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General Discussion / Re: happy new year, everyone
« on: December 31, 2018, 11:15:22 PM »
blockland is only 7 years away from being legal to bang
Uh it's like 15 already.
It was made in 2004 lol

Drama / Re: DrenDran and Momentum
« on: August 05, 2018, 06:05:08 PM »
It's not really meant to be a secret who owns this account.
We've just got a tradition of making collab posts on their own accounts. 

Drama / DrenDran and Momentum
« on: August 05, 2018, 04:52:47 PM »

The following is a leaked dossier created by Nalnalas with the cooperation of certain other anonymous parties. It details his obsessive tendencies considering two of his old friends Momentum and DrenDran. It appears to have been created in the aftermath of New Year's 2017. Momentum and DrenDran would have last talked to Nalnalas in late 2016, yet this document was created over half a year later, in July 2017. Even more surprising is that the document has been updated this year (2018) despite both of them having long ceased to play Blockland or post on the forums. Archived copies of last year's version and the current version are provided below. Most of the document concerns very old matters so individual points will not be refuted here, but we thought sharing the general attitude of the piece might bring some entertainment.
Old version (July 2017 - January 2018)                                                          New version (February 2018 onwards)

Quote from: The Preface
This probably wonít ever be posted unless something really severe came up, but itís a vent board of how Iíve felt through harassment. I wrote these in a worse state of where I am now, and it certainly has helped. If this were ever to be posted, it would definitely be revised, under better terms, and less vulgar.

This document seems to be held as munitions in the event that Momentum or DrenDran do something which displeases the document's authors. It is not unreasonable to think that attempting to use the document in this way would backfire horribly.


so he's prejudice by nature and i doubt all the tolerance courses in the world would change that
momentum has the personality of a klansman, the looks of a rotting corpse, and the humour of a burning slaughterhouse
if irl law could represent internet law, momentum would be a kill-on-sight kinda criminal and i think just about anybody would want to be the triggerman

and it got to the point where the only discords he could hang out in were his and dren's neo-nazi discord and the tavern
Author's note: The discord in question was at the time of writing (July 2017) just a discord server for the 2017 New Year's server and DrenDran's farming server. Edgy iconography was added later as a sarcastic responce to the server owner having read the document.
Then maybe you should cut it the forget out. Normal friend groups donít act negatively towards one another to get a rise out of someone.
A quote from the 2017 version that seems to show unfamilarity with the concept of banter.
I would have never felt so stuffty about my appearance if it wasnít for Momentum. [...] nobody felt the need to do anything because they thought he wasnít being serious about it. In the long run it absolutely shattered my self confidence, and drove me to nearly leaving every group I was in at the time because I felt so stuffty about myself. How the forget is this a light hearted joke. You harassed me so hard to the point of where I stopped eating.
Momentum would sometimes take pictures of people in the IRL thread and apply photoshop effects to them as a joke.
Proof DrenDran used this project to try to get a rise out of me, Momentum clearly letting it go on further.
If you watch the video linked in the document, it seems rather clear that Momentum is not giving a serious answer here. So it comes off as strange that this was used as the sole basis of several claims.


Many years ago, before the Clique and when Kalphiter was still doing New Years, Momentum, Nal, DrenDran, Ike, and others were in a Skype group called the lodge. Nal was the original owner, but whenever someone made a joke he would kick people. Eventually people got frustrated enough that the Lodge moved onto a teamspeak server hosted by DrenDran. Now when Nal got upset, he could simply quit without interfering with anyone else. It seems that there is still a grudge for having lost control of his group that made him want to try and get revenge by getting both of them ousted from the Clique and painting them as Nazis, often blowing up small jokes to make people look far worse to his supporters. If you're familiar with the actual story, reading this document almost feels like reading Maddox's lolsuit.

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