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General Discussion / new server in development
« on: December 20, 2016, 04:11:44 PM »

suggest other game ideas.
already completed: connect4, ultimate tic tac toe
already in queue: battleships, mastermind, chess, othello/reversi

Gallery / anime
« on: December 16, 2016, 09:42:46 PM »

its too late

Add-Ons / Bushido's Sentry, Fixed!
« on: December 13, 2016, 09:54:58 PM »

Get this fixed version of Bushido's sentries! It now works with Slayer, and doesn't screw up your screen if the sentry you're controlling dies.


Off Topic / Happy Birthday Rotondo!!!
« on: November 15, 2016, 03:35:17 PM »
everyone have some cake yes

Gallery / [NEWS] Hillary Campaign a trainwreck as Trump wins the Presidency
« on: November 10, 2016, 08:42:39 PM »

Modification Help / Support_EnterVehicleOnClickOnly
« on: October 29, 2016, 05:15:03 PM »
A short support script i wrote out for Daniel S. Turns out you need to package WheeledVehicleData::onCollision to do this properly with minimal code (no need to check %vehicle slots, etc). This means I had to rewrite the vehicle collision causing damage code - I'm not sure if that's correctly written, but it seems mostly correct.

Any feedback would be great and I'll publish any fixed/improved versions in the OP as they come.

raw: still buggy as forget, let me fix it up a bit more

Add-Ons / Conan's Addon Topic - New: Event_doRandomEventInterval
« on: October 22, 2016, 11:00:00 PM »
Last addon topic:

Pipe Bricks
Version 1.0

Potential use image:

Originally made for DrenDran's farming server, intended to be released after the server went up. Since the progress on the server seemed dead, I decided to release it before the server went up.

There's a couple farming-server specific bricks included, past the basic pipe bricks. The valves and sprinkler bricks are door bricks. The valve bricks stick through the pipe when closed to allow them to fully close off sight through the pipe.

Icons by Mr. Noβody. As seen on Sylvanor's cruise ship build.

Version 1.0

Originally made for DrenDran's farming server, intended to be released after the server went up. Since the progress on the server seemed dead, I decided to release this before it went up.

Door brick without correct collision on the ramped open portion. Not likely I'll ever fix in the future, but if anyone wants to for me (and knows how to do .dts collisions) feel free to contact me.

You can also build within them - the floor and second level of the icebox are aligned to the brick grid so you can put props inside without weird clipping.


Safe Bricks
Version 1.0

Originally made on commission for Profitopia, intended to be released after the server went up. Since the progress on the server is dead, I am releasing this now with permission from commissioners.

Comes with two safes: the rotor safe and the keypad safe. Both are door bricks, and have mostly correct collision.

You can also build within them - the floor and second level of both safes are aligned to the brick grid so you can put props inside without weird clipping.

Version 1.0

Versions of the default tools that ignore unraycasted bricks. Use /tr, /toggleRaycasting, /toggleRaycast, /toggleToolRaycasting, or /toggleToolRaycast to switch between using default tools and raycasting-ignore versions. You can keybind it; i suggest ctrl-r. Can also spawn as separate item.

Requested by UngaBunga (MyNameIsYou)


Version 1.0

As seen on Halloweenfest!

Requires Pecon's Grim Reaper death mod for particle effects. Download it here:
May update later to remove this dependency.

Comes with a consume item that can only be used by No-Face. Click on a player with the item equipped to consume them.

Right click to dash for a brief period, and spacebar to jump. Both have cooldowns of 5 and 2 seconds, respectively.

Version 1.0

A simple No-Face hat that works using JakeBlade's Hatmod.


Version 1.0

Comes with sounds. Dogs periodically bark; as a dog, you can bark by clicking.
Ingame name is Shepherd Dog, to differentiate from Phydeoux's.

Made originally for a Pload's Prison Escape remake. Not sure if that will ever get done.
Dog attacks tumble players, and dog bots have 150 health, compared to dog players having only 100 health.

Sounds are from Arekan

Winchester Shotgun
Version 1.0

My first attempt at LOD animations; the pump animation in first person is different than in third person. Style heavily inspired by Carbon Zypher's unfinished and unreleased shotgun.

Sounds taken from Insurgency


Version 1.0

Quick S&R script request - when holding an item, use /discard or /discardItem to delete the item you are holding without dropping it.

Version 1.0

Lets you trigger events relay-style with a random delay range as specified in the number boxes. Times are in milliseconds, and the order of the numbers in the boxes can be whatever.
Minimum time is 1 millisecond, maximum time is 30 seconds.


For those who want to, since someone asked...

I also do commissions - talk to me over PM, Discord (ConanBuchanan#4327), or Steam, if you have me there.

Gallery / doot doot its mr skeltal
« on: October 14, 2016, 05:24:14 AM »
doot dootdoot doot


thank mr skeltal and doot for good calcium and bones

(as seen on skill4life's block party 2016)
not anymore cause skill is fleshie

Modification Help / Any explanation for punch packet hell and how to fix it?
« on: September 30, 2016, 05:53:01 PM »
I have a VPS with a dedicated running on it. I occasionally have difficulty joining. I can tell the server is receiving my connection attempt as I can see the console and it sending punch packets back, but what I don't understand is why my connection attempt won't complete. Occasionally it will work, and the majority of the time it won't.

This is a more open-ended sort of question since I want to get an understanding of how networking is handled in BL and if there's any way to fix these sort of issues.

Add-Ons / Hat_Intercourse 1.2 [2.0 coming soon]
« on: September 26, 2016, 03:02:22 AM »
Hat Intercourse
Version 1.11
Quote from: Old OP
I'd post pictures, but then I'd be banned for posting research. Maybe. I'm not going to risk it. Maybe if everyone promises not to report this post.

You can find some links to images in the 3D Modeling Topic.
Or just download the addon, and take a look at it.
ive posted animated rooster gifs before and havent been banned. i think ur good

[Image] Click at your own risk. You have been warned.

trogtor had a 3d modeling discord and it had a weekly competition for top model

i jokingly asked if i entered a mr wiggles model would it be okay and he said "uh okay"
>> i made phallus
a respected community member said it was good and that i should finish the set

The commands are /phallus, /vagina, and /richardbutt. there's some alternate /commands too, like /snake and /pusillanimous individual. Hat versions exist for all of these as well (snakehat, vaginahat, richardbutthat).


Help / Post-update Windows 10 requiring key on launch every time
« on: August 15, 2016, 10:34:38 PM »
Post anniversary-update windows 10 has caused my BL to prompt me for my key every time the computer restarts. This is quite annoying and I was wondering if anyone encountered this issue and figured out a solution. I have multiple BL installs, some with different keys, which is why this is particularly annoying in this case.

Creativity / the howl of stuffty mics
« on: August 02, 2016, 03:13:19 AM »

warning: reduce your volume

Modification Help / Odd camera.setMode delay bug
« on: August 01, 2016, 05:13:56 PM »
Issue: Electrocution event works; however, the client doesn't immediately switch to controlling their camera (which is in corpse mode, spying their player) until one second passes. After one second of "electrocution", it will immediately switch the client's control to their camera unless the electrocution period is over.

It should immediately switch the camera to corpse mode when electrocution starts, and switch back when electrocution ends.

onActivate > Player > electrocute [5];
  • On activation, the electrocution colorswapping and zap plays, but the camera is not switched to corpse mode until one second later. It switches back to normal exactly when it should.

onActivate > Player > electrocute [1];
  • On first activation, the electrocution happens but the camera is not switched at all. On second activation, the camera immediately switches as electrocution starts, as it should. On third activation, it acts like first activation, and fourth like second.

Code: [Select]
registerOutputEvent("Player", "electrocute", "int 0 60", 1);

//odd bug where the corpse cam wont immediately switch unless one second of electrocution time passes
function Player::electrocute(%player, %time)
if (!isObject(%client = %player.client))
return;, %player);

talk(%player SPC %time);
talk( SPC;
electrocute(%player, %time);

function electrocute(%player, %time)
if (!isObject(%client = %player.client))

if (isEventPending(%player.electrocuteLoop))
if (%time <= 0)
%client.isBeingElectrocuted = 0;

%client.isBeingElectrocuted = 1;

%player.setNodeColor("ALL", "1 1 1 1");
%player.schedule(100, setNodeColor, "ALL", "0 0 0 1");
%player.schedule(200, setNodeColor, "ALL", "1 1 1 1");
%player.schedule(300, setNodeColor, "ALL", "0 0 0 1");
%player.schedule(400, setNodeColor, "ALL", "1 1 1 1");
%player.schedule(500, setNodeColor, "ALL", "0 0 0 1");
%player.schedule(600, setNodeColor, "ALL", "1 1 1 1");
%player.schedule(700, setNodeColor, "ALL", "0 0 0 1");
%player.schedule(800, setNodeColor, "ALL", "1 1 1 1");
%player.schedule(900, setNodeColor, "ALL", "0 0 0 1");

%player.playThread(2, plant);
%player.schedule(100, playThread, 2, plant);
%player.schedule(200, playThread, 2, plant);
%player.schedule(300, playThread, 2, plant);
%player.schedule(400, playThread, 2, plant);
%player.schedule(500, playThread, 2, plant);
%player.schedule(600, playThread, 2, plant);
%player.schedule(700, playThread, 2, plant);
%player.schedule(800, playThread, 2, plant);
%player.schedule(900, playThread, 2, plant);

%player.electrocuteLoop = schedule(1000, 0, electrocute, %player, %time - 1);

schedule(100, 0, spawnRadioWaves, %player);
schedule(200, 0, spawnRadioWaves, %player);
schedule(300, 0, spawnRadioWaves, %player);
schedule(400, 0, spawnRadioWaves, %player);
schedule(500, 0, spawnRadioWaves, %player);
schedule(600, 0, spawnRadioWaves, %player);
schedule(700, 0, spawnRadioWaves, %player);
schedule(800, 0, spawnRadioWaves, %player);
schedule(900, 0, spawnRadioWaves, %player);

function spawnRadioWaves(%player)
%pos = %player.getMuzzlePoint(2);
%scale = getWord(%player.getScale(), 2)*0.5+getRandom()*1.5;

%proj = new Projectile(){
datablock = radioWaveProjectile;
initialPosition = %pos;
initialVelocity = "0 0 0";
scale = %scale SPC %scale SPC %scale;

General Discussion / Conan's Add-on Development Service
« on: July 11, 2016, 06:16:16 PM »
I'm here to offer modeling and code consultation services for people who want help with developing addons or need animated playermodels or items for their addon. I'm doing this in part since I've wanted to for a while, and in part because I'm having trouble motivating myself to finish add-on projects I start.

Things I can help you make:
  • Models (Vehicle, Item, Playertype, Untextured Bricks; with or without animations)
  • Scripts (Server sided; item/player/vehicle scripts)
  • Emitters (Debris, complex or basic emitters, for projectile/explosions)
  • Events
  • Tutorials (Blender 2.49b, 2.77)
  • Coding help/consultation, though I don't think I'm good enough to teach anyone how to code just yet.

Unlike Filipe, I'm charging prices for work individually - simpler requests will be cheaper while tougher ones that take longer will cost more.
Under each image of my work below, I list an approximate price I would charge for the model/pack. Note that the price may be a bit lower given a reference image to work off of.
I take payment through Paypal or Steam gifts depending on the gift.

If the prices seem a tad arbitrary, its because some models or scripts take longer than others. Larger orders that follow a certain theme or style also get a discount. Most orders can be completed within 3 days, longer only if I end up getting very busy IRL or need to learn how to do certain things.

Everything shown below is made by me (including emitters), minus the chatsystem radio model, spotlight light beam static shape (its port's new brick tool static shape), shotgun post-fire smoke and shell debris, and any weapon sounds (I usually get them from Arekan or other sources).

click images for larger size

Olympic torch model. $2.

Fully coded door bricks with correct collision. $4 each.

Fully coded brick set with basic cuboid collision, valves and sprinklers are door bricks. $8 for the pack.

Weapon models without animation. $2-3 per model, $10 for the pack.

Weapon with separated first/third person anims. $6. $9 with emitters and script.

Fully animated and coded playertype. $14.

Fully animated and coded playertype; spotlight fires a beam that can blind people. $14.
Server script: see topic for info. $6.

One-on-one lessons or written tutorials cost $10-18 depending on the topic and how comprehensive it needs to be. They may be split up into multiple sessions or posts as well depending on how they go.
Coding help and advice will cost $1 per hour of time spent. I only include time I'm actively helping you - for example, helping you debug your code, not just answering one-off questions. Since you pay in advance, any time left over will carry on to subsequent requests for help.

Note that I will stop taking requests if I get too long of a backlog; I am a busy person and also have my own BL projects to work on. I won't always charge for mods I make either, especially if you can teach me something in return, like how to properly texture and create complex collisions for bricks, and I'll still continue to make mods in my free time for free.

PM me if you want to order anything!

Keep up to date with your orders through Trello!

click the image

Completed orders

Safe Bricks

City RPG Weapons

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