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Off Topic / Re: night discussion topic i guess [night 825]
« on: August 25, 2018, 11:10:33 PM »
Cursed ass post

What the heck happened to Burton? seriously, He used to be a completely different person with common sense and atitude, it's as if Burton got verification disease
he ate monkey soup, a Brazilian delicacy

Off Topic / Re: free hearts of iron 4 key give-away
« on: August 25, 2018, 09:50:03 PM »
i was pinged and I wanna join in on your clique

nah man you just eat your own cum friend

you never denied it cumguzzler

This is just pathetic.
if you dont agree that it's delusional you eat ur own cum

if you want an image of a sad afro man with a maid outfit on calling himself a trap you can look in post real life pictures of yourself

Oh wait! That wasn't a investigate, that was a misuse of personal and use of private information for blackmail against a user who never did anything to them. Right, I got it.

Cut the stuff, we both know that isn't private investigating lmfao
Just like how NickPB totally did not investigate beachbum? And how nickpb totally never admitted it because he wasn't private investigating but said "it was easy and it was provoked" right?

I don't know who the hell zeustal/postal is, I'm just confident that whatever they've done doesn't Annoying Orange the stuff y'all pull all the time. If you don't like me saying this, maybe you should make the effort to stop being stuffheel
Is private investigating and Blackmail not as bad as calling someone handicapped on an albanian lego forum? What the literal stuff

forget off honestly, you know hes playing monkey in the middle with you
i was referring to when you were banned from there i could care less about whatever garfield thing you're talking about

you're handicapped

also how can someone be physically delusional wtf
you look like a middle class highschool student and you wear maid costumes thinking you look pretty after other mentally deficient people go and tell you that they would want to forget you
you're absolutely wrong, users like gr8dayseth, conan, etc actively try to make this community a nicer place for others while people like you try to drag it down
ok so by your own logic why are you talking to someone you hate and getting pissed at lego forum posts :)

welcome to my mine
Honestly you have a forgeted up view of how social interaction works. It's best if you take a break.
Anything you don't like is forgeted up. You comment so much bullstuff about high horses and other class-debate type stuff that I can't tell if you're being serious most of the time with your quasi-political stance on everything

two forgettards throwing stuff at each other

you broke the rules on their discord, if you think that's their fault then you're delusional

That's not me. They were having a peaceful discussion about garfield in general while no one else was talking. You're ACTUALLY delusional both mentally and physically.
just because you can do something doesn't mean you should do it, like how i shouldnt have done what i did with edd, or how you just are a negative presence for the sake of it
Who cares if I made some meanposts? Literally every active user is a negative presence to someone, somewhere. It could be me, you, or anyone else on these forums. You can't judge people by why you won't listen to them when you're in a spotlight.
just because you hypothetically can ignore something someone says doesn't mean that you really can, even if what you said was a throw away post to you it could ruin someone else's day
I can "hypothetically" ignore your stuff and I can do it realistically too. Everyone can. You have an actual mental illness or can't imagine them in a way that you dislike them. You don't go up to people you absolutely hate and say weird specific stuff about things they've done recently that are slightly mean because you'll get either beat up or laughed at. You also don't get pissed at lego forum posts mentioning what you do, which i've had the misfortune of doing and i've been banned around 5~ times for every time I did it. It's literally dumb that you took that post to heart like you actually commonly use these forums and your cliques are based around trust on the forums instead of interpersonally.

ok so its not okay for me to drag up something you said within a few days, while something stupid i did months ago is fair game gotcha
You could drag up something that would help your case besides me saying "what a monday" in a "papajohns saying monday thread" and calling out BCC and their 200 iq posts ( when we're talking about private investigating here. I chose not to include your own smartposts because they're basically irrelevent to me and you chose to include them in the "pissing contest". Yay?
furthermore, (im guilty of this as well recently) all of your posts are negative or an attempt to bully someone else, you can't possibly think you provide anything of value
Okay? You don't have to take anyone's messages as valuable or useless. You can choose to ignore everything everyone else says. No one is guaging how Gr8DayNice i've been to people on this godforsaken forum and no one is idolizing any people of "worth" as exactly useful in drama either. This is drama. Either take it or leave it.

Also, negative presence? Are you actually serious? What kind of pretentious stuff are you on right now? Do you think others can't judge you if you and your friends don't like them?

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