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Off Topic / Re: controversial statement s
« on: Today at 12:00:49 AM »
White girls forget dogs.

false flags as in inaccurate accusations or false flags as in perps using friends or alts to downplay their actions?

The former in my post, possibly the latter is happening too. I haven't "investigated" those.

do you think that agencies and departments look out for these traits during the psychiatric brown townysis or during the oral review boards recruits go through before they're sent to academy?

Do you think those traits are all apparent or fully manifested until they're given a position of power and authority?

idk both? i can have general thoughts about both sides before making a conclusion, it's called critical thinking. if that isn't good enough for you then idk what else i can give you.

You're deciding to contradict yourself? Here's some food for thought for your next bout of mental gymnastics:

just look at how mental patients were treated before the 90s and autism research before 2015. this along with the self-diagnosing losers basically making it harder for people who actually suffer from depression to get anyone to care.

You acknowledge the mistreatment of mental health patients and then you speak in terms that questions the legitimacy of potential cases. Where's the critical thinking in that?

what kind of traits do you think would lead someone to becoming a cop?

God complex, hero complex, Don Juan complex, etc.

no stuff people makes jokes as a coping mechanism, i do it whenever people fail to understand what i'm trying to say irl because of autism loving with the way my brain thinks.

when someone makes jokes about them being depressed, my first general thoughts are about their legitimacy because im a loving critical person.

Well which is it?

stop misinterpreting my definition of self-diagnoser, i've made it pretty clear that when i said self-diagnoser, i meant someone who clearly does not have depression and is doing it because it gets them e-rep and sympathy. when i said "self-diagnosing losers" i CLEARLY meant the people faking it, jesus christ i've never went out and insulted anyone who said that they've had depression, it's a serious thing to say.

yeah and we're saying it's not worth the risk of someone taking their life because people were skeptical, or as you put it, "a loving critical person."
Clinical depression cases are rising, but that does not include undiagnosed depression and unreported cases (nor does it include suicide statistics), so to treat it with skepticism right off the bat is just stuffty. Not to mention that making jokes about depression is a genuine coping method. loving cancer patients joke about their condition.

Off Topic / Re: What is your forum avatar from v.1414
« on: Yesterday at 01:33:45 AM »
it could be. item_hrt: in stores now

Ah yeah but there is in fact a price I would have to pay, and it isn't in cash.


You literally said "self diagnosing losers"
Is that supposed to be sympathetic? Or is that part of not berating anyone you think is faking their depression?

Off Topic / Re: What is your forum avatar from v.1414
« on: Yesterday at 12:54:58 AM »

Off Topic / Re: george floyd
« on: Yesterday at 12:28:39 AM »
what the forget

this along with the self-diagnosing losers basically making it harder for people who actually suffer from depression

bruh moment


Whites in a position of power systematically created environments that contribute to the continued sustainability of black communities remaining impoverished and promote gang culture that they consume and produce, effectively automating the process so that it maintains itself.

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