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Modification Help / Restrict Player Movement, Server-Sided?
« on: December 20, 2013, 04:34:11 PM »
What would be the best way to restrict a player's movement, without relying entirely on client-sided code? I wanted to setup an encumbrance system so that, if someone exceeds the maximum allotted weight they can carry, they can't move until they drop some items.

I had originally tried over-riding the move functions, but the client-sided code can easily be removed by the player, thus breaking the encumbrance system. Also, is there a way to gradually reduce movement speed (without using walk(1))? I would prefer to set it up so that a player's movement speed is reduced relative to the amount their max weight is exceeded. Thanks!

Suggestions & Requests / ModTer/OpenGL suggestions
« on: December 08, 2013, 08:22:04 PM »
I know some of these have already been suggested, however I'll unify them into one thread. I think the following would be important to implement, especially when Blockland is released on Steam Greenlight.

-Fix brick-culling for triangular faces (in which two vertices share the same location; for normal and ModTer bricks).
-Fix brick-culling for zonal bricks (it seams to reference the bounds of the zone rather than the brick's coverage).
-Add a tertiary building layer so that Modular Terrain bricks will be compatible with normal and other zonal bricks).
-Allow Add-Ons to access OpenGL functionality (or at least include functions for procedurally drawing meshes). This would make infinite terrain generation MUCH easier. Terrain could be made to look realistic, flat-shaded or even like regular bricks.

Add-Ons / ☐⇄☐ Item Storage (Alpha Released!)
« on: October 11, 2013, 01:57:46 PM »
    My other add-on topics (now outdated):

      Item Storage Add-On [v4]

      Interactive GUI and events that allow you to store items in bricks, backpacks, vehicles and bots!

      Important Information
      • A help manual is included in the add-ons .zip folder, which covers just about everything related to the add-on.
      • Perfect for RPGs, DMs / TDMs, exploration games, survival games and more! (This add-on allows for gametypes not previously possible).
      • Other players should download this add-on themselves to use it on your server; it'll notify them to download. However, certain features are included to allow players to still use some functionality.
      • Special thanks to Cards, Doktor, Fix, HaneZane001, Uxie, Xynn and Xanderian for helping test version 1.
      • Thanks to Mr.Nobody, MST, Pecon, Tuevon, Elm, Ostinyo, Sanctus Rem, PC, and the rest of the beta-testers who helped test version 2.
      • Thanks to Alex Dude, Catzoo and Furling for helping test version 4.

      Video Tutorials:
      - Installation Tutorial

      - Basics Overview

      Event Examples:
      Coming Soon!

      Main Features
      • Great Versatility - Store items in bricks and backpacks (as well as in vehicles and bots if setup correctly), or even create event-based shops, item repair stations, trading posts, parcel / mail centers, potion-brewing stands, crafting systems, NPC inventories, NPC pickpocketing, vehicle inventories, item-based passwords, monetary systems and more!
      • Item Stacking System - stack multiple items into a single cell; an auto-stacking feature is also included, which will stack a certain amount of like-items into a single cell that you quickly double-click. Useful for: organizing and making room in the GUI; carrying ammo or multiple explosives; gathering resources / treasure around the map; monetary systems using money items; etc.!
      • Encumbrance System - allows players to carry only a certain amount of items based on each item's weight and the player's max weight limit.
      • Backpack System - The ISBackpack item unlocks an additional personal-inventory GUI, allowing you to carry more items with you. This GUI also integrates seamlessly with the other inventory GUIs, and can be accessed at an time. Support for an auxiliary, text-based backpack is also included for players who don't have the add-on downloaded.
      • Dedicated Server Support - due to integrated client-server communication.
      • Realtime, Cross-Player GUI Updating - Changes to a brick's inventory are applied in realtime to the GUIs of all players viewing it.
      • Immediate Item Saving - Once you alter a brick's or a backpack's inventory, items are saved immediately to the host's server configuration folder. If bricks are cleared, the server crashes, etc., your items remain saved. (Allows storage for well over 854 Million items!)
      • 23 Input/Output Events Included - Allows for countless possibilities.
      • VCE Support - Includes 44 VCE variables.
      • Support for Players Without the Add-On - Players without the add-on (or with an outdated version) can still use a text-based version of the backpack system. Also, an option is included for allowing limited functionality with events (just about everything but the GUIs will still function).
      • Various Inventory Options
        • Access - Restricts which players can access the brick's inventory.
        • Remote Access - Allows or prevents accessing a brick's inventory from other bricks.
        • 4 Different Inventory Sizes - Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.
      • Any Brick Can Be Used as a Storage Container
      • Various Server Settings - such as options for the backpack system, addressing spam, setting quotas, setting stack and weight values for items, and more!
      • Secure Player-Save Management - Players have the option of listing and removing past saves; the host has their own GUI which can list other players saves (including their own) and manage add-on settings.
      • Quotas and Filters - Player quota, save file quota, brick name validation filter, event and server command spam filters and error checks.
      • Client Add-On Detection Script - If a player tries to use Item Storage events, but they don't have the add-on downloaded, they will receive a message to download the add-on from RTB. It also checks if they have an outdated version.

      Download from MediaFire (552 KB)
      3139 downloads! (since February 20, 2014)

      Mirror Download from DropBox

      Version 4 Change Log:
      Major Changes
      • Dedicated Server Support
        • -All features should now work on dedicated servers; the blacklisting features, however, has been removed.
        • -If item or server settings are present from a previous save, they are automatically reloaded the first time a player joins your dedicated server. If no past saves are found it'll use default settings instead. You can also alter the settings upon joining the server and bringing up the host GUI.
      • Item Stacking
        • -Like-items can now be stacked in the brick or backpack inventories.
        • -Items can also be auto-stacked into a single cell by double-clicking a certain item. This will only work if they're within the same inventory, relative to the item's stack-limit.
        • -The server takes multiple situations into account when stacking items. However, the general rule of thumb is that you left-click to transfer an entire stack of items, and right-click to choose a certain amount to send. The player inventory window can only hold one item within a cell.
      • Encumbrance System
        • -If enabled, a player's movement will be restricted if they carry too many items and exceed their max item-weight (they will go into orbit-cam mode until they alleviate the burden).
        • -Encumbrance is applied/removed immediatly upon updating the server settings by the host. It also takes various situations into account - such as picking up items or dropping them from your player or backpack window, teleporting, respawning, etc.
        • -Picking up or dropping a backpack will affect your max encumbrance, relative not only to the backpack item's weight, but also to the amount of items within the backpack and the amount of items stacked.
      • GUI Improvements
        • -Added new save managers (saves are now listed in columns, display the save-owner's ID for the host and are gradually loaded from the server to allow up to 50 saves per request), an items manager (for setting item stack and weight values; saved values are automatically reloaded for each game session, depending on which items are enabled) and settings manager (item/server settings must now be saved/applied upon activating a button, since they are now sent over the network)
        • -Added options for clearing backpack inventory on death/respawn, toggling encumbrance, toggling auto-backup saving (encase server crashes while writing a save), toggling event-restrictions for players without the add-on and for setting the max item-weight/symbol.
        • -Added funcitonality for a text-based backpack (encase players don't want to download the add-on for themselves). The text backpack inventory can be manipulated via server commands; type "/ISHlep" (without quotes) for an overview of the commands (this feature is meant to be used with disabled event-restrictions, but doesn't have to).
        • -Increased the player quota from 30 to 50 saves, and the file quota from 100 to 1000 lines (you can now store well over 854 million items on your server! I don't recommend maxing out the quotas though.)
        • -Added support for dropping and picking up item stacks (dropped stacks will be handled as a single item, with the amount of items within the stack shown above it; once a stack of items is picked up, it'll intelligently arrange itself in your backpack, depending on certain conditions).
        • -Added greater security for certain scripts. The server will now filter item stack and weight values to prevent issues, as well as checking cell names and position relative to an inventory size, weight options, etc. Improvements were also made to the player name filter.
        • -The player inventory window, if open, will now immediately update in real-time if you pickup or drop an item from your tools menu (to prevent cheating and issues).
      • Fixes
        • -Items without preview icons (or with errant icon names) are now supported by the inventory windows, saving/loading, events and the items manager.
        • -Support was added for removing items from your back if transferred (wasn't easy to figure out).
        • -Fixes issues with certain events when refreshing player GUIs.
        • -Fixed an issue with the Propane Tank in which it would crash servers when transferred via the inventory GUIs.
        • -Remote access now references a brick's position, instead of its datablock ID. Now only is a brick's position now stored in save files, but you also won't have to constantly update the source brick (when remote access is disabled for it) if its datablock ID changes.
      • Updated/Added New Events (with specific game types take into consideration)
        • -Changed event names to include an underscore, to make identifying them easier (you might need to use a conversion tool to fix your past .bls saves that use them; sorry for the inconvenience).
        • -The random item selection scripts for events are now MUCH more effecient.
        • -If event-resrictions are disabled, a player without the Item Storage Add-On can now use certain events; error messages and notifications adapt to using the default message box GUI, for various scripts.
        • -Support was added for executing specified ISConditionTrue/False events, similar to VCE.
        • -Added 4 new input and output events (now totaling 23 in total) - these include: IS_ifItemInCells, IS_VCESetBrName, onISGUISwapItems and onISGUIDropItem.
        • -The AddItem event now supports both the brick and backpack inventories and supports specified or random stack values / stack amounts to be added.
        • -Events are now more efficient in that they don't load items if they have been already loaded for GUIs.
        • -The SetInv event now includes settings specified or random stack values.
        • -ClearItem supports both the brick and backpack inventories.
        • -TransferItem has been greatly simplified and allows transfering a random, specified or entire stack of items.
        • -Renamed ifISSwapItem to IS_ifTransferred (includes better options for checking past transferred item data).
        • -Made slight changes to how onISGUIAddItem, onISGUIMoveItem, onISGUIRemoveItem and IS_UndoTransfer work.
        • -IS_UndoTransfer now works with items transferred through events, and only supports one undo-action per transfer.
        • -Added new options for IS_ifInvSameAs, to including item stacking.
      • Added More VCE Variables (refer to the manual for the entire list)
        • -40 new variables were included, which allow you to access the uiName, stack amount, stack limit and weight of the first and last-selected items that were previously swapped.
        • -You can also access the same info for the two swapped items, relative to which was added or removed from the brick's inventory (basically the same thing as above, but it ignores the order they were selected in and only returns item info if they involve the brick's inventory).
        • -VCE vars also include info for whether or not a player is over-encumbered, has the GUI-backpack open, has their backpack saved, has v4 of the Item Storage add-on or not/out-of-date, if encumbrance is enabled/disabled, if requiring the backpack item is enabled/disabled, the current max player weight amount, and more!
      • Added New Extra-Large (X-Large) Inventory Size (holds up to 32 items)
      • Added a Save-Conversion Script
        • -Saves prior to v4 are no longer compatible, since v4 references the amount of items within a stack for each cell. However, once you spawn in-game, type "ISConvertSaves();" (without quotes) in your console to auto-convert your old saves.
      • Updated .PDF Manual and Included More Visual References

      Minor Changes
      • -Slight improvements were made to the backpack models.
      • -Added add-on detection script to backpack (forgot to add it before) and fixed out-of-date check.
      • -Deleting an item in your saves manager will now automatically adjust the save-listing and count in your GUI.
      • -The item count when listing saves now only counts items in saves that were enabled/exist.
      • -Removed the introduction GUI.
      • -Stack and weight values will automatically snap to the server hard-limits and max-values when loading saves or when changes are made by the host.
      • -Improved initial access of the saves manager - the relative client or host GUI files now are only executed the first time the GUI is called, instead of executing all of them when the client files are executed.
      • -Made slight adjustments/improvements to dropping items from your backpack.
      • -Events no longer required the backpack to have an existing save in order access it; brick inventories, however, still required that - as a safety option.
      • -Fixed unsaving the backpack if an error comes up while saving.
      • -Added new Paradox and Over-Encumbered message box icons and made slight improvements to the Locked icon.
      • -Made slight improvements/fixes to scripts.
      • -Added gradual save-loading for the brick inventory, to bypass the network strings limit.
      • -Made slight adjustments to error messages for the Additem and ClearItem events (to prevent breaking gameplay experience, i.e. if hosting an RPG).
      • -Adjusted spamcheck limit for swapping items between GUI windows from 1 second to 0.5 seconds.
      • -Made a slight adjustment to the custom message box GUI text to be more legible.
      • -Added support for disconnecting from servers (the add-on now adapts for joining multiple servers per session (regarding GUI access) depending if you are host or not).
      • -Made many other slight fixes and improves to scripts.

      Add-Ons / GSF Procedural Terrain Generator
      « on: March 19, 2013, 07:37:02 PM »

        A chunk-based terrain generator - the perfect tool for lazy builders!

        Thanks to all the beta-testers, especially Furling, catzoo, Zacks, and Evar678.

        • If you are having issues with getting the generator to work, try removing other client-sided generator add-ons.
        • If you come across any issues while generating terrain, please refer to the manual, especially the section related to the issue. Also, it may be that the settings related to the issue may need to be slightly adjusted (the Z-Section values especially). If you come across strange patterns in the terrain, try changing the Smoothing Coefficient value.
        • The add-on does not fully support dedicated servers yet, although I'll add support in the near future.
        • Planting a brick and then using "Ctrl + Z" to undo it will delete the entire column of bricks if they are floating.
        • Make sure you have the add-on enabled when loading saved landscapes that use print water or print boundary bricks, otherwise these bricks won't load.

        • Uses custom made coherent and incoherent noise algorithms.
          • The coherent noise algorithms only require one octave of smoothing to be applied to slopes, thus chunk generation should be very fast (enabling Biomes and Solid Ground will slow it down, however).
          • Uses minimal calculations. For instance: Terrain, Caves and Clouds are both based on one noise calculation pass; enabling Caves and Clouds will cause no additional calculations to be performed, except for creating the bricks. Also, enabling all four Biomes at once will only require two of them to be calculated.
          • Also uses a simplified Marching-Cubes algorithm for generating 4x Modular Terrain bricks.
        • Has built in restrictions to allow only the server-host to use the GUIs and server commands.
        • Allows for various terrain types to be generated, such as Cube-Scaping, Displacement-Scaping, Modular Terrain, Plains and Floating Islands.
        • Offers various options, such as Caves, Clouds, Sinkholes, Boundaries, Plate-Capping, and more!
          • Also includes an option for disabling Solid Ground, which will help dramatically reduce the brick count (make sure you pay attention to the server brick count, as you can easily go over It with this add-on).
        • Features six Biomes, four of which are fully customizable. The host has the option for setting Biome terrain colors/prints, dirt colors/prints (if Plate-Capping is enabled), water colors/prints and up to nine Detail-bricks specific to each Biome.
          • Any bricks can be used for details, however the GUI filters out all brick categories except for Special and Rounds (otherwise navigating the datablock list for a certain brick would be quite difficult). The generator automatically sets the correct brick height for you. (It is recommended to only use bricks that donít exceed the length and width of a 4x cube).
          • The generator also filters out detail bricks Ė under the Underwater/BiomeF category Ė that would stick out above the water's surface.
        • Gives the user control over countless settings, such as Seed value, Grid Start and End positions, sand level, water level, terrain height offset, terrain height multiplier, terrain height scale, Chunk Size, Chunk Tick, Terrain Scale, Biome Scale, Smoothing (with the option of disabling smoothing), etc.
          • Also has an option for using custom height values for individual Chunks, allowing for greater influence over the landscape (mentioned on the last page of manual).
          • The host also has the option for Previewing terrain (with biomes, if enabled) so they donít have to generate terrain each time for experimentation. (It may be slightly off, mostly with Floating Islands, but Iíll try to fix this in a future update).
        • Has both in-game and .PDF document help manuals included.
        • Includes three server commands: /EndPTG quickly ends the routine, /ClearPTG clears only generated terrain bricks and /PausePTG pauses or resumes the routine.
        • Generates terrain independent of the player, so you won't mess up the terrain generation routine while moving.
          • Also features custom, infinite terrain variation algorithms.

        Past Update (v2):
        • Fixed boundaries interfering with detail bricks by generating boundaries first.
        • Fixed issues with bot hole bricks when used as details; they are now supported.
        • Changed some default settings in the Main Menu to avoid inital confusion/issues.
        • Fixed the server command /ClearPTG (thanks to Xalos) and added /PausePTG.
        • Added psuedo-random rotation to detail bricks.
        • Added infinite terrain variation, relative to where terrain is generated. This will be especially useful when infinite terrain generation is implemented.
        • Changed depth of terrain to 2 layers (when Solid Ground is disabled) to help reduce the brickcount. If you encounter holes in the landscape, just stretch it out using Terrain XY-Scale.
        • Fixed some issues with client/server-sided code.
        • Added an in-game, quick reference guide for the Main Menu (instead of the entire manual), which also includes an FAQ. The actual manual is still included in the add-on folder.
        • Added support for the "Food" brick category when selecting detail bricks.
        • Reintroduced the Custom Height Value option, which allows the user to manipulate chunk-specific height values across the landscape. The CHV menu is now slightly more user-friendly.
        • Fixed misc. issues, especially regarding Modular Terrain bricks when Solid Ground and Caves are enabled.
        • Added "Stop and Clear" option to the temporary main menu.

        Future Update:
        • Fix preview height offset with floating islands.
        • Add infinite terrain generating along with a culling system.
        • Add an option for selecting other brick sizes (Modular Terrain will autoadapt to the brick size and height-scale).
        • Allow Super Admins to use the GUI as well.
        • Fix remaining client/server-sided code issues and add support for dedicated servers.
        • Add presets and saving option.
        • Fix issue with detail bricks interfering with terrain/modular terrain bricks (possibly by generating them in a separate pass).
        • Improve the Ground Gap-Filling option to use less bricks.
        • Fix miscellaneous issues.

        Shared Landscapes:
        Feel free to share landscapes you've generated. You can just post a screenshot of the terrain along with any values you changed from the default settings. If anyone wants to load one of the landscapes below, first make sure the settings in the Main Menu are set to default values and then change whatever is listed.

        Modification Help / Detect when a brick is rendered? [SOLVED]
        « on: February 02, 2013, 12:06:53 PM »
        I'm fairly new to scripting with Torque, and was wondering how to detect when a brick has been rendered after being generated via scripts? I noticed there is a delay between generating a brick (creating the object and collision box) and actually rendering it. This is what I was thinking (just taking a single column into account for now), but it doesn't initiate the echo command:

        Code: [Select]
        %brick = new fxDTSbrick()
        datablock = brick4xCubeData;
        colorID = 45;colorFXID = 0;shapefxID = 0;isPlanted = 1;rotation = "0 0 0 0";scale = "1 1 1";angleID = 0;
        client = %client;stackBL_ID = %client.bl_id;
        position = (%cpx+%cx) @ " " @ (%cpy+%cy) @ " " @ %cz;
        %simgroup = new simGroup(){name = "Server";bl_id = %client.bl_id;};
        mainBrickGroup.add( %simgroup );
        %simgroup.add( %brick );
        echo("brick rendered!");

        I was hoping to create a chunk-based terrain generation script that waits for all the bricks (or just the last brick) in a single chunk to be rendered before moving on to the next chunk - otherwise the game freezes. Thanks!

        Modification Help / Invisible brick face while showing prints?
        « on: May 26, 2012, 12:45:11 PM »
        I noticed that when a print is applied to a brick, the transparency of the brick's color also affects the print's transparency (example attached below). Is it possible to make a brick face (or the entire brick) completely transparent while also having the print applied completely opaque (allowing alpha cutoff of the print)? I.E., not showing a brick face, but just the letter print applied to it. I tried manually changing the brick face's color through the .blb file, but it had the same affect as applying a translucent color.

        Modification Help / Brick with Multiple Datablocks?
        « on: March 19, 2012, 11:58:28 AM »
        Is it possible to have a brick with multiple datablocks? For instance, each face of a brick has it's own datablock/brickfile, and so can be painted and printed individually, but act together as one brick. If so, how would that be scripted?

        Add-Ons / GSF Modular Terrain (4x Pack on RTB, please redownload)
        « on: March 01, 2012, 11:43:15 PM »

        Tired of boring, cube-scaped terrain? Want to supplement terrain since the v21 update? Had enough of annoying rhetorical questions? Introducing new modular terrain bricks! Just plant it, paint it, and print it.

        Known Issues:
        1. When small bricks are placed within terrain brick zones, they tend to hide certain faces, thinking they are adjacent to larger bricks. (PIC)
        2. When bricks are fakekilled on top of the terrain bricks, they react to the terrain bricks' overall dimensions rather than their collision mesh. There is no way I can really fix this. (PIC)
        3. Triangular faces are not hidden when adjacent to brick faces of equal or greater area. This is on purpose due to a glitch where larger faces would be hidden instead of the smaller faces (even though the smaller faces had the correct area). (PIC)
        4. Certain bricks, such as the large cubes, tend to hide side faces when placed on the Corner B bricks. (PIC) A temporary fix would be to paint the Corner B brick and then plant another brick on top of the problematic brick - for me a vehicle spawn worked. (PIC) This, however, can actually be a benefit and reduce lag (since triangular faces don't hide on adjacent faces).
        5. Vehicles tend to pass through the intersection of the sloped triangular faces on the Corner B and Corner B inverted bricks. I can't really fix this, but the V21 update to the game should improve vehicle physics. (PIC)(PIC)
        6. Water bricks can not be embedded into the terrain bricks (since they both are classified as water bricks).

        If you are getting a "float" error, try disabling the Build Zones add-on.

        If you would like to use your own custom prints for the terrain bricks, just create or rename an existing print pack with the name Print_ModTer_"CustomName" (without the quotes).

        If you would like to plant floating bricks without connecting to the ground, try using the large cubes add-on instead of the float cubes. Since the terrain bricks are handled as water/zone bricks, they will not work with other zone bricks.

        A save file (consisting of 8189 bricks) to demonstrate how to use the terrain bricks. This pack requires the Modular Terrain-Basic Pack, the Default ModTer Print pack and Trueno's Colorset. It may take about a minute to load and will lag while loading, so please be patient. I recommended loading it on the Slate Sea Revised default map.
 (View on RTB)
        Includes 4x normal and inverted bricks. Unlike the other packs, this brick pack has textures aligned with the 4x cube. Also, these bricks don't use zones, which makes them compatible with water bricks. This pack can also be used with the Procedural Terrain Generator add-on.
 (Now Default)
        Includes 64x, 32x, 16x and 8x cube, ramp and corner bricks of various scales.
 (Now Default)
        Includes inverted 64x, 32x, 16x and 8x cube, ramp and corner bricks of various scales.
 (Now Default)(View on RTB)
        Includes 22 print textures for the terrain bricks, which are meant to be painted and are meant to reduce "glowing" in darker settings. Also includes a brick ramp and brick stud texture (I don't take credit for these textures, I simply altered them). (If you wish to add more textures, please give them a transparency value - to reduce glowing and to allow them to be painted.)

        Includes printable water, trees and other misc. bricks for enhancing the terrain. (In development)
        Includes 32x and 16x road bricks. (I might redo this pack in the near future) -by Counter98
        Quote from: Counter98
        Window prints for [GSF]Ghost's Modular Terrain Prints! It makes building skyscrapers exremely easy. Includes:
        -Basic Window
        -Broken Window
        -Boarded Up Window
        -Broken & Boarded Window

        Unfinished Content
        Feel free to take over these projects, I won't be able to complete them; the source files are included. All I ask is that you give credit for the original idea and files, thanks. Brick saves use Trueno's colorset, modular terrain bricks and prints, and some use the Medieval pack.

        Content Notes.docx
        Important notes regarding the unfinished content and brick development.

        Here is the save for the "Radical Highway" racetrack build (requires ModTer Basic Pack, ModTer Inverted Pack, ModTer Default Prints, Zone Events and Large Cubes - recommended but not necessary, unless you want to edit the save). Build is not finished, but feel free to edit it. Also, be sure to use the Speed Carts with this track and to activate the red flashing brick to activate the zones - otherwise the loops are impossible.

        A small castle build to test the Medieval bricks.

        A large-scale, floating castle build using the Medieval bricks. Note: In order to edit (especially when undoing a planted brick) the save, you may need to build a foundation of Large Cubes (i.e. the 64x cubes). However, they may already be in the save file, I forgot. If you want to remove the large cubes later on from the save, just disable the Large Cubes add-on, load the save, and then resave.

        A small island build using the Modular Terrain bricks. Note: the trees will not load, sorry. :/

        Modular Hexagon Terrain
        I lost the files to this add-on, but included it just to give ideas for future content.

        Print bricks that are meant to build medieval towns, castles, RPGs, etc., while using as few bricks as possible to reduce lag. This pack is meant to help supplement the removal of maps in the next update.

        Decorative bricks for the Modular Terrain add-ons, which includes trees, plants, rocks, etc. The bricks are meant to be a hybrid of the blocky style of the game and to appear realistic and the same time (i.e. by using realistic textures/prints). They are not meant to act like regular bricks, but to appear almost like "static shapes" used in maps in the past, while also being versatile. This is also my attempt to help supplement the removal of maps and terrain in the next update.

        Simple doors that can be printed and are designed to reduce lag. Instead of using an animation, the door changes state between bricks when activated.
        A print pack for the Modular Terrain add-ons which includes tree, plant and other organic prints, as well as thumbnail names on print icons. Note: Please don't use this and the other default print pack at the same time, as this add-on includes some prints from the old default pack.
        A print pack for the Modular Terrain add-ons which includes textures for building interiors and exteriors.

        Modification Help / Helicopter verticle takeoff help
        « on: August 10, 2009, 06:28:16 PM »
        Is there a way to code a helicopter to lift vertically while holding the space bar? If so, what would the code be? Thanks in advance.

        Add-Ons / GSF Add-Ons [Carrier's Out!]
        « on: June 29, 2009, 06:34:51 PM »
        Known [GSF]Ghost Imposters:
        (This doesn't include people with my clan tags)

        9627 - flaming fire
        13378 - Eagle_eye
        7353 - Cevan
        6199 - The Fallen
        8879 - UAV JAMMER
        11453 - pigman93
        11461 - Hunter Person

        GSF Add-Ons:
        These are meant for my GSF Paradise map, but can be used in others. Click the thumbnails to enlarge the image.

        GSF Beach Ball (v1)
        -A beach ball physics object that also floats on water. [7.75 kb]

        GSF Beach Ball2 (v1)
        -A beach ball physics object that also floats on water. Unlike the other beach ball, this one isn't transparent, and it includes the GSF Paradise logo. [58.88 kb]

        GSF Fishing Boat (v1)
        -A fishing boat with room for 8 people and an animated radar bar. [32.97 kb]
        RTB DL:

        GSF Trawler (v1)
        -A boat with room for 5 people and can move on all axis. [15.53 kb]
        RTB DL:

        GSF Sail Boat (v1)
        -A sail boat with room for 9 people. [24.67 kbs]
        RTB DL:

        GSF Sea Plane (v3 - re-download)
        -A plane that floats, takes off, and lands on water. This version has an updated model with added detail on the wings, tail, and propellers. This will replace the old version. To take off from water, angle the nose upward above the horizon. To land, keep the plane level and gradually angle downward to skim the water while slowing down. [30.55 kb]

        GSF Sea Copter (v1)
        A helicopter that floats on water, can climb vertically by pressing the space bar continuously, features transparent textures, has room for 8 people, and has custom cog and blade animation. Credit to Sniper4hire for providing the vertical ascent code. [348.81 kb]

        GSF Aircraft Carrier (v1) - my last add-on
        A vessel you can land planes on, walk on, drive vehicles on, and land helicopters on. This add-on has a custom air-raid siren that plays when you ram objects, has increased maximum damage of 1000, can be painted, can be used with the gravity gun, comes in two different versions, has a custom turret fire sound, and has an altered debris model.

        You might have problems spawning the carrier due to it's size; try spawning them in large open areas underwater, usually in slate maps with water datablocks, in GSF Vice City, or in GSF Paradise. Or, try spawning carriers on elevated spawns and then use the gravity gun to bring them to water. Credit to Kalphiter for his no-mount script, which allows you to explore the interior of the carrier's wheelhouse and walk on the flight deck without mounting by typing "/nomount".

        GSF Carrier w/ interior
        Features an interior and ramps you can walk on, thanks to using a complex collision box and Kalphiter's no-mount  script. This version also features 16 mount points, 5 of which are located in the wheelhouse. The ramp collision will not work correctly if the carrier is at an angle. The driver and passengers in the wheelhouse can be shot due how the collision box is set up.

        GSF Carrier w/ turret
        Features an anti-aircraft turret (that can be accessed by switching mount points on the carrier), and room for 12 people.
 [245.61 kbs]

        Known Issues:

        • Doesn't work in GSF San Andreas.
        • Carriers can fuse if your carrier is over another that respawns.
        • Carriers can start to "sink" after prolonged collision; you can fix this by using the gravity gun to level them in water.
        • Carriers can sometimes "spaz out" or lock with other carriers upon collision - this seems rare though.

        Gallery / Trailer for my new map
        « on: June 26, 2009, 05:50:50 PM »
        Here is a quick trailer I made to promote my latest map GSF Paradise, check it out!

        Modification Help / Problems Changing Airboat Model
        « on: May 15, 2009, 11:12:17 PM »
        I made a very basic boat in Blender 3D, and I have been trying to replace the Airboat shape with my boat model, but every time I try to spawn the vehicle in the GUI an error comes up and the game crashes. My model has a collision mesh parented to Detail32, and it has two mount points (mount0 and mount1) parented to Detail 32. I think the problem has to do with no emitter mount (I don't know how to insert one) on my model or it has something to do with the sequences in the script, but I'm new to scripting so I'm not certain. I did manage to replace the speedboat with this same model, but the Airboat script is much better.

        Mapping Help / Help with Animations
        « on: May 15, 2009, 03:21:56 PM »
        Does anyone know how to get animations [from Blender] to work in-game? I know how to animate objects in Blender, but when I export my animated .dts shape, an error comes up in the log saying that it can't attach the sequence to the shape. I also don't know if the current version of Torque that Blockland uses supports IFL or mesh-deformation animations.

        Mapping Help / Exporting animations from blender
        « on: October 16, 2008, 04:37:26 PM »
        I just recently learned how to texture and export models in blender, and I can get them to show up fully textured in Torque. However, I'm having trouble exporting animations that work in Torque. I made the animation for a simple box object, and exported it, but it didn't move in Torque.

        Does anyone know how to export animations and have .dts objects animate in Blockland - such as the snail in Autumn Pond?
        Also, is it possible to place vertices individually without placing meshes in blender? Thanks

        Maps / GSF Maps
        « on: September 12, 2008, 02:19:51 AM »
        Hey guys, I finally had some time so I decided to release 13 new maps along with updates to every other map I released previously. The previous maps have been renamed so they don't group together in your map list, and have been updated with other miscellaneous fixes or improvements. Different versions of each map have also been packaged as separate downloads so you don't end up with unwanted versions of each map. Please redownload if you haven't already - the updated maps will replace the old versions automatically in your Add-Ons folder because the file names have not been changed.

        Note: Some of these maps are a couple years old and reflect my progression in learning about map-making.

        *Resources for fellow map-makers have been posted at the end of this post.

        Building Maps

        Slate Edits

        Slate Room (DOWNLOAD: 422.29 KB)

        Blue Prints (DOWNLOAD: 162.21 KB)

        Slate Roads (DOWNLOAD: 813.04 KB)

        Interior  Maps

        Play Ground (DOWNLOAD: 1.14 MB)

        Autumn (DOWNLOAD: 2.01 MB)

        Warehouse (DOWNLOAD: 1.28 MB)

        Blocko Airlines (DOWNLOAD:4.89 MB )

        Flatbed (DOWNLOAD: 2.33 MB)

        Attic (DOWNLOAD: 267.82 KB)

        Mikeís House (DOWNLOAD: 8.13 MB)

        Additional Versions (Please download the main version above first, then the additional versions):

                                                  No Lag (DOWNLOAD: 175.48 KB)
                                                  Storm (DOWNLOAD: 177.44 KB)

        Ghostís House (DOWNLOAD: 5.68 MB)

        Christmas (DOWNLOAD: 4.5 MB)

        Additional Files:
        Beta Build Save (Place file in your saves folder)

        Invader Zimís Base (DOWNLOAD: 739.14 KB)

        Bad Dream (DOWNLOAD: 1.65 MB)

        Terrain  Maps

        Remote Island (DOWNLOAD: 2.13 MB)

        Blocko Forest (DOWNLOAD: 3.53 MB)

        Additional Versions (Please download the main version above first, then the additional versions):

                                                  Winter (DOWNLOAD: 98.29 KB )
                                                  Storm (DOWNLOAD: 204.11 KB )

        Serenity (DOWNLOAD: 562.79 KB)

        Thin Ice (DOWNLOAD: 1.34 MB)

        Lake (DOWNLOAD: 381.32 KB)

        Desert Oasis (DOWNLOAD: 1.44 MB)

        Yellow Fields (DOWNLOAD: 586.21 KB)

        Ocean (DOWNLOAD: 680.5 KB)

        Tranquility (DOWNLOAD: 2.07 MB)

        Sandbox/City Maps

        GSF Paradise (DOWNLOAD: 8.98 MB)

        Additional Versions (Please download the main version above first, then the additional versions):

                                                  Slate (DOWNLOAD:158.83 KB)
                                                  Dawn (DOWNLOAD: 638.69 KB)
                                                  No Lag (DOWNLOAD:  603.85 KB)
                                                  Storm (DOWNLOAD: 544.06 KB)

        New York City (DOWNLOAD: 11.03 MB)

        Additional Versions (Please download the main version above first, then the additional versions):

                                                  Day No Lag (DOWNLOAD: 434.16 KB)
                                                  Night No Lag (DOWNLOAD: 553.47 KB)
                                                                       Manhattan (DOWNLOAD: 343.54 KB)
                                                  Winter (DOWNLOAD: 459.16 KB)
                                                  Storm (DOWNLOAD: 497.41 KB)

        California (DOWNLOAD: 8.16 MB)


        Additional Versions (Please download the main version above first, then the additional versions):

                                                  No Lag (DOWNLOAD: 424.03 KB)
                                                  Roads (DOWNLOAD: 208.54 KB)
                                                  Roads Night (DOWNLOAD: 182.09 KB)
                                                  Snow (DOWNLOAD: 333.53 KB)
                                                  Storm  (DOWNLOAD: 402.28 KB)
                                                  Zombie (DOWNLOAD: 310.49 KB)

        Miami  (DOWNLOAD: 9.1 MB)

        Additional Versions (Please download the main version above first, then the additional versions):

                                                  No Lag (DOWNLOAD: 615.35 KB)
                                                  Storm (DOWNLOAD: 623.53 KB)

        Old Miami (DOWNLOAD: 3.98 MB)

        Free Resources



        Shapes and Misc.:

        Impostors (My ID is and will always be 3195)

        9627 - flaming fire
        13378 - Eagle_eye
        7353 - Cevan
        6199 - The Fallen
        8879 - UAV JAMMER
        11453 - pigman93
        11461 - Hunter Person

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