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I don't think that would be my approach. that sort of thing should probably be provided by add-ons. they could definitely be add-ons you make that are included with the game by default, and I think that would actually provide additional benefits, like giving you an opportunity to actually work with whatever interface it is that you wind up making for extending the game, to see whether it really is practical, and useful, instead of just looking at it from the outside perspective of the designer
also just the idea of including something so opinionated as an inherent part of a sandbox game like this seems a little........ not ideal
I can release it as an external add-on if that would be best. But yeah, I would like to have some type of RPG system players can use right away, once the game is released. It would also provide an easy reference for those who want to make their own later on as well.

Will it be easily fully modable like Blockland/Roblox?
We're planning on making modding as easy as possible (with plenty of resources and reference material for content creators). It should basically be the same as Blockland's level of modability, and might also include support for changing brick textures, GUI graphics, etc. We haven't gotten that far yet, so we'll go into detail regarding that later on.

What I'm thinking for the inventory is having the item hotbar as usual (in the bottom-center of the screen). When you have a "brick tool" in one of your hands, a second "brick" inventory hotbar will appear above that, allowing you to wield a gun and build at the same time. It also shouldn't occupy too much of the screen; if necessary the GUIs can easily be rescaled. Also, if you have a backpack, the additonal inventory hotbars will appear above the items bar, with the amount of slot columns and rows determined by the item's datablock. When you're viewing a storage brick's or vehicle's inventory, that inventory window will show up in the center or top-center of the screen, which will minimize the amount of windows and GUIs the player has to manage. All of the inventories will most likely be adjustable in size as well.

I'm working on a mockup example, and will post it soon.

what's the point in having multiple inventories? they all appear to be exactly the same. and they are quite large. I think if you're going to have any inventory like that it should be optional, and customizable (by client code, not the end user (necessarily)), specifically for like..... game modes, like RPGs or something. then focus more on making the sandbox menus convenient and accessible so that there's no need to have an inventory at all in a sandbox mode, which there really shouldn't be in the first place

also I wanna be clear, because in the past I think I have seen that this is something I should make clear, that I'm not saying you're just doing a bad job or whatever. it's important to think about these things and see what other people have to say, because input is valuable and can help you realize things you might not have seen before. not because you might just be wrong
I appreciate the advice. Also, the window on the left would only appear if you're accessing a storage brick or vehicle's inventory, and the window on the right will only show if you're carrying a backpack; they're meant for RPGs and would only accessible if you have the corresponding RPG items / bricks enabled. Instead of relying on external add-ons to add RPG features, I'm planning on having them builtin (yet be toggleable), so players can host that type of server right away if they wish. Also, third party add-ons will be able to expand upon or overwrite those features if desired.

I'm not sure tabs is the best way to do that.
How do I move an item from the storage to my inventory? Click the item, then click the tab, then click where I want to put it?
I think the interface for storage bricks should show both inventories at once just for the sake of not overcomplicating things.
So you don't mind the current layout of the inventory GUI? I know you suggested being able to modify the size based on gamemode or playertype settings.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I think I have an idea of how it'll work; I'll start working on another concept and see what ya'll think. Items and bricks will be separated, and the "Secondary Inventory" in the center could instead be used for a backpack, storage brick, etc. (with tabs to switch between them). The item and brick hotbars could also eventually be adjustable in size (defined by the gamemode or playertype).

Imo it's more important to include parts like wheels or propellers that can be used to make vehicles out of bricks.
I'm still planning on including parts like that for buildable vehicles, although we should also have default vehicles as well.

This has been public knowledge for almost a year and I've known nothing of it? I am beyond excited for this, and Ghost of all people is developing it.

Two games I'm looking forward to:
- Death Stranding
- This
Glad to hear =)

We're discussing the inventory system over on Discord, and I was hoping to get more feedback on how it should be handled. I was thinking items and bricks could be stored within the same inventory hotbar. However, quite a few people are against that idea because it would seem too cluttered and disorganized (Blockland uses two separate inventories for them). Although with this new engine and with the possibility of dual-wielding, there's so much more that's possible - i.e., wielding a weapon while building.

What do y'all think? This is what it looks like so far, but is still subject to change (usually, only the hotbar at the bottom is visible, until you toggle viewing all inventory windows):

It'll be a while before we get to vehicles, but we could use more ideas for what kinds to include. For sure one of each possible type: wheeled, flying, physics, boat, helicopter, etc.

I have great expectations with this project, and knowing you GSF I know you won't let us down, I'd be glad to make videos for it if you need someday.

Speaking of videos, I know it's a bit early to ask but do you plan to add handy video making tools? Like that filmbots add-on Whirlwind made which records your movements and save it in a bot, and a freeze camera key so I can move freely with the camera positioned somewhere.

Also not sure if thay's possible with a Unity game, but Steam Workshop could be pretty cool.
Thanks Filipe, videos for the game would be awesome later on, once we have more to show off.

I would like to add filmbots and other content like that, but it may be best to leave that to the community. Although, I was experimenting with camera bricks a few weeks ago; it might be possible to record from external cameras somehow:

I am extremely happy to see how far this project has gone thus far. Has Badspot ever contacted you about it, though? Not like you need his permission or anything.

It might be that I'm used to "Blockland," but Block Party should either be Blockparty or you need to choose something different.
Always happy to hear when others are enjoying the progress being made.

We've never been contacted by him. However, we're not using nor will use any of Blockland's assets. Also, this isn't meant to be a clone or sequel to Blockland, but a game inspired by it with a unique identity of it's own. So there shouldn't be any issue.


i think there are mac and linux build options during installation. if you didnt install it the first time you can just open the installer and pick it and it will install the build support without re-installing unity, as long as you uncheck everything except the mac build and linux

you dont have to do it if you dont want to, but i did want to give it a try. i know im like one of the 2-3 people on this forum who have a mac so its understandable that you guys dont build one
I'm sure there's quite a few members at least who use Mac, so we do hope to include builds for Mac eventually. We do have the option available, but haven't gotten it to compile.

those builds feel like 2008 all over again
It does feel a bit nostalgic at times. Once we start adding maps, I think it'll bring back a lot of memories (especially if some maps are inspired by certain BL maps).

wats the progress on vehicles
and can they have trailers
Haven't gotten to vehicles yet, and trailers are possible.

One thing I'm worried about is the optimization for the bricks. Sure you have 10,000 bricks being rendered at a decent framerate, but that's a far cry from the million bricks that Blockland can render with no sweat. Are you working towards octree rendering?
Will the bricks support tessellation in the future?
Agreed, it's a decent start, but no where near what Blockland can handle. We are using an octree system, which is roughly 15-25% optimized; there are at least 3 other techniques well be adding to fully optimize the brick system. Longor has a lot more experience with data structures, so he'll be helping with that.

The engine supports tessellation for shaders, but right now I'm not planning on adding it. We'll see, that may be subject to change later on of course. But, the bump maps we're using now give an illusion of having 3D geometry, and update dynamically to real-time lighting:

No worries. I haven't looked into it myself, as I'm focusing on the PC build. But, Longor mentioned that it's a bit more complicated exporting to Mac from PC.

We're planning on releasing a Mac build once we enter Beta stage of development, and public testing officially begins. Although for the mean time, we're working on getting a web-based version working. As long as you have a browser that can support HTML-5 (i.e. Firefox), you should be able to run it.

Yup, you can build glazed donuts too.

Edit: Updated title.

Games / Re: Block Party - Demo Builds Showcase [pg.108]
« on: May 08, 2018, 11:32:51 AM »
Bump. Someone asked how the game was progressing lately, so thought it would be best to unlock / bump this topic.

Version 0.2.1 was just released on Discord. Future updates will be released to our Discord community, but as the game progresses more, we'll most likely share those builds with the general community.

Right now, we're working on adding experimental features server members can try out, and to see what we can really do with the new engine. A few issues were also addressed in the recent update, and building control sensitivity will also be ironed out soon. Currently working on adding an inventory system, brick selection menu, saving / loading and a few other features.

Also, here are some awesome builds created by the community, from the first two pre-alpha demos:

Games / Re: games youre excited for coming out this year
« on: May 02, 2018, 04:22:50 PM »
Excited to see what comes of Brickadia, and to see how Block Party progresses this year.

he's just one guy and [REDACTED BY BLOCKLAND 2 MAFIA] has more than just one or even two competent devs
It's not impossible to work on a game like this by myself, it's just much more difficult and takes a lot longer. However, after seeing the game's progress lately, Longor is seriously interested in helping out. So we'll see.

Releasing a public pre-alpha demo wasn't a good idea, especially when it was posted by someone else on the topic before I was ready to announce it; lesson learned. Although, I will at least release an update to address everything that was mentioned in the BL topic and Discord (the controls, camera, brick selection menu, etc.).

Games / Re: Block Party [Demo Announcement Pg.104]
« on: April 21, 2018, 07:51:05 PM »
Edit: Temporarily closing the topic and removing the download until a few things are fixed in the next update, which I'll try to post soon. Please remember that this is not a near-finished beta, it's a very early pre-alpha version. It's going to take a couple playtesting phases and player feedback to refine it into the finished product.

Games / Re: Block Party [Demo Announcement Pg.104]
« on: April 21, 2018, 07:38:50 PM »
this is pretty dissapointing. everything about it is very akward and not very player-friendly. the building is a step back from blocklands, and instead of a simple menu bricks are navigated through key commands (1 2 3 4 5). camera movement has too much sway and look up and down throws your camera to far forward and back. really hope this doesnt represent a final product sorry. didnt notice this was in pre-alp. a functional hud would still be nice to see in the next update
it doesnt matter, he can still criticize it
no offense but this isnt very good so far

this is as far as the camera goes down, the building controls feel really janky (why do i need to use a different shift to build on plates??????)
Y'all can criticize it, but keep in mind it's still in pre-alpha. Meaning, this is not a finished or even a near-finished product, it's a playable concept. A lot of what will be seen is placeholder or temporary.

A HUD will be added, I just didn't have time for this release. Also, I'm making a list of things to address for the future, such as the camera.

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