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the duck walked up to the lemonade stand and said to the man running the sand "Hey, do us a favor and quit taking that stuff". There are many other stories that might make you think that this lady was a total loving cunt but there is an element to this story that makes you think she wasnt. This story has all the hallmarks of being done to a lady that had just recently experienced miscarriage. She was about to take her first child and she has never thought about going through it again. To make this woman look like she deserved it, she took the kid down the hallway and left her in a room to take it to the hospital where people there could see what she was doing. In the emergency room she was being fed by two nurses and doctors and they were telling her when the day and night shift is going to arrive and she needs to go back in immediately. She knew there weren't a lot of doctors with an emergency room to go to, so she knew a nurse was going to be called to see her. That was when it hit you, "that bitch isn't a woman". The nurse was giving it to her and she was so confused she couldn't think of the name of the doctor that needs the same thing and


Snake: "Kaz, bring me info on Liquid Snake"

Inverted in that there's a rumor going around that Liquid Snake's nickname is "Liquid the Boss". The name was supposed to have something to do with how he was born or his character.

Naruto: "I love ninja culture"

Inverted in that, if it was true, Naruto would be an expert at it.

Pikachu: "I'm a ninja! Who says I hate anything!"

Inverted in that people seem to like Pikachu as a character as compared to what they'd like to be.

Toad: "I am not a kunoichi. But I am a ninja. What kind of ninja are you?"

Inverted in that Toad's nickname is 'The Fox'.

Kagura (VIP) : "I'm a ninja"

Inverted in that Kagura doesn't really do that much and doesn't try being cool.

Kirasame (VIP) : "You don't have to be a kunoichi to be a ninja"

Inverted in that Kirasame doesn't really practice a lot and doesn't

Off Topic / Re: whats brickadia
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Off Topic / Re: day discussion topic i guess [day 1044]
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i wanna b a lawyer

parrot grass's cousin is now called:
crow plant

General Discussion / Re: is medieval roleplay lame
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is that so bad? its likely all the devs are still school age/college students and so dont have the time to work on the server seriously.
Was tying to make a joke but I do know that

Off Topic / Re: Disccusing my behavior (finnaly)
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Because I'm never tired

Off Topic / Re: Disccusing my behavior (finnaly)
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why do you spend literally every waking hour of your life posting garbage
And why do you spend your life flaming people on the internet on a Lego game forum?

Off Topic / Re: Disccusing my behavior (finnaly)
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dr phil what the forget no dont take the l stop it

Off Topic / Re: Disccusing my behavior (finnaly)
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shut up
And what reason should I shut up? Because according to your opinion, I'm annoying? Well I won't.

Off Topic / Re: Disccusing my behavior (finnaly)
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no, its just really obvious
But you have no hard proof which means...


Off Topic / Re: Disccusing my behavior (finnaly)
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Just realized I spelled finally wrong
no youre definitely under 16
Have any proof with that argument of yours?

General Discussion / Re: What are you think of brickadia
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hey thank u for saying all this and clearing some things up for everyone, i wish all the best for u guys

Off Topic / Disccusing my behavior (finnaly)
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You see how everyone thinks I'm under 16 or so? Well I'm above 18 and I just wanted to address this because I'm being very childish because I'm not really good with humor. You know how I said I drank beer? Yeah that was just like once. Sure I like all those emo bands like: Fall Out Boy, Panic at the disco, Imagine Dragons and Twenty One Pilots... but that's only because I like the music, I don't like thinking of "darkness and despair" when listening to them, I just like their music.

Games / Detroit Become Human Todd theory
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My theory for Detroit Become Human is that Todd has anger issues but it's caused by his sadness, of course that is obvious but I think I know a few things that revolve around his anger.
Theory 1. Todd didn't remember the fight between him and Kara (if Todd is still alive on your play through that is), he only remembers half of it like after he got hurt, he told the story that he thought happened but later on he realizes that the story he told was false.
Theory 1a. This is a alternate theory for theory 1: He was so high on red ice, he doesn't remember half of the fight because he blacked out in it, he later defended himself from the android thinking it was fighting HIM, not that he's fighting Kara.
Theory 2. Todd did remember all of it and is just a richard.

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just say the full truth: you've never drank more than one beer in your life
no im not lying

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