanted.
yea tho they're unfinished add ons and i have no clue how to mod anywho and  throwing this into the add-ons board wouldn't work so im 99% sure this is where it'd def go

now pls recon stop harassing me like pls just take the hitman you sent hiding on that tree over where i go to wait for the bus away im tired of th elaser pointer pointed at my head

Add-Ons / Trogtor's Unreleased Addons Pack guys it's happening!!!!!!!
« on: January 02, 2018, 04:11:43 AM »
heres an image that speaks a thousand words

crazy better release those addons or else i will chokeslam him into the ground
crazy better release the tiger poster
i thought it was just the fists
give me the bfg and noone gets hurt...
Ya boi Crazy had a near heart attack watching those bullets fly by within less than a second but it was worth it cause I got some files to share to the WORLD.* That's 33 words right there, not sure what the other 967 is.
*world being anyone who browses these forums
(btw it's like, 3:20 here and im tired and i kinda just want to post this but im going to try my best please don't yell at me)
Anyways, here's what this pack has.

THE BFG uhhh forgetin rip and tear
  • Shoots a giant orb capable of OHKO'ing anyone in it's range
  • "randomly but rarely the bfg will charge but not fire, but then will fire after like 10 seconds."
  • Has a rather big blast radius, with a little cooldown and a slightly less little charge-up.
  • Useful for when you're playing on a Slaughterfest wad because you're just loving insane like that I suppose

LASER17 TRIPLE THREAT OP Guns that you could make a nice lil DM out of!

  • Pistols that you can fool anyone to believe that it's a toy gun!
  • Comes in AKIMBO only so you can shoot TWO TIMES with each click! Ain't that some wild stuff eh?
  • Capable of killing within 4-5 hits
  • Useful for when your unlucky self gets teamed up by two other goons, might help avoid the angry "wow 2v1" comment you're bound to post

  • Issa shotgun.
  • Hella deadly shotgun from close to mid range as it shoots out 3 powerful lasers that can quickly end anyone's spree (and start your own)
  • If it doesn't kill them, it can pop them into the air. Snag that mid-air kill while the nerd's up there.

  • Oh forget me it's a Sniper Rifle. I hate snipers alright? Let me tell you why...
  • ONE HIT KILL. Good for when you're thinking about hosting an Instagib DM
  • Has a cooldown with each shot because lets face it, a rapid fire sniper rifle would be loving terrifying. I mean, what kind of madman would even create a rapid fire sniper rifle, I dont even think that'd work!

MADMAN'S OWN forgetIN FISTS Now you can finally harness the power of the agngrgyes t man ever
  • Can do a quick simple jab with the press of a button, kills in 2 hits cause you're HARNESSING THE POWER OF MADMAN DUDE LIKE HOLY stuff.
  • Hold your button briefly for a power hook, creating a small explosion and can really ruin someones day. Don't underestimate it however, it can really be useful when the time comes
  • Hold your fire button until both your arms are up to create an explosion hella than the regular power hook to unleash a devastating SUPER SMASH that can easily kill in one successful hit

Recently, however, Trogtor did some stuff with his own arms and granted himself such power just like Madman's. Or some stuff. I dont loving know. Trogtor Arms.

  • Doesn't really do much but push you in the air, like a pushbroom, but without the part where it sends you away

Also comes with another variant : TR-8R BROOM
*Slowed down to .5 for your convenience(?)
  • Now you can finally be the ONLY stormtrooper I've ever seen actually fight someone with a lightsaber with another melee weapon, only to get ass blasted by whoever that was that shot him, i can't remember i haven't watched that movie in a long while
  • Comes packed with a nice little "TRAITOR!" sound whenever you equip it
  • it's a broom, like it says in the title

And here's the other things added in this here pack that i got pinged so many forgetin times for the instant i was the last man standing because it's now 4:33 AM and im really just trying to get this done before i go to sleep. PleaseUnderstand.jpg

Sound_OOOAAAHHH : He looks so peaceful. RIP Jayce.
-gave me chuckles everytime i heard it

Sound_PerfectFart : *BRAPP*
-It's the perfect fart, what else must I need to convince you that it is?!

Hatmod_TheHoff :
-Not gonna lie, I have no clue what to put here for TheHoff
-"I forgot which add-on I snuck the script to hide the player when you equip the Hoff Hat. so that wont happen when you do it"

Hatmod_Luciano : "You know I had to do it to 'em..."
-Now you too, can do it to em. At the same time, you can also make a better imitation of the tweet than me

-I tried, but I was too tired to really keep going. I'm also not a good builder AND I dont have much brick mods and stuff for building so yeah...

Hatmod_Madmom : Hey if Madman is topless does that also mean... :o
-Now you can be Madmom instead of Madman if, like, you like that, y'know?
-Funfact : for the Madman's arms photos, I didn't realize I actually didn't HAVE the Madman hat, and so I winged it and used Madmom but don't tell anyone I said that okay?

Script_MusicBars I was never around for the 2017 New Years party. Did I miss out on anything special?
- Script_MusicBars are the music bars from New Years 2017. The items DO show up in the items list and I'm not sure how to make a script where you can't pick them up (straight out of the Readme)
- I have no clue how these musicbars work to be honest.

Event_SetItemScale : forget
- I actually didn't touch this one while I was playing around with these mods, from the looks of it, it probably just sets the scale of an item. Though I'm not sure :thinking:

Sky_FloatingCity : *Excited Gasp!*
- Skies from the famous Floating City server!

Player_MadmanPL : Madman RP
-Become Madman...........
-Im not sure exactly how this playertype works because I once again didnt mess with this
-You'd better run, son.
-"The Madman playertypes right hand will spazz sometimes if you equip the madman fists with it."

Weapon_PortalGun : "Weapon_Portalgun is a reskinned version of the classic portal gun. It uses animations instead of custom models so I had to change
the weapon states a little bit."
-Needs The Gravity Gun Mod to work

Okay now for this whole Credits thing

Trogtor : Basically the entire zip file was stuff he had made. The fact that he hosted a challenge to win it in the first place was the only reason I decided to go for it because holy stuff man, these mods are real forgetin well made

The brothers whomst've fell victim to the bullets of Trogtor's Madman Arms Challenge : They tried their hardest, but they were not able to withstand such an event

Anyone who legit pressured me into releasing these to the public
and i swear to god if something isnt working right with this thread im going to be kinda upset

Off Topic / it's muh birthday
« on: July 26, 2017, 01:11:23 PM »

Gee, 16 years. That's like, more than 15 years so woohoo!

Off Topic / Guys I need new reaction images for my folder
« on: October 11, 2016, 07:18:41 AM »

Off Topic / I have now survived 15 years of events
« on: July 26, 2016, 01:46:29 PM »
So now I can pretty much do the same things I've been doing but an age older so hooray
so yeah swoop down and say happy birthday and/or probably get me something on steam because you care so much

<Happy Birthday cake goes here>


April Fools 2016 / YEAH love IS COOL AND ALL
« on: April 01, 2016, 10:41:26 AM »

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