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Modification Help / Odd camera.setMode delay bug
« on: August 01, 2016, 05:13:56 PM »
Issue: Electrocution event works; however, the client doesn't immediately switch to controlling their camera (which is in corpse mode, spying their player) until one second passes. After one second of "electrocution", it will immediately switch the client's control to their camera unless the electrocution period is over.

It should immediately switch the camera to corpse mode when electrocution starts, and switch back when electrocution ends.

onActivate > Player > electrocute [5];
  • On activation, the electrocution colorswapping and zap plays, but the camera is not switched to corpse mode until one second later. It switches back to normal exactly when it should.

onActivate > Player > electrocute [1];
  • On first activation, the electrocution happens but the camera is not switched at all. On second activation, the camera immediately switches as electrocution starts, as it should. On third activation, it acts like first activation, and fourth like second.

Code: [Select]
registerOutputEvent("Player", "electrocute", "int 0 60", 1);

//odd bug where the corpse cam wont immediately switch unless one second of electrocution time passes
function Player::electrocute(%player, %time)
if (!isObject(%client = %player.client))
return;, %player);

talk(%player SPC %time);
talk( SPC;
electrocute(%player, %time);

function electrocute(%player, %time)
if (!isObject(%client = %player.client))

if (isEventPending(%player.electrocuteLoop))
if (%time <= 0)
%client.isBeingElectrocuted = 0;

%client.isBeingElectrocuted = 1;

%player.setNodeColor("ALL", "1 1 1 1");
%player.schedule(100, setNodeColor, "ALL", "0 0 0 1");
%player.schedule(200, setNodeColor, "ALL", "1 1 1 1");
%player.schedule(300, setNodeColor, "ALL", "0 0 0 1");
%player.schedule(400, setNodeColor, "ALL", "1 1 1 1");
%player.schedule(500, setNodeColor, "ALL", "0 0 0 1");
%player.schedule(600, setNodeColor, "ALL", "1 1 1 1");
%player.schedule(700, setNodeColor, "ALL", "0 0 0 1");
%player.schedule(800, setNodeColor, "ALL", "1 1 1 1");
%player.schedule(900, setNodeColor, "ALL", "0 0 0 1");

%player.playThread(2, plant);
%player.schedule(100, playThread, 2, plant);
%player.schedule(200, playThread, 2, plant);
%player.schedule(300, playThread, 2, plant);
%player.schedule(400, playThread, 2, plant);
%player.schedule(500, playThread, 2, plant);
%player.schedule(600, playThread, 2, plant);
%player.schedule(700, playThread, 2, plant);
%player.schedule(800, playThread, 2, plant);
%player.schedule(900, playThread, 2, plant);

%player.electrocuteLoop = schedule(1000, 0, electrocute, %player, %time - 1);

schedule(100, 0, spawnRadioWaves, %player);
schedule(200, 0, spawnRadioWaves, %player);
schedule(300, 0, spawnRadioWaves, %player);
schedule(400, 0, spawnRadioWaves, %player);
schedule(500, 0, spawnRadioWaves, %player);
schedule(600, 0, spawnRadioWaves, %player);
schedule(700, 0, spawnRadioWaves, %player);
schedule(800, 0, spawnRadioWaves, %player);
schedule(900, 0, spawnRadioWaves, %player);

function spawnRadioWaves(%player)
%pos = %player.getMuzzlePoint(2);
%scale = getWord(%player.getScale(), 2)*0.5+getRandom()*1.5;

%proj = new Projectile(){
datablock = radioWaveProjectile;
initialPosition = %pos;
initialVelocity = "0 0 0";
scale = %scale SPC %scale SPC %scale;

General Discussion / Conan's Add-on Development Service
« on: July 11, 2016, 06:16:16 PM »
I'm here to offer modeling and code consultation services for people who want help with developing addons or need animated playermodels or items for their addon. I'm doing this in part since I've wanted to for a while, and in part because I'm having trouble motivating myself to finish add-on projects I start.

Things I can help you make:
  • Models (Vehicle, Item, Playertype, Untextured Bricks; with or without animations)
  • Scripts (Server sided; item/player/vehicle scripts)
  • Emitters (Debris, complex or basic emitters, for projectile/explosions)
  • Events
  • Tutorials (Blender 2.49b, 2.77)
  • Coding help/consultation, though I don't think I'm good enough to teach anyone how to code just yet.

Unlike Filipe, I'm charging prices for work individually - simpler requests will be cheaper while tougher ones that take longer will cost more.
Under each image of my work below, I list an approximate price I would charge for the model/pack. Note that the price may be a bit lower given a reference image to work off of.
I take payment through Paypal or Steam gifts depending on the gift.

If the prices seem a tad arbitrary, its because some models or scripts take longer than others. Larger orders that follow a certain theme or style also get a discount. Most orders can be completed within 3 days, longer only if I end up getting very busy IRL or need to learn how to do certain things.

Everything shown below is made by me (including emitters), minus the chatsystem radio model, spotlight light beam static shape (its port's new brick tool static shape), shotgun post-fire smoke and shell debris, and any weapon sounds (I usually get them from Arekan or other sources).

click images for larger size

Olympic torch model. $2.

Fully coded door bricks with correct collision. $4 each.

Fully coded brick set with basic cuboid collision, valves and sprinklers are door bricks. $8 for the pack.

Weapon models without animation. $2-3 per model, $10 for the pack.

Weapon with separated first/third person anims. $6. $9 with emitters and script.

Fully animated and coded playertype. $14.

Fully animated and coded playertype; spotlight fires a beam that can blind people. $14.
Server script: see topic for info. $6.

One-on-one lessons or written tutorials cost $10-18 depending on the topic and how comprehensive it needs to be. They may be split up into multiple sessions or posts as well depending on how they go.
Coding help and advice will cost $1 per hour of time spent. I only include time I'm actively helping you - for example, helping you debug your code, not just answering one-off questions. Since you pay in advance, any time left over will carry on to subsequent requests for help.

Note that I will stop taking requests if I get too long of a backlog; I am a busy person and also have my own BL projects to work on. I won't always charge for mods I make either, especially if you can teach me something in return, like how to properly texture and create complex collisions for bricks, and I'll still continue to make mods in my free time for free.

PM me if you want to order anything!

Keep up to date with your orders through Trello!

click the image

Completed orders

Safe Bricks

City RPG Weapons

i sometimes get questions on how to fix this or that over steam regarding people's blender models and thought maybe we should have a dedicated topic where people can request or give help on this stuff. so this topic will double as that as well as where i post random one-off tutorials

how to make custom playertype models + animations

since im lazy as forget and don't have the time to sit down and write up a very formal long prepared-in-advance pretentious tutorial thing i'm gonna give it to you guys straight and over many smaller posts and also be intentionally unfunny and forced casual as if i talk like this all the time. no this was a terrible idea so i stopped doing it

this guide isn't for those who don't know how to model or export basic .dts's (eg just export .dts without any armatures or bones or points or whatever). you also need to be competent enough to install blender 2.49b, whatever python version it requires, and the dts exporter found in demians guide (linked here).

feel free to post hate mail or shout at me what to make a post about next

part 1: setting yourself up for this business

you need a blender for this, at least the way i know it. i cant help you guys making milkshape cause i don't have a reason to buy that program
just have some sort of workflow to transfer your models into a blender or something.
i expect you should have blender 2.7x or above, but you will need blender 2.49b as well. a lot of the basic movement controls and commands carry over from 2.7x to 2.49b, like the numpad orientation things. there's gonna be ui differences though so you may need to learn that. i might cover it later if i can be arsed to take like 5000 pictures and edit them to have arrows but its probably just as likely as it is going to be a wet season for california this year so dont hold your breath.

anyways you should have 2.49b open and have dts exporter version 0.964 installed. this is the dorky one that looks like the left and not the right

you can see the version number in the top right

you're gonna want to keep beta .97 close though cause its used in a buncha guides and is better for exporting things in general as far as i know. i'm still an illiterate forget when it comes to making bricks and .dts collisions and animated static shapes so maybe you can just do everything with .964 if you're real hardcore.
i just keep the two versions in separate folders in the same ass-end as my blender 2.49 folder, and copy them into my blender/scripts folder when i need to use one or the other

if you dont know how to install a dts exporter by the time you figure out how to get 2.49b and python installed together without overwriting your possibly more modern blender/python family pack (hey maybe some of you use blender version 1 to model for all i know) you probably should learn how to navigate a file system.

anyways get started by importing your model into blender 2.49 and making sure everything is gucci with the shading and materials and all. split up any separate moving parts into separate mesh objects by selecting the stuff and pressing p > selection. fix up your materials and stuff.

next time i'll show you how to bone your model, literally.

Gallery / dogfight
« on: June 06, 2016, 04:05:44 AM »


Add-Ons / Camera Control Events Advanced
« on: May 25, 2016, 07:47:44 AM »
Camera Control Events Advanced
Version 1.0.2

A remake of the original camera control events in the style of the default Event_Camera_Control, with an additional two events: setCameraView and setCameraDolly

Brick > SetPlayerCamera
Client > SetCameraView > [brickname] [brickname]
Client > SetCameraDolly > [brickname] [brickname]
Client > SetCameraNormal
Minigame > SetCameraView > [brickname] [brickname]
Minigame > SetCameraDolly > [brickname] [brickname]
Minigame > SetCameraNormal

While in camera, players cannot move their player. Light exits camera view; the command is chatmessaged to the client when they enter camera.

The boxes in setCameraView and Dolly specify the starting brick name and the target brick name.

View will direct the view from the starting brick to the target brick.
Dolly will put players on a dolly that lets them freelook and move between the starting and target brick. Use A and D to move the camera along the line connecting the two bricks.

If you still don't understand it, just try it out with named bricks. Contact me if you still have trouble with it.

I stayed up all night to make this piece of stuff i hope you all appreciate it

Add-Ons / Sniper Rifle [NEW], Security Camera, Garage Door, Trays
« on: May 25, 2016, 01:25:14 AM »

A version of kaje's sniper rifle that fires slightly faster and features a better model and reloading animations!
Will get updated in the future when I get around to editing the firing and explosion effects.

Credits to Arekan for the sounds!

click the image to download

its a door brick. openCW points the camera to its left, openCCW to its right, and close to center.

may get updates or something. idk. i may release more bricks. the prophecy has become true

has three states: closed, half open, fully opened.
use openCCW to open it to half, and openCW to open it fully.

dimensions: 1x14x10
i know its odd, but dont ask me to make another version that's different sized. if you really insist on it and would like to do it yourself (if you know how to make bricks) you can pm me for the .blend file so you can bother around with it yourself.

its large for a home garage door, but appropriately sized for say a warehouse or vehicle repair shop.

Stack of trays! Brick size is 2x3x2f.

Modification Help / How to make a player dts?
« on: May 24, 2016, 05:52:49 PM »
So I'm looking into making basic non-animated playertypes, like the HMG. So far ive been cobbling together things by editing existing dts's with ports exporter but I can't import/export the HMG dts to edit anymore for some reason.

As a result i'd like to learn how to make my own player dts's so I don't have to keep finding workarounds for what I want to do. Are there any guides out there?

Modification Help / Colorshifting icon vs spawned item model
« on: May 08, 2016, 06:15:37 AM »
Is there any way to colorshift the item model without colorshifting the icon? Spawning the item with doColorShift = false; results in an initially white model, with the icon not colorshifted, but after being picked up once the model switches to match the colorshifted image model.

Laser Range Finder
Version 1.1

Target your enemies and rain hell down on them!

Use the laser range finder to target places, vehicles, players, or bots...

...and then call an artillery strike down on them with the Artillery Radio, or shell them with mortars!


Comes with 2 RTB Prefs: Targeting Icon Height and Targeting Icon Fixed Height.
The tracker will prefer the Fixed Height over the Icon Height - set the value to -1 to disable it.

Credits to CTrooper for the sounds, Port for emitter help, Trogtor for the radio model.

Additional Addons:
Targeted Mortar
Version 1.0

An edit of the old Mortar item by Zack0Wack0 and Racer that fires mortar shells at your target. Requires you to look at the target's general direction in order to fire.

Fires one shell every 2.6 seconds, with an increased maximum range for long-distance shelling.


Gallery / Centhra's Dueling Lobby + Maps
« on: May 04, 2016, 07:02:38 AM »

Download the dueling client here

Dueling Lobby
Made by Conan (everything fancy) and Skill4Life (who did the base island [but doesn't remember it] and also the island in the bottom corner)

Archery Range
Made by Conan
Weapons: Bow, Sword

Made by Conan
Weapons: Bow, Sword, Gun

Made by F1sh
Weapons: Bow, Butterfly Knife, Sword

Made by Conan
Weapons: Sword, Push Broom, Butterfly Knife

Made by UngaBunga
Weapons: Bow, Spear, Sword

Water Temple
Made by Jury (PhantOS)
Weapons: Butterfly Knife, Sword

Made by Trigun
Weapons: Rocket Launcher

Made by Conan
Weapons: Push Broom, Butterfly Knife, Sword

By kongo
Weapons: Butterfly Knife, Sword

High Noon
By kongo
Weapons: Gun, Sniper Rifle

By Conan
Weapons: Gun, Sniper Rifle

Taste the Rainbow
By UngaBunga
Weapons: Sword, Push Broom

City Street
By You
Weapons: Bow, Butterfly Knife, Sniper Rifle, Sword

By kongo
Weapons: Bow, Gun

By kongo, You
Weapons: Spear

By Blades
Weapons: Bow, Gun, Sniper Rifle, Spear

Two Homes
By Jury (PhantOS), Kyro, Mr Queeba, Nobot
Weapons: Gun, Sniper Rifle, Spear

The Arena
By Trigun, Conan, nuLily
Weapons: Spear

The Pit
By nuLily
Weapons: Spear

The Unoriginal
By Skill4Life, Betelgeuse
Weapons: Rocket Launcher


Modification Help / How to make a glowing raycast tracer [SOLVED]
« on: April 27, 2016, 06:44:35 AM »
I'm trying to make a tracer styled like this:

but as you can see the .dts doesn glow. I exported it with multiple settings, including having self-illuminating on and translucent - additive as well (2.49b dts exporter) but it still refuses to glow.

Anyone have a method to make this work? I'm willing to change the model setup if needed to get this to work.

Issue: Bushido used a TSStatic to create the tracer. Switching to StaticShape makes the glow work.

keywords: raycast gun, raycast tracer, static shape glow, tsshape glows, model not glowing

Gallery / Badlands TDM Progress Topic [complete]
« on: April 17, 2016, 10:12:50 PM »
I got to the point where I feel this is ready for people to see, and make comments/suggestions. This will be is designed/styled similarly to Archipelago CTF.

General Discussion / Server preview images have soft shadows now?
« on: April 17, 2016, 03:25:57 AM »

anyone notice this? i remember it being hard-edged shadows before

also i guess you can guess what i'm building lol

April Fools 2016 / Anonymous
« on: April 01, 2016, 12:44:13 PM »

We have come
We are anonymous

If you would like to join, please post your resume below and we will consider you for membership.

This club is sponsored by Google Ad Tracking, designed to bring you personalized ads relevant to your interests.
The NSA, committed to keeping your country safe so you don't have to.
The TSA, dedicated professionals who keep our vehicles safe and bomb free for all.
Blockland LLC: providing a quality, state-of-the-art rehabilitation community for the disadvantaged and perverted.

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