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This is the reported post, specifically the second part:
I've asked Badspot to double-check given all the various claims being made here. Whether he cares to or not is another story but I'm happy with my limited investigations. I won't be unbanning him.

i would still want to see proof.
Nobody gives a forget what you want.

The reason is highlighted:

This is the post with the marked ban, clearly explaining that I thought a rule was broken:

FYI reporting my own posts to me is a great way to get your reporting privileges revoked.
The point of reporting is to report someone when you think he might be doing something wrong.

I think you broke a rule and reported you so that Badspot (he'll see it regardless of whether you dismissed the report, right?) could make a decision. You have undoubtedly broken rules before; I'm not sure why you think I have no business in reporting a moderator.

Reporting is not meant to notify admins of a violation, but rather of the possibility of a violation. You can't offer a report feature and expect people to use it according to a future, unknown result.

User was banned for this post

The ban reason:

Problems, clarifications, and notes with the above images/quotes:

1) The actual report seemed to only prompt a response from Ephialtes. My response, not the actual reporting, somehow resulted in the ban. (he may have been waiting for a response to ban me, which is not proper moderation)
2) The report happened over 25 hours before the ban, bringing into question the actual reason for the ban
3) Other people noticed a possible rule violation and several more probably reported it. Will they get banned, too? [1] [2]
4) I do not abuse the report feature and I had never gotten a warning within a period of 25 hours for reporting Ephialtes' post. If anyone wants to know what I report, I can probably recover (reasons) almost 3 years of reporting history.

The reporting feature is meant to bring troubling posts to the attention of moderators and administrators, which is exactly what I use it for. It was clear to me that Ephialtes had broken a rule, so I reported his post. This is a consistent with what I do with all troubling posts. If we can't report moderators without fear of reprisal, how can we expect the community to keep moderators in check? Remember, Ephialtes has broken rules before. (admittance to trolling)

There's not much I can say here as the images and quotes explain quite a lot. It is clear that there was no misuse of the reporting system.

User was banned for this post

I'd like to make a place for the RTB hosting service to be discussed without censorship by Ephialtes. It is important that the forum be a place for open discussion. Post what you want here; no one's going to censor anyone here.

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