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Gallery / Re: de_dust2
« on: November 05, 2020, 02:27:00 PM »
Oh that's right! We did highrise from mw2 back in the day. Good to see ya again
Yeah, that was forever ago and after I never saw you again lol good 2 see ya.  I hope you end up doing something with this map looks awesome!

Gallery / Re: de_dust2
« on: November 05, 2020, 02:14:46 PM »
Wow, I remember you from a long time ago. This is the best de_Dust I've seen on BL and I've seen so many over the years, great job! The detail really gives the map the vibe from CS.

well monkey funky was asking for help with a monkey bomb so I'm just assuming jts being updated and we aren't seeing it
I was working with Hologlaxer for him to release his version since it seems Jes is MIA. He posted it in addons yesterday still a few things to be updated soon though.

Wow this thread is a year old in 9 days. Time flies.

Since nothing new has been posted in a bit here is a screenshot of a Raygun MK2 I had commissioned which hopefully Jes00 will be able to implement. ZeUberMedic made the model and he did 2 other wonder weapons aswell. Hopefully progress on the gamemode picks up again soon :)

Today is your lucky day I managed to have both still.  Includes the brick pack and bls

Bumping this again and extending the contest as well as adjusting the prizes. Jes00 mod is still not released and I am not sure the status of it currently. But Hologlaxer’s mod is fully functional and pretty impressive and any maps built would be playable with his mod.

I am raising the prizes on Verruckt and Kino by $10 to $35 and $37.

I realize five would be a decently complicated map to make and instead the build will only have to be the War Room section which is the middle of the map where the defcon switches are. If there any more questions let me know but I guess that’s it for right now.

Bump I guess doesn’t seem like any maps will be completed at this point in time but contest is still open. I have extended it till the end of April since the mod hasn’t been released yet.  Verruckt and Kino aren’t the hardest of maps to recreate IMO so maybe someone will still take up the task.

This looks really cool. Looking forward to playing it
All credit goes to Hologlaxer he is the one behind the mod above. Jes00’s mod is nearing completion as well. But the game mode is really fun! It’s sad that it took so long for such a simple gamemode idea too actually be made. Building full-fledged custom zombies maps out of bricks sounds awesome. If a gamemode had released years earlier I’m sure tons of talented builders would have made awesome new zombies maps in blockland. Hopefully there are still some talented builders around too make more after the gamemode is released.

Bump! Also I had some of the wonder weapon models commissioned aswell. Hologlaxer has begun scripting some and is currently testing his version of zombies. The weapons he has added are pretty neat in BL. I am also looking to commission more models so message me if you are interested in that. Here is a short preview of Hologlaxer's Gamemode on Kobewarrior(9806)'s map submission for Jes00's previous contest credit to them :).

what brick addons would you recommend?
Sorry, meant to send this early but had to leave.
The previous 2 entries when Jes00 hosted his contest used these brick packs so I think they should be a decent list for the builds.
Code: [Select]
The link to Jes00's previous contest thread is Here if you want to look at those submissions aswell.

Im gonna do this contest
Cool! Post updates of your progress if you get far :). I am also adding one more map since it's small and the BO1 version has both wonder weapons I want.

Verruckt is now an additional map with a prize for $25. This map is pretty small and just has a decent amount of detail. This one shouldn't take you speedbuilders too long it is about 2.5x bigger than Nacht Der Untoten. Gameplay video (here :)

Hey, Forums MonkeyFunky here and I'm here to announce I'm holding a building contest for maps from the Black Ops Zombies games recreated in Blockland for Paypal. I have wanted national socialist Zombies in BL since literally 2011 and Jes00's mod will soon make that a reality. In honor of that and to drum up some additional hype for the gamemode. I'm holding a paid contest for Blockland remakes of several Black Ops Zombies maps. These are my favorite maps and I will have no chance at building them but I know there are some talented builders here up to the task. I priced each map based on Complexity and Size.  I will start off with 2 maps to see if people are still interested in building for money but I have more I can hold contests for if people are willing :). Okay, enough rambling here we go.

Verruckt $35 (Link if people dont know the map)
Kino Der Toten:$37 (Link if people dont know the map)
Five War Room Only :$22 (Link if people dont know the map)

You can choose any map from the list and begin building it now.
Focus on detail and layout I'm looking for accuracy.
Try not to use too many non-default brick add-ons.
You can use any colorset you want to.
Don't make the map too absurdly open try to stick to the scale from the Black Ops Games.
Must be close to in-between 10k ish and 60k ish bricks. Exceptions can be made based on how good the build is and for larger maps.
Include unseeable spots for zombies to spawn and then walk into the map from. Include things like a window, hole, etc. for zombies to go through to get into the map.
I will select the best-built map if there are multiple entries for the same map. If I need to Jes00 will be contacted for additional vote reference.
Map entries can be submitted at any time and if accepted prize money will be sent the same day and the map will no longer be available on the contest.
If someone is building a map and wants additional videos or screenshots after getting a decent start on the map. Message me and I will record some from inside the game for you.
Perk Machines and Wallbuys can be left out will be added once the gamemode goes live. Do include a Power Switch and Doors where they are supposed to go but you don't need to event them at all. You don't need to do anything relating to map Easter Eggs. Mystery Box spawn locations will need to be there though.

Submission Form
Code: [Select]
Build Name:
Brick Count:
Save File:
Required Add-Ons:
Post your submissions in this topic. Please don't make screenshots too large. You can also just post a link to an album of your screenshots. You only need a few screenshots. You can post a DL link to the save or attach it to your post. You can also PM me the save file if you'd like to do that instead for whatever reason.

Contest Ends: May 31st, 2020

Any questions please comment them below or contact me. Hopefully, I priced builds fairly and we can have a bunch of Black Ops maps in Blockland to use with the gamemode :P.

Any New Year updates?

VNN said on Twitter L4DVR is real and after alyx. I’d say it wouldn’t be too surprising. Would definitely be my #1 played vr game if it does come out.

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