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Man, I just wanted to call the capitol rioters fascists

Fascists usually are tribal. You think they would not want a dictatorship under Trump?

Just to clarify. Do you think that the people who stormed the capitol are not facists?

No, I'm not trolling, I simply responded with the appropriate degeneracy for you to understand after that response.

u mad bro?

Being an european doesn't make my views wrong. Also, your asshat president has an unfortunately large effect on politics in europe.

Right right.. I needed to be more specific

Are you an anarchist? Politicians are elected people who should represent people. I know you might think that all of them are corrupt, but in principle, you don't get to kill people who represent other people in parliament. Also, killing politicians includes every person who partakes in politics and has been elected at least once. This includes all republicans, all democrats and Trump.

Retardation runs deep here.

Storming the parliament in order to overturn a democratic election to keep an authoritarian president in office is facism. Or what would you like me to call it? Wikipedia page on facism describes the goal of these people pretty well.

Americans thinking storming The Capitol to execute politicians isn't facism


The big media corporations make choices to maximize profit, violating their ToS is not protected by the 1st amendment, neither is their inconsistent application of the ToS. Argument can be had about the liberties the big corporations can have about controlling the speech on their platforms, but none of this is violating the 1st amendment.

As for the absolute free speech. You think Trump should be allowed to say that Nancy Pelosi should be immediately executed for opposing his presidency? Or perhaps some big media figure lying about a smaller figure to get them ruined in the eyes of the public? Or maybe lying in a court testimony to get someone innocent prosecuted?
Free speech absolutism is objectively wrong.

I think that no facists speech should be allowed on any platform. It is inherently anti-democratic, dangerous and indoctrinating.
If all people on the planet were reasonable and logical, then extreme measures wouldn't be required since facism could easily be argued into oblivion. Unfortunately platforms like Palmer, Gab, 4Chan etc. where conspiratorial bullstuff can be spread and are allowed to create an echo chamber exist.

You actually loving think that the democrats are even going to attempt to force those words to be illegal?

Georgians are laughing their Ossoff, right Tony?

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