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Add-Ons / [1.0 - Vehicle] Vitesse Ettor - The old "Bolt", Done Right.
« on: September 19, 2021, 03:48:25 PM »

Private Save by Corpora1Bird. Please do not contact me for a download

Trailer Video

This release has been long overdue, and I'm sorry I have kept you guys waiting. I just wanted to make sure things were done right.

I was originally planning to do a V3 model update way back when I released the older version of the Bolt. There were some modern day features I couldn't figure out back then that I implemented now, and plus I was not pleased with how the old V3 model turned out.

So with that introductory out of the way, at revision/version 5 of this project, I introduce what I believe has topped my previous Magnum Opus, the Vitesse Ettor. Vitesse is french for speed, and Ettor being the first name of the founder of the Veyron himself: Ettor Bugatti.


  • Three variants: Default, GS (Grand Sport), and SS (Super Sport)
  • Support_Garage categories for Body, Secondary, Tertiary*, and Spoiler
  • Support_EngineSound integration
  • Air Spoiler Mechanics: When you reach a certain speed, the air spoiler extends. While above that speed and you press space (the brake), the air brake engages/disengages. The spoiler will retract when you slow down.
  • This addon is seperate from Vehicle_Bolt, and will not conflict with datablocks

*Tertiary category only for GS variant to replicate Grand Sport Vitesse trims.


Requires both Support_EngineSounds and Support_Garage to work properly

Download from Blockland Glass

Download from Blockland Online

Add-Ons / [1.0 - Vehicle] Willis Buccaneer
« on: September 12, 2021, 12:38:06 PM »

The Willis Buccaneer, and Grand Buccaneer, are two of the greatest vehicles you can take on any road trip or off-roading adventures. They are both based around the 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee, but using the XJ and Laredo Trims. The XJ is known as the Buccaneer, and the Laredo is the Grand Buccaneer in game.

  • Four variants total, two trims that have a default and 4x4 variants
  • 4x4 variants have animated suspension with a simplfied front and rear differential, and independent suspension links.
  • Horns! Horns everywhere!
  • Unique engine sounds per variant.
  • Custom stubby tires on the 4x4 variant
  • Custom vehicle support
  • Functioning headlights, taillights, and turn signals.


Requires both Support_EngineSounds and Support_Garage to work properly

Download from Blockland Glass

Download from Blockland Online

Suggestions & Requests / V20 Loading Brick Clicking Sounds
« on: September 05, 2021, 10:00:18 AM »
I remember pre-V21 that as bricks loaded around the player, they would make the "brickPlant" sound.

I don't think this feature has been imported as a mod for V21, but if it's possible to make it a client mod that would be cool.

I tried searching brick click and click around the forums and BLG, but nothing came up that I was looking for.

Add-Ons / [1.0] (Client) Support_Garage Toggles
« on: May 28, 2021, 02:05:58 PM »

This is the first client mod I developed as a test to see how I can understand the basic functions of using pre-set keybinds to execute specific server-command functions. I solely made it for increasing efficiency when developing icons for the Garage menu. The process for me was to constantly type /garage, take a screenshot of the part, and then /defaultparts over and over.

This mod in return fixes that by allowing you to set keybinds for /garage, and /defaultparts. Be sure to be looking at a vehicle to apply the second command

Works best if you have Support_Garage

Download from Glass

Download from Blockland Online

Add-Ons / [1.0] (Vehicle) Rivera Genesis
« on: May 28, 2021, 10:57:19 AM »

The Rivera Genesis is a 2021-remastered of one of the first cars I had in high school: The 1995 Ford Crown Victoria. It's a very simple design that is packed with multiple fun features!

Including, but not limited to:
  • 4 Variants: Default, PI (Police Interceptor), Taxi, and Donk
  • CVS Categories: Body, BodyTop (Taxi and Default Only), Front, Back, Hood, Roof, Trunk, Glass (Default Only), Pushbar
  • Engine Sound Support
  • Randomized Taxi Advertisements (Not Dependant on CVS)
  • Shift-Brick Donk Hydraulic Controls (See keymap below)
  • Shift-Brick Police Controls: Bullhorn, Siren, Yelp, and Wail
  • Police Liveries: Default, Sheriff [Metro Dade], HW Patrol [NYPD], State Trooper, Mall Security, and Border Patrol
  • Horn Support - Mouseclick to honk/use bullhorn!

If using default brick controls, I have made a keymap for how you can use the hydraulics on the Donk variant. If supershift is enabled, the set you toggle will bounce.


Requires both Support_Garage and Support_EngineSounds to work properly!

Download from Glass

Download from Blockland Online

Special Thanks To:
Corpora1Bird, Dragonslayer182, Lemon Tart, Kane - Testing
Cordax, Kane - Taxi Advertisements
Teneksi - Coding for Police Script, Taxi Adverts, and more!
Buddy - Development of the Engine Sounds

Add-Ons / [1.0] (Vehicle) Abraham Marabelle
« on: May 05, 2021, 09:58:31 AM »

The Marabelle is a luxury car fit for a king. Based off of the 1985 Lincoln Town Car, it handles similar to Filipe's Deluxe, but performance has been reduced--who needs to be in a rush with this car anyway?

  • Four Variants - Default, Hearse, Wagon, and Limo
  • Model constructed with a 3D Sketchup Model, as opposed to traditional blueprints
  • Minimal /garage parts, but enough to make unique color combinations!
  • CVS Categories: Body, Bodytop, Front, Grill, Hood, Rear, Trim, Spoiler, and Roof
  • More mass and stiffer springs on the Limo and Hearse Variants
  • You can ride in the coffin in the back

*Click to enlarge any


Requires both Support_Garage and Support_EngineSounds to work properly!

Download from Glass

Download from Blockland Online

Add-Ons / [1.0] (Vehicle) Shinozaki Hiro
« on: April 23, 2021, 10:57:35 AM »

The Hiro has been beta for long enough. This official release brings a remastered model with 4 variants total! Respectively, the Hiro and Hiroven is based off of the Nissan 180sx and Sileighty!

There are two additional drifting variants, and CVS for all variants! Engine sounds and functioning popups included.


Requires both Support_Garage and Support_EngineSounds to work properly!

Download from Glass

Download from Blockland Online

Add-Ons / [1.0] (Vehicle) Shinozaki Fairhaven
« on: April 10, 2021, 11:52:14 AM »

The Shinozaki Fairhaven is based off of the well-known Nissan 350z (Fairlady in some cases?) from iconic games and series, such as Need For Speed: Underground 2, and Fast N Furious: Tokyo Drift. It comes standard with all of the new features introduced earlier in 2021.

CVS Parts Included (But not Limited to)

Additionally, the Roadster variants have the same parts imported from the default variant!

TL;DR Features
  • 3 Variants: Default, Roadster, and Widebody (Found Under Fairhaven ___)
    • Widebody Engine Sound differs from other two variants
  • Custom Vehicle Support
  • Functioning Lights: Headlights, Taillights, Brakelights, Turn Signals, and Reverse Lights!
  • Textured Body parts from Rachel Teller's Need For Speed U2 350, and from Fast N Furious' Tokyo Drift!


Requires both Support_Garage and Support_EngineSounds to work properly!

Download from Glass

Download from Blockland Online

Add-Ons / [2.0] (Vehicle) Brutalion Challenger
« on: March 09, 2021, 07:38:47 PM »
Trailer Video

The American Favorite remastered back in 2018, has finally been released with new 2021 technology and optimizations!

  • Two Variants from 1970, and 2008
  • 2008 Model comes with CVS parts that can mimic the recently known Hellcat
  • CVS Categories for Front, Rear, Side, Hood, Roof, Decals/Stripes, Faceplates, Spoilers and Trim (1970 Only)
  • New and Improved 2021 looks!
  • Turn Signals; use shift-brick left, down, and right for all sets of turn signals!
  • Functioning Lights
  • Engine Sound Support - Ripped from both Vehicles from NFS Carbon

System Requirements

Support_Garage - Allows you to customize both Challenger variants (Will not execute without it)
Support_EngineSounds - Allows you to hear the Engine Sounds from both Variants (Optional, but Recommended)

Blockland Glass - Only if you download from the BLG Hotlink


Download Via BLOnline

Download Via Glass

Special Thanks To:

Trailer Actors
Corpora1Bird, Filipe, DragonSlayer182, and Mickey

Engine Sound Sources

Add-Ons / [1.0] (Weapon) The POW-Glove
« on: March 06, 2021, 01:47:42 PM »

The POW-Glove is a melee weapon that has the same impact properties as getting hit by a rocket launcher. It is a comical weapon used in deathmatches like king of the hill or sumo.
Not to be mistaken with any previous addons with explosive properties

How does it work?
(Demonstration Video)

Additional Features
  • Direct Damage: 50
  • Splash/Impact Damage: 1 (Required to launch opponents, or yourself, into orbit)
  • 11 Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Teal, Purple, Pink, Brown, Black, and White
  • POW Emitter upon contact
  • Ability to mimic the rocket jump...without the rocket


Download from Blockland Online

Download from Glass
(Requires Blockland Glass)

Add-Ons / [1.0] (Vehicle) Lil' Rascal Minibike
« on: February 08, 2021, 03:49:00 PM »

The Lil' Rascal is a minibike kit developed by GoPowerSports that by default comes with everything but an engine. It is claimed to be one of the lightest and tiniest pitbike/minibikes ever to exists, and now you can ride it alongside the Go Karts recently released too


  • Engine Sound Support
  • Lean/Tilt Steering Animations accompanied by Hands On Vehicle Support
  • 2 Variants: Default and Drag
  • Wheelies - Best recommended to use mouse steering, and pitch up (pull mouse back) to pop a wheelie
  • In game names: Lil' Rascal MB


Requires Support_Engine Sounds

Download from Blockland Online

Download from Blockland Glass



This addon increases the efficiency for vehicle developers when you have to modify variables of a Vehicle/Tire/Spring's datablock, without having to:

1) Respawn the Vehicle, and most importantly
2) Type in the name of the datablock to modify all the time (In the case of batch-editing multiple cars at once)

How does it work?

Demonstration Video

The script returns the name of the vehicle datablock the player is currently driving. All you have to do is get into the vehicle you want to modify, and type the functions below into the console

v().variableName = newValue; - Allows you to modify attributes of the Vehicle's Datablock
t().variableName = newValue; - "" of the defaultTire on the Vehicle's Datablock
s().variableName = newValue; - "" of the defaultSpring on the Vehicle's Datablock

For variableName, if you don't know it, you can [I.E.] type v().dump(); to get the names of the variables via the "Member Fields"

v().engineTorque changes the engineTorque value for the vehicle's datablock
s().length can change the spring length of the defaultSpring DB the vehicle's DB is using
t().mass likewise changes the mass of the defaultTire DB of the vehicle's DB

Thankfully, it only applies to the vehicle you currently spawned in at the instance, and will not affect other vehicles until you change/modify variables within their datablocks. Respawning the car keeps the changes made in the console.

Huge thanks to phflack for helping me compile this script together!


Download Via BL-Online

Download via Blockland Glass


The Polus Estate brings one of the finest 1-Ton Wagon and Sedans from Sweden; one of the first from them to come to Blockland: The Volvo 850 and V850 Estate. This mod packs a whole bunch of features, including the newly introduced support mod: Engine Sounds!

  • 4 Variants: 2 Normal for the Wagon and Sedan, Plus 2 more for Police Variants
  • Shift Brick Car Controls: Use shift brick left and right for turn signals, and shift brick down (numpad 5) for hazards; Press shift brick toward (Numpad 2) for Police Sirens
  • Livery wrap swapping via Custom Vehicle Support(Police Variants Only)
  • Functioning headlights with light key, brakelights, and reverse lights
  • Engine Sound: For the first time in BL history, thanks to Buddy and Conan for developing, a gear-changing pitch-modulated engine sound can be heard when driving the vehicle based on your maxWheelSpeed
  • Engine Startup and Cutoff sound effects
  • Engine Support does not interfere with /stereo

System Requirements

The following requisites below are force-executed, and will not enable the mod in-game without these in your file directory.

Support_EngineSounds - Allows the car to have the emulated engine sound while driving

Support_Garage - Allows you to customize the color and parts on each of the 4 variants.


(Requires Blockland Glass to Stay Up-to-date!)

Teneksi - Functioning Lights and ShiftBrickCarControls Code
Buddy - Development of Engine Sounds
Conan - Development of Engine Sounds

Beta Testers

Add-Ons / [1.1] (Vehicle) Opus "Voltage" - The Magnum Opus of Blockland
« on: December 01, 2020, 10:49:03 AM »

The Voltage has been considered one of the best vehicles I have ever made, as it has been loved by many so far; it is my Magnum Opus! (Hence the Brand)

By default it is based off of the Pagani Zonda F, but you can use CVS to replicate other trims of the Zonda as well!

One Variant: AWD
Top speed of 117 BPS
Turn signals with shift brick left and right
Running and Headlights
CVS Integrated to replicate the Cinque and C12 body trims!
Hands-On-Vehicle Support




Special Thanks To:

Teneksi - Original Functioning Lights Script
Filipe1020 - Body and Part Suggetsions

Beta Testers
Filipe1020, Teneksi, Barnabas


It's finally here! The Hachi Reaper is something I had released in the past from the former "NHM Brand". It was not intentional to release this update 5 years today when it was first released, but in 2020, it's time to give it an update. One of the key things being a fresh new look!

The two original and drifting variants are here, known as "Reaper '95" and "Reaper '95 D", respectively. However update 2.0.0 adds THREE new variants!


  • All three variants utilize shift-brick car controls. Use the shift brick left and right keys to toggle left and right turn signals, respectively!
  • Brakelights and reverse lights
  • Functioning lights, use your light key to cycle through Daytime and Running Lights!
  • Yes, the 84' Reaper's Popup lights do Popup
  • Completely revamped and MORE parts for CVS!
  • Multiple part categories INCLUDING: Body, Front, Back, Side, Splitter, Lights, Decals, Exhaust, Trunks, Spoilers, Hoods, and MORE!

Blockland Glass: Download
Blockland Glass is a mod managing system which helps you keep my Addons up to date.

Custom Vehicle Support: Download
Developed by Filipe1020, this mod lets you customize my vehicles while you aim at them and type "/garage". Without this, the cars will look like a generic clustertruck with overlapping meshes.



And as always, be sure to keep up to date with what I am doing by checking out my development log! Cheers!

* Force-Required Addon Custom Vehicle Support and Vehicle_Jeep

*Rewrote Shared_Script_Lights to include 4 stages of turning on the headlights
*Shared_Script_Lights now incorporates hazard lights

+ShiftBrickCarController Support

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