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CVS finally introduced after slacking for almost a month on the Suburban! Just basic categories (with more parts to come in the near future)

I'll let the pictures do the talking, and enjoy the update!

CVS icons will be implemented later when all parts and variants have been finalized!

EDIT: It has come to my attention that between updates, and changing the zip folder from Vehicle_FCPSuburbs to Vehicle_Suburb, this addon stopped working properly. Support_Updater doesn't account for zip name changes and it has been broken.

I have deleted the old version and got a new addon page on Glass and Blockland Online. If you can do me a favor and re-download using the links below, it should fix it:

Download from Blockland Glass
Download from Blockland Online

Done! The release is ready to go and uploaded!

If you have Blockland Glass or Blockland Online, the updates should come appropriately! Enjoy!

Been really busy with life around here, however, the Aseed really needs some help now.

Corolla or not, it will be based around the 1989 Honda Accord CB. Because screw it; they're all the same

And as briefly attempted, a wagon variant will come with version 2!

I still have to implement CVS into these cars, but then the version 2 update will be released afterwords!

Add-Ons / Re: [1.0 - Vehicle] Vitesse Ettor - The old "Bolt", Done Right.
« on: September 21, 2021, 09:24:43 PM »
Oh my goodness that was my bad for not updating the link for a BL glass download.

Add-Ons / [1.0 - Vehicle] Vitesse Ettor - The old "Bolt", Done Right.
« on: September 19, 2021, 03:48:25 PM »

Private Save by Corpora1Bird. Please do not contact me for a download

Trailer Video

This release has been long overdue, and I'm sorry I have kept you guys waiting. I just wanted to make sure things were done right.

I was originally planning to do a V3 model update way back when I released the older version of the Bolt. There were some modern day features I couldn't figure out back then that I implemented now, and plus I was not pleased with how the old V3 model turned out.

So with that introductory out of the way, at revision/version 5 of this project, I introduce what I believe has topped my previous Magnum Opus, the Vitesse Ettor. Vitesse is french for speed, and Ettor being the first name of the founder of the Veyron himself: Ettor Bugatti.


  • Three variants: Default, GS (Grand Sport), and SS (Super Sport)
  • Support_Garage categories for Body, Secondary, Tertiary*, and Spoiler
  • Support_EngineSound integration
  • Air Spoiler Mechanics: When you reach a certain speed, the air spoiler extends. While above that speed and you press space (the brake), the air brake engages/disengages. The spoiler will retract when you slow down.
  • This addon is seperate from Vehicle_Bolt, and will not conflict with datablocks

*Tertiary category only for GS variant to replicate Grand Sport Vitesse trims.


Requires both Support_EngineSounds and Support_Garage to work properly

Download from Blockland Glass

Download from Blockland Online

Modification Help / Re: NightHawk's Development Log - Buccaneer Released!
« on: September 16, 2021, 10:00:22 PM »
Alright, I can't hold my excitement in any longer. I would like to present to you what I think is my TRUE Magnum Opus.

I would like to apologize for the massively delayed release of this car, but I think for the reasoning of getting it right, it's safe to say that you will not wait much longer anymore.

What used to be the Bolt V3, having a planned V4 model, is now FIXED in MK5. Introducing the new and improved: Vitesse éClair

Private save by Corpora1Bird. Please do not contact me for a download

éClair in this case is French for Lightning Bolt (hence the original name, and given the Veyron is from originally Germany, now France), while Vitesse is a variant of a Grand Sport Veyron, which also means "Speed" in French. I spent at least four days prepping this for you guys. Making sure that everything was right, and boy oh boy couldn't I have been more pleased. I was able to get the Engine Sound sampled from Test Drive Unlimited 2, and additionally integrated all of the known features (Horn, Lights, etc.) into the car.

So let's kick things off with the default variant. Each variant shares a CVS kit of coloring the Body (white), Secondary (black), and Spoiler. With the exception to the Grand Sport (GS), which you will see further below.

They all share the same interior model with the exception of a color palette swap.

To make accommodations for the Sang Bleu, and Vitesse variants of the éClair GS, I made CVS category levels in Body, Secondary, and Tertiary.

Last but not least...

One of the biggest setbacks of wanting to originally release the V3 update was because I wanted to make the air spoiler functional. Now in these days since I'm getting familiar with the basic functions of torque script, it is now possible:

The air spoiler will extend when you are above 30 Bricks Per Second (BPS). Whenever you hit the brakes (spacebar), it will engage vertically until you let go. Finally, as you hit less than 15 BPS, the air spoiler will retract.

I'm planning to keep the old "Bolt" as a separate addon in case anyone wants the nostalgia trip. Plus it doesn't conflict with datablocks, so if I play my cards right, expect a release coming very...very soon.

Modification Help / Re: NightHawk's Development Log - Buccaneer Released!
« on: September 12, 2021, 12:41:43 PM »
The Willis Buccaneer has been released everyone!

Add-Ons / [1.0 - Vehicle] Willis Buccaneer
« on: September 12, 2021, 12:38:06 PM »

The Willis Buccaneer, and Grand Buccaneer, are two of the greatest vehicles you can take on any road trip or off-roading adventures. They are both based around the 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee, but using the XJ and Laredo Trims. The XJ is known as the Buccaneer, and the Laredo is the Grand Buccaneer in game.

  • Four variants total, two trims that have a default and 4x4 variants
  • 4x4 variants have animated suspension with a simplfied front and rear differential, and independent suspension links.
  • Horns! Horns everywhere!
  • Unique engine sounds per variant.
  • Custom stubby tires on the 4x4 variant
  • Custom vehicle support
  • Functioning headlights, taillights, and turn signals.


Requires both Support_EngineSounds and Support_Garage to work properly

Download from Blockland Glass

Download from Blockland Online

As far as I know, you can set the camera angle accordingly in the vehicle's datablock, and the garage mod only limits one save per client at a time. No matter what car (in other words, you can only have one save file for one car, but if you save another preset on a car, it overwrites what you initially had).

Modification Help / Re: NightHawk's Development Log - XJ Cherokee (Pg. 8)
« on: September 09, 2021, 07:08:30 PM »
The Buccaneers are very close to release, but I thought I'd share what I have finished in store.

CVS has been integrated for all variants below. Starting with the XJ, You can choose to recolor the trim, grill, and bumpers.

Get a little more fancy with some bull bars, roof rack equipment, snorkels and more!

The Laredo Grand Cherokee got a similar treatment.

I also added some undercarriage details to the vehicles as well.

But you cannot forget them: 4x4 variants! They use the same CVS menu as the default variants, so customizations can be transferred over easily.

And yes, that suspension IS animated.

I've kept it simple by making a diff-and-independent suspension setup; I was not going to go more complex to control arms, leaf springs, etc. due to [fixed] model constraints.


Suggestions & Requests / V20 Loading Brick Clicking Sounds
« on: September 05, 2021, 10:00:18 AM »
I remember pre-V21 that as bricks loaded around the player, they would make the "brickPlant" sound.

I don't think this feature has been imported as a mod for V21, but if it's possible to make it a client mod that would be cool.

I tried searching brick click and click around the forums and BLG, but nothing came up that I was looking for.

I recall few old school names now, coming to think of it. They were the first set of players hosting servers I joined with some neat builds.

Back in V15 or so there was one guy named Joks, then a little later I met Derrioth in one of his city builds, and then DrunkVampire.

Introducing the counterpart, and the new name for the Grand Cherokee: The Buccaneer! Based on the XJ Cherokee within the same era as the 2000 Grand Cherokee.

The XJ is just the Buccaneer, and the Laredo is the Grand Buccaneer. I'm planning on two more 4x4 variants...hopefully with animated suspension (it's been a while since I did this, and I haven't attempted it yet with the 2.7 exporter)

EDIT: I added some small details to the XJ, and also, interiors!

I wanted to make a template addon that I could use for further vehicles, but I didn't want to use one of my current models. So I made one from scratch!

I'd call it the Executor as it reminds you of one of those head-engineers navigating a contractor's site.

I wasn't planning on releasing this, but if anyone really wanted it, then perhaps we can negotiate...

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