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Particularly the maps in this thread. The Links are down and I can't find them anywhere else.

General Discussion / Re: Dump your saves here
« on: October 12, 2020, 01:20:18 PM »
doesn't kenko already have an archive for saves? let alone everything?
Yes, but there’s still plenty of stuff we don’t have.

General Discussion / Dump your saves here
« on: October 06, 2020, 09:57:14 PM »

Basically just dump any builds/saves you have that you aren't ever gonna use or maybe you don't really play the game anymore or whatever. Too many good builds have been lost due to people losing their saves and/or keeping them to themselves, and it would be good to archive as many as possible.
I had a bunch of really cool saves from prev21 that are now long gone and it makes me wish I saved them. I'm hoping that maybe some of you guys may have some. The builds I remember the most fondly that I could never find again were a massive Victorian Mansion, a luxury yacht, a pretty small, but detailed city rpg that had a subway system, a large City Hall, and a fire station that had opening garage doors (They weren't JVS, instead they made clever use of event delays and brick rendering to make the doors open/close gradually)

Luckily I still have a bunch of my v21 saves from 2012-2017. I almost lost them because they hard drive they were on was starting to fail, and they were almost completely inaccessible for a while until I was eventually able to retrieve them, and here they are:

This was kind of a spur of the moment thread, and I'm not really sure which board I should have put it in, so apologies for that.

General Discussion / Re: what is the worst/best default save
« on: August 16, 2020, 12:27:44 AM »
A lot of the default builds were made during the game's beta, so I feel like they at least have some historical value, and had they never became default, some may have never seen the light of day. I honestly can't choose off the top of my head, so I'm just gonna go through each one and try to determine which ones I like the most and which ones I like the least;
  • Arch of Constantine - A good build, no complaints.
  • DM Church - It has some interesting history behind it, but I've never really liked it all that much. It's honestly quite spammy in some areas and just doesn't look that great.
  • Facechild's House - A build from beta, it's alright, but it doesn't have much too it. Still a lot better than Facechild's House in Beta City
  • Fort Papa - It's okay, but honestly 1x2f's are not a good choice for such a large build.
  • Kaje's Castle - Another beta build. It's small, but cute. I like the couple of secrets it has.
  • Mansion - Yet another build from beta. It's pretty big, but at the same time, the exterior is incredibly plain.
  • BLOKO Blupo - Very cute and clever idea. I'm a big fan of the bucket.
  • Demo Fort - It's cute for what it is.
  • Haunted House - I assume this build is from beta, seeing as it has no credits, but it's not too interesting and is kinda hard to find.
  • Horse Race - Yet another beta build. From first glance it looks pretty cute, but upon further inspection, the castle walls were never fixed, so their positioning is off. The fences had pretty much no thought put into their placement, having stacks of 1x2's and 1x3's to fill in the gaps.
  • Town - Yet another beta build. I've always quite liked the style of this one, though I was pretty disappointed that none of the buildings had interiors.
  • Afghanistan DM - A nice large build with a lot going on. Always had fun exploring this, even if it did end up becoming a bit overused.
  • C.T.F. Battle Grounds - Never really used this for anything, but it's okay I suppose.
  • Crysta Castle - Pretty nice. I quite like the library and the dungeon with the secret pathway.
  • Demo Blockland Sign - What you see is what you get. Though this is another build from Beta, granted it's a much smaller part of a bigger build that we never got.
  • Festung der Schwarzung - It's weird and I never saw much use for it. I still like it nonetheless.
  • Golden Gate Bridge - A truly impressive build. One for it's scale and two for the amount of secrets inside the supports.
  • Ice Palace - Yet another build from beta, I've always quite liked the design of it, though the distance from spawn does get old after a while.
  • Maze - Yet another build from beta. It is what it is, but it's one of those builds that you see once and then you never load it again. I imagine it was fun during Beta which is what led it to be included.
  • Mr. Block's Slides - Good fun, but it's unfinished. The creator did come back and finished the build once and for all, even adding teledoors for each level.
  • Pyramid - Simple and kinda boring.
  • The Bedroom - It's neat for what it is, but honestly Demian's recreation is just so much better.
  • Beta City 16 - A classic. Pretty much the defining build of the beta. It's got a lot of history to it, and a lot of quirks as well. I hope one day we can get a hold of some other versions of it, I.E. before the Train Station was converted into a Monorail Station, or when it was just the bridge with no station at all.
  • Building 6 - Yet another beta build. I've never really liked this build. It's big, bland, and completely empty.
  • Pirate World - Yet another beta build (Well the ship is at least) I really like how this build makes use of the Kitchen's secrets, and it's a pretty unique build.
  • ACM City - I've always adored this one, due to how it perfectly replicates the LEGO Style. It honestly never get's old seeing this build.
  • Two Ships - Well, they're ships, and there's two of them. Not sure what else to say. They're good builds but pretty small for a proper DM imho.
  • Demo House - I absolutely loath this build. Not for the actual build itself, it's a good demonstration of what you can do in Blockland. I moreso hate it because everybody seems to feel the need to replicate it on freebuilds and blockparties.
  • Cottage - Pretty cute little house. I'll admit that I've duped it a few times for my server when I was younger.
  • Apartment - Pretty disappointing. I was under the impression it would be an actual full apartment building and not just some facade. I will give it credit though, despite being a facade, it's a decent facade at that.
  • Gazebo Garden - Meh, the gazebo is cool I guess, but there's not much else to it.
  • Demo Midi Sequencer - A cool demonstration of what you can do with events.
  • Demo Pong - Another cool demonstration of what you can do with events, though it's super easy to cheat on.
  • A.T.C. Fort - Yet another build I really like. Gives off a nice LEGO Knights vibe. I would like to also mention that there's a message hidden inside which says "Steal this and I'll find you". Kinda ironic, wouldn't you think?
  • Sirrus Military Compound - I imagine this was cool in v9, but it's just so basic nowadays. Not to mention that it's missing some events so not all of it works properly.
  • Jetpuff's Towers - Kinda like apartments, but a lot cooler looking.

So in the end I'd have to say
Best: Golden Gate Bridge for how unique it is.
Worst: Demo House Building 6, mostly because of how bland and empty it is.

Drama / Re: fuzztoast and 19 are the same person
« on: July 22, 2020, 08:14:51 AM »
How am we are groot.

Drama / Re: panpour and pk freeze server
« on: July 20, 2020, 09:33:42 PM »
I have to say fellas, I'm really not digging this season of Blockland Forums.

Drama / Re: Celau or cca are loving up servers now
« on: June 25, 2020, 12:09:21 PM »
Why didn't Celau get revoked/bos after the whole key compromise anyways?


You’re a celebrity in our hearts, Trog.

Off Topic / Re: do you like rhubarb
« on: March 31, 2020, 03:39:35 PM »
I love rebar.

Suggestions & Requests / Re: two tribes [gamemode pitch]
« on: March 31, 2020, 02:34:34 PM »
When two tribes go to war, one is all that you can score.

Off Topic / Re: The Chronology of the Blockland Forums
« on: March 31, 2020, 01:24:13 AM »
The beginning… of the end.

What, did imgur break for you or something?

Oh damn, I just remembered that I have some on my old hard drive.

Some aren't as funny as I thought they were when I originally saved them, but there's still some gold here.

Fun server, but I lag my ass off whenever there's an autosave.

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